im not one to be lustful

lana del rey in 2012: blue jeans, girls and nostalgia, angsty sad sad pretty when you cry, no one understands bc im a sad girl money power cocaine sad sad old money and racetracks nostalgia sad ultraviolence it’s a cRUEL WORLD

lana in 2017: WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE WORLD AND SPREAD TRUTH & LOVE AND ACTIVISM. It’s a blessing 2 be young and in love and I’m so happy wE need to change the wORLD WE CAN DO IT!!!!! CORAL REEFS R DYING. down w/trump. Love.

Klance trash headcannon bc there isn't enough smut gdi

Before sex Lance is his usually cocky self but during the deed he’s actually timid and constantly apologizes, afraid that he might hurt Keith in any way. Afterwards he’s always pooped and falls asleep immediately into Keith’s arms (who by the way loves seeing Lance so vulnerable).

Keith on the other hand is bashful before hand but is really one kinky son of a bitch and loves watching Lance squirm with embarrassment. He’s naturally very lustful and is usually the one to engage the sex, but at the same time lets Lance think that it’s him.


Fic Recommendations

This is a list of all the fics that I recommend. I will be continually adding to this list as I discover new ones that I enjoy reading. I hope you all find some entertainment in reading the fics I have suggested. 

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Miraculous Ladybug Theme - FRENCH Full
Miraculous Ladybug Theme - FRENCH Full

This is a long ass rant about how much I fucking love this song and if you are into Miraculous as much as I am, you will agree with every point I make here.

So ever since I heard the dual version of the French and English one together, I’ve been hyperventilating. I am so much in love with the French version that I just don’t even. Like, nothing against the English dubbing, but there’s something SO SEXY AND SO SINFUL ABOUT THIS SONG IN FRENCH. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK MAN.

So, she starts off the song that’s all, OH I’M JUST AN ORDINARY GIRL NAMED MARINETTE - I HAVE NO OBVIOUS SIGNS OF BEING THE MOST BADASS HEROINE IN THE HISTORY OF ALL FRENCH, KOREAN, AMERICAN, WHATSOEVER LIFE. But then she’s Ladybug and she’s so beautiful and wonderful and sassy and confident and not like any other girl - she’s just so damn badass it makes me want to punch myself in the face she’s awesome. Like I want to be like her, but I have no coordination left in me to do all her acrobats.

AND THEN SHE’S ALL, OH CHAT NOIR IS NO ANGEL. As Adrien, he is totally an angel that I want to squish. AND SHE SAYS HE’S IN HER HEART??????? MY GOD. BUT AS CHAT NOIR? OH HELL NAW. Like, he is the most sinful thing ever with his innuendos and his puns and his flirting and his winking and his mrawrs and smirks. MY GOD. I just want to eat him up. But I ship him so hard with Ladybug/Marinette and they are most least problematic ship in the world in the fact that THERE IS NO ONE ELSE. NO ONE. IT’S JUST THEM IN A LOVE SQUARE AND THAT IS SO DAMN REFRESHING TO ME.

Then you get to Chat Noir’s part and I don’t know why, but the voice for him in this song is so hot and so yummy and I just wanna curl up and suffocate on my lust for this voice. Especially when he’s all “I’m Chat Noir” with that French SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAT NOERRRRRRRRRRRR. And he’s all, I’m no bad cat - I fight for the good like YOU DO, LADYBUG. AND THAT HE WILL FIGHT DESPERATELY??!!?! YAS. AND THEN HE’S ALL IM SCARED TO LOVE IN VAIN BECAUSE THE ONE HE LOVES CAN’T LOVE HIM BECAUSE SHE HAS TO BE LADYBUG AND CARRY OUT HER DESTINY. Why you gotta make me hurt in all the ways, FRENCH THEME SONG? PLUS, at the END OF CHAT’S PART, he’s all RAWRING and then belting OUT THESE AMAZING TOP 40s R&B “MIRAAACUUULOUS” notes like it’s some power ballad. LIKE WHAT THE HELL.

