im not one to be lustful

lana del rey in 2012: blue jeans, girls and nostalgia, angsty sad sad pretty when you cry, no one understands bc im a sad girl money power cocaine sad sad old money and racetracks nostalgia sad ultraviolence it’s a cRUEL WORLD

lana in 2017: WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE WORLD AND SPREAD TRUTH & LOVE AND ACTIVISM. It’s a blessing 2 be young and in love and I’m so happy wE need to change the wORLD WE CAN DO IT!!!!! CORAL REEFS R DYING. down w/trump. Love.

Miraculous Ladybug Theme - FRENCH Full
Miraculous Ladybug Theme - FRENCH Full

This is a long ass rant about how much I fucking love this song and if you are into Miraculous as much as I am, you will agree with every point I make here.

So ever since I heard the dual version of the French and English one together, I’ve been hyperventilating. I am so much in love with the French version that I just don’t even. Like, nothing against the English dubbing, but there’s something SO SEXY AND SO SINFUL ABOUT THIS SONG IN FRENCH. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK MAN.

So, she starts off the song that’s all, OH I’M JUST AN ORDINARY GIRL NAMED MARINETTE - I HAVE NO OBVIOUS SIGNS OF BEING THE MOST BADASS HEROINE IN THE HISTORY OF ALL FRENCH, KOREAN, AMERICAN, WHATSOEVER LIFE. But then she’s Ladybug and she’s so beautiful and wonderful and sassy and confident and not like any other girl - she’s just so damn badass it makes me want to punch myself in the face she’s awesome. Like I want to be like her, but I have no coordination left in me to do all her acrobats.

AND THEN SHE’S ALL, OH CHAT NOIR IS NO ANGEL. As Adrien, he is totally an angel that I want to squish. AND SHE SAYS HE’S IN HER HEART??????? MY GOD. BUT AS CHAT NOIR? OH HELL NAW. Like, he is the most sinful thing ever with his innuendos and his puns and his flirting and his winking and his mrawrs and smirks. MY GOD. I just want to eat him up. But I ship him so hard with Ladybug/Marinette and they are most least problematic ship in the world in the fact that THERE IS NO ONE ELSE. NO ONE. IT’S JUST THEM IN A LOVE SQUARE AND THAT IS SO DAMN REFRESHING TO ME.

Then you get to Chat Noir’s part and I don’t know why, but the voice for him in this song is so hot and so yummy and I just wanna curl up and suffocate on my lust for this voice. Especially when he’s all “I’m Chat Noir” with that French SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAT NOERRRRRRRRRRRR. And he’s all, I’m no bad cat - I fight for the good like YOU DO, LADYBUG. AND THAT HE WILL FIGHT DESPERATELY??!!?! YAS. AND THEN HE’S ALL IM SCARED TO LOVE IN VAIN BECAUSE THE ONE HE LOVES CAN’T LOVE HIM BECAUSE SHE HAS TO BE LADYBUG AND CARRY OUT HER DESTINY. Why you gotta make me hurt in all the ways, FRENCH THEME SONG? PLUS, at the END OF CHAT’S PART, he’s all RAWRING and then belting OUT THESE AMAZING TOP 40s R&B “MIRAAACUUULOUS” notes like it’s some power ballad. LIKE WHAT THE HELL.

I’ve listened to this song like 15 times while I’ve written this out and I would also like to point out that the person who sings Marinette’s part is so fresh - like her voice could make the world better if she sang everything. ESPECIALLY ALL THE ‘ah ah ah’s. Like come on. COUPLED WITH THE GUY’S “OOOOOOOOOOOOH”s and “OOOOH, LADYBUUUUUUUUUG”s.

-chokes- I’m done.

Nothing Left To Say // Spencer Reid

Originally posted by trisgrimes

“Wasn’t it nice while it lasted?“ 

Images flooded into his mind. Memories of everything they’d been through playing like a film reel. 

Waking up to her. Her mouth slightly open, her hair an absolute mess. Stealing glances of her while she read in comfort. His blue sweater that looked better on her. The small stain from her careless eating. The smell of freshly made coffee awaiting him every morning. 

Soft hands. Loving looks. Lips painted a bright red. Eyes filled with amusement. The way she’d pop gum. The way he’d always make fun of her for it. Weekend nights spent at home. Movie marathons. The way she’d beg for her favorite foods and the way he’d so easily cave.

Coming home to find her dead asleep in the middle of the day. Curling up next to her. Reading his books to her while she listened. Having to explain things more than once. Her genuine interest in knowing what he loved. 

“Wasn’t it fun?” 

Salt in the air. The warm sand beneath his feet. The fact he’d finally caved and gone to the beach despite his distaste for it. The fact he was actually having fun. Her laughter as he struggled to chase after her, the shore proving to be a difficult place to run despite his long legs. The sand in their faces when he finally tackled her down. Their laughs. Her smile. 

Her hand leading him. A roller-coaster as high as the sky. His stomach filling with nervous butterflies. Her cheesy reassurances. The dread when they hurled forward at top speed. His relieved laughter when they finally got off. Her arm that kept him upright until he regained his balance. 

Teaching her how to play chess. Her confusion at the game. The way she’d sneak pieces away. Her cheating tactics. His amusement at her determination to win. The way she’d try to seduce him whenever she was losing. The way it almost always worked. 

“It hurt sometimes, didn’t it?" 

Her screams. His anger. Their own disappointment. The way her voice rose that caused his stomach to drop. The way her face fell when he yelled back. The pain she felt when he grabbed her shoulders a little too hard. The punch to his stomach when she would shove him away. The venomous words that were thrown carelessly. The tears. The bloodshot eyes. The feeling of having your heart ripped out and stomped on.

"But I still loved you." 

Her touch. The way her lips pressed gently against his skin. The way her eyes would glaze over underneath him. The heat. The passion. The lust and love swirled together so perfectly that they couldn’t exist without the other. The way his heart beat faster at the sight of her. The way she kissed him, full of fervor after having been apart. The way they felt like they were one. One soul divided into two bodies, destined to find their way to each other. Even if it wasn’t meant to last forever.

"I think it was worth it.” 

It was.

Too In Character

 Pairing: Jared x Reader
Words: 758

-Jared and the reader do a breakup scene that just feels too real for Jared-

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, let me know.

          Jared had been kind of worried ever since he had seen the script. You had been teasing him, but he legitimately seemed like this scene was going to be a problem for him. The two of you had never had that big of an issue when doing a scene together for Supernatural.

           “Jare?” you made him look at you as the two of you sat together before the scene was going to be shot.

           He looked up, “Hmm?”

           “You’re thinking too hard.”

           He shrugged, “This scene is just going to suck.”

           You laughed slightly, “Babe, you do fights with all kinds of monsters and this is the scene that stresses you out?”

           He nodded, “Yeah. It is.”

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anonymous asked:

!! I love how you write jelaous Jaehee!! RFA reacting to an overly affectionate friend of MC who has a crush on them and oversteps boundaries? Kisses on the cheek, long hugs. How would they deal with them? (omg that was long winded im so sorry)

I tried very hard this one.


  • nugget likes your friends and they like him
  • well except for that one friend you have with an impressive bracelet collection
  • they’re always sitting REALLY close to you or wrap their arm around yours or keeps giving you new bracelets
    • to the point you have a whole drawer dedicated to bracelets
  • despite his gullibility to Seven’s pranks, this does not go over his head
  • his jealous levels are too high
    • they even tried to DENY it right to his face
    • but those long lustful stares to his s/o is not acceptable!
  • almost each encounter with your friend, he smiles and acts normal but his eyes are like daggers
  • but one day 
  • one fucking day
  • you were just sitting talking with another friend while Yoosung and your friend was on each side of you
  • he glanced over to see your friend lean their head on you and nuzzle their face in your shoulder
    • for once you were kind of like uh what are you doing
  • you have NEVER seen death in your precious nugget’s eyes before
  • he doesn’t say anything or do anything actually
  • just stares
    • sends a telepathic message to them
    • I wonder how valuable your fingers are to you…
  • but when the group gets up and heads back to the sitting area
  • nugget insists you sit on his lap
  • uh ok
  • you do as he requested confused
  • as you were talking with your other friends,
  • your friend sat across from you and Yoosung
  • and this nugget was actually smirking


