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Yuto as your Boyfriend!

(These will be posted for every Pentagon member. Feel free to request any other boygroup member!)

* my MAN
* rapper boy
* “hi my name is yuto and i don’t have feelings”
* *cries if he’s left alone in the dark for forty seconds*
* the boys once played a prank on him where they locked him in a dark dorm room
* kino sprinted downstairs “he’s crying oh my god y/n he’s crying we didn’t mean to make him cry you gotta fix it y/n y/n y/n”
* You sprinted up the stairs and flung open the door to find yuto in the now dimly lit dorm room on his bed crying into a pillow
* After you sit down next to him you put your hand on his shoulder and he jumps about a foot in the air
* “yuto sweetie it’s just me!!”
* He grips onto you and starts bawling in your shoulder
* “Shhhh baby it’s okay I’m here now…”
* he doesn’t move for a solid hour
* The boys keep coming to check on him and you just shake your head
* Kino and the others are distraught “we didn’t mean to make him cry it was just a joke !!!”
* Yuto just snuggled up even tighter into you
* “don’t let them do that again please don’t let them…”
* “They won’t… I promise you they won’t”
* Giving kino a very pointed look
* “We won’t!! We promise we won’t!!! We’re sorry Yuto we didn’t know it would be this bad!!!”
* Yuto doesn’t sleep much for the next few days
* Not at all unless you’re in there with him
* “Hi my name’s yuto and again I have no feelings”
* He tries to act like that all the time
* Until he sees you do something cute and he’s all smiley
* Have i mentioned his smile could bring forth world peace
* Shy! Yuto
* He’s not the best at expressing himself
* So the first time he tells you he loves you was a miracle- not because he didn’t love you, because he definitely does- but because he’s shy with words
* it was literally in front of all the boys
* As in it was right after their first win for Critical Beauty and they ran off the stage and yuto ran straight into your arms “Babe we won!!!”
* “I know!! I’m so proud of you!”
* “I’m so happy you were here I love you so much!!”
* all of the boys actually froze
* “I love you too, yuto!!!!”
* the boy didn’t stop smiling for a solid hour and a half
* Anyway
* He’s unintentionally funny we all know that
* And since he’s such good friends with kino he’s sassy
* “don’t test me adachi”
* he gets homesick sometimes
* you’ll find him sitting on the couch looking at pictures of his hometown
* “You feeling okay baby?”
* “yeah im fine…”
* “why are you lying to me”
* “im okay”
* “yuto.”
* then of course he apologizes for being too emotional
* “I’m sorry.. it’s nothing”
* So the next day you surprise him
* When he gets home from practice you take him back to your apartment for some privacy
* And you hand him a small envelope
* He opens it to find two tickets to japan
* “are you serious?! We’re joking to japan?! I’m going home…!”
* The smile on his face makes every single penny worth it
* you finally meet his family in person
* you tour his hometown
* He cries when he has to leave and say goodbye to his parents
* He stays attached to you the whole flight home
* Yuto is super clingy overall he just likes skinship a lot



It all started on the 10th of December when my sister ( @the-hotel-california) and I would be going to Taylor’s first Melbourne show of the 1989 Tour. We got our hair down and make up done because we wanted to treat ourselves because we planned a girls day. My hairdresser and make up artists both said to me to make sure I tag them in the photo if I meet Taylor. I was like ‘Okay…that’s sooo not gonna happen but anyway!’ We met so many people from tumblr and the Melbourne Swifties facebook team (made by @shedreamsimpossibledreams) and that made me soooo happy! We were dancing our heart out to Vance Joy (because he’s from Melbourne as well and I fully support his amazing music.) We were having a blast! Then Tay came on and I couldnt really see from my seats, even though I was on the floor, people had signs everywhere blocking our view….smh. But I was going to the next two shows so I didn’t care that much, I let them have their fun. Anyway, we didn’t get loft and I got sooooo many messages of support on tumblr saying ‘Im so upset you didn’t meet her, you deserved to meet her, wish you met her.’ And that made me happy that you guys were so nice to me!!! I wasn’t upset, more upset I couldn’t see Taylor from my view but oh well! 