I’ve listened to this song like 15 times while I’ve written this out and I would also like to point out that the person who sings Marinette’s part is so fresh - like her voice could make the world better if she sang everything. ESPECIALLY ALL THE ‘ah ah ah’s. Like come on. COUPLED WITH THE GUY’S “OOOOOOOOOOOOH”s and “OOOOH, LADYBUUUUUUUUUG”s.

-chokes- I’m done.

Nothing Left To Say // Spencer Reid

Originally posted by trisgrimes

“Wasn’t it nice while it lasted?“ 

Images flooded into his mind. Memories of everything they’d been through playing like a film reel. 

Waking up to her. Her mouth slightly open, her hair an absolute mess. Stealing glances of her while she read in comfort. His blue sweater that looked better on her. The small stain from her careless eating. The smell of freshly made coffee awaiting him every morning. 

Soft hands. Loving looks. Lips painted a bright red. Eyes filled with amusement. The way she’d pop gum. The way he’d always make fun of her for it. Weekend nights spent at home. Movie marathons. The way she’d beg for her favorite foods and the way he’d so easily cave.

Coming home to find her dead asleep in the middle of the day. Curling up next to her. Reading his books to her while she listened. Having to explain things more than once. Her genuine interest in knowing what he loved. 

“Wasn’t it fun?” 

Salt in the air. The warm sand beneath his feet. The fact he’d finally caved and gone to the beach despite his distaste for it. The fact he was actually having fun. Her laughter as he struggled to chase after her, the shore proving to be a difficult place to run despite his long legs. The sand in their faces when he finally tackled her down. Their laughs. Her smile. 

Her hand leading him. A roller-coaster as high as the sky. His stomach filling with nervous butterflies. Her cheesy reassurances. The dread when they hurled forward at top speed. His relieved laughter when they finally got off. Her arm that kept him upright until he regained his balance. 

Teaching her how to play chess. Her confusion at the game. The way she’d sneak pieces away. Her cheating tactics. His amusement at her determination to win. The way she’d try to seduce him whenever she was losing. The way it almost always worked. 

“It hurt sometimes, didn’t it?" 

Her screams. His anger. Their own disappointment. The way her voice rose that caused his stomach to drop. The way her face fell when he yelled back. The pain she felt when he grabbed her shoulders a little too hard. The punch to his stomach when she would shove him away. The venomous words that were thrown carelessly. The tears. The bloodshot eyes. The feeling of having your heart ripped out and stomped on.

"But I still loved you." 

Her touch. The way her lips pressed gently against his skin. The way her eyes would glaze over underneath him. The heat. The passion. The lust and love swirled together so perfectly that they couldn’t exist without the other. The way his heart beat faster at the sight of her. The way she kissed him, full of fervor after having been apart. The way they felt like they were one. One soul divided into two bodies, destined to find their way to each other. Even if it wasn’t meant to last forever.

"I think it was worth it.” 

It was.


not again

Love Bites

If there was one thing that Richie Tozier couldn’t live without, it was Eddie Kaspbrak. Eddie was his entire world and more. Eddie had always been there for him, unlike his parents. He couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend.

If you asked him to chose one thing he loved the most about the boy, you couldn’t get a straight answer. He loved everything about him. His hair, his smile, his laugh. His lips. Especially the way he used them.

Eddie just couldn’t keep them away from his neck. He loved to give small pecks and large bruises.

And Richie just loved to receive them, almost as much as Eddie loved to give them.

It was at one of Bill’s movie nights, that Eddie realized just how much Richie loved it. They were watching Ghostbusters for the 100th time in a row. No one was really paying much attention other than Richie. Richie was in Eddie lap, with Eddie playing with his hair. Bill and Stan were canoodling on the couch, more intent with there own whispered conversation. Beverly, Mike and Ben were throwing food into each other’s mouths.

Richie was mouthing the lines along with the movie, when he felt it. Eddie moved his lips barely across his jawline, but it shook Richie to his core. Eddie began to give slow, open mouthed kisses along Richie neck. Richie’s breath hitched and his eyes widened, but he tried to not let it affect him. Eddie wasn’t having it and began to nibble in the spot that he knew drove Richie wild.

Richie bit back a moan.

