im not jasmin im aladdin

You dont understand jade auditioned to be princess Jasmine in Disneyland Paris years ago and she didn’t get the part and she would bring the topic in every interview she could because she wanted it so bad now there is a chance of her being Jasmine in A LIVE ACTION MOVIE THAT THE WHOLE WORLD IS GONNA WATCH I know it’s just a rumour but if she gets the part this time it’s her ULTIMATE DREAM and I’m screaming

can people please stop saying that Priyanka Chopra and Dev Patel or Avan Jogia should be cast as Jasmine and Aladdin… both the charcters are Middle Eastern and Priyanka, Dev and Avan are of South Asian descent!!!

Honestly if Disney doesnt cast a 99.9% asian actors/actresses for Mulan and 99.9% middle-eastern actors/actresses for Aladdin (remaining 1% is the flying carpet and animals involved), there better be an uprising or yall only think diversity as a concept.


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