im not implying this is normal

givenchy & gold, part i (m.)

;pairing — jungkook/reader

;warnings — sex | implied exhibitionism | mild dom/sub tones | if u’ve got a praise kink then ur gonna love this | mentions of daddy kinks | instances of spanking 

;summary — you’re the supervisor of the clothing department with a lot of useless lingerie knowledge, jungkook is the jewelry department’s defiant hot boy who flirts in wristwatch brands. basically an upscale retail au, but with lots of implied under-the-counter sex. and when an opportunity presents itself to fuck each other in the boss’s office after hours, you’re both too hot for each other to say no.

;word count — 20k im so sorry

part i | part ii | drabbles

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BIRD BIRD BIRD I JUST THOUGHT OF AN AU IDEA ok ok mind reader michael. jeremy is in class one day, thinkin dirty thoughts as per the usual, and he suddenly gets paranoid like we all do when we do that shit and he thinks "if anyone in here is a mind reader, cough if you can hear me." and he. he hears a cough. and jeremy freezes and turns around to face michael mell, this kid he's had a crush on for a while but never talked to, and he thinks "cough if you can hear me," again. (cont)

EDIT: anon is @transtarks!!!! this au baby was created first and foremost in his wonderful brain

oh my GOD!!! wow so im very in love with mind reader!michael. before tackling that hilarious scenario, theres like. so much to explore here

  • MICHAEL who can READ MINDS. in ur sitch, you imply that he cant talk back into minds, which is just so lonely, i think. he’ll learn pretty early that what he’s got isn’t Normal after many instances of him answering questions that werent asked or him knowing things he shouldnt. his mom needs to sit him down and tell him that they’re a little different. not bad. just different. but that other people dont like this and you have to be quiet about it.
  • which michael find endlessly unfair. he has to be the quiet one when he has to deal with the constant chatter of minds all around him that never stops? it sucks, but he’s read enough xmen to understand why.
  • but it is NOISY. his headphones are godsend and music does a lot to help, but those can only go so far in drowning out the noise.
  • some thoughts are quiet and michael needs to strain to hear the words past the soft murmurs. things like his mom making a grocery list in her head or some kid he passed by on the sidewalk counting red cars as they drove by. mundane things are quiet, but the more emotional they get, the louder they become. happy thoughts are loud thoughts, but so are angry ones and terrified ones.
  • and it doesnt just equate to sound. to a certain degree, michael can feel thoughts, if they are strong enough. which is pretty much hell on michael’s senses. happy thoughts feel nice, but too much is overwhelming. dont even get him started on negative thoughts. those feel like bile and nails against a chalkboard.
  • against all odds, michael gets used to it. he finds his own ways to cope with the side effects of being plugged in to everybody else’s mind, but the one thing he couldnt deal with was the loneliness.
  • constantly, he feels like he’s intruding. while mind reading comes with so many cons, michael sees himself at an unfair advantage concerning everybody else. after all, he knows things about people before they say it. sometimes he knows things about people that they maybe didnt want anybody to know. it’s hard to make friends in that kind of situation.
  • and it’s really hard not being able to tell anybody at all.