  • your friend is actually very polite 
  • Jaehee approves of all your friends but this one just rubbed her the wrong way
  • they call you almost every day about nothing
  • and they just give you these just ‘cause presents all the time
  • when valentine’s day came around, your precious gelato had everything planned out to a T
  • but just as you two were about to leave, someone knocked on your door
  • Jaehee went to go answer it while you were getting your coat from the closet
  • it was your friend with a bouquet of roses in their hand and they asked for you
  • gelato was starting to get a little frustrated
  • before she could say anything, you came in the doorway also confused
  • “Hey…um…MC, can we talk?”
  •  Jaehee just KNEW what they were about to say so just interrupted
    • “If you have something to tell MC, please tell them later. Now is not the time.”
  • you kind of wanted to say something back to Jaehee but this was kind of a shitty time 
  • you tell them that now was not the time and to come back tomorrow
  • you two had a very wonderful Valentine’s Day and Jaehee woke up early that morning to make breakfast for you
  • your friend came knocking at your door again 
  • this time she’s ready for it
  • Says something on the lines of “I know you have feelings for them. But they’re with me. Please respect that they’re in a relationship.”
  • because they’re polite they just nod and agree to not interfere
  • out of gratitude, she sends them away with a short stack of pancakes


  • this marshmallow is freaking jealous of all your friends that are a little overly affectionate towards you
    • if you hug one of your friends for longer than 5 seconds he requests you give him longer hug
  •  oh but one of your friends LOVES to give you such long hugs
  • he just glares at them until they stop
  • at first he thought they were just being creepy 
  • but then he heard from one of your other chums that they actually like you a lot!
  • marshmallow is NOT happy to hear this NOT ONE BIT
  • he compensates by giving you a nice warm hug before your friend does
  • one time your friend managed to slip in a hug and this marshmallow saw their hand slide down to your lower back
  • FIRST Zen talks about this to you
    • he’s uncomfortable with the whole situation and your friend
  • and after you kind of agree he talks to your friend
  • kind of feels bad a bit because your friend has had a crush on you way before the two of you had met 
    • and Zen just kind of came into the picture
    • all magnificent and perfect
    • your friend never stood a chance
  • as angry as he is about this inappropriate behavior, he tries to be easy on your friend


  • it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that your friend you knew since high school had a huge crush on you
  • even the donut can see it
  • but he tries not to pay too much mind to it because he knew you were with him and were content
  • it wasn’t like your friend was a bad person either
  • they even told Jumin just to sort of clear the air
  • the conversation was actually quite tame and both parties were mature and understanding
  • but your friend was starting to get a little out of line
  • they would playfully hold your hand or touch your face
  • it made the donut all flustered
    • how dare they
  • then shit hit the fan so quick when your friend just staring at you as you were talking
  • Jumin was shaking his head
    • hoe don’t do it dON’T DO IT
  • then your friend gave you a peck on the lips 
  • you were taken aback and very confused
  • you awkwardly look to Jumin because yeah he was standing RIGHT there
  • he stood there staring at your friend
    • but it wasn’t just any stare
    • it was the stare of utter inimical anger
    • slowly seething
    • holy shit you’ve never seen him like this before
  • honestly it’s his first instinct to fire someone when they anger him this much, but your friend wasn’t working for him
  • so he just removed you from the situation while maintaining eye contact with your friend


  • you were so glad Seven got along well with your friends and vice versa
    • so many nightly hangouts ^^
  • but one of your shy smol friends had this huge crush on you
    • they liked to show it through lots of hugs or quick kisses on the cheek
  • you never really paid no mind to it you just thought they were naturally a touchy-feely person
  • but Seven was very uncomfortable with it
  • VERY
  • made the poor jellybean feel so insecure
  • at first he devised an elaborate master plan, Ocean’s 11 style to expose your friend for the true monster they are
    • but they were cleaner than a fresh pair of underwear
    • if anything it was incriminating they didn’t have ANY dirt on them
  • darn!
  • always turned away if your friend gave you a quick cheek kiss
  • eventually one day he thought enough was enough
  • when you and your friend was saying goodbye
  • Seven made sure to say goodbye first and planted a big smooch on your friend
  • O-O
  • your friend was shook
  • you were confused at first but it was pretty funny so you ended up laughing until you got a big smooch planted on your face
  • after that anytime your friend was going in for a cheek kiss, Seven would step in, prepared to give them a wet smooch if need be
  • eventually they stopped with that nonsense

anonymous asked:

Warum ist es so schwer den ersten Schritt zu machen?

Ey ohne Spaß nee

Bei mir ist das genau so. Freitag Abend war ich in einer Bar, ich bin da Streckenweise schon so oft gewesen (sprich: Monate lang bestimmt jedes Wochenende ein,zwei mal) und jedes mal, ist da diese Person und ich schwöre dir, ich schaff es einfach nicht, mich einmal normal zu benehmen.

Wir haben so oft schon miteinander geredet, von Zeit zu Zeit dann auch mal eine zusammen geraucht, uns ab und zu auch wirklich mal unterhalten - weißt du Gespräche und Chance waren da, das will ich damit sagen. 

Und den vergangen Freitag jetzt: Ich sitz mit meinen Freunden ganz herkömmlich, wie wirklich jedes mal zuvor - am Tisch und wir unterhalten uns, über unsere Woche und dies und jeden - und meine Blick rutschen die ganze Zeit ab. Das ist wirklich so untypisch für mich, jemanden so “am Hintern zu kleben” aber irgendwie wars halt so ne. Und jedes mal wenn wir uns angeguckt haben, dachte ich mir so: “diesmal sagt du was”, “Warte noch kurz ab, dann sagst du was!”. “Ist doch nicht schlimm, jemanden interessant zu finden.” 

yoooo.. Drei mal darfst du raten wer den ganzen Abend nichts gesagt hat, also zumindest nichts, was irgendeine Bedeutung gehabt hätte. 

Am Ende hab ich so richtig bescheuert meine Nummer auf die Rechnung geschrieben und sie unter mein leeres Glas gelegt, mit der Hoffnung drauf, dass eventuell am nächsten Tag mein Handy klingelt. - Hat es auch und zwar wegen all den Leuten, mit denen ich Tag ein, Tag aus im Kontakt stehe aber diese eine Nachricht, auf die ich so gehofft hatte, wer hätts gedacht? Die kam natürlich nicht.

Aber ganz ehrlich? Ich hätte mir auch nicht geschrieben. Wieso kann man sich nicht einfach mal zusammen nehmen und seinen Mund aufmachen? So würde ich das andersrum auch erwarten, wir sind doch schließlich alt genug oder? Vielleicht hat das ja auch nicht viel mit Alter zutun. Ich weiß nicht.

Auuuf jeden Fall, ist den Ersten Schritt zu machen immer, immer, immer das schwerste - die Überwindung hin zum augenscheinlich Guten. Man sollte sich das trauen, ich mein besser als Monate lang jeden Freitag Abend in einer Bar zu sitzen und eine Kippe nach der anderen zu rauchen obwohl mal viel lieber reden wollen würde, richtig reden meine ich. - aber ich weiß genau so gut du, dass das alles andere ist als “einfach mal den Mund aufmachen. Was soll schon passieren?

Frag mich das mal in dem Moment, in dem ich da sitze. Ich könnte dir ne Triologie mit anschließender, dreiteiliger Best-Seller Verfilmung an Gründen aufzählen mit: “Was schon passieren soll”. Sicher nichts davon mit Hand und Fuß und am Ende nur heiße Luft und leere Worte aber auch solche stecken dir nun mal im Hals. 

Eventuell kommt irgendwann der Moment, in dem wir uns davon befreien können, und ich meine, es ist eine Art Befreiung über seinen Schatten zu springen und sei es nur ein “Hey, hättest du Lust vielleicht mal mit mir was trinken zu gehen?” oder jede andere, realistischere Version dieser Frage. 

bis dahin? Du weißt, du bist damit nicht alleine - mein Handy hat nämlich immer noch nicht geklingelt und ich könnte mir jeden Samstag Morgen aufs neue in Arsch beißen aber ey? I know, I am not the only one ne?

Klance trash headcannon bc there isn't enough smut gdi

Before sex Lance is his usually cocky self but during the deed he’s actually timid and constantly apologizes, afraid that he might hurt Keith in any way. Afterwards he’s always pooped and falls asleep immediately into Keith’s arms (who by the way loves seeing Lance so vulnerable).

Keith on the other hand is bashful before hand but is really one kinky son of a bitch and loves watching Lance squirm with embarrassment. He’s naturally very lustful and is usually the one to engage the sex, but at the same time lets Lance think that it’s him.


