im not gonna self harm but


things ive done in 2013:

  • graduated high school
  • went to college
  • got a job
  • figured out my gender identity (sort of)
  • started using new pronouns
  • cut my hair for the first time since i was 13
  • dyed my hair two colors
  • joined a fandom
  • saw once, cinderella, newsies, and big fish
  • had moments where i truly felt happy
  • inspired an entire day devoted to a character
  • saw aaron tveit live
  • met over 15 tumblr followers irl
  • been recognized from tumblr…three separate times
  • helped start the les amis vlog project
  • aced my first semester of college
  • 2013 was the best year thus far
  • i cAN’T FRICKING WAIT FOR 2014!!!!!!