im not gonna self harm but

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Hi scotch!!! I was wondering if you could tag those undie pics as something about a self harm tw?? I'm sorry to be a bother!! (Also u are cute as hell its just,,, the scars are triggering I'm sorry!!!)

i normally dont post tag requests, but im respondin cuz im actually not gonna do that. maybe this is wrong of me but it kinda hurt my feelins a bit. i mean, i kno i got scars, but theyre all years and years old and most are faded completely (some r inexplicably purple), and the pictures had nothin to do with them or with self harm. theyre just old old old scars on my body that r unfortunately permanent; most of the time i forget theyre even there.

im sorry if seeing scars on my body triggers some sort of thought or behavior cycle for you, but i rly dont want to (nor do i think i should have to) tag pictures of myself as ‘self harm’ for the rest of my life. like, i’d understand if it was the primary focus of the image, or if they were fresh wounds or something, but i think you should be more considerate before bringing up some old scars that are clearly gonna be a sensitive topic to the person. its just askin for a whole lot of self consciousness. i dont like what i did to my body when i was younger goin thru a few powerful bouts of severe depression, and i wish i didnt have permanent marks from it, but i just do.

im sorry if it triggers you but unfortunately youre just gonna have to use ur other healthy coping skills, because i really dont want to dredge up all that garbage any time i post pictures of myself when im feelin good.

okay i saw john wick 2 yesterday and i just realy love this franchise 

  • ruby rose playing a deaf assassin whom everyone uses correct signs to communicate with (including john)
  • also john speaks Every Language so fkn cool
  • lawrence fishburne playing a character who when he meets up with john says, “ this man and i we go years back” asjkjdakbkdba
  • the concierge at the continental volunteers to look after john’s doggo
  • delving a little more into the lore and politics of the assassin syndicate john works for
  • we all know keanu is an ageless being of chill but i love how john wick as a character shows his injuries slow him down and hurt him and he groans in a constant state of being DONE cos i get sick of action heroes who are just constantly fine to run and jumb and shit even when they’ve been stabbed in the nuts
  • john’s doggo following him everywhere???
  • keanu reeves giving people the thigh grip of death at least a dozen times 
  • actually filmed on location for all the scenes in rome which is SICK honestly some of the best scenes
  • all locations in the movie seem to have been deliberately picked because they are aesthetically dynamic (i.e. the showdown in the mirror exhibit)
  • ian mcshane is forever mr wednesday now sorry i don’t make the rules
  • i just love john wick as a character so much?!?! he’s not motivated by notions of toxic masculinity (like so many other shoot em up protags) he’s just out here like “oh u killed my dog and took my car and burned down my house??? hang on lemme put my doggo in daycare and then i’m gonna kill everyone u know cos fuk u i haven’t got anything better to do now” 
  • (admittedly, the second film had a very vivid self harming scene and on some scenes the sound editing was so whack i thought i was gonna go deaf but i still enjoyed the film as a whole)

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How much of a turn-off is self harm?

ik im a meme blog and i say a lot of stupid shit thats not serious and i especially get a lot of messages that are just trolling but idk if this is or not so im gonna take it seriously. could be of some help to someone out there. im gonna be real real with you right now so listen up. its not a turn off at all but please if you’re struggling, reach out. to family, a friend, a help line, anything. i dont want you to have to struggle with that. if you want you can message me through chat and ill do my best to just be a safe person to talk to. dont hurt yourself. you’re wonderful, badass, and you dont deserve that. i know that reading this doesnt fix anything and might not even help but just know that i will always always always try my best to be here for any of you that just need someone to talk to. <3 

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im under 16 but i already know what i shouldnt do from hearing other people's regrets which worries me because I fear I'll do something worse

nah dont live in fear, u just gotta accept that ur views and opinions now are gonna change a lot by the time ur like 18. if i could give u a tiny bit of advice that id give my younger self- phrase more stuff like questions than statements. that way if ur opinion is very harmful and uneducated, ppl will answer it to fill u in without attacking u for stating it. so u learn better, while also dodging an emotional bullet of self loathing.