Eddie began to play with the curls at the nape of Richie’s neck and began to suck at his throat. This time Richie did let out a quiet moan, leaning his head more to the side. His boyfriend took advantage of the extra space, covering it in tiny love bites. Ritchie groaned loudly.

“Can you two get a fucking room?” Beverly’s voice broke through Richie’s lust riddled brain. “Some of us don’t want to see you to go at it.”

Too In Character

 Pairing: Jared x Reader
Words: 758

-Jared and the reader do a breakup scene that just feels too real for Jared-

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, let me know.

          Jared had been kind of worried ever since he had seen the script. You had been teasing him, but he legitimately seemed like this scene was going to be a problem for him. The two of you had never had that big of an issue when doing a scene together for Supernatural.

           “Jare?” you made him look at you as the two of you sat together before the scene was going to be shot.

           He looked up, “Hmm?”

           “You’re thinking too hard.”

           He shrugged, “This scene is just going to suck.”

           You laughed slightly, “Babe, you do fights with all kinds of monsters and this is the scene that stresses you out?”

           He nodded, “Yeah. It is.”

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anonymous asked:

!! I love how you write jelaous Jaehee!! RFA reacting to an overly affectionate friend of MC who has a crush on them and oversteps boundaries? Kisses on the cheek, long hugs. How would they deal with them? (omg that was long winded im so sorry)

I tried very hard this one.


  • nugget likes your friends and they like him
  • well except for that one friend you have with an impressive bracelet collection
  • they’re always sitting REALLY close to you or wrap their arm around yours or keeps giving you new bracelets
    • to the point you have a whole drawer dedicated to bracelets
  • despite his gullibility to Seven’s pranks, this does not go over his head
  • his jealous levels are too high
    • they even tried to DENY it right to his face
    • but those long lustful stares to his s/o is not acceptable!
  • almost each encounter with your friend, he smiles and acts normal but his eyes are like daggers
  • but one day 
  • one fucking day
  • you were just sitting talking with another friend while Yoosung and your friend was on each side of you
  • he glanced over to see your friend lean their head on you and nuzzle their face in your shoulder
    • for once you were kind of like uh what are you doing
  • you have NEVER seen death in your precious nugget’s eyes before
  • he doesn’t say anything or do anything actually
  • just stares
    • sends a telepathic message to them
    • I wonder how valuable your fingers are to you…
  • but when the group gets up and heads back to the sitting area
  • nugget insists you sit on his lap
  • uh ok
  • you do as he requested confused
  • as you were talking with your other friends,
  • your friend sat across from you and Yoosung
  • and this nugget was actually smirking


  • your friend is actually very polite 
  • Jaehee approves of all your friends but this one just rubbed her the wrong way
  • they call you almost every day about nothing
  • and they just give you these just ‘cause presents all the time
  • when valentine’s day came around, your precious gelato had everything planned out to a T
  • but just as you two were about to leave, someone knocked on your door
  • Jaehee went to go answer it while you were getting your coat from the closet
  • it was your friend with a bouquet of roses in their hand and they asked for you
  • gelato was starting to get a little frustrated
  • before she could say anything, you came in the doorway also confused
  • “Hey…um…MC, can we talk?”
  •  Jaehee just KNEW what they were about to say so just interrupted
    • “If you have something to tell MC, please tell them later. Now is not the time.”
  • you kind of wanted to say something back to Jaehee but this was kind of a shitty time 
  • you tell them that now was not the time and to come back tomorrow
  • you two had a very wonderful Valentine’s Day and Jaehee woke up early that morning to make breakfast for you
  • your friend came knocking at your door again 
  • this time she’s ready for it
  • Says something on the lines of “I know you have feelings for them. But they’re with me. Please respect that they’re in a relationship.”
  • because they’re polite they just nod and agree to not interfere
  • out of gratitude, she sends them away with a short stack of pancakes