Needy for him

v x reader

Genre: smut

Warnings: s mu t

request: Bts - Taehyung. Smut. He’s your boyfriend and he’s on the phone with someone impt (Bang Pd/mom/dad) but your super desperate tonight and just start to mess arnd with him and little taetae while he’s on the phone and it slowly escalates. Thanks babe !! 😉😆


( lord please forgive me for the sins i have committed in this fucking chapter lmao )


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She Can Hear You

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words:  1078
Requested by Anonymous:  Can I please get a Sam oneshot where the reader temporarily goes deaf (though they al think it’s permanent) and Sam takes the opportunity to repeatedly tell her how he feels about her and then the deafness wears off but she doesn’t tell him because she likes hearing what he says, though he finds out somehow and is embarrassed before she tells him she loves him too? 

          The explosion was deafening. Literally. Your ears started ringing. And then there had been nothing.

           When Sam and Dean found you, you had tears rolling down your cheeks. You had somehow let them know you couldn’t hear. They looked almost as scared as you felt. What were you going to do?


Sam’s Point Of View

           It was terrible, really. The fact that Y/N couldn’t hear was terrifying for all of us. I hated seeing how distraught she was. Seeing her like that made me sad. She had been so full of life. Now, she was just sitting around, not doing anything.

           “I wish you could realize how amazing you are,” I sighed, standing in the doorway of the kitchen. Y/N’s back was to me, so she couldn’t read my lips or see that I was talking to her. But for some reason, that helped me open up to her. I would have never had the courage if she actually had her hearing back.

           “That’s not fair, Sam,” Dean said from behind me, making me jump.

           I turned and looked at him, “What?”

           “You can’t confess your love to her when she can’t hear you. That’s not fair. To either of you,” he said.

           “Dean, I can’t really tell her.”

           “Coward,” Dean accused.

           “It’s just … it’s complicated.”


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Honeymoon (Jaebum) ~Requested

Word count: 1600 words

Genre:  Smut

An: Okay so I, Ramen, tried my best to write the smut but in the end like always I gave up and had Cheese write it. ALSO GUESS WHAT! Riceball wrote majority of the smut for me and she died…a moment of silence for our fallen hero. Anyways I hope you like it and keep on requesting!

“I do,” Jaebum smiled, his eyes lighting up. “With the power rested in me, I now pronounce you Man and Wife. You may kiss the bride,” Jaebum didn’t need the permission from the priest. Even before the priest had finished speaking, Jaebum had gently grabbed your chin, giving you a mischievous smile as he kissed you gently.You both were married now. You were so lucky enough to be Im Jaebum’s wife.

“Hey Y/N, wake up,” Jaebum’s soft voice stirred you from your sleep. You opened your eyes to meet the deep brown orbs of the man you were in love with for more than 4 years. “We’re here, come on,” he murmured, and before you could even move, his arms were under your legs and back, picking you up. You giggled, slapping his chest lightly. “Jaebum, stop,” you shook your head at your goofball of a husband, your heart swelling at the cute, innocent grin he gave you. “I love you,” he lightly pecked the top of your head as you entered the hotel you were booked in.

Lingerie. Lingerie. And more lingerie.“What the hell…” you hissed, shifting through the different types of lingerie your friend had packed for you. She had offered to help you pack as you were too busy with the wedding preparations and all… how were you to know she was going to turn this into a complete bag of misunderstanding?

“I packed a little gift for you and Jaebum, though…” you suddenly recalled your best friend telling you before you left the bridal room. You were tempted to call and yell at her when the door of the room suddenly opened. In panic you tried to cover up the bag but it was useless. Jaebum had already seen it.

“Jaebum-ah, I… this- well… you see,” your face was as red as a beetroot as you tried to explain your situation, stumbling over words. However, Jaebum just stood there, a faint smile on his lips. He couldn’t care less about your bag full of lingerie, it wasn’t even what caught his attention. It was your flushed cheeks.

“Hey, jagiya,” Jaebum chuckled, covering your mouth with his hand, “You talk too much,” He grinned, his eyes shining with adoration. Your cheeks coloured even more as you quickly raised your arms to push him away, muttering about him and his cheesiness.

“Get out, Im Jaebum, I need to change!” you huffed and he laughed, shaking his head as he walked away. You were his wife now. It was something he still couldn’t wrap his head around.

Jaebum had his arm wrapped around your shoulders as you both strolled down the streets, taking in the beautiful sight around you. On your way, you came across a small flower shop, making Jaebum instantly halt. Despite your constant comments about his cheesiness, you couldn’t help but fall for him even more when he handed you the bouquet of your favourite flowers. 

“Remember the first time we met? You had this flower in your hair like this,” he plucked out the flower, gently placing it in your hair, “You looked so gorgeous, I swear I had never seen such a beautiful person ever.“ You blushed, burying your head in his chest. He knew you were shy and couldn’t handle such compliments but he also couldn’t help himself.

He wanted to compliment you every single minute, wanting to remind you of how precious you were to him. He was aware that because of your shyness, you never knew why he chose you of all people as his girlfriend, and even more so as his wife. He was determined to prove to you that it didn’t matter to him whether you were beautiful to others or not, because to him you were nothing short of a goddess.

“I love you so much,” he sneakily whispered, making you squeak. No matter how long you had been dating, and no matter how much he said those three simple words, they still surprised you.

Jaebum wasn’t an expressive man and so whenever he expressed himself, even something as simple as ‘you look nice,’ was more precious than all the gems in the world. You sneaked a glance at your interwined hands, both your wedding rings gleaming in the light. With a small smile, you squeezed his hand, laying your head on his shoulder. “I love you too,” you whispered.

You stared at the bag infront of you with a frown. To be extremely honest, you had never ever  worn something like this…never and Jaebum and you had never even passed beyond heavy make-out sessions…How were you going to pull this off?

This was why you never really understood why Jaebum was even interested in you. He had always been into sexy, self-confident girls and all his girlfriends of the past had been like that. What had been so special in you that he chose you, a shy insecure girl over all of those girls? You were going to be the girl Jaebum liked. You weren’t going to give Jaebum the chance to regret his decision.

Jaebum was casually scrolling through the countless messages his friends had sent him, rolling his eyes at their hormone filled minds. He didn’t care if you both were on a honeymoon. Jaebum had swore he wouldn’t do anything until he was a hundred percent sure you wanted it.

Just as he replied to Jackson’s rather heavily implied message, the door of the bathroom opened and you walked out, all clad in red lingere. Anyone could tell how extremely uncomfortable you were when his eyes landed on you, his peircing gaze scanning you over. You could feel his eyes on you but you were to shy to look up and face whatever emotion were in those brown orbs. With your eyes on the floor, you nervously pulled at your hair and shyly wrapped your hands around your stomach, wishing you could just rush back and change.

However, it was too late. Jaebum didn’t know what came over him when he got up, slowly walking up to you. All he knew was that he couldn’t tear his eyes off of you. You looked like a piece of art, a masterpiece created just for him. Your breathing was already ragged but when Jaebum’s hand gently touched your arm, your heart exploded, your head whipping up to meet his dark, almost black eyes. 

“Jagiyah,” he whispered, his voice rough as his arm snaked around your waist, pulling you closer. His eyes scanned your face, his lips dangerously close to yours. “You’re so beautiful,” was all he whispered before his lips crashed on yours, kissing firmly. You kissed him back immediately, his lips molding into yours. His tongue pushed into your mouth, and he dominated over you, nibbling on your bottom lip whenever he had to pull away to breathe. Desire hung in the air as his hands travelled down your bare sides, making you feel things you never imagined you could. You moaned at the feeling of his chapped lips against yours as your hands moved upwards to grasp tightly into his hair.

His lips moved to your neck, biting and sucking at your weak spots while his hands trailled their way to your hips, squeezing them roughly as he pulled you flush against him. Your let out a broken whimper as you gripped his shoulders, pulling his head closer. His kisses were igniting a fire in you, deep in the pit of your stomach, burning you up. His hands pulled you up, making your legs wrap around his waist as he carried you to the bed, his lips never once leaving you.You let out a moan as your back hit the bed, Jaebum straddling you as he continued his assault on you. His hands wandered down your sides, gently pulling your legs up and around his waist as he settled between them, leaning over to suck on the spot just behind your ear, your low whimpers almost causing him to lose his mind. "Jagiyah,” he whispered, breathing hot against your neck .

“Let me take care of you tonight.” You could feel him gulp against you as your hands went to the ends of his shirt, slipping themselves beneath it and feeling over his broad back, feeling every muscle tense up as you glided your fingers over them.

This was such a foreign feeling to you You felt bolder as you let him take control. You both had never gone beyond making out and now, feeling his hands all over you ignited a spark of confidence. For the first time you felt like you were capable of pleasuring him and this drove you forward.