  • oh boy okay so. michael probably knows jeremy. not knows-him-as-a-friend, but he’s heard his mind before. jeremy’s head is…a bit of a mess.
  • (see, michael has come across a lot of minds in his life. some minds are more organized than others. some are bustling with energy while others a bit more subdued. some are bright and others are so dark michael has to stop himself from crying in public. often, he wonders what his mind looks like, but he cant really trust his mom when she only says nice things because she’s his mom. )
  • anyway, jeremy’s mind is like being inside a washing machine. things tumbling everywhere. jeremy’s head does not shut up. ever. the kid is always thinking about stuff like “oh, im walking pretty weird, i gotta fix that” or “she’s looking at me. what did i do? is there something on my face? is it my face?” or, and this one pops up a lot it makes michael’s heart hurt, “i wish i wasnt like this”
  • (so many times, michael almost speaks to jeremy out of nowhere to just. compliment the guy. he’s really not as bad as he thinks himself out to be. jeremy’s head might be self destructing 24/7, but he’s a good person. and he’s cute too WHATEVER. but michael is pretty sure that if he tells jeremy that his hair is nice, jeremy will spiral into paranoia where he’ll think michael is fucking with him. so michael doesnt say anything. he just silently hopes that maybe jeremy gets a day or two where his mind can stop beating himself up over every tiny thing)
  • michael gets to know jeremy’s anxiety before he gets to know jeremy, and thats mostly because in addition to never shutting up, jeremy’s brain is also very loud. maybe it has something to do with how jeremy is always on edge, but michael doesnt know. what he does know is that jeremy heere, professional anxious teenager, decides to spend this math class just thinking about sex. LOUDLY.
  • it starts with a stray thought about the porn jeremy watched last night then it spirals into various random fantasies and michael wants to jump out the window. not because any of it is weird!!! but just because this is WAY TOO PERSONAL. michael tries his best to concentrate on parabolas, but jeremy throws up an image of GAHHH!! he tries to concentrate on trisha in the front row who’s got a bad case of song-stuck-in-head, which is the next best thing to real music but then jeremy goddamn heere derails him with LOUD MOANING. (which might??? be his????)
  • record scratch. jeremy’s head goes eerily quiet. then, very deliberately, he thinks “ if anyone in here is a mind reader, cough if you can hear me.”
  • it’s RIDICULOUS but it’s also the first time he’s ever been addressed in this way. it’s kind of incredible, and all the “dont tell anybody” momentarily disappears in the face of jeremy “sex thoughts” heere talking to him using his head.
  • so he coughs. and jeremy turns his head. they make eye contact and michael very deliberately starts coughing.
  • jeremy’s head is quiet for a tense few seconds
  • then jeremy thinks, “well fuck”

and thus starts the very awkward beginning of michael and jeremy’s friendship. the possibilities for this are endless but this answer is already too long khfkjdfh

How it actually went down
  • <p> <b>Jon:</b> Sansa it's okay you can tell me anything, I'm your brother<p/><b>Sansa:</b> well my life in Kings Landing was pretty bad, the Vale was pretty bad and Ramsey was pretty bad<p/><b>Jon:</b> was any of it good? Come on I just died, try to be positive<p/><b>Sansa:</b> Well... marrying Tyrion was the highlight of all of it, I lived with him and everything, he was the best<p/><b>Sansa:</b> And he took no crap from anybody<p/><b>Sansa:</b> And he handled King's Landing finances like a boss<p/><b>Jon:</b> Soooo I take it you want to talk about Tyrion Lannister while we braid each other's hair? Fine, but only because you're my sister<p/><b>Sansa:</b> oh good well it all started out when he slapped Joffrey....<p/><b></b> *Ten hours and one badass Jon Snow ponytail later*<p/><b>Sansa:</b> And he stood up to his father and Cersei for me and he was the strategist in the battle of Blackwater and he used to get me lemon cakes every morning<p/><b>Jon:</b> Sansa it's been TEN HOURS! I've got to pee sometime<p/><b></b> *Time break*<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> So Sansa? She okay? I mean not that I care but she's good now right? Not dead or stabbed or assassinated by anybody.<p/><b>Jon:</b> oh seven not another one! Yeah she's okay<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> ....<p/><b>Jon:</b> ...<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> is that all?? Come on Jon Snow! She's Sansa, she's the greatest ever<p/><b>Jon:</b> let me guess, you want to talk about my sister while we sit down and do the male version of braiding each other's hair<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> Drinking, here we call that drinking<p/><b>Jon*tired*:</b> fine go ahead, it's not like I've got anything else to do for the next ten hours<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> cool, so everything started when she smiled at the common folk, and let me tell you, Sansa has a great smile<p/><b></b> *Ten hours and a barrel of Dornish wine later*<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> And she just stood there and didn't cry, defiant to the bone, looked at Cersei in the eye and didn't spit on her, Sansa's restraint, that poise, that elegance, like a self righteous goddess of Im-better-than-you it was glorious<p/><b>Jon:</b> really needed to get that off your chest didn't you?<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> well yeah, you think anyone here wants to hear me talk about Sansa? who Varys? Missandei? Danny? Face it Jon Snow you're all I've got<p/><b>Jon:</b> My sister implied the same thing<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> So she talks about me...?<p/><b>Jon:</b> oh no, no, no, no I am not falling for that, if you want to talk to my sister, send her a Raven like normal people, I am not going to get stuck in the middle of your non-consumated-marital issues, JON SNOW OUT<p/><b></b> *angrily marches away from non-brother-law*<p/></p>