  • this marshmallow is freaking jealous of all your friends that are a little overly affectionate towards you
    • if you hug one of your friends for longer than 5 seconds he requests you give him longer hug
  •  oh but one of your friends LOVES to give you such long hugs
  • he just glares at them until they stop
  • at first he thought they were just being creepy 
  • but then he heard from one of your other chums that they actually like you a lot!
  • marshmallow is NOT happy to hear this NOT ONE BIT
  • he compensates by giving you a nice warm hug before your friend does
  • one time your friend managed to slip in a hug and this marshmallow saw their hand slide down to your lower back
  • FIRST Zen talks about this to you
    • he’s uncomfortable with the whole situation and your friend
  • and after you kind of agree he talks to your friend
  • kind of feels bad a bit because your friend has had a crush on you way before the two of you had met 
    • and Zen just kind of came into the picture
    • all magnificent and perfect
    • your friend never stood a chance
  • as angry as he is about this inappropriate behavior, he tries to be easy on your friend


  • it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that your friend you knew since high school had a huge crush on you
  • even the donut can see it
  • but he tries not to pay too much mind to it because he knew you were with him and were content
  • it wasn’t like your friend was a bad person either
  • they even told Jumin just to sort of clear the air
  • the conversation was actually quite tame and both parties were mature and understanding
  • but your friend was starting to get a little out of line
  • they would playfully hold your hand or touch your face
  • it made the donut all flustered
    • how dare they
  • then shit hit the fan so quick when your friend just staring at you as you were talking
  • Jumin was shaking his head
    • hoe don’t do it dON’T DO IT
  • then your friend gave you a peck on the lips 
  • you were taken aback and very confused
  • you awkwardly look to Jumin because yeah he was standing RIGHT there
  • he stood there staring at your friend
    • but it wasn’t just any stare
    • it was the stare of utter inimical anger
    • slowly seething
    • holy shit you’ve never seen him like this before
  • honestly it’s his first instinct to fire someone when they anger him this much, but your friend wasn’t working for him
  • so he just removed you from the situation while maintaining eye contact with your friend


  • you were so glad Seven got along well with your friends and vice versa
    • so many nightly hangouts ^^
  • but one of your shy smol friends had this huge crush on you
    • they liked to show it through lots of hugs or quick kisses on the cheek
  • you never really paid no mind to it you just thought they were naturally a touchy-feely person
  • but Seven was very uncomfortable with it
  • VERY
  • made the poor jellybean feel so insecure
  • at first he devised an elaborate master plan, Ocean’s 11 style to expose your friend for the true monster they are
    • but they were cleaner than a fresh pair of underwear
    • if anything it was incriminating they didn’t have ANY dirt on them
  • darn!
  • always turned away if your friend gave you a quick cheek kiss
  • eventually one day he thought enough was enough
  • when you and your friend was saying goodbye
  • Seven made sure to say goodbye first and planted a big smooch on your friend
  • O-O
  • your friend was shook
  • you were confused at first but it was pretty funny so you ended up laughing until you got a big smooch planted on your face
  • after that anytime your friend was going in for a cheek kiss, Seven would step in, prepared to give them a wet smooch if need be
  • eventually they stopped with that nonsense

anonymous asked:

Warum ist es so schwer den ersten Schritt zu machen?

Ey ohne Spaß nee

Bei mir ist das genau so. Freitag Abend war ich in einer Bar, ich bin da Streckenweise schon so oft gewesen (sprich: Monate lang bestimmt jedes Wochenende ein,zwei mal) und jedes mal, ist da diese Person und ich schwöre dir, ich schaff es einfach nicht, mich einmal normal zu benehmen.

Wir haben so oft schon miteinander geredet, von Zeit zu Zeit dann auch mal eine zusammen geraucht, uns ab und zu auch wirklich mal unterhalten - weißt du Gespräche und Chance waren da, das will ich damit sagen. 

Und den vergangen Freitag jetzt: Ich sitz mit meinen Freunden ganz herkömmlich, wie wirklich jedes mal zuvor - am Tisch und wir unterhalten uns, über unsere Woche und dies und jeden - und meine Blick rutschen die ganze Zeit ab. Das ist wirklich so untypisch für mich, jemanden so “am Hintern zu kleben” aber irgendwie wars halt so ne. Und jedes mal wenn wir uns angeguckt haben, dachte ich mir so: “diesmal sagt du was”, “Warte noch kurz ab, dann sagst du was!”. “Ist doch nicht schlimm, jemanden interessant zu finden.” 

yoooo.. Drei mal darfst du raten wer den ganzen Abend nichts gesagt hat, also zumindest nichts, was irgendeine Bedeutung gehabt hätte. 