Then comes December 11, I was getting ready and my boyfriend ( @89taylorswift) was planning to come to my house at 1:30pm. We had shirts made of the ‘best boyfriend ever’ tweet that Taylor made late last year when 1989 came out. We didn’t think she would be doing a loft 89 that night but we just wanted to dress up into something fun anyway. So Nicholas and my Mum were sitting at the dining table and as I usually do I checked my tumblr. I refreshed the page and my IMs came up (which I never usually check) and I see a message from the user @taylorswift!!!! IT WAS TN ASK ME FOR ME AND MY BOYFRIENDS DETAILS AND PHONE NUMBER!!!! I screamed so loud, I have never screamed that loud before. I remember my mum panicking and asking ‘NATALLIYA WHO DIED, IS IT BAD, WHO DIED WHO DIED’ and she was close to tears because she thought someone had passed away (awww mummy.) ‘MUM TAYLOR’S MANAGEMENT TEAM ARE ASKING FOR MY DETAILS!!!!’ My mum started crying and Nicholas was so silent, he was on shock!  

 At 2:00pm, I got a No Caller ID phone call and it was Sierra!!! Calling me all the way from Nashville!!!! She was so lovely and sweet on the phone and told me that Taylor wants to meet “The famous Nat and Nick!” I thanked her a billion times, and she said she has been trying to get a hold of me since 8am Nashville time, and it was currently 9pm in Nashville. She said I would get a pre meet & greet ticket and would have to arrive at the venue at 4:00pm. I quickly got Taylor a present and a card and was so happy i was running down the street yelling “IM MEETING TAYLOR SWIFT.” Then I got a missed call, and it was Sierra saying she had a change of plans and for me to call her back ASAP. It was a No Caller ID so I couldn’t call her back :((((. But then she called my boyfriend and explained that now I may be meeting Taylor right before the show or right after, and people from TN would come collect me right before Vance Joy comes on and to stay seated in my seats. (she also took down my seat numbers and what not.)


I met so many amazing people, gorgeous followers of mine came up to me and asked for photos and it was adorable!! I loved that sooo so much! And Ruby gave me chocolates that said ‘Merry Christmas Nat’ because I got her a Taylor follow and honestly she is so sweet i love her! And @swiftmasofrph was there too! She was so sweet and sent me the manip she made for my birthday! ahhh i met so many gorgeous people!!! Anyway, people kept asking me to go to the TN booth so I can meet people from Tumblr but Vance was coming on soon and I couldn’t risk it. Before Vance got on, I really needed to pee so I was like “Nicholas i gotta go, call me if anything happens.” So i was rushing around the stadium and also met some people from Tumblr and Im so sorry if I looked flustered and looked like I didnt want to talk to you! Because I was stressing so much! Anyway, I got back and no one had came yet. So @89taylorswift and I decided that it wasn’t going to be happening anymore. 

Taylor started playing I Wish you Would, and Nicholas and I were jamming so hard! Then all of a sudden we see a lady coming through the row of our seats, but we thought she was just trying to get to her seats. As she got closer, i moved back so she could fit through but she grabbed me and Nicholas by the shoulder and was like ‘You Nat and Nick?’ and we were like ‘YAAAS!’ and she was like ‘Have you met Taylor before????’ and we were like ‘GOD NO OMG’ and she was like ‘Taylor requested to meet you and come and get you, You’re going to loft 89!’ and she stuck the wristbands on us and I gave her a hug! I was shaking so much my bum cheeks were literally shaking. And Nicholas’ hands were going crazy he, was totally in shock! The lady next to us was telling us congratulations and also a girl I use to go to school with (Amy) was in my row and she said ‘Im so happy for you! Have fun!’

LOFT 89:

 @olivia-oblivious and @swiftlyfindingmyplaceinthisworld  also got loft and it was great cause we had already met before and everyone was all so nice! We were walking back stage and Taylor’s bandmates walked past and saw Liv (she looks so much like Tay) and they were all like ‘wtf Taylor???!!!’ It was soooo funny! And everyone borrowed my perfume because we all didn’t want to smell in front of Taylor (everyone in loft was so so sweet!.) 

