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30 Days of Guild Wars 2, Day 19: Best thing about GW2? AND Day 25: Who do you play with?

I’m just gonna blend these 2 questions together to contain my mushy feels to one post lol. I know it’s a common answer that I’ve seen during this countdown but by far the best part of GW2 are the people that play it and post about it on Tumblr. Don’t get me wrong, the game is stunning and engaging and I’m hooked…but it is the people and the relationships I have with them that keep me motivated to play on a regular basis.

I was very shy about starting up a gaming blog here and it took a lot of self-courage to start one. I was used to playing 100% on my own for so long and felt weird about inserting myself into the very small GW community on here (back in the day). I didn’t think anyone would appreciate my brand of bizarre silliness or me spamming the tags with Blingees and such. Instead my blog has just grown and grown with followers/fans and I have met so many wonderful people in the process. The GW2 community on Tumblr is one of the most welcoming and supportive communities I’ve ever been a part of. Many of you sent me love during an overwhelming time in my life and it made me cry to see that kindness from people that I only know through a video game or blogging site. I’ve seen that support given out to others or posts comforting someone after a bad day and it’s just a nice thing to see. No tumblr community is devoid of drama or butthurt reblogs or angry anons but overall, the positives totally outshine those negative times which is something I really enjoy :)

I’m fortunate to be in lots of circles within the GW community so I now have a lot of people to play with. Whether I am playing with real life friends or [Oops] guildmates or Tumblr peeps or some random I picked up post-troll death in Queensdale, there’s usually always something for me to do. And while I still tend to wander off and do things in my own Citri way, I don’t consider myself a solo gamer or alone in this game anymore. There’s always fabulous people to play with or talk to and this past year has been a blast thanks to ya’ll <3