im not good with staffs

i tried doing lineart for the first time in, what, 4 years ? and its as hard as i remembered orz

i absolutely love fai and i could go on for hours abt how much i love tsubasa tbh

I feel like people don’t often talk about Kylo’s line about the ‘lightsaber belonging to him’ despite how big of an insight it is to the past and what we could possibly learn about in the future films.

That lightsaber was passed down to Kylo when he was training (EDIT: there is no confirmation that he received the lightsaber while under Luke’s guidance) and it somehow ended up in Maz Kanata’s possession. We don’t know what kind of relationship Kylo and Maz might have shared, but she seems insightful about the saber’s history and how the Force works and she also highly encourages Rey to take it. Maz has said that she sees the same eyes in different people. She tells Rey that whoever she’s waiting for to come back and take her home is never going to come– touching on Rey’s deep loneliness and abandonment issues from being alone for so many years. She then proceeds to tell Rey that the belonging she seeks isn’t behind her, but ahead, and tells Rey to take the lightsaber which was last in possession of Kylo.

I also think it’s important that Kylo was the previous owner of the saber before Rey touched it and was sent into a flurry of intense Force visions. Yes I think the Force itself had a big role to play in guiding Rey to the saber and showing her those visions, but we have heard multiple times about Kylo and Rey’s mysterious connection, and the fact that the majority of the things she saw revolved around Kylo plays even more into that.

It’s been said a thousands times by different people over the past two tears, but I really can’t get over how greater forces are at play and drawing these two completely opposite, yet parallel, people together for a quest so much bigger than themselves.

Other companies need to start taking notes from J&Star Entertainment.
I mean come on they treat their musicians well and with respect, they keep fans informed about things that are happening, and when something unexpected comes up they try to include translations so that everyone knows what’s going on
J&Star is out here being a decent company and I’m so happy about it

dentist: open up

me: well it all started when three years ago when @sleepy-as-hell persuaded me to get a tumblr and start watching anime and now im always in limbo between “wow that’s some good art” to “staff, gods, yahoo, whoever’s out there, delete this site”

dentist: i didn’t mean-

assistant: shh let them finish

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The mirrorless Monday thing made me think of that one hospital that tried to promote health by shutting off the elevators, forgetting that crippled people exist. It's not as stupid, but it just reminded me of that

a fucking hospital did that??? oh my god that makes it ten times worse because not only are they forgetting about ppl with disabilities but like, the entirety of patients who are non-ambulatory, ambulatory patients who need to bring their IV bags with them, their own fucking hospital robots (if they have those), and i guess fuck the cleaning crews lmao its not like a hospital needs to be sterile!!! 

okay i just got the tumblr update and i gotta say: whichever crusty, archaic, “hip with the kids,” half-baked, aesthetically deficient, uncreatively-and-inefficiently-piggybacking-on-facebook’s-old-layout-ing, bastardized piece of monkey shit stuffed in the guise of a coder/designer on the tumblr team made this needs to take it the fuck back.