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hi ducky, im not very good with words but i just really wanted to say that im rooting for you. thank u for sharing your adventures in therapy bc it helped me a lot, just knowing that im not alone has been idk a relief, and i know this kinda don't really count coming from a stranger on the internet but you're incredibly kind and smart, i hope someday we get to a place we feel loved, safe, and warm. <3

The fact that you took the time to send me this definitely counts. Thanks for letting me know you appreciate my posts. It helps me in staying open with you guys about what I’ve been going through for the past few months.

a soft boy

the new taz ep was really fucking good and emotional I almost cried and this is what I’ve decided to draw to express that

  • me: minding my own business, trying to concentrate
  • my brain: ♪♫ 2 to the 1 to the 1 to the 3, i’m taako, you know from tv?? i eat old dead dudes with my umbrella. if you wanted to lure me in there you shoulda stayed handsome my fella. 3 to the 1 to the 1 to the 3, why did pan lie to me?? im saving my good rolls. shut up you guys! the late merle highchurch rolled a 5. i have well established rustic hospitality. i would like to try to use my vehicle proficiency. is it time for us to do our sexy turn on the catwalk? I hand her a coupon for 1 free back rub. i love your cadence dear, where are you from? im so proud of zem! booyah. she slaps you back. that is a baller cookie. hot diggity shit.

abcs of beth things i wanna talk about

  • Rick has a bubble gun and tbh lack of air aside and being put in it against ur will that looks fun
  • Beth thought she made up the world rick literally made cause she was so young at the time
  • Rick is really fucking rugged for 70, i guess greatest mind in the world makes you get used to shit like LOOSING A GODDAMN ARM and seeming growing it back within a few hours.
  • Rick may have pointed out Beth was just as bad as he was but also as he was like “look at all the crazy shit you asked me to build for you” he STILL BUILT IT FOR HER cause he cares.
  • this also answers one of my questions of if Rick did do shit like that just use his skillset to build amazing things for beth. he did.
  • Beth literally is just like her father and im kinda digging her realizing this
  • we don’t know if she actually choose to get replaced with a clone or not cause knowing Rick if her answer was yes he’d have it done by the time the kids got home
  • Rick also at one point said it wasn’t a real adventure cause it was missing morty and that just got me with good vibes tm
  • Also Rick stealing the pizza in the last scene, that was funny but also again shows hes able to do nice shit when he feels like
  • im talking out of order but he also offered beth to help him make the clone when she came back becasue she said she wanted to spend time with him and stuff, so now he finally did that for her.
  • Rick also fucked jerry’s ex alien girlfriend cause of course he did.
  • On the jerry story side, it interests me how the kids instantly just want Beth over Jerry
  • Summer got attacked first this time which i feel the whole being force choked thing parallels beth picking her over morty in that one scene
  • Morty seems to be retaining a lot of information and therefore is learning when out on his adventures with Rick cause he knew a lot about jerrys new alien girlfriend and their culture even to know a greeting to say to her in her native tounge and i also love that.
  • mr poopybutthole is still present and was on the fridge in a picture with Rick

We only got one episode left and im gonna cry

psa, osomatsu san season 2

In light of the recent announcement confirming season 2 of Osomatsu san the anime, and the resurrection of a fandom-that-i-dont-believe-was-ever-truly-dead, and especially in light of the memetic “Osomatsu san season 2 wishlists” which have been springing up (ranging from either jokingly or dead on serious and honestly I can’t fucking tell with you guys) , I would like to remind everyone that the anime Osomatsu san has genre’d itself as “Anime At One’s Own Responsibility” 

so like, maybe we get a season 2 thats completely similar to season 1, or they decide to go off the deep end and we get a beatle-faced rendition of Neon Genesis Evangelion, or maybe they decide to just give us The Adventures of F6 for 12 episodes straight. If all goes perfectly, we ideally get nothing but Iyami and Chibita episodes to the likes of the ‘88 -kun series

As a fandom we definitely went loose this past year with our headcanons for the bros and placing them on a scale of evil to good, and unlike season 1 we are definitely approaching season 2 with a mountain of expectations, which is concerning considering the nature of show itself

we’re all here to have a good time, but keep in mind


som super early tazboys designs……………i’’’m got so much work to do refining them (esp outfit wise lord Jesus)

I’ve been working on this piece since school started and I can finally say I feel finished with it!
Please enjoy a plethora of my favorite things and quotes from those favorite things!

I know this isn’t everything, but it is a good chunk of a lot of my favorite things. I tried to include things that also had quotes I could use to describe myself since this is about expressing myself and what I’m about.
I cannot even begin to describe how proud I am of this piece. I am filled to the brim with love and appreciation for where I am and what I’ve become. <3

happy holigays!! ! ! spreading some christmas queer!!! am i right!!!

this is an old comic idea and its rushed but im ok w this! i hope you all are also! marceline is garbage at dealing with crushes but thats ok so am i!! 

have a good holiday, buds!!! 

(dialogue under the cut!)

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I talked to tom kenny at comic con today! he said that he just finished up recording a “standalone episode” with the adventure time crew? judging by the fact that recording on the actual show ended months ago I think that means we could be getting something adventure time related even after its over

im uploading this at like. the last possible second but. my @lucretiaweek day 2 piece!!!!! this is my first time making a gif so its. very rough and bad but i actually really like how it turned out! must be hard seeing your friends again when they dont remember you but you remember them