im not gonna make any comments bc

okay i’m just gonna leave the theme discourse here with a real world example that i literally have to do as a teacher

making things accessible and ready to kids is something i have to do. i cant tell a student to suck it up and get a magnifying glass to read a worksheet if they’re having problems—if i know that one student is having issues reading a worksheet then hell yeah when i make my next worksheet i have to up the text because chances are if one kid is having issues reading it, more than two or three kids are having the same problem. i shouldn’t look at my kids and tell them to find ways around the problem or have somebody to read the worksheet for them if i, the person who made the worksheet, can fix the problem myself?

likewise if my student decides to do a whole worksheet in bright green yellow pen or marker and i have to strain my eyes to grade it, is it wrong for me to ask them “hey, i know you wanted this to look very pretty but can you use a darker color next time so i can read it clearly?” i don’t understand this logic that you can’t have aesthetically pleasing things that are also accessible to people who want to enjoy them as well? aesthetic and accessibility are not mutually exclusive!!!! what a surprise!!!

telling people that they should consider making their resources more accessible because a good portion of people are having issues using them shouldn’t be considered telling anybody what to do, especially because believe it or not we live in a world where things have to be accessible to people with varying conditions and abilities? shocking, isn’t it?

nobody is saying we’re not appreciative of theme maker’s hard work, the fact that those theme posts have 100+ notes is proof of it, and nobody is saying that a theme maker cannot have a preference to their small theme (no matter how much we dislike it). nobody is saying we can’t ask theme makers to make the themes bigger. the problem people have is that it doesn’t seem like once during the coding process, that a lot of these theme makers think “let’s see if this theme would look okay with bigger posts as another option” or “this time let’s make this theme especially for people who need my themes to be more accessible.” there’s nothing wrong with asking, but the general feeling is if we have to ask every single time, then it’s as if theme makers don’t take us into consideration when posting themes. and we don’t always want to use 101 ways to see what is on a blog because hello! a lot of us think these themes are really cool and innovative and we like seeing them too!! bringing back to my example, if my students have to remind me every single worksheet to make the font bigger, i’m eventually gonna get a complaint from a parent asking how come i’m not being considerate and just making the font bigger in the first place since i already knew this was a problem?

case in point, if you wanna continue making your resources and themes as is with features that are inaccessible to some people then congrats? have fun? but just like how some of you say we shouldn’t get upset because it’s your blog, your choice, and your aesthetic, you shouldn’t get upset when people say something about it either.

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what did f*z do?

i got too many asks about this to ignore this but ok basically they used to be a zourry blog (there were times where they even insulted niam bc they werent “””worthy”””) then did a complete 180 around the time the weedvideo came out or probably also earlier than that as people told me that but ok…. from bullying larries making fun of them to being straightout disrespectful towards louis, calling him names, harassing/bullying people/louis stans and causing unnecessary drama by putting captions on their photos like “mystery blonde mystery friend etc etc.” They claim the “poc members” were upset bc of louis’ use of slur, im not gonna touch that subject everyone has the right to be angry/upset with this kind of things if their feelings genuinely got hurt but!!!! the thing is, they crop louis out of  ot4/ot5 pics to be petty, they make unnecessary rude and ugly comments about him/his look all the time and influence their followers to hate him by spreading biased shit, they try to justify this kind of fucked up behavior by calling him a racist without any proof whatsoever, but he suddenly exists when elounor was still a thing back then, and they have a gallery (which they make money of) where they still post pics of him??? To me, as a poc, thats fucking disrespectful when you claim youre all there to speak up against racism and what not, only to justify your biased hatred towards someone for whatever false reasons you have but when it’s about making money they pull this shit lmao ok!!! It’s fucking disgusting how they hide behind false intentions and influence their followers so much till the point where this toxic and fucked environment in this fandom got more and more normalized.

And, theyre usually the one with all the “””exclusives”””, first ones to publish new pics and not a single time did they have any copyright problems with (stolen) pap photos or whatever else while there are tons of other blogs who did when posting hqs…… Oh wait they did once lmao the only copyright problem they had was when they accidentally put a pic of harry and louis in one frame in their gallery lolol, the photographer publicly called them out on her twitter and threatened with legal actions but went alllll quiet suddenly when the pic got deleted…….. i would call this shady but it’s fucking clear that blog is either directly or indirectly supported/encouraged by 1dhq one way or another and we all know how that fucked up team always tries to make louis’life miserable…… 

ANYWAY the point is, if you respect louis enough just avoid that blog all together. I’m not saying this bc Louis is my fave and im biased want to protect him or whatever. I’m a poc myself, I know how upsetting it is when your idol fucks up/ hurts your feelings and I have no right to tell people how to feel but everyone makes mistakes??? he is a human being???? the other boys also have shown plenty times how “”””problematic””” they can be???? 

their behaviour is biased and disrespectful all together,  they hide behind false intentions and I don’t tolerate this kind of shit, it’s inexcusable and it pisses me off when there’re “””larries”””who suddenly think it’s ok to give that blog notes and spread their post/popularity just bc //theyre only pictures//// why is reblogging some new candids (which when u wait 10 mins someone else will post anyway) more important than respecting louis????? but i made a post about it before here too lazy to repeat myself as i already went on full rant mode here…