We got told that we could only take one picture per group and not to film, and we lined up to meet Taylor in a booth in loft 89. Nicholas and I were 4th in line and I wasn’t shaking at all (I felt like I was dreaming.) TN took my phone and then we walked in. There she is. Standing in a cute fall aesthetic outfit. Grey skin tight sweater, with green tinged pants. She opened her arms and ran to me and said ‘HEY BUDDY! THEY FOUND YOU!’ and at the same time I yelled ‘HEYYYYYY GURRRRRRRRLLLL!’ I gave her such a big hug and felt her spine hahahahahah and I honestly thought she would be soooo much taller but she was only 5 cm taller than me. She had her hands on my shoulders and was like ‘Its so good to finally meet you!’ and then she hugged Nicholas and was like ‘Omgsh hey!!’  “You guys are the cutest!” she said to us. I was like ‘Omsgh thank you so much for wanting to meet me!’ and then she began to say “Omgsh I know you were at the show last night, you cried didn’t you last night?” and I was like “wait…who me??? No?” and she was like “I saw on your blog that you were crying and you were really upset weren’t you?” and I was like ‘Omg NO NO NOT ME, I WAS NOT UPSET!’ and she was like “no I swear you were, or was it someone else? Oh wait no It was people sending you messages saying how they were upset that i didn’t meet you!” (and then she started to gesture like typing on a computer it was so cute) And i was like ‘yeah I know I get a lot of people messaging me that they were upset about it all’ and she was like ‘You know what. You are so nice.’ (I feel like she’s referring to the advice I give my followers.) and I was like ‘You’re so gorgeous’ and she was like ‘So are you dude!’ (she called me dude hahahahahah.) And then she was like “I am really trying to meet as many people on the tour as possible,  I have so many people I want to meet but its been so hard because im so busy and stuff” and I was like ‘don’t worry, i totally understand. It’s not your fault!’ and she was like ‘I look online when I can and try to find people, I have so many people I plan on meeting tomorrow. (which is tonight.)’ and then I said “Oh you must have seen my outfit post so many times, I make Nicholas reblog it” and she said ‘yes yes, I did see it haha, It’s just so hard to find everyone ya know?It was so hard to find you guys last night. Are you coming to anymore shows?’ and I explained I’m going again tomorrow with my sister. Then TN started asking ‘Okay let’s take a picture!’ and she totally ignored them and turned her back towards them being all sassy like *yalll i wanna talk to my fans.* And then I said to her “I just have one thing to say, you have to re-do the entire Speak Now World Tour again” and she was like “THE ENTIRE THING???” and I was like yes “THE WHOLE THING!” and she said “BUT I DONT WANT TOOOOO, i’d have to grow out my hair and get the curls again” and I said to her ‘Curls get the gurls!’ She then told me “I dont even know what Im gonna do next I have no idea!” and I said that she should go ‘indie/folk’ and she was like ‘Omgsh!!!! really??” and then started laughing so hard. And then TN asked to take a picture again, and so she was like “okay, and so she grabbed me and Nicholas” and I was like ‘wait can we do this kind of photo?’ and she was like ‘Oh so good you have something planned!’ so we took the photo. And she went to hug me and thank me and then she saw Nicholas’ shirt and was like “That is amazing, you are both so gorgeous and sweet and look so cute” and then TN started to walk us out, and she then ran up to me to give me another hug goodbye. It was insane. 


Daniel talked about being a loner in school in “Hello Counselor”. He was advising a girl (that everybody said she was uglier than her sister) with his own experience. He said that a teacher helped him and told him you don’t need to have a perfect body (? rough translation) and that he danced better than them (the bullies), and that was all he needed.

My translation is bad because I’m not fluent in Korean, but we can sense the bigger picture of this situation. 

This is just a reminder that Daniel is human like all of us. He was bullied, he has his own appearance complexes but he works hard every day in what he loves and what he thinks that he is good at.

We should all keep our head up, fight our own demons and keep striving to our dreams.

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Everytime my anxiety and depression kick in or im in a bad spot with my mom, i come to your blog and all the Tenkoi and Tododekus soothe my soul. I... I really cant thank you enough.

!!! you’re very welcome dear. please talk to someone if you’re not feelingwell. family, friends, hotline on internet, whoever. heck come and message me if you’re not okay. there will always be someone willing to listen and you’ll feel better after talking. I’m not very good with words myself but if you need me I’ll be here to listen!!
In the meantime I’m glad my pictures can make you feel a little bit better. Take good care of yourself anon, I hope you will feel better soon

You’re Innocent

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: You’re Innocent

Pairing: Pride x Reader

Word Count: 1,305

Warnings: angst & fluff

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you all enjoy! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

Pride walked through the squad room, grabbing the keys off of his desk.  It was time to lock up and get settled in for the evening.  He was ready to unwind and relax for the rest of the night.