hey there pals i have an opinion that is entirely my own for you tonight which is completely unrelated to any events that may have transpired: cheating, no matter how minor, is not a normal everyday part of healthy relationships, and cheating does not make a fictional relationship any more realistic or three dimensional

Kriffing stars, you two!” Bodhi exclaims.

Jyn and Cassian spring apart, so abruptly Jyn makes a sound like a startled animal and Cassian almost falls off the pilot’s seat, as if that would be good enough to erase what Bodhi had seen when he stormed into the cockpit.

“Can you guys save this for later? Like when you have a room?” Bodhi continues, fully aware of the red rising in Jyn’s cheeks, matching the angry looking marks on her neck. He loved teasing new couples. 

“Is everyone okay? I heard a lot of noise for a person delivering a status report to two peo- oh Jyn, your body temperature is rising rapidly,” Kay leans in the the doorway. 

“I’m fine, Kay,” Jyn snarls. 

“You don’t look fine.”

“She’s fine Kay. Bodhi, take Kay back with you.”

“You don’t look fine either, Cassian. Your heart rate is much higher than your normal resting rate, and your face is incredibly pale. Should I administer treatment for shock?” Kay continues. Bodhi couldn’t tell if Kay was doing it on purpose, but couldn’t help but chuckle. 

“Kay. We’re good. Go take Bodhi with you to check the inventory. We’re set for landing soon.” 

“Actually, Cassian, we still have approximately two standard hours bef-” 

Kay.” Cassian looks pained. 

“Let’s go,” Bodhi says, pulling Kay by the arm, failing to hide the smirk on his face. “He knows how to get Jyn back to normal, right Cass?” Jyn looks mortified.

“I don’t think his methods would be better than mine,” Kay replies and Bodhi doubles over with laughter. Cassian glares at Bodhi as he and the droid head back to the hold. 

New couples, man. Wait till Luke heard about this one. 

Know whats really cute about season 3 i havent seen anyone mention yet??
That its canon lance uses dorky pick up lines to express that he cares about someone platonically.

why does no one talk about how shepard often dismisses their death unless it’s a joke?

“you were dead”

“i was only mostly dead” “i was in a coma” “something like that" 

and then at cerberus hq - the very end - when shepard’s watching video logs of lazarus project, it’s:

"i didn’t realise it was that bad…”

despite being told that she’s basically half robot, that she was nothing but “meat and tubes" 

(the thought occurs to me that maybe shepard doesn’t even realise they plummeted to a planet?)

granted, realising this early on would fuck them up bad, but - correct me if i’ve forgetting something - shepard never actually discusses it - what’s it like to come back from death? to know most of your body was recreated by someone? to have a body full of synthetic parts?

but no, shepard just proceeds as normal and gets on with the job they were told, or quite literally made, to do

Haechan - Drive

Originally posted by haenyan

  • runaways au
  • fluff and implied past angst (mentions of abuse)
  • some lapslock in a dream sequence but otherwise i use normal capitalization
  • bad attempts at humor
    • really bad
    • im not funny

Gas station lights pollute your thoughts. The pockets of time when the whole world stops, white noise and radio silence, come and go easily, intermingling with the occasional car honk and on-and-off chirps of crickets. You aren’t sure whether they’re the saviors of your loud mind or whether they’re burning holes into your skull and flicking the ashes into your heart. You fiddle with the car door lock, flicking it back and forth with your index finger mindlessly. 