Am Ende hab ich so richtig bescheuert meine Nummer auf die Rechnung geschrieben und sie unter mein leeres Glas gelegt, mit der Hoffnung drauf, dass eventuell am nächsten Tag mein Handy klingelt. - Hat es auch und zwar wegen all den Leuten, mit denen ich Tag ein, Tag aus im Kontakt stehe aber diese eine Nachricht, auf die ich so gehofft hatte, wer hätts gedacht? Die kam natürlich nicht.

Aber ganz ehrlich? Ich hätte mir auch nicht geschrieben. Wieso kann man sich nicht einfach mal zusammen nehmen und seinen Mund aufmachen? So würde ich das andersrum auch erwarten, wir sind doch schließlich alt genug oder? Vielleicht hat das ja auch nicht viel mit Alter zutun. Ich weiß nicht.

Auuuf jeden Fall, ist den Ersten Schritt zu machen immer, immer, immer das schwerste - die Überwindung hin zum augenscheinlich Guten. Man sollte sich das trauen, ich mein besser als Monate lang jeden Freitag Abend in einer Bar zu sitzen und eine Kippe nach der anderen zu rauchen obwohl mal viel lieber reden wollen würde, richtig reden meine ich. - aber ich weiß genau so gut du, dass das alles andere ist als “einfach mal den Mund aufmachen. Was soll schon passieren?

Frag mich das mal in dem Moment, in dem ich da sitze. Ich könnte dir ne Triologie mit anschließender, dreiteiliger Best-Seller Verfilmung an Gründen aufzählen mit: “Was schon passieren soll”. Sicher nichts davon mit Hand und Fuß und am Ende nur heiße Luft und leere Worte aber auch solche stecken dir nun mal im Hals. 

Eventuell kommt irgendwann der Moment, in dem wir uns davon befreien können, und ich meine, es ist eine Art Befreiung über seinen Schatten zu springen und sei es nur ein “Hey, hättest du Lust vielleicht mal mit mir was trinken zu gehen?” oder jede andere, realistischere Version dieser Frage. 

bis dahin? Du weißt, du bist damit nicht alleine - mein Handy hat nämlich immer noch nicht geklingelt und ich könnte mir jeden Samstag Morgen aufs neue in Arsch beißen aber ey? I know, I am not the only one ne?

Reasons 03 is a genuinely GOOD SHOW (without added critiques or comparison to BH): 

  • great commentary on racism and imperialism -realistic psychology of characters 
  • is really good with foreshadowing, thematic development, and ambiguity 
  • is extremely nuanced (one second of character content is worth a thousand episodes) 
  • the homunculi origins are damn brilliant -everything is so deep, you can write so much meta on pretty much anything. the symbolism of the homunculi’s sins? the way sloth and lust foil each other and manage to be super feminist and sympathetic villains? the degradation of al’s character until he ends the series with MORE flaws than LESS and how it’s actually BRILLIANT? the rule of entropy and how a pessimistic message becomes so freaking hopeful? 
  • the ending!!! im a sucker for hopeful, “the adventure continues” endings. obviously this is a taste thing, but the 03 ending made me so happy. cos was a satisfying conclusion to the characters 
  • there’s such a perfect balance between humor and drama, and the humor is so diverse and clever. 
  • ed is such a complex and realistic character, and he goes through such great development 
  • THE SYMBOLISM! like i said before. the plot is mini but because everything is so rich in life lessons, consistent themes, and metaphors, this tiny plot just THRIVES. 
  • despite it starring two brothers, it’s so feminist…for a shounen, but even in general it’s pretty dam great and underrated. it has amazingly developed female characters (AND THREE FEMALE VILLAINS WITH FANTASTIC MOTIVATIONS–well dante is arguable, but she’s absolutely a much more developed villain than she gets credit for) and the lead female character forms at LEAST six female friendships. the strongest female character (i will fight anyone on this claim), Rose, subverts what is commonly seen as “strong female” and is actually such a badass. 
  • is anything ever surface-level in this show? nope. tbh a lot of criticism ive seen can be refuted because it was made without taking the time to analyze. the writers take their audience seriously, and expect them to fill in the blanks, which makes the show interactive, fun, and timeless. 
  • the art style and animation is GORGEOUS. AND it’s from 2003. the animation at its best far surpasses tons of anime today. the characters are so expressive and it helps their emotions feel real. even its off model moments tend to add to the effect rather than distract you. it has FAR fewer fight scenes than BH, but the few major ones it has are SO beautifully done. 
  • the music is hella. Brothers is beautiful, and the lyrics are heartbreaking, giving us an explicit insight into the brothers’ states of mind. the music is varied, covering all spectrums of mood. they also included many classical pieces that were just so brilliant. 
  • i just find the difference in tone from the manga and BH so great? it’s a canon au that interprets the characters and presents its themes so uniquely that its almost unrecognizable. its fascinating and i respect all the people involved. 
  • the presentation/directing. cant count how many times that alone was what made a scene rise above and beyond. thats one thing i respect: making something exceed its potential. i feel from the series that the team had faith in what they were creating, and nurtured it from the start. it wasn’t just an adaptation with their own twist; it became their own story and it SHOWED