The agent shut the door, locking the downstairs up.  He slowly walked through the squad room, stopping at the end of the stairs.  Just as he was about to go upstairs for the night, there was a pounding at the door.  Pride quickly rushed back to the door and unlocked it.

When Pride opened the door, he didn’t expect to see you.  The way you threw yourself into his arms made him look behind you, searching for something, or someone, that could be chasing you.  He didn’t have time to notice the blood on your clothes.

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okay but can you imagine Phil calling Dan and pounding on the door and Dan coming over dying laughing and making fun of him then going to grab his phone and take a ton of pictures while giggling hysterically while phil trys not to laugh. and goodness suddenly im emotional

I just love that none of the other Lesters helped they were all probs like ah they’re having another domestic let’s just leave them to it

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ok so im starting hs next week and my dads getting deployed tomorrow to countries he can't tell me and my family and im just... im really scared that he won't come back. with that and going into somewhere that really counts for my future every step of the way, im having all sorts of nerves and anxiety attacks and idk why im telling you this. i just needed to get it off my chest. sorry for bothering you. have a good day.

Take a picture with your dad and tell him you love him. I’m sorry, but there’s always a chance he won’t come back. Make the time you have with him count. But always have hope he will. Compare this to highschool, hs is a piece of cake! It’s just bigger than your middle school basically. It’s okay to be anxious and nervous and don’t let anyone tell you that it’s wrong or stupid or dumb. If you ever need a friend to talk to or a therapist I’m always here! Just breathe and everything will be okay. Maybe carry a picture of your dad in your binder at school. He’ll always be with you and that might help your anxiety.

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Hi! So i dunno if you saw those cute funny videos of gfs contouring their bfs face while they're asleep. How would the RFA+v+saeran boys react of mc's beautiful makeup skills?

Yes, I have and it’s so funny omg I love this idea xD

( Saeran and V’s headcanons contain spoilers! )


  • This boy will be very confused & sleepy when he wakes up and will have zero idea why MC is giggling softly at him
  • He’s most likely a heavy sleeper, so wouldn’t have woken up until she was completely done making him over
  • MC would probably just hold up a small handheld mirror to show him
  • His eyes would immediately get real wide
  • “Is that…me?? Why am I wearing makeup??”
  • Stares at himself for a while and probably gingerly touches his face a little bit to make sure
  • Then the boy starts blushing and it looks silly because he looks like a strawberry, since his real blush is making the makeup blush darker
  • Real stutter-y and cute
  • MC would tell him he looks pretty
  • He’s embarrassed, but also impressed because he does look pretty
  • Ends up smiling about it and admiring his gf’s handiwork a little more
  • Doesn’t take it off till he goes to sleep later that night


  • I imagine that Zen’s not exactly a heavy sleeper, but he’s not a light sleeper either
  • Would probably wake up halfway through the makeover process
  • MC would freeze and be like “oh shit” when she sees his eyes open; she just sits real still with the makeup brush still in her hand
  • Zen, of course, knows about this trend since he’s on social media a lot and is super excited it’s finally happening to him??
  • All smiles and grins until he realizes MC wasn’t even done doing it yet
  • He apologizes before offering to let her continue
  • Sits on the edge of the bed and is very still as she finishes up his makeup (this boy’s used to this kind of thing, being an actor and all)
  • When she’s done, he’ll admire himself in the mirror for a while
  • Definitely 100% without a doubt takes a bunch of selfies and may or may not post them to the messenger to brag about how wonderful his girlfriend is
  • Leaves the makeup on for a few more hours, but ends up taking it off earlier because he’s worried about his pores getting clogged
  • Makes sure to shower MC with lots of kisses and cuddles to show how much he appreciates her


