im not gonna self harm but

okay i saw john wick 2 yesterday and i just realy love this franchise 

  • ruby rose playing a deaf assassin whom everyone uses correct signs to communicate with (including john)
  • also john speaks Every Language so fkn cool
  • lawrence fishburne playing a character who when he meets up with john says, “ this man and i we go years back” asjkjdakbkdba
  • the concierge at the continental volunteers to look after john’s doggo
  • delving a little more into the lore and politics of the assassin syndicate john works for
  • we all know keanu is an ageless being of chill but i love how john wick as a character shows his injuries slow him down and hurt him and he groans in a constant state of being DONE cos i get sick of action heroes who are just constantly fine to run and jumb and shit even when they’ve been stabbed in the nuts
  • john’s doggo following him everywhere???
  • keanu reeves giving people the thigh grip of death at least a dozen times 
  • actually filmed on location for all the scenes in rome which is SICK honestly some of the best scenes
  • all locations in the movie seem to have been deliberately picked because they are aesthetically dynamic (i.e. the showdown in the mirror exhibit)
  • ian mcshane is forever mr wednesday now sorry i don’t make the rules
  • i just love john wick as a character so much?!?! he’s not motivated by notions of toxic masculinity (like so many other shoot em up protags) he’s just out here like “oh u killed my dog and took my car and burned down my house??? hang on lemme put my doggo in daycare and then i’m gonna kill everyone u know cos fuk u i haven’t got anything better to do now” 
  • (admittedly, the second film had a very vivid self harming scene and on some scenes the sound editing was so whack i thought i was gonna go deaf but i still enjoyed the film as a whole)
TW: Self-harm & suicide

This year has been so hard for me. I’m STILL struggling to embrace myself as a black girl. Also, depression has came out of no where and I was seeing a counselor at my school to deal with it. My mom found out about my depression and anxiety, she was understanding at first. Then she found out about my self harm and she was mad. Telling me I need to read the bible and that I wasn’t raised to have anxiety. She thinks I idolize this stuff. Im not gonna tell her about my constant suicidal thoughts :(


Seek help, sis.

soft forest fire things

ava buys maggie chocolate and flowers
ava reads maggie her favourite poems
maggie will start singing cheesy love songs out of nowhere and ava joins in
maggie doesnt get flustered easy but when she does she starts blooming
maggie kisses avas self harm scars on her arms
maggie kisses avas tummy..
ava is a cuddle monster.. so warm… so soft..
they braid eachothers hair
they drink hot cocoa and watch movies and cuddle

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h-hi i-i um really like your ship and blue is s-so cute! and dust is a nice looking draw your awesome and you look to be really nice your self im not a judger of people its mean i live be being nice at any chance but if im made really mad im most likely gonna flip the table of nice and turn evil at -whom were made me mad - and harm them but only if .... ok uh sorry for the long mg i like to talk but not irl...

aww hun don’t worry, you’re very nice~

god i had such a wild time in the past hour. so i got a call from a random number at fuckin like 11:25 PM from my universitys police department asking for rose park, and i said thats not me and must have the wrong number. now at this point in time im like terrified, rapid-fire inventorying anything illegal ive done recently (which is probably a few things ???) and then im like hm maybe theyre following up on someone i reported ? which i kind of did recently abt suicide stuff lol, and then i realize fuck someone probably reported me. cuz i made a post on instagram that was apparently a big deal and this one acquaintance of mine reached aaaaaaall the way out to me in my DM’s. so yeah they called back and said “sorry, i meant rose perfect?” and im like fuck thats me. anyways so i was right, turns out someone reported me, etc etc etc, and after a few questions she was like “im gonna have to file a report on this too” and im like “k but you dont mean like, something bad right” and she said “nah just for documentation purposes” and so after she got my info i asked her if itd affect my standing with the university and somehow we got onto the topic of how severe this is and i mentioned self harm like a FUCKING idiot and shes like well shit fuck damn im gonna have to call a unit out to check up on you. so she called a literal fucking Baltimore County Police Unit out to my apartment. it was two cops, one middle aged white woman and a late 20′s black man. they were sweet and one was gentle and the other blunt but caring i guess and we had good convo, more rehashing the same ol demographic & situational info, getting more invasively into the details of my suicidality and how im workin through it and stuff, etc etc etc and after a bit the guy was like “would you like to be taken to the hospital ? would that be beneficial to you ?“ and im like FUCK no and the woman really thoroughly expressed how much of a big deal posting about being suicidal online is (????) and was basically like “if it were up to us wed take you right there” which is whatever and then they got a call from the rest of their unit offering these two social workers to come to and talk to me and apparently if they come then THEYRE the deciding factor on whether im taken to the hospital so im like fuck yeah lets go and so they call them, the woman leaves, me and the guy chitchat (turns out he graduated from my university 3 years ago in criminal justice, he had my professor and i took a selfie with him to show to her tomorrow) and they show up, theyre both women and im so happy, we go through so much i can barely remember, they eventually decide that my plan of action for the night is to go right the fuck to sleep and theyll check up on me tomorrow after class and lfjbeorigublndkgn khbsodfybvwlrgkjbnkcjbncmvlkdifkguwrotliubhejkdfn it only took an hour but god the fuck DAMN

