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Hey, can you do a better version of this attempt at Klance? Ive never watched the show but my best friend talks about it all the time to me and she asked me to make fanart for her. This is what i got, im not a great artist at all. But i want to see if you can put it in your style and when youre done tag hemmoshalo and i? I will love you forever!

There you go my man. Keep drawing!! You’ve got great potential!

I guess i might as well put a LAPIDOT thing here.

i decided to have a go at drawing these guys (this guy?) properly instead of just doodling in class. for some reason i decided to go for this artstyle - i normally only use it for hs related stuff - and i think it turned out p nice.

gonna draw the other two at some point, just gotta get the energy/motivation.


i’m up to ep 9 of hxh now and i tried doodling kurapika on my phone heh,,


only cool kids and gremlins hang around outside of mcdonalds at 12:30 am

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You're my favorite artist on this site. I absolutely LOVE your art style and swan? best webcomic ever. I'm super excited to see whats going to happen next. But honestly i never know how to tag stuff on your art so i just put "hashtag love it hashtag fav artist" but irl im like THIS IS THE BEST OMG SHE BLESSES MY SOUL SO MUCH WITH HER ART I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART, LOOK AT IT, IS IT AMAZING??? YES OF COURSE IT IS CUS SELENA DID IT

hghdfjkgjdhkdjf anon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im blushin youre too sweet <3

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So i recently found out how to do a 3D effect thing on gimp,i didnt know gimp was so much like photoshop ???i can do so many things that i didnt know i could omg
I didnt know because i just self taught myself gimp

i dont watch tutorials because i dont like people telling me what to do

and i got the hang of it after a year and then i found out its not actually a drawing program its really bad for drawing

The effect thing like washed her out and made the picture pale but i just messed with the levels and i made her michi coloured again so yea last time i didnt make her super pale intentionally

Im not going to delete the other one because it has notes lol
I read all the tags its so easy to make me happy just put “good” in the tags and i will scream


there came a time in the yume nikki and fangames discord server, where one doodle of usotsuki and nire about to fight escalated into a series of sequential catastropes. i’m afraid to say even i have no good way of putting sense and reason to this. it just, happened. its one of those things that just, happens naturally.

this is going down as my fucking legacy.

@the entire server: i hate all of you.

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Can you give me some examples of the crewniverse being racist? (Aside from sugilite because thats been explained and aside from the Amethyst concept art)

ohhhhhh myyy gosh, ive seen your blog,  you question every single criticism despite sources being right there or a google search away, or the reasoning being obvious (ex your question “how is blue diamond gay?” hgghghf)

the racism in su has been talked about time and time again. you can go on any su critical blog, including my own (tho mines short bc im bad with tagging), put in /tagged/racism, and find plenty of examples, but if u cant bother to do that then here:

  • the human zoo
  • tiger mom stereotype with connies mom
  • bismuth being very clearly coded as a black woman, and being written as an unreasonable violent militant who needs to be imprisoned. along with the message that oppressed people fighting against their oppressors makes them just as bad as them
  • gem harvest making jokes about “illegal aliens” and having the message that you must be nice to racists who disrespect your family
  • garnet’s portraval, from her being written as more violent and her anger being villified, to her having no personality now besides for a guide for the the (white) main character
  • the very very clear favoritism by writers that pearl, a white coded character, gets over amethyst and garnet, and how awful that esp is in the sardonyx arc where she gets so much sympathy and etc
  • the episode “back to the barn”, with  the message that steven gives being “pearl doesnt deserve discrimination because she doesn’T fit the stereotypes of being a pearl! shes not like other pearls, who deserve it!” aka “ you must prove racists wrong b y not fitting stereotypes of  your race”
  • pearl being written as a slave to begin with when she/other pearls we’ve seen are white coded and so having more privilege than say , eyeball, who is black coded and written as creepy for dreaming of having a pearl

theres plenty more you can find yourself, or see yourself in the show if you opened your eyes. besides people post about it all the time, if you see my comparatively less popular blog and posts, you’d see the plenty big note posts going around pointing out the racism in su

holdin’ hands 

(the quality is mes……..s….ed up u can click on the pic 4 better…quality)