im not listening to that on repeat

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  • sore distress - saosin
  • looking down from the edge - blessthefall
  • yung & dum - issues
  • i’d rather see your star explode - slaves 
  • phantasmagoria - circa survive
  • knot - chon 
  • your friends are gone - circa survive 
  • dream at tempo 119 - silversun pickups 
  • st. patrick - pvris 

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also don’t look at it too hard cos the more you do the more you realize how much I screwed this up

ok but im still amazed that shiro is canonically the person that keith “desperately wants to see” and is literally his Greatest Hope and the closest thing he has to family. his one friend prekerberos. the person who shaped his world so much keith literally says shiro changed his life. And he really listens to what shiro says,  retains his advice and then repeats those words back to himself for comfort. Its also pretty heavily implied losing shiro, losing his anchor, is what prompted his “disciplinary issue” that got him kicked out of the garrison. And we know that after he left he said he felt lost, went wondering around the desert in search of some kind of purpose. But then he felt some arrival happening, something Big finally coming, something that would maybe turn his life around. And just 

so much time and care was put into building up their character development together. and theres also this almost fairytale kind of aspect of “fated” meetings–not just keith knowing something was coming back to earth, but ive also seen people point out the “blade of marmora is with you” line and how keith is the one who cuts him free. And the fact that they can both pilot black, meaning their quintessence is at least compatible to some degree. And actually, since keith has already been able to sense other lions’ quintessence–he felt blue a whole year before its own pilot–and that lions have to have the same energy as their pilot, then i dont think its a stretch to say sensing other paladins would be pretty much the same as sensing their lions. we know shiro’s quintessence is somewhat close to his, so maybe keith will be the one to find shiro. just like before 


And I’d promise you anything for another shot at life

Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes // Fall Out Boy


All the attraction, the tension 

Don’t you see baby, this is perfection

I’ve wanted to draw Yuuri in his Eros outfit for a while now and finally after that whirlwind of an episode I guess it was finally time to do so, as well as try my hand at the dreaded digital painting again! And just remembering one of the very first YOI things that caught my eye even before I started watching it was this video, so i guess it’s time to complete the cycle, now with added engagement ring :D

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  • What I Say: I've been listening to In The Heights on repeat for a while now.
  • What I Mean: You know the song 'Blackout'? I've been listening to only that for three days.


Ahh I’m so happy
I finally found the soft glow tool!
I’ve been looking for it for so long and now I’m really proud of this ahh💜
I thought you could only use it on the computer but I found it snooping through more stuff on the Sketchbook app I use to art and I found it!
Today has been really chill and that makes me feel good.. it’s cold outside, listening to ost shop on repeat and just Doodling AfterDeath makes everything great, I’m feeling so positive today and the feeling feels so new it makes me really happy💜..
This feeling will probably change soon anyway im sure, but I like it at the moment so :)