Your mind was nothing but clouds of pleasure as Jaebum took it upon himself to lightly grind his erection against your core.You lifted your hips lightly and gasped everytime he hit up against you, grasping the pillow behind you as you felt him grasp your hips as you felt his grinding become deeper and more fluid than before.

And before you knew it he had flipped you over; he lay on his back while you settled against him, and he immediately pulled your head down and reconnected your lips. You settled against him, softly rolling your hips against his, desperate for friction as this point.

Without warning, he bucked up against you, making you gasp his name. He shifted up, one hand grounded against your back to make sure you didn’t fall as he started to nibble your neck.

“Did you like that, Y/N?” Jaebum mumbled gently, hands moving toward your chest, “I just want to be sure I’m doing what you like.”

“Please, Jaebum,” you groaned, jolts of electricity travelling up your body as his hands gripped your sides. Pausing just under the swell of your breasts, his eyes shifted up to look at you, silently asking permission. You were too far gone in pleasure already that all you could do was moan and nod.

He gently cupped one of your breasts in his hands, making you moan at the tingles that shot right down to your core. A gasp slipped past your lips as his thumb rubbed over your nipple, rolling it between his fingers.“Please.” you pleaded again, not knowing what you wanted yourself. Just that you needed more. Much more of everything right now. His scent, his warmth, his voice. That deep lustful look in his eyes that had been dilated to black… the sealed promise of forever, and everything and anything he would offer you would take gladly.

Letting him move his kisses up to your face, from your stomach, you allowed him to shower you in his undeniable love.

“Jaebum-ah… I need you, please,” You whimpered, feeling him part from you. Jaebum smiled as he gently shushed you, removing his shirt and pants quickly, discarding his clothing at your pleas.

You watch as he reveals his length to you, gulping for a second before his eyes meet yours again and he smiles sweetly. It’s a beautiful smile which you see rarely outside of your house. But here it is, the same smile he gave you when you first woke up next to him. You remember the cute pillow marks on the side of his face he slept on, voice deep and laced with sleep, eyes heavy and slightly swollen.His eyes held the same love now. They were drooping as well and rather than being laced with sleep, they were laced with lust and want, purely reserved for you.

Jaebum’s fingers moved down towards your folds, gently tracing over them and gathering your wetness before pushing slightly inside you with two fingers just barely by the tips. You closed your eyes, moaning at the unfamiliar intrusion. It wasn’t unpleasant but just different. As his digits inched in bit by bit you reached up to grasp at his shoulder with one hand while the other latched onto his bicep.

“You good?” his husky voice mumbled and you nodded weakly. He inched in more before pulling out until the tips and entering again this time, a little faster.
The discomfort disappeared as he continued to slide his fingers in and out of you before moving faster, fillimg you with pleasurable feelings as he rocked his fingers deep into you, hitting special spots each time.

“I’m- I can take you, Jaebum,” You whined at the third finger. He pulled out reluctantly after a few more push and pulls before cupping your face with his clean hand to gently kiss you.

“Are you sure?” he whispered against your swollen lips and you nod.


“I trust you.”

He smiles, kissing you again. Laying his lips against yours, he gently begins to push in slowly.

You gasp against his mouth, nails digging into his back to find purchase against the delicious stretch.

Once he’s fully connected with you he stops to move up to his elbows to wipe away a tear that had fallen out without permission.

“Feels so good,“ You slurred, so high on the feeling of finally being one with the man you loved with your entire heart.

As he whispers promises of forever into your ear you urge him to move and he does just that. Sliding against your walls with a burning drag that makes you erupt into millions of pieces only to be glued back the second he kisses you, and he keeps going.Moans flow out of your lips. You legs tighten around his torso and hands dig deeper into the hard skin of his back as your hips begin to move with his rhythm.

Drops of sweat emerge from his hairline, moving down the middle of his forehead over the bridge of his nose and drips down onto yours.

“More… I need more, please,” Fingers trace down his body to the small of his back and his hips buck faster against yours.

Sounds more high pitched fall frequently from between your swollen, parted lips.Your legs start to shake in a tell tale sign, which has you grasping him even tighter inside of you.

“I’m close,” you manage to stutter out in between the haze of pleasure. You barely catch his reply before you’re arching your back, mouth open in a silent scream, eyes screwed shut and nails digging into his back drawing small specks of blood to the surface. It hurts him, but drives him forward too, and he feels himself begin to climb up the hill.

You tighten around him make the friction burn more than before and he lets go, groaning deeply into the crook of your neck. This only aids your own release as slight bruises form by your hip bones from where he was clutching you hard.
Before you know it, it’s over, and you’re so spent you feel like all you want to do is lie down and sleep away. There’s a pleasant ache in between your legs as Jaebum slowly pulls himself out of you and gently lays you down, caressing your hair and smiling that smile that was only reserved for you.
You feel butterflies as you smile back, and he lays behind you, laying you flush against him.

A gentle peck on your temple woke you up, fluttering your eyes open. Jaebum grinned, the grin at made you lose your heart to him. Gently caressing your cheek, he kissed your fore-head again."How is my jagiyah feeling?” he softly asked, his eyes shining. You smiled, scooting closer as you wraped your arms around him.

“If you keep smiling like that, I’ll feel like I’m on top of the world,” you cheekily replied, nudging your heads together. “Well then, your wish is my command, your majesty,” Jaebum chuckled, his eyes crinkling cutely. You bit your lip as you stared at the man before you, your huband.

“Ah, Y/n-ah don’t,“ Jaebum instanly set your lower lip free, running his thumb gently over the torn lips, "you bit them enough last night, don’t.” Your cheeks instantly flushed red when he mentioned last night. No matter how much you reminded yourself that you were married now, you still felt like a shy little girl facing her boyfriend after their first night.

“Jagiyah…"his voice held amusement as he nudged you, "Please don’t tell me you are shy?”

“Yah! Im Jaebum shut up,” you mumbled, burring your face in the blankets. Jaebum’s voice rang around the room.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to make you get used it…huh,” you peeked at his suggestive face, turning a deeper red. You chuckled, slapping his chest, embarrassed at his bluntness.

“Do you promise to love her and cherish her till death do you apart?”

“I promise to love and cherish her even after death does us apart,” Jaebum smiled softly, watching you laugh, your eyes light up the way they did whenever you smiled or laughed.

Keep it quiet (Zach Dempsey x reader)

Ok, this is the first time ever that i write smut and my second imagine. So, is really short and im sorry about that but i promised a smut so here it is. obviously and like I told you, dont be shy about the mistakes. i’d love to know what you think. 

Warnings: smut


Zach opened the door without stop kissing you, pushing you against the door in the minute he closed it grabbing your hips and making you jump so you could lock your legs against his waist. You had one hand in the back side of his neck and your fingers playing with his hair while your other hand was firmly against the door for you to find some kind of stability.  – Zach, stop. We… should go… upstairs – you tried to say between kisses.

Zach grabbed your ass to kept you in place while he almost run through the stairs to his room. Once you were there he put you down and took off his shirt stealing kisses from you – Help me- you told with your back to him so he could help you with the zipper of your dress. Slowly he helped you sliding the dress down your shoulders and filling your back with kisses until the dress ende don the floor. You turn so you can kiss him properly and undo his belt, palming his hardness- Oh god- zach moaned resting his forehead yon your shoulder while you undid his pants and boxers and stroked him – if you keep doing that im not going to last- he said with his eyes darkened with lust and took off your underwear, palming your breasts just before he lead you to the bed. Zach put you on top of him, kissing your breast while he take care of the other one pinching your hard nipple

-Zach please… - you manage to say grinding yourself over his hardness- i need you-  He slide his fingers between your folds, stroking your clit – oh babe, you’re so wet for me – he said kissing your shoulders and you almost scream with pleasure when he slide into you stopping for a moment so you could adjust to his size, giving you kisses and caressing your back. When you were ready pushed his shoulders against the bed so you could ride him fast the both of you moaning loudly. Zach took your hips and changed positions so you ended with your back on the matress welcoming him between your legs.

-babe, I’ll need you to keep it quiet ok? My sister is sleeping in the room beside of us and my parents are across the room – he said looking into your eyes – you think you can do that for me?? yeah?- he said thrusting harder inside of you while you nodded looking into his eyes and shutting you mouth with your hands so you can be as quiet as posible but damn it was really hard.

That’s all he needed to grab one of your legs over his shoulder so he can go deeper pounding one time over another inside of you and your hand making their way to his back to keep him firmly to you- God Y/N, you’re so thight- he moaned buring his head on the crock of your neck, kissing you and bitting your shoulder while you dig your nails on his back – i thought you said we have to be quiet – you tried to say. Zach digged his fingers on you hips so hard that surely you were going to wake up tomorrow with bruises but you didn’t care.

