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!! I love how you write jelaous Jaehee!! RFA reacting to an overly affectionate friend of MC who has a crush on them and oversteps boundaries? Kisses on the cheek, long hugs. How would they deal with them? (omg that was long winded im so sorry)

I tried very hard this one.


  • nugget likes your friends and they like him
  • well except for that one friend you have with an impressive bracelet collection
  • they’re always sitting REALLY close to you or wrap their arm around yours or keeps giving you new bracelets
    • to the point you have a whole drawer dedicated to bracelets
  • despite his gullibility to Seven’s pranks, this does not go over his head
  • his jealous levels are too high
    • they even tried to DENY it right to his face
    • but those long lustful stares to his s/o is not acceptable!
  • almost each encounter with your friend, he smiles and acts normal but his eyes are like daggers
  • but one day 
  • one fucking day
  • you were just sitting talking with another friend while Yoosung and your friend was on each side of you
  • he glanced over to see your friend lean their head on you and nuzzle their face in your shoulder
    • for once you were kind of like uh what are you doing
  • you have NEVER seen death in your precious nugget’s eyes before
  • he doesn’t say anything or do anything actually
  • just stares
    • sends a telepathic message to them
    • I wonder how valuable your fingers are to you…
  • but when the group gets up and heads back to the sitting area
  • nugget insists you sit on his lap
  • uh ok
  • you do as he requested confused
  • as you were talking with your other friends,
  • your friend sat across from you and Yoosung
  • and this nugget was actually smirking


  • your friend is actually very polite 
  • Jaehee approves of all your friends but this one just rubbed her the wrong way
  • they call you almost every day about nothing
  • and they just give you these just ‘cause presents all the time
  • when valentine’s day came around, your precious gelato had everything planned out to a T
  • but just as you two were about to leave, someone knocked on your door
  • Jaehee went to go answer it while you were getting your coat from the closet
  • it was your friend with a bouquet of roses in their hand and they asked for you
  • gelato was starting to get a little frustrated
  • before she could say anything, you came in the doorway also confused
  • “Hey…um…MC, can we talk?”
  •  Jaehee just KNEW what they were about to say so just interrupted
    • “If you have something to tell MC, please tell them later. Now is not the time.”
  • you kind of wanted to say something back to Jaehee but this was kind of a shitty time 
  • you tell them that now was not the time and to come back tomorrow
  • you two had a very wonderful Valentine’s Day and Jaehee woke up early that morning to make breakfast for you
  • your friend came knocking at your door again 
  • this time she’s ready for it
  • Says something on the lines of “I know you have feelings for them. But they’re with me. Please respect that they’re in a relationship.”
  • because they’re polite they just nod and agree to not interfere
  • out of gratitude, she sends them away with a short stack of pancakes


  • this marshmallow is freaking jealous of all your friends that are a little overly affectionate towards you
    • if you hug one of your friends for longer than 5 seconds he requests you give him longer hug
  •  oh but one of your friends LOVES to give you such long hugs
  • he just glares at them until they stop
  • at first he thought they were just being creepy 
  • but then he heard from one of your other chums that they actually like you a lot!
  • marshmallow is NOT happy to hear this NOT ONE BIT
  • he compensates by giving you a nice warm hug before your friend does
  • one time your friend managed to slip in a hug and this marshmallow saw their hand slide down to your lower back
  • FIRST Zen talks about this to you
    • he’s uncomfortable with the whole situation and your friend
  • and after you kind of agree he talks to your friend
  • kind of feels bad a bit because your friend has had a crush on you way before the two of you had met 
    • and Zen just kind of came into the picture
    • all magnificent and perfect
    • your friend never stood a chance
  • as angry as he is about this inappropriate behavior, he tries to be easy on your friend


  • it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that your friend you knew since high school had a huge crush on you
  • even the donut can see it
  • but he tries not to pay too much mind to it because he knew you were with him and were content
  • it wasn’t like your friend was a bad person either
  • they even told Jumin just to sort of clear the air
  • the conversation was actually quite tame and both parties were mature and understanding
  • but your friend was starting to get a little out of line
  • they would playfully hold your hand or touch your face
  • it made the donut all flustered
    • how dare they
  • then shit hit the fan so quick when your friend just staring at you as you were talking
  • Jumin was shaking his head
    • hoe don’t do it dON’T DO IT
  • then your friend gave you a peck on the lips 
  • you were taken aback and very confused
  • you awkwardly look to Jumin because yeah he was standing RIGHT there
  • he stood there staring at your friend
    • but it wasn’t just any stare
    • it was the stare of utter inimical anger
    • slowly seething
    • holy shit you’ve never seen him like this before
  • honestly it’s his first instinct to fire someone when they anger him this much, but your friend wasn’t working for him
  • so he just removed you from the situation while maintaining eye contact with your friend


