im not ok :(((((((

replaying a video game like “oh wow i can’t wait to romance a different person and be a totally different kind of character and make different decisions.”

and then 2 seconds into your second play through and you’ve romanced the same person, made slightly different decisions, basically playing the exact same as last time and not regRETTING A SECOND OF IT

why am i the way that i am

My fave thing about sapphic culture is how we make everything gay…. The trans lesbian moon, her pan gf the sun, the nb bi ocean, mountains are gay, those gay ass swans, like everything is gay and you know what? The world needed a little less heterosexuality and a lot more sapphicism and we are getting there one wlw shitpost at a time

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: the lightning thief musical, aka the greatest piece of art/theatre ever created closed exactly two (2) weeks ago, and not only we don't have a bootleg, but there's also zero (0) chance of it going to broadway. also both the official instagram and actors are being very suspicious, giving us the feeling that there might be a tour coming, or even a sequel of the musical, but until then we are left with nothing but the cast album, that IS GOING TO COME OUT IN THIRTY-THREE (33) DAYS
  • Someone: you'll feel better when you go outside, you need to stop staying inside so much
  • Me: *goes outside, feels good for 10 minutes because I get some air and maybe buy something nice*
  • Me: okay hey this isn't TOO bad
  • Me, five seconds later: *has reached personal limit of "being around other people" capacity, gets nervous and antsy and overwhelmed by the noise and really wants home* HELP