im not his i

jake: haha if you were a girl id date you

dirk: Haha lol… *punches him in the shoulder* then date me dude… Jk…. Imagine me stroking your hair…

jake: hm that was weird but alright. maybe i was wrong about that last comment maybe we should date even if you are a boy

dirk: holy shit did i ?? manipulate him into dating me?? am i poisoning his life??? im going to have my brother/son decapitate me

  • a complete flirt that has an endless supply of winks, hearts, and hugs just for you
  • when you say or do anything cute or compliment him instead of getting flustered, he just slings his arm around you and bites his lip like “well aren’t you lucky to be dating me then?”
  • keeps stealing bites of your food or sips of your drink and when you complain he just leans in to peck your lips like “sorry, sorry, it’s just so much more delicious when it belongs to you babe~”
  • confident in himself to the fullest so keeps asking you to touch his arm muscles or keeps asking you to ask him to do a dance for you, basically anything to get him to show off because he loves showing off especially in front of you
  • shows off in front of other peoples and you’re usually on the sidelines hiding your face like jun…oh my god……don’t do wushu in this mcdonalds don’t do it - oh god he’s doing it…….
  • he likes when you wear his t-shirts and stuff, but keeps insisting that you try on something more fitting and you playfully hit him like stop being greasy and he’s like what~ greasy~ no~ I just wanna see your nice figure hehe~ 
  • if you’re someone whose shy and not confident like jun, he’ll never push you to do something you’re uncomfortable with, but he’s a compliment king so he’ll encourage you everyday by wrapping you up in his arms and giving you a bunch of kisses while repeating that he thinks your perfect over and over again
  • “I’m perfect, you’re perfect, we’re the perfect couple~!”
  • loves to take photos. loves couple photos. makes you two take photos EVERYWHERE.
  • once you went out with him to buy some snacks for the members and it was around midnight and since no one else was at the grocery store he made you two take a cute pic in front of the chips section and made it his phone background immediately 
  • his background just changes like every week to a new photo of you and him
  • insisted that you make your background a good selfie of his. he sent you like 50 to choose from.
  • he also made your ringtone his part in jamjam. specifically the part where he says ‘say my name’ 
  • he likes it when you play with his hair a lot like a L O T and it’s always a good excuse to lay his head in your lap and watch you get flustered and tease you for it
  • you get close to minghao since you’re dating jun and minghao honestly thinks of you as a close sibling and sometimes jun gets a little jealous about how you dote on minghao and he’s like “hey hey hEY im ALSO cUTE AND CHINESE AND yOuRE DATING Me HERE I AM” 
  • his jealous pout is cute
  • really likes going out into the city with you at night and just exploring like you guys go to namsan tower sometimes or maybe shop around hongdae or take the train to itaewon 
  • walking around with his hand around your waist and looking at all the cool little shops and bakeries and other attractions
  • sometimes it’s obvious he misses china and the city he’s from and he talks about it a lot and you love listening to him but like you can hear the tint of sadness in his voice so you’re like 
  • “jun! promise you’ll take me there one day?” and he suddenly gets really smiley like “of course! i’ll show you all the cool places and you’ll meet my family and then maybe we can even get marrie-”
  • this is where you shove his ice-cream cone into his mouth like stop being way 2 cheesy 
  • since jun is really extra sometimes when he’s making out with you he like pushes you up against walls or against counters and pretends to lean in to kiss you and then instead whispers in your ear or starts kissing from below your ear and then to your jawline and then to your lips
  • seeing you get impatient only makes him want to torture you even more.
  • his kisses are rather short, but there’s tongue and there’s lots of his hands working little patterns into your sides or into the small of your back
  • bite his lip and he’ll just lose it rip 
  • for cuddling he is all about the back hug cuddle where his chin can rest on your shoulder and he can rest his hands on the front of your tummy.
  • he doesn’t talk much, instead he presses kisses behind your ear and plays with your fingers when you put your hands over his.
  • he rather likes to listen to you talk instead because he can feel your voice through your back that’s pressed to the front of his chest and it’s comforting
  • sometimes if you two are just being lazy around the house he likes when you lay down ontop of his chest and just give him little eskimo kisses as you both complain about how tiring life is
  • the rest of seventeen usually roll their eyes at the two of you being romantic like c’mon guys not in the dorm 
  • dino though is like “man i love true love!!!!! good job jun hyung!!!”
  • tbh when you first started dating jun was just like “and my significant other is amazing” like every five minutes and seventeen was like ohhhh my gooood shhhhhhut up but when they meet you they were like ,,,,, actually they’re awesome i can see why jun was so excited 
  • jun is very proud of you and he hopes you’re proud of him too
  • when you complimented his dancing and his korean and even his singing he really was touched, but you didn’t see it because he just winked at you greasily like always
  • jun never tells anyone he’s having a hard time, not even you the person he trusts the most, but at some point you learn to read him and you just subtly remind him everyday that you’re here to support him, to make sure he’s doing well, and to remind him that you know he’s doing his best 
  • when you genuinely tell him you love him and are cheering him on it’s the first time you see the tips of jun’s ears go red and honestly you’ve made THE JUNHUI blush
  • one the other hand when you’re upset, jun does everything in his power to make you smile again. ranging from body gags to singing chinese romance songs to you, literally jun just wants to see you smile again 
  • but if you just need him to shut it and hold you close…..he can do that too
  • “you know my family name is WEN so like…..WEN will you marry me and WEN will you become a member of the WEN family….” 
  • “shut it junhui or i s2g…”
  • jun loves you alot and will be greasy with you until the end of time 

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