  • you were so glad Seven got along well with your friends and vice versa
    • so many nightly hangouts ^^
  • but one of your shy smol friends had this huge crush on you
    • they liked to show it through lots of hugs or quick kisses on the cheek
  • you never really paid no mind to it you just thought they were naturally a touchy-feely person
  • but Seven was very uncomfortable with it
  • VERY
  • made the poor jellybean feel so insecure
  • at first he devised an elaborate master plan, Ocean’s 11 style to expose your friend for the true monster they are
    • but they were cleaner than a fresh pair of underwear
    • if anything it was incriminating they didn’t have ANY dirt on them
  • darn!
  • always turned away if your friend gave you a quick cheek kiss
  • eventually one day he thought enough was enough
  • when you and your friend was saying goodbye
  • Seven made sure to say goodbye first and planted a big smooch on your friend
  • O-O
  • your friend was shook
  • you were confused at first but it was pretty funny so you ended up laughing until you got a big smooch planted on your face
  • after that anytime your friend was going in for a cheek kiss, Seven would step in, prepared to give them a wet smooch if need be
  • eventually they stopped with that nonsense
maybe it is lust and it’s not love at all. the countless nights i’m up at ridiculous hours, wandering what my hand would feel like up her dress, or where her weakspots are. if it was love i’d probably be thinking about taking her out on dates to the cinema, not about how quiet she’d be while i sneak my hands between her thighs as the movie plays on the big screen. yeah, maybe it’s not love at all. especially when i think about the noises she’d make with one hand around her neck and one sliding down her front. if it was love i’d be thinking about the sound of her voice while she talks to me, but all i can think about is how she’d sound with raggedy breaths moaning beneath me. yeah, i’m definitely not in love, im in lust.
—  k.f
S3 to S4 - Curious Set from Sims 3 Store || 400+ Follower Gift! Thank you! <3

Update - 22.02.2017

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  • korrekte Bump- und Specular Map
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  • Mirror fixed
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  • New mattress added
  • Correct bump and specular map
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Seventeen : Colour My Emotions Part 1 - S.Coups / Choi Seungcheol - Lust

Red, a deep, lustrous red, the color of passion, of love, of intense hunger for someone that takes over your body and repels sense. The feeling starts sparks in your heart, growing into a fire that consumes your entire being, hot and longing and suddenly you can’t think straight, your thoughts are clouded, you’re so filled with want and desire you’ll do anything to get what you suspire so badly. Blinded by love, not hate, an emotional so negatively positive it’s confusing, and he, he makes it worse. He who moves so fluidly on stage, crimson light spilling over him and defining all his features to the point it should be illegal, he who raps with a clear passion in his husky voice, he whose eyes are focused and dark and he who’s hidden in shadows yet revealed enough by that dark carmine that draws you in so and makes you crave him - you want to touch him, feel him near you, feel his lips on yours as they had been mere minutes ago before he’d gone up onto the stage and as this vivacious need courses through your veins as if a permanent part of your bloodstream the dark eyes meet yours and you just. Know.

Seungcheol is also filled with lust, filled to the very brim, and he knows his expression shows it, his body language shows it, his voice shows it. His tongue protruding from between his lips, his eyebrows fanning over his half lidded eyes, his imagination running wild unbeknownst to the crowd as he channels the feeling into energy and throws it into the performance; he needs a proper release of his intense hunger but he knows that from here he can’t do anything, can’t get to you and let his desire take over his body and soul. Though as he looks out into the roaring crowd he sees you at the front looking up at him and your eyes lock and there’s this similar, darkened look to them and he smirks, he smirks and he throws his head back with the naturalistic attitude the dancer should possess.

Blood red, the satin of sheets and the raw heat, the flames that rage and refuse to die out - your favourite color seemed to change to red after he came along. Choi Seungcheol, he awoke you, he made you feel alive, your own feeling… of cerise.

Klance trash headcannon bc there isn't enough smut gdi

Before sex Lance is his usually cocky self but during the deed he’s actually timid and constantly apologizes, afraid that he might hurt Keith in any way. Afterwards he’s always pooped and falls asleep immediately into Keith’s arms (who by the way loves seeing Lance so vulnerable).

Keith on the other hand is bashful before hand but is really one kinky son of a bitch and loves watching Lance squirm with embarrassment. He’s naturally very lustful and is usually the one to engage the sex, but at the same time lets Lance think that it’s him.


there’s a rock station in allentown that will play young lust without playing empty spaces first to segue into it… so the dj will finish talking and abruptly you hear david gimour bark “I AM JST A NEW BOY” and it fckin STARTLES me! like it’s prompted me to swerve when im driving bc it’s loud and comes out of nowhere. and that’d be a rly pathetic way to die

Rhysand’s Parents

i really love these two and i’ll probably read ACOMAF for (a thousand reasons) but to also read about their relationship again. they are mates!! but they don’t have a sex-love-sex-lust-love relationship!! (thought im sure with two children there was some of that too) and in my mind i love that so much bc it shows that you need a friendship and a solid base for anything more. 

so i wanted to expound upon that and i’m going to do this mostly in Rhys’s mom’s POV but in between there’s going to be some High Lord of the Night Court POVs too

enjoy, please

Aidana didn’t have time to scream. One moment she was resting, holding her newly half sewn fighting leathers to her chest, and the next moment two Illyrian males had her pinned down and one was leaning over her, handing clamping her mouth. 

She tried to scream as she was yanked out of bed. Aidana fought as hard as she could, but Illyrian males were too strong. She gasped and tried to call out to the gods in her mind. She knew exactly what was happening.