Silent moans, hot and wet kisses filled the room while you give yourself to the pleasure, and then you heard something, like steps.

-shhh i think i heard something- you said slapping softly his back- he turned his head to look at the door trying to find some kind of light underneath, but he kept thrusting into you – stay still- you whisper to him squeezing your legs so he can stop moving. You both hold the other waiting for something to happen. When nothing came, he started moving again with one of his hands between you two so he can stroke your clit taking you to the edge; and just when you were about to scream in pleasure he kissed you taking your moans on his mouth, riding your orgasm and reaching his. You both ended holding each other trying to steady your breaths. Zach rolled beside of you so he can cuddle you.

-If I knew that our night was going to end like this, i would have accepted your invitations a lot earlier- grinding your back against Zach’s front while he put his arms around your torso and give you little kisses behind your ear – now we’ve got a lot of nights to look forward – he whispered cuddling you. What a perfect way to sleep.

endragoneel  asked:

Headcannons for supernatural au, if you want <3 (vampire lance, werewolf Keith, werewolf shiro, pidge is a tree spirit probably... Idk what hunk would be haha)

okok ok so im watching an art stream and eating so im sorry if this is all over that place xD

Vampire Lance

  • oh god where to begin
  • so lance is still a flirt, but a successful flirt
  • he has centuries to perfect his craft of flirting
  • he only takes as much blood as he needs from people, cuz hes nice like that
  • i mean whats the point of killing your food? limited resources
  • lance is also like ancient, he comes all the way from medieval times
  • so like surviving the witch trials was an experience to say teh least
  • but knowing lance, hes all about having fun so he never really acts like the centuries old being that he is

Werewolf Keith

  • ok so this might be a bit angsty
  • but like
  • keith was forcibly turned into a werewolf
  • and then he was abandoned the person who turned him, so he was left to basically left alone to deal with these changes and try not to kill people
  • keith really has no idea whats going on
  • he really just wants to sleep ok?

Werewolf Shiro

  • shiro is the one who finds keith during one of the full moons
  • was able to get him to come out of the blood lust and not attack any people
  • from then on shiro and keith were a pack, shiro the leader. 
  • they basically keep each other out of trouble
  • shiro never lost his arm btw, but he has this super cool tattoo that a full arm thing
    • its basically inuit wolf markings, telling a story about a specific wolf that warned hunters if there was danger every full moon
    • ps, thats shiro
  • shiro likes the cold, so he hung out in the arctic a lot but he traveled to the warmer places as he got older
    • those old bones hate the cold and he hates being old
    • he doesnt look old, but hes been around for awhile

Fae Pidge

  • idk why but i was feeling this more than a tree spirit, sorry!!
  • but pidge is basically a faery and she basically has the same powers as the Olkari
  • fae can be kinda finnicky about who they hang out with, but for some reason, pidge enjoys a vampires and a half giants company
  • she really enjoys trying to learn about other supernatural species and their tendencies
  • it also helps that Lance hunk and pidge basically always look out for each other while theyre mixing with regular humans, or in places where they shouldnt be
  • essentially the garrison trio

Half-Giant Hunk

  • hunk is my baby and i love him ok
  • hunk is essentially the big friendly giant
  • he and lance are pretty much bffs from day one
  • (hunk totally saved lance from hitting on the wrong person and getting seriously hurt)
  • for as big as hunk is, hes super gentle, he really loves kittens ok? 
    • he really likes the calicos
  • pidge likes to ride around on his shoulders, just to feel tall (the guys its 7′10′’ and huge, pidge literally takes up one shoulder)

OK some plot to this because im getting carried away and i have no life at 12.30 am apparently xD

  • eventually these fice all run into each other
  • lance hits on keith, knowing full well hes a werwolf
  • lance likes to mess with people sometimes and keith just happens to blush really easily and get flustered
  • keith and lance bicker, while pidge and hunk talk with shiro
  • find out that the two of them are on the run from whoever turned keith
  • apparently the wolf that had turned him had been waiting for him to go through his first blood lust to prove that he was worthy of joining his pack
    • idk something really twisted like that
  • he hadnt planned on shiro being there and helping keith get through it
  • lance hunk and pidge agree to give them a place to stay while everything blows over
  • toss in som klance pining and we suddenly have a forest
  • which sucks because werewolves and vampires were never meant to be compatible, but somehow they make it work
    • prolly comes from keith being human for most of his life before being turned
    • kinda more human than wolf at this point, works in lances favor most of the time
  • and yada yada yada, they eventually get found, theres a big fight, keith gets hurt, lance freaks out aaaaannnnd imma leave it there and leave the rest of it for you to decide~ ;3c

thanks for the hc ask hun!!

Say Something

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words:   1345
Requested by Anonymous:  hi! can i request a jealous!dean x reader? one where the reader is oblivious at first but then realizes it and then starts doing it on purpose and dean finally admits his feelings maybe?? something where dean says she is “his girl” thank you, you’re wonderful 💕💕💕

         You were having fun. It had been a long time since you had been able to let loose and actually have a good time. But you were actually having fun dancing at the club you had found in town. The hunt you, Sam, and Dean had been on had been quick. The three of you had decided to stay for the night. And you had found a dance club. The club wasn’t the place Sam and Dean felt comfortable, so you had gone alone. But you had found a dance partner quickly. And you were having a great night.

           When you went to get a drink of water after dancing for a while, you checked your phone and saw Dean’s message; Hey. Just making sure you’re okay.

           You sent a quick text back; I’m great! Having a lot of fun dancing. You two should have joined me.

           You put your phone back in your pocket and went back to dancing, not planning to leave any time soon.

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my best attempt at a masterlist of every chengsey moment in trk