Daryl/Reader | You’re Gonna Be Okay

i wrote this in a rush because boy, did i need it. this in no way does justice to what it feels like to be so emotionally vulnerable, but i really don’t think words can truly describe what it feels like to feel so far gone, y’know? idk, im posting this in hopes it can help anyone out there who needed it as much as i did last night. warning, this will deal with depression/self-harm/and suicide. love you all – 🕷️💋

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warning: this fic will deal with depression/self-harm/and suicide.

Normally the cold metal of the bike would’ve sent chills throughout you.

But not tonight.

Tonight it was just another support, something else to hold you up. Something else you were a liability to.

It hadn’t even occurred to you that they were attracted to blood until you’d already done it.

The burning sensation spread up your arms as the cuts began to bleed, the blade falling from your shaking hands.

You weren’t even sure why you’d done it.

Because you felt guilty?


Because you didn’t feel.

You didn’t feel, and you wanted to make sure you weren’t fully numb. You wanted to feel something, anything, even if that anything was pain.

You sat on the seat of the motorcycle, the blood rushing from the fresh wounds that ran down your arms.

You surely felt the pain, but you were still numb. You sat, hands shaking, staring at them and regretting it.

The rustle of the leaves grabbed your attention and you turned your head to look at the nearby bushes.

The blood. They were attracted to the blood.

You stood, though as you did the blade you’d dropped was kicked away with your frantic movements. You looked around for any sort of help, but there was none, everyone was either sleeping or out searching for Sophia, leaving you the sole person on watch.

You turned your attention back to the fast-approaching walker. You glanced towards the nearby RV, but you thought better than to call for help out of fear of attracting even more of the undead. You slowly backed up, though having been stranded on the small highway you didn’t get far until you bumped into a nearby car. Running was no use, it had already gotten the scent of your blood and judging from the feeling of the warm liquid dripping down and onto the ground, it seemed that the bleeding wasn’t going to stop any time soon. You closed your eyes as the walker got closer, pressing yourself against the hood of the car and waiting for the inevitable.

The footsteps seemed to speed up, and it wasn’t until you felt a pair of hands grab your shoulders that you opened your eyes again.

“The fuck do you think you’re doin’?”

You met Daryl’s eyes, and god did he look angry.


“You what?”

You stared down at the ground, unsure of what to say.

He turned his gaze downward, and as he did he spotted the dark streaks running down your forearms.

He slid his hand down from your shoulder, flipping your wrist. As soon as his eyes landed on the cuts his grip softened.

“Christ, ____….”

“I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s…Just…I didn’t know.” He used his free hand to lift your chin, your gaze meeting his own.

“Why didn’t you tell me? There’s other ways. You - You don’t gotta…” he looked down towards your arms again.

“Jesus, let’s just get you patched up, ‘aight?”

You nodded, your body going fully numb again as he helped you stand and guide you back towards the RV.


He made a soft noise in response.

“Don’t…You won’t tell anyone, right?”

“'Course not.”

He finished wrapping the gauze around your arms, and finally sat back, looking you over fully.

Someone so young, so pretty, harboring something so dark.

“It’s just…Since all this started I…It’s been hard, and…”

“’s alright, ____. I ain’t think any less of you.”

“You should.”

“Well I don’t.”

You scoffed, glancing towards the woods, “You should. I’m a liability. I’m…Not worth all the trouble.”


“Why? Why? ‘Cause all I’ve done so far is cause problems? ‘Cause I need meds to keep my mind on track? ‘Cause I just risked everyone’s life because of one stupid rash decision?”

He shook his head, “Y’can’t help you think the way you do. ’S not your fault. No one would blame you for something you can’t control.”

“It’s just gonna be a hassle to deal with later on. It’s gonna cause problems, and I guarantee if you ask anyone they’d agree - It’d have been better if I was gone.”

“They wouldn’t, I promise you that. “

“And how are you so sure?”

“If they say anything different they’ll have to fuckin’ answer to me, that’s why.”

You stared down at the gauze, which was already stained red with your blood, “You should’ve let me die.”

“For fuck’s sake, ____,” he kneeled down in front of you, the night air sending a chill down your spine, “You mean something to everyone here. They all look up to you. Christ, I look up to you. You give everyone here hope, with your dumb jokes and home cooking and…The way you make everyone feel at home…You make everyone feel normal. Like it’s gonna be okay. And maybe you don’t see it now, but that’s something that they all need. That I need. You mean so much more to everyone than you think.”