And by the way they almost clamped her wings shut in her door, she knew they didn’t care about her well being. Not the way any male should. Aidana still struggled even as she was bounded to a cross-like figure.

She held her chin up as much as she could, even as tears fell down her face. If she lost her wings, she lost herself. Aidana was a Seamstress, but she was a flyer first. She couldn’t even dream of not being able to find. “Help! Please, someone, help!” Aidana was able to kick a male square in the wingspan in his pants and he crumpled over, wheezing. 

Aidana cried out as a male gripped her neck and she struggled to breathe. She gasped and choked, looking up into his eyes. She struggled against her bounds as she felt the third male stroking her wings.

And the gods-be-damned if she moaned. Female Illyrians’ wings were just as sensitive as the males’. Aidana felt so vile she nearly retched across the first male’s fighting leathers. She gasped as long fingers brushed down her wings, then they gripped the tips. “Stop it. Stop it, please”

“Are you begging now, bitch?” Aidana flinched as she was slapped and her throat was grabbed again. She closed her eyes and whimpered, her knees buckling and failing her.

Aidana was well aware of the clamper approaching her left wing. She opened her mouth to scream, and she did scream. She scream loudly when the male holding her neck turned into a mist of blood. It covered her from head to toe and she screamed as the male on the ground turned into a mist of blood too. She didn’t need to look behind her to know what happened to her third assaulter. 

Aidana whimpered and she hung her head, not wanting to see what had done that. She could only imagine what the monster would do to her. Aidana loosened as she felt herself being untied from the cross and she dropped down on her knees. And she retched. 

Aidana wiped her mouth and she moved her wings twice and when she floated a few inches off the ground, she knew they were okay. She was okay. Aidana wiped the blood off her face and she looked up, her arms and legs shaking.

When she saw the High Lord of the Night Court, Aidana gasped. She felt something go tight inside her chest and she looked up at him. Horrified. And by the look of equal horror on his face, she wasn’t just having a panic attack.

She was the mate of a High Lord

Aidana was given enough baths to cause a drought in both the Fae and human worlds. After being scrubbed down to the bone and given a new layer of oily skin by three women she didn’t even know the names of, three dresses were held in front of her.

Two hours had completely changed her life and Aidana pointed to the black dress with a high necklace all the way up to her collarbones and a half back. She stood shock still as she was dried off then the fabric was placed over her body. 

It was tighter than anything Aidana had sewn in her life. She let out a shuddering breath as she was lead to a table. One of the women (Aidana realized they were shadows when they kept disappearing) held her black veil behind her. It was definitely a Night Court wedding gown. There was no denying that. 

She sat down at the vanity and sighed as her feet were rubbed then slid into black heels. She flapped her wings and heard the shadows squawk as they were almost slapped out of the room, with only three walls. “Sorry” Aidana mumbled, a cool flush rising to her cheeks.

She had picked this dress for the open space it provided her wings, and it was the dress that held the most modesty. And that was saying something since Aidana could see every curve her body held even in this dress.

She closed her eyes as coal was applied on her eyelids, followed by a black powder. She puffed out or sucked her cheeks with asked, and puckered and rubbed her lips together when asked. When she opened her eyes, she was surprised to find a neutral color on her lips and hints white powder on her eyes.

“It takes a while to get used to all the black, Lady Aidana” The shadow who spoke held Aidana’s hands in her own. Aidana smiled and she nodded and she splayed her fingers on the table and watched them transform from those of a Seamstress to those of a Lady. 

Aidana’s hair was pinned up to look like a crown. She sighed and looked in the mirror for the last time as a small headpiece was placed near the top of her head. She stood and let her shadows flank her as she walked out of her room and down the halls. 

“You look beautiful” Aidana turned and she smiled when she saw Nepharis. She tilted her head in acknowledgement as the High Lord approached her and waved off the shadows. 

“You’re not supposed to see me until our ceremony” Aidana breathed. She placed her hands on his chest then removed them quickly when he went still. She shook her head and turned her cheek when he tried to cup it. 

“You still look beautiful” Nepharis bent his head down and he kissed the top of her hair before winnowing away. Her shadows were back instantly and Aidana stood there confused for a moment, before she started walking again.

She was marrying a man who she hardly knew, let alone loved. But she was marrying a High Lord and her mate. So she put on a smile, squared her jaw and her shoulders, flapped her wings a few times, and made sure everyone heard the clacking of her heels instead of the pounding of her heart as she walked towards where her wedding ceremony would be held. 

The opaque doors opened on their own, revealing the Lady of the Night Court. Aidana took a deep breath before she started walking down the aisle. She didn’t know anyone here. She felt alone and isolated. The bond that encased her heart with love and warmth tugged and Aidana lifted her head.

Her eyes met Nepharis’s and she smiled softly. He smiled back. Suddenly she didn’t feel as alone. She remembered that he was her mate and he was her equal and every sense. So she would never be alone, not really.

She was smiling broader than any goddess when she reached Nepharis and stood before him. When she held out her hand he bent his head and nuzzled her palm with his nose. In that moment, Aidana thought Fae males were even more sensitive than Illyrian ones. 