  • Leans more towards the light sleeper spectrum, but not too light, so MC would be really careful doing his makeup because honestly she doesn’t know how Jumin will react
  • Every time he stirs MC stops what she’s doing and lays down to pretend to sleep just in case he wakes up
  • It’s going well until the lipstick because MC’s kissed him while he was asleep once before and he woke up straight away like sleeping beauty (he loves being woken up with a kiss, and loves doing it to her too)
  • When the lipstick starts going on, he instinctively moves his lips to “kiss” MC back, but really he just messes MC up and she smears the lipstick a little
  • His eyebrows furrow and his eyes flutter open
  • “MC…what are you doing?”
  • Sees the lipstick and then registers she must have put it on him
  • Thoroughly confused
  • MC explains what she did and why and he’s still confused but is curious to see himself
  • Other than the lipstick smear, it looks pretty good and he actually smiles a little and says it’s impressive she managed to get that much done without him waking up
  • Straight up asks to see her eyeliner for a moment and MC is like ??? okay?
  • He draws a shaky cat nose and whiskers on MC and finds it really cute
  • Tries to take a picture with her but it turns out blurry and MC takes it instead
  • It’s his new phone background (what a cutie im ;;~;;)


  • Light af sleeper because this boy barely sleeps anyway
  • Needs to be ready for work at any and all times so he wakes up at the slightest sound or nudge
  • Wakes up the moment MC starts doing his makeup, but doesn’t open his eyes because he’s cross-dressed before and totally recognizes the feeling of the brushes she’s using
  • He’s gonna pretend to sleep and really sell that shit; lots of fake half-snores and moving around
  • When he “wakes up” he looks at her and grins
  • “So…how do I look~?”
  • MC giggles “Very pretty. Do you want to see?”
  • Gets the mirror and holds it up in front of him
  • !!!!! whoa his gf’s makeup skills are amazing !!!!
  • He’s pretty good himself with makeup, but loves the way she does it more
  • Will ask her to do his makeup for when he cross-dresses from now on
  • Probably gets into his maid outfit and wig to show off in front of her and show her how good the makeup looks with the outfit
  • Lots of fun and laughs <3


  • Medium sleeper probably, leaning more towards the heavy sleeper spectrum (boy loves his naps; also I like the idea of the twins being opposite types of sleepers lol)
  • MC would probably make his makeover more on the “edgy” side, rather than cutesy (so, like, probably smokey eye and such)
  • He moves and twitches a little every now and again
  • When she’s doing his blush, the brush tickles his nose slightly and makes him sneeze
  • Boom! He’s awake and jumps slightly because he literally just scared himself awake by the sound of his sneeze
  • Sees MC with the makeup stuff and sits up, glancing over at the mirror on the wall and his eyes go real wide
  • Without taking his eyes off the mirror, he gets out of bed and walks over, looking like he’s in a trance
  • Stares at himself a good long while, all silent
  • MC’s internally worried at this point like did she break him or something
  • “I look badass.”
  • whut omg he likes it?? (just like his brother lololol)
  • Takes some #edgy selfies and also kind of curious as to how a different style, but is honestly too shy to ask
  • So he takes a lot more naps just hoping maybe MC will do it again
  • She catches on and does and he’s smiling softly afterward (he’s prECIOUS)


  • Weirdly a heavy sleeper?? This man’s like sleeping beauty and won’t wake up unless his body’s telling him it’s time to
  • MC uses pastels on him because it would look very pretty with his hair and eyes
  • Gets through the whole process without him stirring at all (he looks so peaceful and it’s really cute)
  • Looks really pretty in makeup and MC can’t wait for him to wake up so she can see what it will look like when he opens his eyes (for the sake of this hc, I’m going to assume this is a version of V who did go through with the surgery to fix his eyes)
  • When she’s done, she legit has to wait because he won’t be waking up for another half hour probably
  • Doesn’t want to shake him awake because it might make him think something’s wrong
  • He wakes up normally a little later and smiles at MC, telling her good morning
  • She’s smiling more than normal and giving him a different look, so he asks if something’s up
  • MC tells him she did his makeup and he blinks and lets out a soft laugh
  • “Really? Let me see, then.”
  • MC gets a mirror and shows him and he’s smiling and looking at her handiwork
  • Is amazed at how good it looks and honestly finds it amusing he didn’t wake up during all of that
  • Thinks it’s cute that she did it and probably gives her a few kisses (which taste really good because she used strawberry-flavored lip gloss on him)

i want to be burried with these photos :-) 

okay so my first photo i got with frank that my pal took was blurry so i went back and asked if i could get another one and he said “sure hold up I’ll take it im good at selfies” and when he opened the front camera i went to do the lil peace sign over my face and he said “nope put that hand down” in a stern dad voice and he took two pictures so i am blessed with these i love life