You met Daryl’s eyes again. He looked distraught, he looked like what he was saying was genuine.

Blinking away the tears, you tilted your head up to stare at the moon, which shone down across the many cars of the highway, including Daryl’s bike, which you currently rested upon.

You heard him sigh and you slowly lowered your head.

He stood a foot away from you now, his back to you.

You looked at him, curious as to what he was doing.

“Can’t believe I’m fuckin’ doin’ it this way.”


He then raised his arms, pulling his shirt off and tossing it to the ground beside him. It took a moment to fully process what he had done, but your eyes soon fell upon his now-bare back, which upon further inspection was littered with scars, all of them deep and bruised with age.

You stood from your seat and slowly approached him, your hand ghosting over the many marks. Though he turned his head slightly, he made no attempt to look at you.

“I didn’t wanna do it like this, but if it’s what’s gonna convince you you’re worth somethin’ then…”

“I had no idea -”

“I didn’t do this for sympathy. I did to prove a point to ya. Do you think any less of me ‘cause of…this?” he gestured slightly to his back.

“Of course not, I -”

“Right, so you think anyone else is gonna think differently of you cause of…that?” he motioned to the bandages that ran the lemgth of your forearms.

You stood in silence.

“They ain’t. You’re still gonna be the same gal we knew yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that,” he finally turned to face you, “I - We - care about you. We’re here to help. Ain’t no shame in asking for it, either. I just…I want you to be happy, as happy as you can be given the situation, y’know?” he flashed a small smirk, “I just want you to know that.”

You nodded before bending down to pick up his shirt, which was now covered in dirt. He took it from you with a small smile, being sure to gently grab ahold of your hand in the process.

“You’re gonna be okay.”

You smiled back, “I know. Thank you.”

the louvre; peter parker

requestcan you do an imagine where reader has a crush on peter even though he and michelle were dating in high school (which makes the reader distance themselves from the group) and after they graduate, peter finds them and says that he and michelle didn’t work out? then the reader finds out it was because he liked the reader the whole time. sorry if this is confusing and super long!!

word count; 2,990

warnings; tw self harm, here’s a no tw version. also i didn’t edit this as always

a/n; YALL IM SO SORRY IM TAKING CENTURIES TO WRITE I SWEAR IM TRYING SFSJGLJ; wheezes im still in the middle of writing the next part to this, it was originally gonna be one big fic but its taking too long and i have enough for a part one at the very least so i decided to break it up. listened to the louvre  by lorde while writing. gosh im sorry this took so long

tags; @kaliforniacoastalteens

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You had supposedly gotten over Peter a few months ago, when you’d accepted the fact that he and MJ– or rather, Michelle, you remembered, she’s Michelle to me now, isn’t she– were dating and you’d finally ceased intentional contact with him after painfully long weeks of being too busy, too sick, too tired, too hurt; and you have yet to admit that last one. With Peter’s absence of course came Michelle’s, they were a couple and therefore somewhat of a packaged deal. That was no surprise to you, when you regretfully unwound yourself from Peter you had known that you’d lose Michelle, too. What you hadn’t expected was the sudden absence of Ned– someone who you had grown quite close to. Even Liz was separated from you, so subtly you nearly hadn’t noticed she was gone. In the first few seconds of hurt and loneliness and confusion, you were awfully lost. But then you considered: you met Ned and Liz through Peter and indeed they were closer to him than you’d ever be, ever been. And so you start from scratch.

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TW: Self-harm & suicide

This year has been so hard for me. I’m STILL struggling to embrace myself as a black girl. Also, depression has came out of no where and I was seeing a counselor at my school to deal with it. My mom found out about my depression and anxiety, she was understanding at first. Then she found out about my self harm and she was mad. Telling me I need to read the bible and that I wasn’t raised to have anxiety. She thinks I idolize this stuff. Im not gonna tell her about my constant suicidal thoughts :(


Seek help, sis.