The driver’s seat door opens and in slides your what if, your maybe, your hopefully. Fingers stop messing with the lock, reflexively defaulting to running through your hair for a split second before moving to secure your seat belt across your lap. If he notices, he doesn’t say anything, opting, instead, to turn on the engine, check his mirrors, and put his seat belt on. One hand grips the steering as the other rests on your leg, soft denim separating his palm and your knee.

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i’m not an rph anymore but i felt like i should make this list, especially after a friend of mine went through some shit with a roleplay that was no good (warned them about it, they didn’t listen smh). i’m just tired of this shit happening to people like………damn pls love yourself ok. so here’s a list of a few things you should watch out for when you join an rp !! feel free to add to it if you wish.

  1. multiple characters with the same last name and are somehow connected or related to each other. sometimes it’s innocent fun, most of the time it’s not. 
  2. the royal family. you know, the untouchable family that looks perfect but it turns out their not (shocking!) and it’s a super red flag if one of (if not all) the admins are behind this clique. 
  3. the gossip blog only talks about the same characters (or the confessions blog only posts about the same characters). most of the time it’s because the admins behind the gossip blog are the muns of the characters or butt buddies with the admins :)
  4. confrontation isn’t handled well. if you ever have a problem and the admins decide to ignore you or make it a bigger situation than it needs to be, jump ship asap. your concerns and feelings should be a priority and shouldn’t be exploited to make you look like a bad guy.
  5. when you plot with the admins (or anyone for that matter) and they try to twist things and try to convince you to make your character do things that they wouldn’t normally do. 
  6. when a “mean” character says something rude to your muse and your muse responds with something equally, if not more mean and then you get a message from the mun saying “they shouldn’t have said that to them.” or basically imply that your muse isn’t allowed to stand up for themselves. 
  7. if you ever feel alienated in a group that promised that you’ll be treated like family. 
cognitive behavioural therapy to help with task initiation!

i got a request to share the rest of my alternate balanced thoughts my adhd coach helped me to come up with. theyre pretty personalized to my thinking style, but im sure theyll help some of you 💕

negative thoughts: i cant get started (implied: im a failure if i dont get started), im not doing what i need to do, im not sure if im capable of doing what i need to do, im not doing enough, i really dont want to do [task]

feelings stemming from these thoughts: depression, frustration, anxiety, hopelessness, worry

alternate thoughts: im not giving up, ill problem-solve whatever comes my way, i do what i have to do, discomfort is normal, ill try my best, time is a friend

feelings stemming from these thoughts: less worried, determined, less anxious

i hope this helps!! what i did was i wrote down the alternate thoughts on sticky notes and placed them around my apartment so ill see them when my automatic negative thoughts come.

(EDIT: bolding added to make it easier to read)

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I actually wish you would write a whole rambling post about gay!kara because I just... don't... see it... I totally see the gay!Lena thing I think even if McGrath isn't trying to play it that way that's definitely how it comes across, but with Kara, try as I might I just don't see her being anything but straight. I just get a real hetero vibe from her. But please! convince me! As much as I don't need non-canon ships I sure do need ships in general!

yeah thats like, what i meant by for me it being more of a “kara SHOULD be gay” thing instead of a “kara IS gay” thing. she’s pretty tragically hetero in the show, but i do love the idea of kara being gay because of how it would play out with uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good writers lmao

cause when you think about it, for a really really long time (and especially in school) kara would be hyper aware of herself compared to other humans her age. so you know, she gets a crush on a girl when she’s 14 or whenever, and then looks around and realizes that that’s not normal. its wrong on earth. maybe she brings it up to alex who is going through her own crushes and she shuts kara down as a reflex. tells her girls like boys. kara gets the idea that she has to suppress that part of her too to blend in with the crowd. 