forming sweet mems
anyway today i met the two people who have made me so much happier with myself these past two years. im so happy i got the opportunity to spend a little bit of time with them today they were so sweet
here’s some dialogue for you:
*hugs em both* me: hey! how are you?
them: hii
dan: do u want us to sign ur book?
me: yea!!
dan: oh gosh this lighting is bad better fix that *fixes spotlight*
phil: so hows your day going?
me: realllly good how are you?
phil: gooD!!
*goes to take pictures"
me: can we hold hands?
dan: of course
me: can we also do a hug kinda thing?
dan: okay
them: have a good day!
me: bye!!
anyway danny boy we’ve gotta have a chat about your selfie skills all 5 came out blurry


somaize submitted: hello! after that girl posted her story (which was so cute im so happy for her) i kinda wanted to share mine!! this is going to be long and i apologise in advance but it’s worth reading (at least to me) but anyways!!

okay so this is what happened!! catfish went off which i was sad about but my friend maddie and i literally left where we were and RAN over to the side of the stage where catfish were gonna be (at the time we were guessing bc a lot of other girls were going that way too) and so there was a line and you had to have a wristband in order to meet them, but in order to do that you had to buy a cd (they were $10 each so we spent $20) and yeah. so we were waiting in line and i was talking and having a good time and since walk the moon were meeting their fans before catfish we were sitting down since the line wasn’t moving. during that i was playing the album on my phone and i was singing business and this girl behind me starts singing along and we start singing to each other and we like were touching hands and so eventually we started talking. i found out that she had went to the concert in February 7 months back and we were talking about that and talking to her friends and then this girl i would occasionally talk to her dad was like “girls!! hey the line is moving” like he was genuinely happy for us. so we got up and the guy was telling us “open your CDs so they can sign them and get the line moving blah blah blah” so we did and like as we progressively got to the front i was so shaky i couldn’t breathe and my stomach was in knots and i felt like vomiting so i was like hyperventilating and leaning over and stuff and once we got into the tents where they were and i saw them i just broke down. so the girl and her friends we were talking to they came up with me and maddie and i was crying so hard and shaking like i couldn’t move or talk to anything and they were like “aww she’s so cute she’s making me want to cry” and other things. so one of them, she had blue hair and she pulled me in for a hug and i was sitting there sobbing into her shoulder and she was like “hey it’s okay. want me to talk to them for you?” and i like nodded and she was like “okay I’ll go first what’s your name” and i eventually told her and so there was one more guy in front of us and i lost it even more than i already had and so she went first like getting her things signed by van and then she was like “this is domi she loves you guys so much” and van was like “how are you” a bunch of times and i couldn’t understand so i kept saying “what?” and so he stood up and pulled me in and we were hugging for like a solid minute and he was like rubbing my shoulder and stuff and trying to make sure i was fine and he smelled so good and he was like saying stuff in my ear and then he would stay stuff to get me to laugh instead of cry. and i was like “i love you so much” and like fucking loosing it and he said “i love you too” and some other things so eventually we stopped hugging and i was telling him how i saw him a few months back and he was like “in February? that was class” and a bunch of other stuff and so then i asked him to sign my phone and like take a picture and he was like “yes of course!!” and then i said “im sorry i look so bad” and took the picture and this is when he said “what? no no no, let’s take another one. smile! you look good, I’m not gonna let you go until you smile” and so i did and i went down the line and met benji and i was still crying and was like “hey benji” and we were talking and i was like “i DM you on Instagram like everyday” and he was like “really? what do you say” and i said “i don’t know honestly i say a lot but you reply to me a lot and like them” and yeah we were talking for a bit more and i got down to bondy and was like “hi bondy how are you?” and he was like “im doing very good” but he had to say it a bunch of times because i couldn’t understand since i was still crying. so we talked a bit and then i went to Bob and he looked so concerned he was said “aww are you okay” and i was like stuttering and tripping over my words and eventually i got out “i don’t know” and he laughed and said “a bit of mixed feelings yeah?” and i agreed and we talked and i asked him to take a picture and he said ‘of course’ and we did and then i asked if he could say “hi to my friend lillie” and he was like “lillie? you just want me to say hi lillie?” and i couldn’t hear him and was like “can you repeat that?” and he was like “do you want me to just say hi lillie?” and laughed and i was like “"oooh yes!! yes” and he stood up and was like “hhhhiiii lillie” and he was dragging out the words and he said some other stuff and gave a thumbs up and smiled and it was so adorable. so after i I met them all i saw Larry and was like “oh hey Larry how are you” etc and we were talking about his hair and how i met him a few months ago and i showed him the picture from when we last met and we took another and we talked again for a while and eventually i had to leave. my friend maddie was out of the tent before me and i couldn’t see because I was crying so hard and the girls we were talking to (there was 4 of them) were hugging me and talking to me and just telling me everything was okay and congratulations and how ive waited my whole life for this and they were just being so sweet and nice to me and i couldn’t stop crying. van let me burry my head into him really deeply and he was just caressing me and trying to make sure i was alright and oskdnw. he was telling me about the album and how i was going to be even more excited when it was released which of course made me cry even more. there’s a bunch more that happened that i left out but the messages are already too long and God im just so happy and I’m happy I’ve gotten to see them twice and meet them and they’re genuinely such nice guys and i hope everyone gets this experience as well :)


