im not good with animations

“Where are you, you little pest?”

Sting, Chapter 15

Happy very belated birthday @kryallaorchid! The moment i read this scene i wanted to make an animatic for it. It’s so well done i love the contrast between it and what happened previous with Adrien.

I now it’s a little bit rushed in the end. I kind of overdue myself since i wanted to draw actions scenes. I kind of played with the camera a lot. I also wanted to paint it more but my photoshop stopped cooperating

Again im sorry for being so late! Hope you like it!

“You’re rescuing kittens now?”

“Look, it’s got such lovely eyes.”

“We have places to be - though…you are right.”

so guess who loves ineffable idiots

orange boy bop


All Forbidden Art goes into the Box™ to be hidden forever

the man downstairs is very clever
can he hide his plans forever?

just wanted to do an animated tribute to “not what he seems”… still one of my favorite episodes of anything ever.


Dr. Flug is cheering for u ^^ (specially for people who are in their finals rn;;),,,,, he wants u to take care of yourself,, plz take care of yourself ;u;
Dr. Flug motivándote para tus finales (o para lo que sea que lo necesites) ;v;!! Flug sólo quiere que dejes d estresarte tanto,, y que cuides de ti mismo ;;w;;!

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i am so proud of tsukishima kei. he's come so far. not only did he actually compliment kageyama, which he would have never done back in the first season, but he actually managed to stop ushijima's spike. more than that, he planned on at least stopping a few of them before the match even started, which means he believed enough in himself to think he could actually manage to block on of the top spikers in japan. tsukishima. believed. in himself. i'm literally crying about this? tsukishima's character development is so good. it's good and pure and