When his mate entered the room, Nepharis held his tongue to keep from growling. She was radiance incarnate and more. His shoulders tightened and his breath was caught in his throat as she began to walk. But he felt it through the bond that she wasn’t as happy as his mate deserved to be, so he tugged on it slightly until she met his eyes. 

He gave her a timid smile and she smiled back. He heard the other males of the Court of Nightmares breaths ceased to exist and he growled and glared at every single one of them. She was his, and anyone who even looked at her too long would really not be able to breathe.

His scary demeanor disappeared for just a moment when he nuzzled her palm. He sighed and held her small hands in his and he pulled her against his hard chest. He let her hair out of the crown and chuckled as Aidana gaped at him and fumbled to keep her head piece from falling out.

In that moment, no one else was there. He leaned down and whispered sweet nothings in her ear before he kissed her, holding her face. It took her a moment to kiss him back, but Nepharis felt their bond flutter. 

And it was the best feeling in the world.


They mated that night. Aidana was either the best cook in all of the Illyrian war camps or she burned water when she boiled it. And with Nepharis sitting behind her, barely breathing, her fingers shook. 

She sighed and rubbed her eyes before finishing off the meal. Aidana had gone with just heating up some soup so she wouldn’t thoroughly embarrass herself in front of the High Lord.

He loved it none of the less and nuzzled her neck the entire time he ate his meal, as she sat on his lap. Aidana apologized five times over every time her wings brushed his face or sent his jaw upwards. 

He merely shook his head and drew small lines down her wings, saying he loved them and she deserved to have them free at all times. Aidana eased in his lap as he finished the last bit of the soup and she smiled, remembering how they had just met this dusk.

They came at a stand still when Aidana was afraid of having her wings pinned down and Nepharis wasn’t one to give away control. They talked for a few moments, while Nepharis carefully took off Aidana’s wedding gown. He stopped after each brush of his fingers, asking if he had hurt her wings.

“No, no. They’re fine” Aidana smiled and she closed her eyes as they dress fell into a pool around her feet. She turned around and kissed Nepharis gently. He stilled but kissed her back, picking her up and wrapping her legs around his waist. 

“You know” Aidana teased him as he walked them towards their bed. “Illyrian females’ wingspan correspond with other things” Aidana laughed as Nepharis’s eyes couldn’t help but travel down and he growled. 

In the end, Nepharis had submitted and given up control to his mate. He ended up shoved down on their bed and looking up at Aidana, as her wings unfurled completely. Aidana would never admit it, but she liked that she made the High Lord of the Night Court a growling and moaning mess that night. And the morning following.

And the rest of the week. 

It was not a surprise when at the end of her first month of being Lady, Aidana found herself with child. She barricaded herself in her chambers with her shadows and sat in the middle of her bed, curling her wings around her.

Earlier that week she had suspected she was pregnant, so she asked Nepharis if she could spend some time in her old chambers. He was too busy wrapped up in the schemes and darkness of the Court of Nightmares to even give her a second look.

Now, Aidana wrapped her wings tighter around herself and disappeared behind them completely. She started crying and she covered her face, drawing her bronze colored hair back. She gasped and her shoulders hunched and shook.

“My Lady?” One of her shadows asked. Aidana drew her wings in tighter and she shook her head, wiping her face. They knew. Of course they knew. She drew her wings back in order to look at the shadow, Sarren, and she sighed.

“You can’t tell Nepharis. Not yet” She saw the indecision in Sarren’s eyes. She would be keeping a secret from her High Lord, but if she told him, she’d be defying her Lady. “Please, Sarren. Please” Sarren nodded and she smiled holding out her hand. Aidana gripped it tightly and she pulled her wings back around herself and she cried again. 

Aidana didn’t see her husband for another two months. She rarely moved from the spot on her bed. She could only be convinced by Sarren, who had become her only friend in the Night Court. Sarren always reminded her Lady of her child, a possible heir she was carrying

“Don’t call my child that. He or she will just be…my child. I don’t want the burden of an heir on him, if it is a him, just yet”

“Understood” Sarren smiled and she gently pulled Aidana out of bed. She led her to her bath and peeled her clothes off her body before helping her in. Aidana didn’t flinch as Sarren spread her wings out and then left her alone to bathe.

Aidana closed her eyes and she let the hot water and bubbles ease her back pains. She sighed and grabbed her cloth and the soap and washed her body slowly, rubbing her neck and behind her ears. She twisted to reach her wings and she bit back her cry of pain. 

Her back was the equivalent to mush and she knew her first-born would be a mighty warrior. Because her child was definitely already training inside the womb. 

“My Lord, you can’t go in there” Aidana’s eyes flew open at Sarren’s distressed voice. She sat up in the tub and she hugged the edge, pressing her chest against it. “My Lord, please. She does not wish to see you” 

Sarren came stumbling into the room and even Aidana cowered at the sight of the High Lord storming into her room. She winced. She hated this side of him and wished for him to leave it in the Court of Nightmares. It was one of the reasons she no longer slept with him.

“Move” Nepharis’s voice caused Aidana’s stomach to churn and her wings slowly curled around herself. She reached her hand out to Sarren. Sarren straightened her back and she stood there defiantly.