cute girl struggles to take a good blackout selfie (feat. family)

50 Shades of Nathan Maloley (Chapter 3)

here’s the long waited Chapter 3 .. Hope you enjoy loves 😏😘

Chapter 1. 👇 Chapter 2👇

my friend was ecstatic that Mr.Maloley was going to do the interview pictures. Me on the other hand I was very nervous, I mean he’s a multi billionaire man who just so happened to run into some not as rich girls at WSU who wanted to do an interview.

“What was he doing at your work y/n?” y/b/f/b asks

“ he was in the area” I responded

“that’s a lie y/n you know he was there to see you, after what you told me about the interview im sure he’s attracted to you”

“Y/bf/n he was just in the area okay”

“okay whatever you say y/n”

“so about these pictures who is going to take them?” I asked

“well we can get our usual photographer to do them?” she replied

“Sounds good to me, let me call Maloley and I’ll schedule a time”


“y/bf/n he just gave it to me for business purposes only” i said getting annoyed

“anyways let me call him and set up a time bye”

I hung up the phone then the managers son came through to the back where I was

“y/n what are you doing back here it’s very busy on the floor?” he asked

“Sorry just taking a quick break” I responded

“So how do you Maloley?” he asked confused

“I interviewed him for y/b/f/n”

“Oh nice, so y/n since im back in town do you want to maybe go have drinks?” he asked

every time he came back to town he would always ask me to go out with him, and I always politely refused of course. I’m not sure if I want to date anyone, well I do but the only person I could even possibly see myself with is Mr.Maloley, but I’m not even sure he likes me?

“Uhm im sorry I can’t do drinks tonight, I have to go home and study, I have finals coming up and stuff you know” I said

“of course no problem” he responded

and with that we went back on the floor and continued to work.

after work I went straight home and of course y/b/f/n came rushing at me asking if I called Maloley yet.

“y/b/f/n I haven’t called him yet but I will calm down.”

I then picked up my phone and called it rang once and he answered

“Hello, Mr.Maloley”

“y/n what I surprise I wasn’t expecting you to call this late”

“yes I know I’m sorry, I was just calling in regards to the photoshoot tomorrow”

“ah yes, do we have a place and or a photographer?”

“yes we do, do you have a specific time?”

“9:30 am would be perfect y/n”

“sounds great, meet us at the plaza by the coffee shop on the corner of 2nd Ave in Seattle.”

“Alright see you there”

“Alright see you tomorrow Mr.Maloley.”
we all meet at the plaza the next day and might I say Mr. Maloley looked very well dressed that day. He has a grey button up shirt, pants that hung low to his waste and some dresse shoes. I never knew that a guy like him even owned a pair of jeans but you know the more you know right?

“Miss y/n nice to see you” Mr. Maloley said behind me

“As to you Mr. Maloley”

okay guys should we know get this photoshoot going? I’m sure Mr.Maloley has things to do.

“Oh y/b/f/n Im in no rush”

I looked at him and couldn’t help but bite my lip, he was just such an attractive man, just the way he remained mysterious and and dark yet sensual and sweet kept me wanting more of him.

