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𝓞𝓷𝓮 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮: 𝓔𝓻𝓸𝓼
Miyamoto Kenji & Katsuki Yuuri performing side by side


when you definitely have some kind of language kink but you’re also legitimately concerned your boyfriend/student will get lost. [1x08]


sehun in 2016 ♡

So modern klance au where the paladins are high school students and Lance is prince eric in the school’s production of the little mermaid. Keith is part of the crew. One day at rehersal, the girl playing Ariel can’t make it, so they get Keith to fill in for one scene because Ariel doesn’t say anything in it and he was the only member of the crew who wasn’t busy at that point. The scene was the kiss the girl scene and KLANCE IN THE BOAT!!! AND THEN AT THE END OF THE SONG LANCE ACTUALLY KISSES KEITH ALTHOUGH THEY WERENT EXPECTING IT CAUSE YOU KNOW JUST REHERSAL AND THEY NEVER ACTUALLY KISS IN THAT SCENE (they’re supposed to fall out of the boat). When they separate they’re both really blushy and lance claims it’s because of the play and he wanted to “stick to the script cause he’s such a great actor” bUT HE REALLY JUST WANTED TO KISS KEITH

Keith: that’s not part of the script???

Lance (flustered) oh shit it’s not! (he was too into the moment). Well I forgot?! I never read through the whole script! (he did) 

and the next day at rehersal everyone notices how keith and lance are a lot closer and flirtatious than normal…

this last fanfic reading touched my biggest weakness

katie in skirts/dresses

the comics are so so close to making klance canon. so close. come on, comics. i believe in u. u can do it. 


Various Anons: “Kara in D6?”  “Can you do Kara in D2!!” “ Kara for A3??“

Two masks and a reality