“Move!” Nepharis used the back of his hand to slap Sarren and Aidana screamed, trying to scrambled out of the tub to reach her friend. She sobbed and leaned over the tub, her wings closing in on herself tighter.

Sarren held her face and she reached out her hand to Aidana. Aidana screamed again as Nepharis kicked her friend and crushed her hand under his foot. She completely curled in on herself, and for the first time, her wings were protecting herself against her mate. 

She heard Sarren groaning in pain and Aidana whimpered. “Aidana” She knew her mate was kneeling by her bath, probably bracing himself against it. Aidana shook her head and she encircled herself in her wings even more.

“Aidana, please. You’re with child. Why didn’t you - Aidana, why didn’t you tell me? Talk to me, please” Aidana cringed as Nepharis stroked her wings. She felt his fingers still and she loosened out a breath

“Go” Aidana said from inside the cocoon of her wings.

“Aidana, I could smell our child from the hallways. Anyone can. Let me protect you and our child. Please, Dana”

“Go!” Aidana screamed. She did not want the High Lord anywhere near her or her child. And she made sure Nepharis knew so when she practically slapped him when he tried to access their bond. 

Nepharis cringed as if it was a physical blow from his wife. He nodded mutely and struggled to his feet. He reached out to touch her wings, but he thought better of it and walked out of the room.

Aidana unfurled her wings and she rushed out of the tub, wrapping her towel around herself and she hurried over to Sarren. She knelt by her friend and sobbed, burying her face in Sarren’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry, Sarren. Forgive me. Please”


Aidana could never forgive Nepharis for how he hurt her friend. But when Sarren begged her to make up with the High Lord, saying he was much crueler than usual, Aidana gave in.

Aidana sat in her chair and she sighed, rubbing her stomach gently. She shuffled on the cushions behind her back and she groaned, staring down at her bump. She lifted her head when she heard Nepharis enter the room. Sarren promptly disappeared in the shadows in the corner.

“Aidana” Aidana looked at Nepharis. She watched him walk over to her and bow down before her, settling himself between her legs. Aidana scoffed and she tried to wrap her wings around herself but Nepharis held her hands in between his. “Don’t lock me out. Please”

“You should try harder than that” Aidana poked at the wedding band on the vanity. She felt Nepharis’s heart practically shrivel through their bond. Aidana almost felt bad at how devastated he was she wasn’t wearing the gem encrusted band. 

Nepharis nodded and he pressed his lips to her knee. Aidana looked down at him and she brushed her hair over her shoulder, shuddering an uneven breath. “I am so sorry, Aidana. I didn’t want to hurt Sarren” He knew her name. Aidana leaned forward. She was listening now. Nepharis kissed her knee again and he sighed, looking up at his mate. “My beast took over, Aidana. You distanced yourself from me, and you cut me off. You shut me out of our bond. You don’t sleep next to me anymore. I was walking past and I smelled him. I smelled our child” Aidana’s eyes softened. She pressed her hand against Nepharis’s cheek and he growled softly and nuzzled her palm instantly. They had a son. “I felt like a failure. I needed to be there for you and our child and I wasn’t. You wouldn’t let me. You shut a Fae male out, Aidana. Sarren was just there. She was an obstacle between me and you and our child. I’m so sorry, Aidana”

Aidana leaned forward and she grabbed Nepharis’s face and kissed him for the first time since they mated. He purred against her lips and Aidana laughed and hugged him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Aidana watched her mate trail his kisses down to her stomach. She sighed in content as he kissed her bump then lifted her up and set her in bed. Nepharis spent the rest of the day holding Aidana and she didn’t even think to mind that her wings were pinned against his chest. 


“Stop fussing” Aidana hid the small laugh behind her hand. She reached her other arm under her stomach and she sighed, relinking her arm with Nepharis. She smiled softly and shook her head as the Fae Lord looked almost ready to kill a bird if it flew too close to her stomach.

“That’s not possible, Aidana” Aidana scoffed and she continued to take her daily walk down the corridor. She groaned and swatted Nepharis away when he went to check the 101 things that were definitely not wrong. “He’s fine, Nepharis. Good gods, I never knew males could be this fussy!”

Nepharis smiled and he kissed Aidana’s temple gently and rubbed her stomach. Aidana sighed and she waited until Nepharis re-assured himself (for the fifteenth  time) that their son was still violently kicking. He was. Their little warrior.

A Fae stalked towards them and Nepharis growled stiffly, holding Aidana behind him. Aidana rolled her eyes and she sighed as the Fae quickly took several steps back. “You’re need in the Court, My Lord”

Aidana smiled and she nodded, patting Nepharis’s back. “Go. I’ll be fine for the rest of the day” Nepharis didn’t look too sure but he growled and nodded, kissing Aidara then bending down and kissing her stomach.

Then both he and the Fae were gone. Aidana turned around and she was just pushing open her door, when she felt something drip down her legs. Oh rutting gods no. “The second Nepharis leaves, baby, and you try to break free?” Aidana gasped as a terrible pain spread through her lower back. “You have a horrid sense of humor”

Aidana took quick breaths, panting through her nose and she slammed the door to her chambers shut. She growled and slid the bar across the doors, effectively locking it. That was until a male wanted to get in.