  • ch. 6: henry calling gansey “richard-man” adj;fdkd
  • the slightly disturbing fact that henry told gansey his tailgate was open because he didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that there was a little girl curled up in the cargo space of the camaro….. like buddy what if gans was kidnapping her. now youre an accomplice.
  • ch. 12: “henry cheng stood before him, all hair and smile, his eyes intense.” 
  • basically the mere fact that henry notices that gansey is having a panic attack/ptsd flashback and goes to help him in the middle of a crowd
  • “once, you got me coffee,” henry said. “when i was losing my mind. consider the favor returned.” 
  • one of the things that helps gansey come out of his attack is making eye contact with henry
  • henry saying “there he is” when gansey calms down
  • ch 17: “both henry and gansey were kings in their respective territories”
  • gansey thinking about litchfield house: “to dine in fairyland was to be forced to stay there forever or to pine for it once you left” literally what the fuck gansey
  • “yo, yo, dick gansey” im so embarrassed for henry
  • “[litchfield house] did not look remotely like a place that might host a party. it looked like a place old ladies might go to die and remain undiscovered until the neighbors noticed a strange smell. it was utterly at odds with what gansey knew of henry.” ok i lied, that’s barely chengsey but i love it anyway.
  • gansey reflecting that he understands henry (more than blue does)
  • gansey reminding blue that henry’s car is electric bc he wants her to like his boyfriend
  • henry is fine with blue being at the toga party even though no other casual acquaintances are invited, just bc gansey vouches for her
  • ch. 29: ok honestly………. the whole chapter
  • BUT for the sake of thoroughness… henry calling gansey “junior”
  • henry: “i tucked in the children [after you left] and read them stories but they kept asking after you” and gansey LAUGHS
  • gansey is cagey about explaining why they left and henry lets it pass
  • “dick three”
  • flirting via knowledge of what happened in 1751
  • and yes this is bc henry knows he’s looking for a “test of mettle”
  • “that feeling of being known. not in a superficial way, but in something deeper and truer.” 
  • gansey: “what is my prize if i pass?” 👀
  • “the prize is your honor, mr. gansey.” doubly known. triply known.
  • gansey doesn’t know how to feel about being “so accurately pegged” 👀
  • “am i being kidnapped now?” oh, gansey. you shameless flirt (with bad timing)
  • “this is ganseylike too, yes?” which part? “secrets.”
  • gansey is “prepared to deploy” any combination of his fake, polite responses to heavy moments, but he understands that henry doesn’t need or want this from him, so he can just respond as his real, genuine self 
  • both deeply traumatized at the age of 10?? is that kind of symmetry romantic?? (no but im including it)
  • “do you trust me?” [gansey’s dramatic ass thinks about how he intuitively knows who to trust] “yes.”
  • THEY HOLD HANDS!!!!!!! for a second when henry scares him with robobee but still!!!!
  • ch. 30: “richardman” again
  • henry telling gansey to breathe while literally cupping gansey’s hands between his
  • “be afraid and happy” the quote that defined a generation
  • henry saying “there he is” when gansey starts breathing again 💖
  • more touching, then “easy, mr. gansey”
  • “robobee, find great hair”
  • henry matching gansey’s dramatic ass like “i think we have to decide if we trust each other or not… i think this is the moment in our young friendship”
  • “are you saying your secrets are to my secrets as an automobile is to a carbonated beverage?” henry !!!!!!
  • “magical artifacts, bro”
  • henry: “are you collapsing? are you fine? i thought we were conversing”
  • gansey reflecting that henry is the closest thing to a soul-twin he’s ever found
  • “Get. Your. Number.” HENRY ASDJFKD;F
  • gansey noticing “henry’s wickedly cut eyebrows”
  • this part made me lose my shit….. gansey thinks that, even after all of the actual magic he’s seen, henry cheng is just as magical as everything else he’s found on this journey god help me
  • “because i’m overfull on secrets and underfed on friends” henry :’(
  • again, gansey bein gay…… thinking “henry’s eyes were lively and ferocious”
  • ch. 37: “[henry] had no real way to explain how he felt about trying to befriend richard gansey…” his love for richard is too big for words guyz
  • when henry’s being kidnapped by mr. gray (also fuck you sir, how dare  you hurt my son’s shoulder), he begs robobee to “tell someone who can make this stop,” and robobee alerts gansey, who calls mr. gray immediately !!!!
  • ch. 38: when he meets henry and mr. gray, gansey’s like, “this wasn’t the next step i wanted to take in our friendship”… ok gans tell us about the ‘next step’ you had been imagining then
  • when gansey confirms that they’re officially friends now: “now something else lit henry’s smile. it was genuine and pleased but also something more, and there were not quite words for it.” im gonna take a wild guess and say one word you might use would be ‘lust.’
  • ch. 49: gansey thinking of henry’s “be afraid and happy” advice when he needs strength to go after glendower…. im crying youre crying we’re all crying
  • ch. 51: robobee is basically a lovebee that tells henry when gansey needs him
  • henry using second person “thee” to refer to gansey 👀
  • henry lets gansey drive his car!!!
  • “i’ll watch for cops. go, go, go.” they’re like thelma and louise
  • henry lets gans drive his car along the steep side of a mountain with no guard rail! he must have been so scared but he let him do it!!!
  • gansey: “however do you drive?” henry: “i don’t. you do.” 
  • henry reacting to gansey’s driving… “yay. also, woo.”
  • ch. 53: henry making a b&e joke but definitely also a sex joke that gansey will probably be up thinking about at 3 am for every night the rest of his life: “let us enter, dick, as i’ve already broken”
  • JEONG!!!!!! “we are friends at once, we would instantly do what friends would do for each other. not just pals. friends. blood brothers. you just feel it. we instead of you and me. that’s jeong.”
  • henry suggests splitting up and doesn’t question gans turning off his flashlight, because he’s PERFECT for gansey (me? dramatic? its more likely than you think)
  • ch. 54: gansey doesn’t ask henry to come with him once they find the tunnel bc he remembers that henry’s biggest fear is a hole in the ground (am i crying?? yes.)
  • henry literally giving gansey the shirt off his back!!!! (the shirt he’ll die in ok…. is it weird that i find it romantic that gansey will die wearing henry’s sweater)
  • henry literally trying to reenact the princess bride with gansey like what the fuck?? “we have such few old treasures left; it would be so careless to let them get destroyed.”
  • gansey: “please. please help me.” henry: “i thought you’d never ask.” wtf why do they do this to me
  • ch. 58: henry tells gansey to pull over after they’re leaving glendower, and says, “stop driving. i know you need to. you’ve needed to since we left. get. out.” so gansey can get out of the car and cry 💖
  • ch. 59: henry casually calling gansey “president” as they’re binding adam’s hands???
  • ch. 64: while gansey’s official last words before dying are “it’ll be okay. i’m ready. blue, kiss me,” his SECOND-TO-LAST words are “thanks for everything, henry. you’re a prince among men.” like hwat hte hell dude….. are you even aware that youre in love.. 
  • ch. 66: henry is the one who demands they find a way to bring gansey back!!!
승자는 없어 모두 다 지지

You know I can’t lend you a hand

Originally posted by fairybcby

January 2nd, 2017  14:45 p.m ;


“Min Yoongi.”



“The autopsy showed signs of an attempted rape,” Yoongi’s lips trembled “We already know that the two of you were locked in a bathroom together, did-”

December 31st, 2016   10:20 p.m ;

Yoongi was drunk, same as everyone in the club drinking away their last regrets of the year. Jimin was simply having fun. He had nothing to regret so he didn’t see the need to drink.

Yoongi always find the younger too pretentious. He didn’t have to worry about anything. He had nothing weighting him down. While Yoongi was drowning without water. He wanted to wipe that stupid smile off of his face but somehow, deep inside, he wanted him.

There was no hatred without love and no love without hatred. The alcohol did a really great job blinding Yoongi on what was what. On who he loved and who he hated.

I’ll be right back” He kissed the side of Hoseok’s neck, not wanting to bother with reaching up for the same lips he’s gotten tired of. He walked over to where Jimin had been dancin alone for most of the night and pulled the younger alone.

What’s wrong?” Jimin asked over and over again but Yoongi just ignored him, dragging him behind as he aimed for the bathroom. It was the least populated place in the whole club and he didn’t really know what drove him into it.

The kiss was more intoxicating than the alcohol and he didn’t want it to end. Jimin, without realizing it, was melting into the other’s body as well. He couldn’t even blame it on the alcohol. They parted and met again, pushing and pulling each other until Jimin’s face was against the wall. Yoongi didn’t waste any time trying to get to where he wanted but Jimin finally found his senses again.

He pushed Yoongi off of him and ran to the door. Where he found Hoseok waiting.

“That was the last time I saw him.”

“So you didn’t kill him to keep his mouth shut?”

“I didn’t do anything he didn’t want-”

“There were signs-”

“I didn’t rape him!” Yoongi pushed his chair back, standing up, but soon realized it was a bad idea and sat back down.

“And you’re just going to let your boyfriend take that fall for you?”


“The sleeping pills were yours, you have the clear motive, and no one knows where you were at the time of death”

“What did you mean with let him take the fall?”

“Hoseok confessed to killing Jimin”

“He’s lying.”

“How do you know?”


Lordt….I see why umm… never mind. Let’s just get right into it! LOL



inookii: Hi Luscious! Finally, we meet for our chat. Welcome!
xLUSCI0USx: ty! its an honor to be here
inookii: No it’s an honor to chat with who I think is top 3 (if not #1) sexiest pornstar! How is that going?
xLUSCI0USx: oh hush it, ur gonna make me blush
xLUSCI0USx: its going great :)
inookii: LOL. Now, you’re Director of Modeling at IX, correct?
xLUSCI0USx: yes i am. well one of them. i share the role with Henvoiv.
inookii: Oh OK, does he handle the males and you the females?
xLUSCI0USx: no we tag team the whole department together. we work as a team :)
inookii: Oh cool. And what does you guys’ job entail? What do the Directors of Modeling do? Do you assign the tasks?
xLUSCI0USx: we come up with task, ideas or whatever things we can do to improve our work at ix, and we report back to Aly (the queen of porn in my eyes) 😝

inookii: Yes, she is the greatest at this porn/model group management thing
inookii: Do you inspect and approve work before it hits the tumblr boards, too?
xLUSCI0USx: no, we let our stars post whatever they want as long as it’s not offensive or brings drama
inookii: Oh nice.

xLUSCI0USx: we dont want them to feel like their being censored

inookii: OK, so management but not micro management.

xLUSCI0USx: exactly


inookii: And how did you get started in the porn world? Who discovered you or were you born this way? LOL
xLUSCI0USx: well i met Henvoiv like 2 years ago or longer. After knowing him for a bit i found out he did porn and didnt even know that existed
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: at the time i managed and worked at a strip club that belonged to a friend too. started hanging around him and more ppl of the porn world. he asked me to join and at first i wasn’t.
xLUSCI0USx: i was curious for sure but wasnt sure if i would be able to do it lol
inookii: LOL and now you’re killin it!
xLUSCI0USx: i dont know about that but i enjoy it thats for sure
xLUSCI0USx: i owe it all to him
inookii: Oh please. LOL I know like 3 guys who lust after you daily…and I don’t even know a lot of people.
xLUSCI0USx: lol can i get names?
inookii: Like, my boy Wolfie. LOL
xLUSCI0USx: i am single now lol