“Okay Mr. Maloley will you please sit and do a pose facing the side” y/b/f/n said to Maloley.

we did a couple shots of that then did more with him facing the front then some standing.

“y/n have you noticed that he hasn’t stopped staring at you since he got here.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing he is just looking around the room”

“okay that’s a wrap guys we got all the pictures we needed” our photographer said

just as I was about to leave Mr. Maloley grabbed my arm

“y/n how would you like to go for coffee?”

“Uhm sure, but right now?”

“of course, well that is if you can?”

“uh yeah I can”

we left in his car with his driver and we sat down inside the little coffee shop.

“y/n what would you like?”

“uhm just some tea but bag out please.”

“any food?” he said cocking his head to the side

“ah no thank you.” i replied

he went to the counter and I still couldn’t help but stare, it was especially such a turn on to see him run his hand through his hair a couple times, that was the icing on the cake.

before I could come back from the thoughts he noticed me staring at him

“your thoughts?” he asked

I started to blush after that I didn’t exactly want him to know I was staring at him but at the same time I did.

“Nothing” I replied

“here’s your tea, bag out” he handed to me

“thank you.” I replied

“Miss, y/l/n, that man the photographer, is he your boyfriend”

I looked up shocked, to what does he want to know, it’s not like he finds interest.

“Uhm no he’s just a friend, more like family Mr. Maloley.”

“and that man from the tool shop?”

“The same as well.”

I say looking down trying not to blush

“Please stop looking down I like to seeyour face.” he said

“Do you always do personal observations of someone?”

“I never realized i was, is it offending you?” he asked surprised

“No” I answered

“Good” he said smiling

“your really high-handed”

“well y/n im used to get my way in all things”

“I don’t doubt it, but Mr. Maloley you never have really told me your name?”

“well the only people I give my name are family and close friends.”

I thought that, that was very weird but if that’s how he likes it then so be it

“But call me Nathan”

“So Nathan do you have any siblings?”

“I have a brother he’s in construction, and my sister she is in Paris.”

“I hear Paris is such a lovely place to visit” I say

“It’s beautiful, have you been there?” he asks

“honestly I’ve never left the U.S.”

“would you like to go?”

“to Paris, of course, but England is more where I want to visit”


“it’s home to Shakespeare”

after talking about books I realized I have to go home and study

“I should get going Mr. Maloley”

“Study for exams?”

“Yes they are on Tuesday”

“I’ll walk you to your car”

“Thank you”

after we walk a while we’re at a cross walk and of course what it think I’m my head blurts out

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No I don’t do the girlfriend thing.”

Since I got nervous about that i was about to walk and I lost my step and almost went face first with into the street, yet luckily he had my hand and pulled me back before I was able to do anything

“Shit, y/n!” he said holding my hand and pulling me back.

We are now face to face and I could feel my cheeks getting rosier by the second.

“Are you okay?” he whispers while one arm his around me, while his other hand caresses my face, his eyes keeping a long gaze at me, I want to be kissed, I want to feel his kiss, why won’t he just kiss me?“

Chapter 4??? 😏

okay im actually so busy that i am not going to touch tumblr until like uhhhhhh

thursday night 

thats when like most of my things will have been turned in by then so im just gonna log off and log back on thursday night

im leaving you again with this picture, if you remember from last time it is one of my favorite pictures and i expect you to take good care of it

Exos Reactions to Catching Their Girlfriend Looking Them Up on Tumblr!

Suho: You’re so cute, But Im right here silly!

Chanyeol: *Tries to pout but fails* Babe! Im cuter!

Kyungsoo: *Silently creeps on watches and wonders if saying something would embarrass you.*

Baekhyun: *Tries hard not to laugh.* 

Sehun: *Grabs phone* Dang I look good! 

Kai: At first: Oh yeah! *He acts all sassy*

*Then he sees the pictures/gifs* No wait..Stop.. 

Kris: Its okay, i totally understand why you want to look me up.

Yixing:  *walks in*…….

Then: You make me happy too. *Hugs*

Xiumin: Wait, you’re looking me up?…..but…im right here…

Luhan: You dork! *thinks you’re cute*

Tao: I know Im Cute..

*Continues taking selcas*

Chen: What? Im not cute enough for you?

Request some more! I love exo. I fangirl while making these. (:

I hope you love it! Have a beautiful day people<3