The thought scared her too much. The thought of a male that wasn’t Nepharis seeing her at such a vulnerable time. Aidana shook the thought out of her head and she whined as she managed to push the vanity in front of the door. “Just one more minute, little boy. Give mama one more mINUTE” Aidana screamed and she hunched forward, gasping and gripping the vanity.

She ran the water in the bath and gripped the edge. She had no idea where Sarren was. She was so afraid to give birth on her own. Aidana whimpered and she set her shoulders. 

Aidana settled herself on the bed and she stacked pillows behind her back, moaning. She pushed her dress up above her stomach and she gasped, spreading her legs. “I can do this. I’m an Illyrian and the mate of a High Lord” 

Aidana sat herself on her elbows and she took even breaths. She counted to three before pushing and screaming. She gasped and struggled not to fall back against the pillows. She grunted and pushed again, biting into a piece of leather. 

Sweat formed across Aidana’s brow and she whimpered, pushing and screaming again. She struggled to not arch her back off the bed. She held the underside of her stomach and her fingers came back covered in blood. 

Aidana held back her tears. This was normal. She was supposed to bleed. But her son had to be okay; he had to be. Aidana curled her toes and she pushed again, screaming and biting into the tough leather harder, gripping the blanket. 

Aidana flinched as she heard a banging on the door. No. No, no, no. She whimpered and pushed again, screaming against the leather. “Aidana!” Aidana stopped at Nepharis’s voice. She started crying and she leaned her head back. 

She spit out the leather and opened her mouth to talk but she screamed as another contraction came and she forced herself to push again. Aidana felt the bond pulse and she cried out, her nails ripping through the sheets. “Aidana! Open the door!” She saw the door vibrate where Nepharis’s fists hit at it. 

Aidana wanted to go to him, so badly. But she knew she was too far into her labor to move. She whimpered and reached down again and sagged in slight relief when she felt her son’s head. “Nepharis, please…just wait”

“No!” Nepharis bellowed. He smashed his fist against the door again and Aidana pushed at the same time, sweat forming at the nape of her neck. Aidana screamed again and she sat further up on her elbows, breathing hard.

She knew by the sounds of the harder vibrating, Nepharis was most likely kicking her door. Aidana had never known true pain until this moment. She couldn’t get to her mate when they needed each other most. 

Aidana looked away from the door and she put all her energy and focus into delivering her son into the world.

His tiny wings were beautiful. Aidana was covered in sweat from head to toe and there was a small puddle of blood in between her legs. She couldn’t feel her legs and she was breathing heavy. But her son’s tiny wings were beautiful.

Aidana smiled and she looked down at her son and she laughed softly, kissing his foot softly. Aidana grinned as he kicked her lips and stared at her. She brushed his wings and if a newborn could purr, her son was purring. “Rhysand” She smiled. She kissed his head and brushed the little tuff of hair he had.

She slowly wiped him down and held him to her chest, watching him as he watched the world. Aidana looked up and she reached down the bond and found Nepharis.

She felt him sitting outside the door, his back pressed against it. His head hung between his shoulders. Aidana stroked the bond and his head snapped up. “He’s so beautiful, Nepharis. He has wings” Aidana laughed softly and she looked down at Rhysand again.

She smiled and brushed his pointed Fae ears and kissed his chest. She felt the pain Nepharis felt for not being there for his mate and child. Suddenly the vanity was being pushed away from the door and Nepharis bolted through the threshold.

Aidana smiled at the shadow, Sarren, before she disappeared. Nepharis joined Aidana on the bed and he looked over her, kissing her ears and her neck, her forehead and shoulders, even her wings over and over again. 

Aidana smiled and she watched Rhysand look at Nepharis. Her High Lord’s eyes softened when he saw those same eyes on his son’s face. Aidana smiled and she closed her eyes but Nepharis kissed her face to make sure she stayed awake. “Not yet, Dana. I need a healer to see you first”

Aidana nodded. “Go…get one?”

“I’m not leaving you again” Nepharis growled, setting his jaw. He wiggled his finger in Rhysand’s small fist and Aidana chuckled softly.

“You’re so fussy”

“Last time you said that, you gave birth alone” Aidana smiled and she kissed Nepharis’s cheek. He eventually called for a healer, who cleaned Aidana up and set her in the bath she had ran. 

Nepharis watched over his son and his mate for weeks until he had to go back to Court


Aidana chased after Rhys. She laughed and picked her toddler out of the sky and sighed, holding him closer to her. “Rhysand, no” She smiled and set him in her pouch once more and brushed his hair gently. 

“Should you be running, my Lady?” Sarren smiled at the heir in the bundle on his mother’s chest. Aidana shook her head and she kissed Rhysand’s head. 

“If your son was mine, you’d be running everywhere. He loves to fly” Aidana looked down at her pride and joy and she sighed, rocking him gently. Rhysand yawned and he pulled his tiny wings around him and fell asleep. For now.

“Speaking of flying” Aidana turned around and she narrowed her eyes at Nepharis. She held Rhysand a bit closer to her chest and Nepharis sighed. He brushed Aidana’s face gently. “I’m sorry I haven’t even around”

“You missed your son’s first birthday” Aidana bit back at him. She looked down at Rhysand and sighed. He was still just as small as the day he was born. Aidana didn’t quite understand how Fae aged, and she couldnt exactly asked her M.I.A mate

“He’ll have plenty more” Nepharis cringed as Aidana glared at him. She turned away and looked down at Rhysand. She handed him to Sarren and Sarren smiled, disappearing into the shadows.