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jared helping reader with self harm? im going through that now so itd be nice if you dont mind? obviously if it triggers you its cool to not do it

Hey. I’m gonna do this but only on the condition you check out this link and talk to someone ok? I’ve dealt with this personally and with friends. It’s not something I endorse at all. Do something about this, ok? You matter so much to me. I know that sounds false because I don’t know you, but I don’t have to. People who have a particular affinity with Jared tend to always be the same type of people. People who try really hard, who may push people away, and who see the best in people. You matter. Please get help, ok? I’m sorry if this is overstepping, but it’s something I’m constantly thing of. Stay safe, ok?

Tigger warning for mentions of self harm

- as soon as he sees your scars he just wraps you in a hug
- kissing you on the cheek
- you don’t want to cause attention
- you could hurt yourself just for letting him see
- “please get help.”
- he’s never sounded so earnest
- “it… Doesn’t work.”
- he looks so frustrated and just keeps kissing you
- “it doesn’t work in one sitting. It’s something you have to keep doing. Like brushing your teeth or fucking breathing. It’s hard and it sucks and I’m begging you.”
- you probably fight a lot about it
- but after a long time you agree to go to therapy
- he was right
- it does suck
- but after a few weeks
- the time between you cutting yourself gets longer and longer
- and you tell him when it happens
- he comes fucking running to hug you
- he’s so proud you told him

Wrong For Too Long

Title: Wrong For Too Long (or read on AO3)
By: doveziam
Pairing: Zayn Malik/Liam Payne
Rating: E
Genre: Angst (TW: Anxiety Attacks, Self-Harm Attempt)
Chapters: 1/2 (WIP)

While a lot of people spent years and years pining for someone they didn’t know, it was very easy for Liam to discover who his soulmate was. The most expected day to everybody he knew, came for him at a very young age. He was fifteen, and it was the first day of classes. He was distracted by his phone and bumped into his crush.


Based on the post found here:

soft forest fire things

ava buys maggie chocolate and flowers
ava reads maggie her favourite poems
maggie will start singing cheesy love songs out of nowhere and ava joins in
maggie doesnt get flustered easy but when she does she starts blooming
maggie kisses avas self harm scars on her arms
maggie kisses avas tummy..
ava is a cuddle monster.. so warm… so soft..
they braid eachothers hair
they drink hot cocoa and watch movies and cuddle

Blanca the big pink moose

Blanca’s person wrote to me in June:

My stuffed moose is named Blanca. She’s my best friend in the whole wide world. I’ve had her since i was born and she’s now become special not only to me but my whole family, you could say shes loved by many.

We’re both turning 20 this coming July 20th and i wanted to do something special for her, it was always a thought my mother had for years. Taking Blanca to a stuffed animal hospital but I never thought she REALLY needed it.

When i first got her she eas a fluffy BRIGHT pink moose. Yes bright pink. And she had a little bow. Now she’s completely grey with patches of missing fur. Which never bothered me. I understood that she’s really old and she wasn’t gonna be her pinky self forever. But because shes become so fragile im scared to harm her anymore than she is! (believe it or not) i still drag her around places and she’s fairly large. I’ve learned now not to take her around as much as she developed a huge gap in her neck. She had a long neck that i lay on while i sleep that i hope you could save. She’s a sassy moode who needs that long extended neck. She also needs stuffing that had been lost over the years. Besides her neck everything about her is still perfect.

I’ve read what you do to people’s loved stuffed friends and I’m happy to see others love their stuffed friends as much as i do.

After some back and forth, it was decided that we would give Blanca spa and fully line her.  That would treat her neck, and her weakened skin, but not change her look too much.  Here she is on arrival in the hospital (she’s almost 3 feet tall!):

She had a nice spa:

You can see she’s getting pink.

Then she was fully lined before her heart went in.  Here you can see the heart going in and a bit of her lining:

Then, after a bit more back and forth for chubbiness, she could hold her head high and was ready to fly home:

As you can see, she really was pink!  For the most part.  Her forehead is cream, and her feet are white.  Everywhere that was pink is lined in pink (you can see the lining through the bald areas on her chest now in the photo above).  Everywhere white is lined in white. 

Blanca flew home to Southern California and her person wrote:

BLANCA IS HOME AND SHES SO BEAUTIFUL I couldn’t help but cry when i held her shes perfect. I cant believe the amazing work you did. Words cant explain how much I appreciate you helping my moose. Thank you so so so much Beth! <3