after a while its one of those things that’s just a habit to push away. in season one cat asks kara something about where was she during an earthquake two years ago. kara had the ability to be supergirl but she remained kara danvers even when people needed help because she’d settled for that reality. so in college when kara starts to realize its okay to be gay, she doesn’t really let herself explore that

but then you know, she comes out as supergirl when she does. and clearly it changes something for her in a really huge way because all those powers she kept hidden start to slip out more and more. she’s being herself for the first time in forever and we’ve seen her get a little reckless with it (using heat vision at catco for example)

and then AND THEN ok so she tells winn about it right?? and what does he say! he says “oh my god you’re a lesbian”! and kara swears her brain short circuits cause nobody’s EVER called her gay, she’s never given anyone enough reason to. she plays the role of a straight girl as well as she plays the role of a normal human girl. she like barrels through it and just says “im not gay” so she can get to her point but like, its on her mind a little bit for a while. 

and then its on her mind A LOT when lucy lane rolls into town……..

do y’all see what i mean

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i don't wanna like defend nationalists but you do realize we all (usually) have a huge knowledge of our own histories and not on others...? like obviously there's a huge fucking nationalist problem here, i'm not trying to discredit that, but from what i've read, you don't get teached about european history as much so what seems like big knowledge of history might just be normal. like i know fuck all about americas founding fathers so when you all talk about that it looks like a huge knowledge?

I’ve been trying to process what this message means and implies for a good 30 seconds before i realized you think im american
seeking sense, searching for reason - blueberrytobio (starqueen) - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Oikage Week Day Three:

“I want the fact that I existed to mean something” - Chapin

Teen And Up Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply 
Relationships: Kageyama Tobio/Oikawa Tooru
Tags: In The Flesh!AU, Mentions of Suicide, Healing, Implied Past Character Death, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Angst, au in which they basically died, but now they are back


“Tobio-chan,” Oikawa greets him, ignoring his dumbfounded expression. “You missed my funeral. Very rude of you. Being dead was really no excuse.”

In which Tobio came back from the dead and is struggling to readjust back to normal. He’s not even sure what normal is anymore, but Oikawa helps.


inktober day 10

references were monet and ophelia; this was meant to be a symbolic passage of time for link (but maybe the reference implies he’s dead??)

i used a micron, sharpies, and prismacolor marker

Truth or Drink

What, exactly, does a night of alcohol, friends, crushes, and secrets entail? 

Pairing: Im Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Implied Smut

Words: 1.6k

A/N: Yeah, I normally don’t write smut but I was inspired after binge watching Truth or Drink videos. Here are a few of my favs (x x x)

Friday nights with your group of friends were always a mystery. Sometimes it was a simple movie, while other nights was alcohol induced fun. This time, it was the latter. A wonderful game of truth or drink where players pulled names and questions out of a hat. You could either answer the question or take a shot.

The game had been suggested by a very excited and tipsy Jackson when the topic of games had come up. You internally groaned at the thought of having to take a bunch of shots because no way in hell were you going to let your group of friends know your secrets, especially the who that they revolved around.

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Hey I kinda understand what youre feeling. As some that indentifies as ace and that has "friends" that has shown them pictures that theyve received of THAT, or said I should be "a normal teenager" implying that I wasnt because Im still a virgin. So dont feel like youre being an idiot or overreacting. I get it. Ive kissed people and feel disgusted with myself because I feel that makes me "a bad ace". You have every right to be upset that guy was a fucking asshole sending that when it wasnt wanted

//thank you…i really appreciate it. i hope everything will turn out okay for you…i’m always here for you. you can send me an anon or even dm me. i’ll be glad to talk to you!!

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this is just a suggestion but maybe you should say "cis woman" instead of "normal woman" because that's implying that trans women aren't normal :(

Hey lovely anon! 
Sorry I really didn´t mean that!
Im not involved in any gender community or discourse so I´m not quiet familiar with gender terms and such and in german we don´t even have the term “cis woman” so Im really sorry if this came of as weird I honestly didnt knew any better :’)
I try to remember saying cis woman from now on! 
Please stay safe and take care! xxxx