“You can’t keep him from me”

“I’m not. I’m keeping him from the High Lord. Not his father” Aidana started walking. She glared up at Nepharis when he grabbed her arm. He pulled her against his chest and brushed her hair out of her face.

“I want to show you something” 

“What?” Aidana spat out. She closed her eyes just in time not to get sick when Nepharis winnowed them. Aidana opened her eyes and she pulled away from Nepharis sharply. “Don’t touch me”

Nepharis nodded and he gestured upwards. Aidana tilted up her head and she gasped. She stared up at the mountain, and far in the sky, there was an opening. She looked back at Nepharis, a small smile on her face.

“I think you could call it the House of Wind. You can’t winnow in or out. You either have to walk up thousand of stairs or-” Aidana cut off his statement by shooting into the sky. She laughed and flipped in the air. She zoomed around the mountain, unfurling her vast wings.

The wind blew it in her face and Aidana relaxed against the waves and she smiled. She turned around and around in circles until she landed in the House of Wind. She flew around the open corridors and laughed. 

In another hour, Aidana landed by her mate again. She fluttered her wings and looked up at him. “How will you-”

“I won’t. This is a place for you and our son only” Nepharis bowed his head. Aidana nodded and she brushed the slight stubble on his chin. She lifted up his head and stared at those pointy ears.

“We’ve been going about this wrong, Nepharis. We won’t ever love each other, but we could be friends” They had had their moments. When either one thought they could love the other. But it was now just a fool’s hope.

Nepharis nodded and he brushed his lips against Aidana’s forehead. She smiled and shot into the sky again, laughing and flying. She couldn’t wait until Rhysand was old enough to fly with her. 

“No way” 

“Yes way”

“I’m heavy”

“I’m strong”



Aidana sighed and she looked up at the High Lord. She flapped her wings for emphasis. Rhys was with his godmother again, Sarren, and the two had some alone time. For the past several years, they had definitely been trying to be friends.

It worked well sometimes and other times not so much. But Nepharis never missed another birthday and he was getting to know his son. Aidana held out her arms and she rushed forward, wrapping them around Nepharis’s waist and clutching her fists together before they shot into the sky.

While Aidana was laughing, Nepharis was practically screaming. Aidana bit the tip of his ear and he growled and she laughed, swimming through the winds. She ducked around the mountain and dropped them both off at the opening of the House of Wind. 

“Aidana, I told you who this place was for” 

“Oh, I don’t recall” Aidana smiled. She lead Nepharis around her home, flying around him. Her wings brushed against him ever so often. She smiled and landed in front of her chambers.

She pushed open the door and walked in. Her living spaces set right on the edge of the mountain. She felt as if she could see the whole world from here. Aidana spun around and she wrapped her arms around Nepharis’s waist once more. “We may be friends. But we’re still mates. And it’s been forever”

Nepharis tried to control his quickening heartbeat and the way his trousers one moment seemed fine but now seemed too tight in one particular place. “See. You agree” 

Nepharis chuckled darkly and he held Aidana’s face and kissed her deeply. Aidana’s wings shuddered and then her body shuddered and she stumbled backwards.

Nepharis quickly spun them around as she landed on top of him. He smiled and kissed her again, brushing her hair out of her face. She slipped out of her shirt and kissed her mate again, holding his face.

“I’ve missed your wingspan” 

Aidana laughed and her wings blocked out the sun as she stretched them to their full length. She smiled and shook her head, kissing Nepharis again. He ran his fingers along her wings over and over, loving that he still made his mate purr.

Nine months later, Aidana was holding her daughter. She leaned against Nepharis and closed her eyes, as the healer checked her. This time was much easier. She had Nepharis with her. And he was actually wonderfully helpful.

Even though Aidana had broken some of his fingers. She handed her daughter to Nepharis and Nepharis had a small smile on his face. He brushed his daughter’s light hair and saw her eyes. His eyes. “They both have my eyes”

“Let me see her!” Aidana smiled and she pulled Rhysand in between her and her mate. She brushed his wings gently, and held her son against her side. Rhysand gasped and he peaked over the blanket, watching his sister roll over and spread her tiny wings. “Tiny” Rhysand laughed.

“You were tiny too” Aidana ruffled Rhysand’s hair. Rhysand bared his tiny fangs and Aidana rolled her eyes. She held her son against her chest and rested her head on her husband’s shoulders. “Chiara” Aidana smiled. The one shining beacon in the Night Court. 

They may not have loved each other, but they held a deeper love. Far deeper than the average love mates shared. No, they would never have what was expected for mates. But they respected each other and Aidana couldn’t expect anything more.

She would always be faithful to the High Lord, but their relationship was special. And Aidana could only hope the same for her children. 


I actually cut this short. I wanted to end it with Aidana and Chiara being tortured and killed by Tamlin and his brothers and father but thats so far in the future and there were already a lot of timeskips so I think I was just dragging it out.