LUSCIOUS IS SINGLE!!! *waits for stampede*

inookii: Oooo! Let’s talk about your being single…sounds like you’re ready to date. How does that work with you being a pornstar?

inookii: What if your guy wants you to quit?

xLUSCI0USx: im just taking it one day at a time, if a guy catches my attention so be it, but living the single life right now lol

xLUSCI0USx: most guys know what i do and they have to be ok with what i do, cuz i enjoy it and it’s a part of me

xLUSCI0USx: As far as he wants me to quit we would have to be together for a while and i would consider doing it

inookii: Oh, so you’re open to not just pornstars for dating.
xLUSCI0USx: oh yeah, i dont have to date pornstars. As long as they’re nice and sweet i dont care if their pornstars or not

inookii: I agree. Don’t change overnight for anyone.
inookii: Isn’t it funny how guys meet you a certain way, want you to change, but still chase girls who are the way you were when they met you?
xLUSCI0USx: exactly, i dont get it. Dont force me to change, make me wanna change for u
xLUSCI0USx: thats how i see it
inookii: Exactly!!! Inspire the change, madafaka!


inookii: So you model and porn, do you prefer one over the other?
xLUSCI0USx: being a pornstar i definetely enjoy that lol
inookii: lol I bet
xLUSCI0USx: but i love doing photo shoots too. i like to mix it up lol
inookii: You do both very well. Seriously. I think your stuff is always lit!
xLUSCI0USx: aww thanks love, that means a lot. im my hardest critic
inookii: :) So let’s talk dirty….
xLUSCI0USx: my favorite topic lol
inookii: Who’s your favorite porn partner? I know Eric loves you as a partner, but who is yours?
inookii: LOL sorry I’m spilling your beans, E
xLUSCI0USx: lol, Eric is a sweet heart. i love him. not many guys like him out there
inookii: true
xLUSCI0USx: but favorite pornstar….thats a tough one
inookii: Ok top 3
xLUSCI0USx: so many good guys up there
inookii: Don’t worry about feelings. If they’re not named, they’ll work harder. LOL
xLUSCI0USx: obviously supamanexclusive was my top cuz he was my ex but hes gone
inookii: awwwww
xLUSCI0USx: sorry guys if u dont make it its nothing personal :)
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: so my top 3, lets see…
xLUSCI0USx: gotta put Henvoiv on there
inookii: Da Henny!!!
xLUSCI0USx: or as some of the girls call him white chocolate lol
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: i started talking to Rob from Legends a little more and discovered he’s pretty good
xLUSCI0USx: so he’s in there too, and Gumbosauce…love his stories
inookii: I think I know Gumbo. I’m so horrible at remembering names. :P
xLUSCI0USx: he’s in IX too
inookii: Congrats guys. The rest of you work harder to be on the Luscious List! LOL
xLUSCI0USx: lol if u guys want to put in the work im available to work with u
inookii: LOL You’re about to be booked til Christmas.


inookii: Im surprised no girls made the list tho
xLUSCI0USx: lol
inookii: Are you strictly dickly or prefer dicks?
xLUSCI0USx: oh i thought we were talking guys only
inookii: Oh is there a top 3 girls?
xLUSCI0USx: no i like the occasional pussy licking lol
inookii: nam nam!
inookii: I mean, oh…interesting! lol
xLUSCI0USx: Aly is number one… no doubt
inookii: Yay, Alyyyy!
xLUSCI0USx: Dolly also is so yummy…our up and coming star, she might take my job away from me lol
xLUSCI0USx: i know ur not a pornstar but i love ur work that u put out… super hot
inookii: Waiiiit…me???!
xLUSCI0USx: yes u, girl ur hot
inookii: LOL I was like huh??? :O
inookii: awwww thank youuuu! you’re sweet.
xLUSCI0USx: yw but just speaking the truth, and i love ur products too
inookii: Aww thanks so much. I’ll send you some, if you have some on your list. The support has been great.


inookii: Do you create, as well?
xLUSCI0USx: no i dont, i dont have the patience to create lol
inookii: lol it IS annoying
xLUSCI0USx: my creativity is in porn lol
inookii: We love your porn
xLUSCI0USx: i tried it once a long time ago and almost threw my laptop against the wall lol
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: im glad my porn brings smiles to ppls faces lol
inookii: I get help a lot. I don’t have the patience or the time all the time.
xLUSCI0USx: i give it to u for doing it still, not my thing lol
inookii: So let’s talk about your porn some more, then…
xLUSCI0USx: sure
inookii: Are the scenes real…or are they poses, or a bit of both?
xLUSCI0USx: ill say 95% or more are real
xLUSCI0USx: i go all in lol
inookii: LOL yesssss!
inookii: And are you into BM poses, BM pose and RP or just RP?
inookii: well, i guess for your work you do have to have the poses.
xLUSCI0USx: bm and rp
inookii: Nice!
xLUSCI0USx: yeah for the most part but rp is the biggest thing with me
inookii: Great RP is key!
xLUSCI0USx: u cant have bad rp cuz then the poses dont do anything. u can still have a great time with basic poses as long as the rp is on point
inookii: true!
xLUSCI0USx: i just cant get into it with guys or girls that have bad rp skills


inookii: So recently, someone was beefing about stuck up pornstars…are you one of the stuck up pornstars? LOL Meaning, are you picky about who you do or …?
xLUSCI0USx: the thing is most ppl are surprised that im not stuck up when they meet me, they always assumed i was stuck up
xLUSCI0USx: but im not really picky with who i work with. ive worked with many different guys from different companies
xLUSCI0USx: the only ones i dont work with are the ones that are always surrounded by some kind of drama, i dont do drama
inookii: LOL omg the drama is at an all-time high!!!
inookii: So who’s on your radar to put in some work with next? Like who are you dying to work with? Or do they come to you since you’re such a umm
inookii: since you’re like top of the line, right now.
xLUSCI0USx: dont really have anyone on my radar right now but i did get to work with Rob recently and he was on my list before we did our pirate scene
xLUSCI0USx: but if anyone out there wants to work with me just let me know lol
inookii: hmmmm… you said Rob twice. I feel like there’s something there. LOL
xLUSCI0USx: lol i plead the 5th
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: we just friends and talking thats all
inookii: o.O


inookii: So when was the last time you had a secret affair? Something hot and sneaky.
xLUSCI0USx: oh wow that’s been a while
inookii: Whaat?!?!
xLUSCI0USx: it had to be before i became a pornstar
xLUSCI0USx: yeah ive been a good girl lol
inookii: People are so busy with drama, no one is sneaking into DMs to be freaky anymore? Shame
inookii: LOL @ good girl
xLUSCI0USx: i get some DM on tumblr but its usually from the guys ive worked with
xLUSCI0USx: just a little flirting here and there but nothing big or serious
xLUSCI0USx: im just a flirty person and i guess i bring that out in the guys and in some girls too lol
inookii: LOL Good, we need the fun back. Everybody should flirt and fuck and stop fighting.
xLUSCI0USx: fucking fixes everything lol
inookii: This has been proven lol


inookii: Do you remember what your favorite scene was? The most enjoyable ever?
xLUSCI0USx: probably my first one
xLUSCI0USx: cuz it was new to me and didn’t know what to expect
inookii: The spontaneity and not knowing what to expect was the turn on?
xLUSCI0USx: hell yeah ma :p
inookii: So when you and Rob begin to date, how do you imagine the perfect date night to be?
inookii: Are you into dinner and a movie or straight to the bedroom?
xLUSCI0USx: lol
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: if Rob or any guy begins to date, a perfect night would be as simple as sitting and hanging around
xLUSCI0USx: i need a guy that keeps my attention with talk, and not make it about sex all the time
inookii: oh gosh, that’s hard to find on imvu
xLUSCI0USx: ik it is
inookii: Everybody is super horny all the time.
xLUSCI0USx: but there’s a few out there that have. that’s what i find attractive on here
xLUSCI0USx: if u do that to me, my panties come off lol
inookii: Yes, someone who has more than dick to offer
xLUSCI0USx: exactly
inookii: Yes, make me wanna give it to you…don’t just crave me. Make me crave you too.
xLUSCI0USx: yep, when guys do that to me im usually the first one that makes the move to head to the bedroom lol
inookii: LOL same
xLUSCI0USx: if u come to me straight up asking for pussy don’t bother cuz u aint getting it
inookii: omg i thought that was just me
xLUSCI0USx: looks like we have a lot in common lol
inookii: Yes. LOL
inookii: Do you date girls on imvu?
xLUSCI0USx: i havent dated any girls on here, just hooked up with a few but just never dated one
xLUSCI0USx: just never happened i guess… but im not against it 😝. hit me up ladies lol
inookii: LOL Wow…I always say girls are for hookups, boys are for dating.
xLUSCI0USx: if i got with a girl she gotta be ok with me getting the penis every so often lol
inookii: Would you date a futa girl? Or would you be a futa for her?
xLUSCI0USx: nothing against them but not really my thing
inookii: Another thing we have in common.
xLUSCI0USx: it has to be a guy dick in me lol
inookii: I have a lot of friends who are, and I love them dearly, but I’m not into it.
inookii: I want my dick to come from a big retarded man lol
xLUSCI0USx: lol u know it