Weird four am fever dream stuff?

I had like some weird Guzma head canon ideas/dream thing while I was trying to fall asleep @ four am like, Guzma making his grunts go places in pairs so they don’t get lost they gotta have a buddy at all times if they not in a group. Also idk but also thought of Guzma giving his grunts a talk about safe sex?? Like he was doing that thing where u put a condom on a banana to show how to put one on and he said some shit like “Ok I’m using a banana because I am sure you kids don’t want your boy wiping his dick out.’ idfk but also Plumeria helped with the safe sex talk too n stuff. It was weird.

Another thing was Guzma having to help his Grunts with different problem’s like one of em was gay but nervous to tell his crush his feelings and Guzma noticed him being all weird an he just ‘Do ya like that guy kid?’ and he just ‘WHAT NO-’ but they ended up having a talk and Guzma ended up convincing him to just say his feelings and he did and it went all good cause the other grunt liked him back and they became a couple.

The other one I really remember too was Guzma having to deal with one of his grunts self harming? He wasn’t pissed off he was just worried and they had a long talk and it was all emotional n stuff? Just reassuring her it was ok and that the team skull fam is there for her? And just be careful n stuff. He gave her one of his bracelets to tug on or snap if she felt like she needed to cut again.

And the last thing I remember before I had to get up was the two Gay grunts where older and gonna get married and they invited everyone in team skull to their wedding and they were worried that Guzma wasn’t gonna show up for some reason but of course he showed up to his kids wedding, he was very proud and the wedding went great.

people on this site: i cant be bothered to change my shitty self or even give a proper apology so im going to publicly self harm and make a 13 reasons-esque video talking about how im gonna kms because then everyone who has called me out will appear to be in the wrong and will be forced to forgive me via guilt :))

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I dont want to live anymore. Im not actively suicidal but i just dont want to live anymore. Im alone all throughout the day and this is gonna be my whole summer. I've already relapsed on self harm. All my days consist of is lying in bed all day, reading, not eating, and self harming. Im very tired. Basic hygiene is too much work. I'm going to be alone & lonely all summer, i cant stand it. I have 0 friends. Im oh so very tired. Existing is too hard, dying is too easy.

keep going. i know it’s hard. I recently relapsed after more than 2 years of being clean. recovery isn’t a linear line. it has ups and downs. as for this summer, try your best. you got this. stay strong xx

  • me: [self-destructs]
  • me @ me: my life would be better if i stopped doing this. im gonna stop doing this
  • me @ me @ me: seriously? how do you think you'll survive if you stop? remember how broken you are. remember that you are damaged. you have no purpose. you're going to continue hurting yourself to survive. look at you. how pathetic. look at how easily you fall apart
  • me @ me @ me @ me: that's nice edgelord i'm gonna eat some crackers before i decide how i'll harm myself next

slavery is fucking disgusting. self harm is fucking disgusting. rape is fucking disgusting. whomever justifies/writes this type of thing can fuck themselves. really just rethink what the fuck you’re doing. think of the people you’ve hurt and the actions you’re glorifying. if you glorify those actions, you are no better then those who do them. people like that are literally the worst of humans. @iuriis