im not happy with how this turned out bye

Something simple and tender to add to the festive season

Happy Holidays!! 🎄😚❤️🎁☃️

motivational/inspirational haikyuus to help u go through ur day!!!

HEY SO I ALSO GOT A REDBUBBLE (which im liking much more than society6). anyways u can get these here as a sticker individually OR u can get all of them on a sticker sheet aMONG OTHER THINGS like bags and pillows and mugs etc

*le sigh

I need to stop drawing SCM art.

Or better yet, Hue’s route needs to come out sooner.

And yes, a couple of things, I LOVE Hue’s Godly form, he’s so amazingly beautiful. (And him x Goddess MC gives me feels so why not draw them???)

Human MC is cool too but I live for angst and tragedy so yay that’s how this piece was made, gnight kids, I’m going to roll and cry in the deep deep grave I have dug for myself, bye.

The inspiration behind MC-chan’s Goddess design was mainly drawn from the fact that she was the Goddess of Fate (hence stars and light, etc etc) and pretty much because her nickname’s Goldie as a human, and I though Teo was getting at something, but yes I need happy headcanons to hide my tragic, sad ones. 

I might actually draw a full body picture of her design, because I’m actually really happy with how it turned out! Especially the shading, because those who know me will know of my struggles with shading light hair.

But yes, I never thought I’d love this game as much as I did. The whole concept is so interesting and the character designs are legit 1000000/10, they’re so pretty!

And Hue, I can’t wait for your route bb. pls make time go faster help me.