im not gonna self harm but

hi this is kind of personal but with spring coming im getting really worried

does anyone have any tips for dealing with self harm during spring/summer?

though i have not actively self harmed in a month i have a feeling it will happen again and i dont know what to do when that happens and i have to wear short sleeves. i have some really noticeable scars now that i cover with sleeves

i’ve considered buying makeup to put over it, but i don’t think it’d be safe to put makeup over fresh wounds

but bandaids are very noticeable, even the skin tone ones

can anyone help?? don’t worry if you can’t this is just an open question

(PS I realize an “easy” solution would be “just don’t do it” but self harm isn’t as easy as that and i want to be prepared if it happens in the future)

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i keep seeing iasip meta on my dash and i wonder if we're over analyzing this show but then i think abt how dennis' abuse trauma is the reason he's prone to bouts of emptiness, misdirected rage, hypersexuality+ his bdp, how charlie has prob been abused too and his crippling dyslexia and developmental disabilities, dee's paper-thin self worth and desperate need to be validated by men, and macs religious fanaticism driving him to self harm bc he was so disgusted by his feelings as a gay man..

yeah but there’s a difference between recognising all of this and skfldjkflds whatever the hell goes on in the tag. i mean, like myself they like dealing with stuff with the help of humor so im just gonna respect #that and let them make fun of all the serious issues they have

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My mother never got to see my self harm scars,Ive been clean for a couple months now.Hot weather is coming & Im gonna wear my summer uniform(short sleeves).Im ready for my friends to see my scars,Its okay for them to know,ithink theyre nice chill people & they Will understand.Now here comes my concern,the teachers & the principal, what if they suspect smth when they see my forearms & decide to call my mom?Its too hot to keep wearing long sleeves.I dont want to have to explain anything. Help pls

self harm

it’s awesome that you’re trusting your friends with this!

okay, every school is different but i think if you talk to a school counselor or some sort of therapist and if you promise that you’ve stopped you should be fine

okay i’m here again.

so none of the people have replied and i’m too afraid to check their blogs. but just in case they see this:

my post was meant to be taken in the context of self-harm, which means that they’re being done intentionally to hurt yourself. none of them are self-harm if they’re not done with that purpose. there are many reasons why someone would do those things, such as an illness or an abusive relationship. i know that. the post wasn’t about that, it was about self injury and self harm. i’m sorry for all the upset that i caused with the post, i know the original version is not clear enough. if i could delete the whole post off tumblr, i would. but i can’t, so i have added disclaimers that i hope let people know what i’m trying to say.

i mean well, i really really do. and i’m sorry.