inookii: Do you watch regular real porn or are you too busy making your own?
xLUSCI0USx: oh no i be watching real porn too. always have
inookii: What are you into? Genre? And who is your fav pornstar?
xLUSCI0USx: dont really have a favorite pornstar but i like watching big booty girls get it
inookii: yesss!
xLUSCI0USx: if a girl in the porn isnt hot i cant watch it lol
xLUSCI0USx: do u recommend any pornstars?
inookii: Jada!!! Lol Jada Stevens.
xLUSCI0USx: ill have to look her up
inookii: She’s so sexy.
xLUSCI0USx: if u say she is im sure she is. so i know what ill be looking up later
inookii: Yes, just her demeanor…the way she moans, the way she sucks dick…amazing

inookii: My least fav thing about porn is the cum shot…whats yours?
xLUSCI0USx: my least favorite is how a girl moans. some of them are annoying.
xLUSCI0USx: i fast foward to the parts shes sucking dick and when shes riding the guys dick lol
xLUSCI0USx: sometimes i pretend its me lol
inookii: LOL You’re so bad
xLUSCI0USx: no I’m a good girl lol
inookii: If you had only 5 minutes, would you fast forward to the ride, the dicksuck or the pussy eating?
xLUSCI0USx: the ride  :p
inookii: oooo!  the pussy eating is my fav… and I like to watch anal too
inookii: But Im a prude, not a perv so…lol
xLUSCI0USx: lol


inookii: So we know that guys who know how to finesse you and make you want them is a turn on…what are some things about you that turn you on. For example, I love to not wear panties…it makes me feel sexy and naughty.
xLUSCI0USx: i like to show off my body. the less clothes i wear the better
inookii: Yesss!
xLUSCI0USx: as u can see right now, i got my tits hanging out lol
inookii: LOL Im covered up like a nice girl.:P
xLUSCI0USx: still looking hot af
inookii: awww ty!
xLUSCI0USx: yvw… wouldnt mind taking u back to my place :p
inookii: OMG! LOL Are we making each other horny??
xLUSCI0USx: sorry didnt mean to say that out loud lol
inookii: LOL Let’s talk about church
xLUSCI0USx: i got horny the minute i walked in here lol
inookii: Have you ever fucked in a church….fantasized about fucking in a church or….? LOL
xLUSCI0USx: no i never have but now that u mentioned it im gonna be thinking about it
xLUSCI0USx: lol sorry lord
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: im going to hell
inookii: That would be an awesome porn scene… giving head to the pope, while he’s wearing his gown thingie
xLUSCI0USx: omg girl lol u something else
xLUSCI0USx: i love it
inookii: LOL we’re going to hell
xLUSCI0USx: mhm
inookii: Whats the freakiest place you’ve done it on imvu or irl?
xLUSCI0USx: in rl i fucked in the coat room at my friend’s wedding lol
inookii: omg lol
xLUSCI0USx: ppl just on the other side of the door
xLUSCI0USx: could of easily opened the door and caught us
inookii: Well, at least it wasn’t with the groom or was it? LOL
xLUSCI0USx: no no lol it was my man
inookii: oh ok… and on here?
xLUSCI0USx: on here, ive fucked in public rooms before with ppl watching lol
inookii: omg back in the day??  i miss those days
xLUSCI0USx: mhm  when everyone went to rooms and chill with ppl
inookii: yes and u could walk in and just join a sex act
inookii: now people wanna expose you…like, who slutshames on a sexual game?! LOL
xLUSCI0USx: ikr lol but i dont care if someone wants to expose me.  i know i get around lol


inookii: Soo what made you switch from red hair to blue? I love it, btw
xLUSCI0USx: ty love. just wanted to try something new
inookii: Very cute!
xLUSCI0USx: ty :) eventually ill go back to the red at some point. like to keep it fresh
inookii: Are you XPlus or XXL or you just go with whatever’s sexy? Guys wanna know when they go shopping for you. Hint hint!
xLUSCI0USx: i usually wear both. just depends on whats sexy when im going shoppin 😝 lol
inookii: IDK why I thought I saw you with bigger tits. Not that I’m looking O.O  -_- <closing my eyes
xLUSCI0USx: its ok u can look *sits back and lets them out more than they are*
inookii: LOL Girl, your tiddies is showing LOL I just zoomed in!  wooohooo
xLUSCI0USx: told u
inookii: I thought it was just sideboob
xLUSCI0USx: i like to let them breathe
inookii: LOL Lord help me
inookii: Lordt Ok let’s talk about church again
inookii: So… church… lol
xLUSCI0USx: lol


inookii: Who does an aspiring pornstar or someone who wants to leave their crappy group contact to join IX?
xLUSCI0USx: we are looking for some male talent. Anyone interested u can hit me up, or Henny or Aly
inookii: I know Wolfie is dying to become a pornstar. You know him.
xLUSCI0USx: i dont think ive had the pleasure but then again im bad with names if ive only met u once or twice
xLUSCI0USx: but if hes interested tell him to hit me up and we’ll give him an interview. but remember Wolfie, gotta have good rp lol thats the key lol.
inookii: Noooo, you know him. He’ll die if he sees you saying you don’t know him. He worships you.
inookii: Let me find his real WolfBoi
xLUSCI0USx: oh ok now i know who u talking about lol
inookii: The funny thing is he has a gf. I hope she’s not on tumblr to read this.
xLUSCI0USx: sorry gf
inookii: lol
xLUSCI0USx: lol


inookii: Aright so let’s play marry, kill, fuck…
inookii: wait…no kill… Marry, fuck, oral LOL
xLUSCI0USx: ok lol
inookii: Amber Rose, Beyonce, Rihanna
xLUSCI0USx: marry beyonce… girl got money lol
inookii: yessss lol
xLUSCI0USx: fuck amber, and rihanna oral lol
inookii: omg i agree
xLUSCI0USx: lol
inookii: fuck the shit outa amber’s fat ass, and rih is so delicious
xLUSCI0USx: hell yeah… if amber rose showed up at my house i would wish a dick appeared on my body so i can fuck her good lol
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: all i need is half hour tops lol
inookii: Would you watch Rob do her and then eat her off his dick?
inookii: wait…the interview went left.
inookii: disregard disregarddddttt! LOL
xLUSCI0USx: why u keep bringing his name up? Lol but yes i would lol …i hope he can handle amber rose lol


inookii: Which one is Rob? Robydenell or something like that?
xLUSCI0USx: yes him
inookii: Oh i think i saw his name in beef recently
inookii : LOL the beefs ….let’s talk beefs …very briefly because no one has time for lames
xLUSCI0USx: lol ok
inookii: Do you think these miserable fucks who start beef do it because they’re ugly and bitter or just to get their names out there?
xLUSCI0USx: i think its mostly cuz their bitter but i can see them doing it cuz they want their name out there. what better way to get ur name out there than attack the ones on top
inookii: True. So true. Put some damn work in, you lames! Some good work.
xLUSCI0USx: that’s why some ppl can’t keep ur and aly’s name out of their mouth
inookiiinookii : I hope they choke LOL
xLUSCI0USx: lol we just all need to get along. no need for the hate. we here for fun


inookii : Aright, I’ve kept you here long enough looking at your booty fall thru the seat of the chair and your little cute tits stare at me…LOL
xLUSCI0USx : they like what they see lol
inookii: So before we go, let the fans know how to reach you…and if you have any words of advice for aspiring stars…
xLUSCI0USx: anyone can reach me by messaging me on tumblr…thats the quickest way ill get back to u
xLUSCI0USx: and for all the aspiring stars, keep at it and dont give up
inookii: Now you know some of them need to give up but awww that’s sweet. lol
inookii: jk….never give up!
xLUSCI0USx: lol


I swear, this was so much effin fun!  😜