endragoneel  asked:

Headcannons for supernatural au, if you want <3 (vampire lance, werewolf Keith, werewolf shiro, pidge is a tree spirit probably... Idk what hunk would be haha)

okok ok so im watching an art stream and eating so im sorry if this is all over that place xD

Vampire Lance

  • oh god where to begin
  • so lance is still a flirt, but a successful flirt
  • he has centuries to perfect his craft of flirting
  • he only takes as much blood as he needs from people, cuz hes nice like that
  • i mean whats the point of killing your food? limited resources
  • lance is also like ancient, he comes all the way from medieval times
  • so like surviving the witch trials was an experience to say teh least
  • but knowing lance, hes all about having fun so he never really acts like the centuries old being that he is

Werewolf Keith

  • ok so this might be a bit angsty
  • but like
  • keith was forcibly turned into a werewolf
  • and then he was abandoned the person who turned him, so he was left to basically left alone to deal with these changes and try not to kill people
  • keith really has no idea whats going on
  • he really just wants to sleep ok?

Werewolf Shiro

  • shiro is the one who finds keith during one of the full moons
  • was able to get him to come out of the blood lust and not attack any people
  • from then on shiro and keith were a pack, shiro the leader. 
  • they basically keep each other out of trouble
  • shiro never lost his arm btw, but he has this super cool tattoo that a full arm thing
    • its basically inuit wolf markings, telling a story about a specific wolf that warned hunters if there was danger every full moon
    • ps, thats shiro
  • shiro likes the cold, so he hung out in the arctic a lot but he traveled to the warmer places as he got older
    • those old bones hate the cold and he hates being old
    • he doesnt look old, but hes been around for awhile

Fae Pidge

  • idk why but i was feeling this more than a tree spirit, sorry!!
  • but pidge is basically a faery and she basically has the same powers as the Olkari
  • fae can be kinda finnicky about who they hang out with, but for some reason, pidge enjoys a vampires and a half giants company
  • she really enjoys trying to learn about other supernatural species and their tendencies
  • it also helps that Lance hunk and pidge basically always look out for each other while theyre mixing with regular humans, or in places where they shouldnt be
  • essentially the garrison trio

Half-Giant Hunk

  • hunk is my baby and i love him ok
  • hunk is essentially the big friendly giant
  • he and lance are pretty much bffs from day one
  • (hunk totally saved lance from hitting on the wrong person and getting seriously hurt)
  • for as big as hunk is, hes super gentle, he really loves kittens ok? 
    • he really likes the calicos
  • pidge likes to ride around on his shoulders, just to feel tall (the guys its 7′10′’ and huge, pidge literally takes up one shoulder)

OK some plot to this because im getting carried away and i have no life at 12.30 am apparently xD