I also was going to give a lot of Nepharis POVs about him going on several rampages and him slowly losing his mind after losing his mate and his daughter. But again, I felt like I was dragging it on.

Drop requests in my ask box if you DO want me to write those scenes and I will.

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. xx

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  • Why I like them: because he isn’t the stereotypical representation of lust and he’s also very cute and interesting, I want to know more about him
  • Favorite moment: whenever he poses
  • Favorite line: “… I am… The Ten Commandments’… “Selflessness”… Gowther.”
  • Favorite outfit: the one he has in those new stickers (I forgot in which arc he wore that sorry ;; )
  • OTP: gowther x character development
  • Brotp: uuuh im not sure tbh??? maybe merlin or arthur?
  • Head Canon: uuuh… tbh I don’t have any? I can’t really come up with anything griesjogrsieg sorry ;;
  • A wish: character development
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Nakaba still using him just for ship drama 
  • 5 words to best describe them: cute, mysterious, sparkly, flamboyant uke
  • My nickname for them: goat :V

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I’m in your bed.
I should probably call my mother and tell her I slept with the devil.

You rub circles on my back and trace over my scars as if you know why each one happened.
You’re so wrong for me because you think you can fix me.
You think a couple of cold showers and sex filled nights can fill this abyss in me.

You’re in my bed. I didn’t think you’d spend the night.
You said I love you for the first time last night and I pretended to be asleep.
I don’t rub circles on your back when you sleep and I don’t memorize the way you breathe like I used to.

I thought this was just a fling, something we just had to do.

Now you’re talking about the war and how you can’t wait to have your whole life figured out, how you can’t wait to ‘live’ to really ‘feel alive’.

I do not tell you that I just can’t wait to be able to wear short sleeves and not feel self conscious.
I do not tell you that I just can’t wait to be able to sleep through the night.
I do not tell you that I just can’t wait to be in love with someone the way you’re in love with me.

I’m in your bed.
I should probably call my mother and tell her I slept with an angel.

—  Sometimes opposites attract by (KJ)

Farah & Caleb //

eloped at the of age 20 & 23 drunk off their asses and never looked back since. besides the fact they have close to nothing in common, their sexual chemistry is what keeps them at bay. they’re both promiscuous, lustful individuals and live for one night stands. they don’t care if they see other people. hell, they could have sex with a stranger right in front of them and one could care less. why they remain together is beyond them. maybe for security, maybe to use each other for certain things.. maybe it’s something deeper. 

bexli-nelhah  asked:

💭 Rhyan and/or Bex

“Rhyan? Ahhh, th’good ol’ sulky bastard!” A wide smirk breaks across the Keeper’s pallid face. “Rhyan’s a real good friend, an’ don’t tell ‘im I said this but ‘e’s a real good man too, I actually really respect th’guy. Though frankly if I ever tell ‘im that I think I’ll lose all respect fer ‘im ‘cause ‘e won’t shut ‘is damn mouth about it. Ye know ‘e actually does think o’ ‘imself as th’god o’ lust, or at least I think ‘e does… Pretty shite god o’ lust if ye only ever fuck th’one person!” But that’s th’reason I respect ‘im so much, too. I mean, I put ‘im through a lot sometimes, an’ it ain’t like ‘e doesn’t ‘ave people chasin’ that cuddley arse o’ ‘is. But ‘e sticks with Ryder through thick an’ thin, ain’t goin’ t’not give ‘im credit fer that, ye know?” The smirk that dominates her face slows to a simple beaming smile. “‘E’s one o’ th’only people I’ve truly opened up t’that I ain’t known fer so long, yeah? Takes a lot fer me t’do that, but I’m always comfortable Rhyan, though that could just be because… ‘Ells th’lad likes ‘is men… So, I give th’lad no mercy, really, but ‘e’s still my friend, an’ I’d do anythin’ fer ‘im.”

“Ah, Bex’li…” Scratching her chin, the dusky woman considers for a while before placing the card down. “Look, I don’t ever want ‘im meetin’ my mother, she’d prob’ly insist ‘e was worthy o’ bein’ a Bex’a, because shite, ‘e’s th’sort o’ lad she’d love… An’ I could do without that pressure, right?” A short chuckle erupts from the Keeper before she settles again. “I really like Bex, ‘e’s funny, charismatic, sweet… I think ‘e’s one o’ th’nicest Keeper men I’ve met, an’ definitely th’nicest one that I’ve met that’d jump me if ‘e was ever given ‘alf th’chance… Though, ye know, I can kinda understand why, th’whole Bex an’ I’d make some fuckin’ strappin’ kits an’ all.” She whistles, though rolls her eyes soon after. “Look, Bex’s an impressive man, ‘onestly, ‘e’s what a conjurer, a Scion, an’ whatever else there is ‘tween Llymlaen’s watery tits… ‘E can do a lot, respect ‘im, an’ I’ve seen ‘im fight a lot, we make a good team ‘tween ‘is ‘ealin’ an’ drawin’ all th’attention an’ me brawlin’… I mean, ‘e’s pretty good at drawin’ attention t’imself, ‘e really enjoys that part I think. There ain’t many people I trust completely in a fight, Bex’li’s one o’ th’ones I’d stake my life on.”