im not happy with the fox girl


“Happy Friday, sweet peeeeas. 🌸💕 Are you guys excited for the eclipse? I AM. It coincidentally starts like right over where I live, I’m so happy! 😍🌖
Did a few things differently with appearance today and I really like it. 😁
Hair is Virgin Pink from @arcticfoxhaircolor diluted with Arctic Mist, with the ends toned with Wella T18 toner. 🌸
Arctic fox code for 15% off is: theledabunny
Also got new contacts from @ohmykitty4u THAT IM OBSESSED WITH. They’re Freshtone - Passion Pink, I believe. 🌸
Annddndnd I also did my brows pink. Didn’t think I’d like it BUT I DO. I used the Glitter Bomb palette from @toofaced for that. 🌸”


sad songs to listen to when you're sad:

1.afraid of everyone by the national
2.white foxes by suzanne sundfør
3.guilt tripping by frnkiero andthe cellabration
4.all I want by lcd soundsystem
5.youth by daughter
6.know the way by grimes
7.little black submarines by the black keys stacks by bon iver
9.coming down by dum dum girls
10.nineteen by pencey prep
11.heartbreak or death by the brobecks
12.halo by cage the elephant low on gas and you need a jacket by pierce the veil
14.maps by the yeah yeah yeahs
15.merry happy by kate nash
16.home by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
17.sunday morning, at a funeral by la dispute
18.truce by twenty one pilots
19.the best things in life by the homeless gospel choir
20.different names for the same thing by death cab for cutie

i like to think that judy would be terrified at first about falling in love with nick because even tho interspecies love is “accepted” in the city of zootopia that honestly mostly applies to couples within the same biological family (i.e. a tiger and a lion etc.) so a couple that is not only dramatically far outside each other’s family but also predator and prey is like “????” 

and ESPECIALLY in bunnyburrow where interspecies couples in any form are kinda unheard of and definitely not super accepted

so judy expects her family to not accept nick as her romantic partner so she hides their relationship 

but then her mom finds out (because moms just know) and nick’s a little terrified that they might kick her out or actually disown her or something (he doesnt know the Hoppses super well so he doesnt know what to expect)

but to their shock her mom is actually incredibly supportive and excited for them, turns out she is pretty progressive despite her small-town upbringing

her dad is a little more hesitant about it cause he’s old and set in his ways and worried about the social consequences they could potentially have to deal with but just wants his baby girl to be happy and if she finds happiness with a fox then that’s just how it’s gonna be and he’s happy for them