  • eventually these fice all run into each other
  • lance hits on keith, knowing full well hes a werwolf
  • lance likes to mess with people sometimes and keith just happens to blush really easily and get flustered
  • keith and lance bicker, while pidge and hunk talk with shiro
  • find out that the two of them are on the run from whoever turned keith
  • apparently the wolf that had turned him had been waiting for him to go through his first blood lust to prove that he was worthy of joining his pack
    • idk something really twisted like that
  • he hadnt planned on shiro being there and helping keith get through it
  • lance hunk and pidge agree to give them a place to stay while everything blows over
  • toss in som klance pining and we suddenly have a forest
  • which sucks because werewolves and vampires were never meant to be compatible, but somehow they make it work
    • prolly comes from keith being human for most of his life before being turned
    • kinda more human than wolf at this point, works in lances favor most of the time
  • and yada yada yada, they eventually get found, theres a big fight, keith gets hurt, lance freaks out aaaaannnnd imma leave it there and leave the rest of it for you to decide~ ;3c

thanks for the hc ask hun!!

She Can Hear You

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words:  1078
Requested by Anonymous:  Can I please get a Sam oneshot where the reader temporarily goes deaf (though they al think it’s permanent) and Sam takes the opportunity to repeatedly tell her how he feels about her and then the deafness wears off but she doesn’t tell him because she likes hearing what he says, though he finds out somehow and is embarrassed before she tells him she loves him too? 

          The explosion was deafening. Literally. Your ears started ringing. And then there had been nothing.

           When Sam and Dean found you, you had tears rolling down your cheeks. You had somehow let them know you couldn’t hear. They looked almost as scared as you felt. What were you going to do?


Sam’s Point Of View

           It was terrible, really. The fact that Y/N couldn’t hear was terrifying for all of us. I hated seeing how distraught she was. Seeing her like that made me sad. She had been so full of life. Now, she was just sitting around, not doing anything.

           “I wish you could realize how amazing you are,” I sighed, standing in the doorway of the kitchen. Y/N’s back was to me, so she couldn’t read my lips or see that I was talking to her. But for some reason, that helped me open up to her. I would have never had the courage if she actually had her hearing back.

           “That’s not fair, Sam,” Dean said from behind me, making me jump.

           I turned and looked at him, “What?”

           “You can’t confess your love to her when she can’t hear you. That’s not fair. To either of you,” he said.

           “Dean, I can’t really tell her.”

           “Coward,” Dean accused.

           “It’s just … it’s complicated.”


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Needy for him

v x reader

Genre: smut

Warnings: s mu t

request: Bts - Taehyung. Smut. He’s your boyfriend and he’s on the phone with someone impt (Bang Pd/mom/dad) but your super desperate tonight and just start to mess arnd with him and little taetae while he’s on the phone and it slowly escalates. Thanks babe !! 😉😆


( lord please forgive me for the sins i have committed in this fucking chapter lmao )


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1. sweet raspberry lemonade in summer

Im Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Genre: Fluff

Author’s Note: This is the first in the series inspired by this post. I finally finished this today, listening to You Are on repeat. Hope you enjoy my sappy feelings for Jaebum and thank you for reading!

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Say Something

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words:   1345
Requested by Anonymous:  hi! can i request a jealous!dean x reader? one where the reader is oblivious at first but then realizes it and then starts doing it on purpose and dean finally admits his feelings maybe?? something where dean says she is “his girl” thank you, you’re wonderful 💕💕💕

         You were having fun. It had been a long time since you had been able to let loose and actually have a good time. But you were actually having fun dancing at the club you had found in town. The hunt you, Sam, and Dean had been on had been quick. The three of you had decided to stay for the night. And you had found a dance club. The club wasn’t the place Sam and Dean felt comfortable, so you had gone alone. But you had found a dance partner quickly. And you were having a great night.

           When you went to get a drink of water after dancing for a while, you checked your phone and saw Dean’s message; Hey. Just making sure you’re okay.

           You sent a quick text back; I’m great! Having a lot of fun dancing. You two should have joined me.

           You put your phone back in your pocket and went back to dancing, not planning to leave any time soon.

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