im not going to message him

Clarifications & A Care Sheet.

First, this is not directed at any particular follower; my keeper gets messages like this on a very, very frequent basis, usually 4-5 per day either in asks or through the Tumblr IM system.

He is happy to help with advice on husbandry, tank setup, and things like that, however, if you message him with a description of an obviously sick or injured leopard gecko and ask what you should do, his response is always going to be, “You need to take your gecko to the vet.”

That aside, he’s put together a very basic leopard gecko care sheet to hopefully cut down on the many messages he also gets about basic husbandry.

The very, very basics for husbandry for a leopard gecko:

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hey! since i’m not really good at writing up starters without plotting beforehand, suck at messaging people out of the blue, and many other reasons i won’t go into, i’ve decided to make this permanent plotting call! so, basically, give this a like if you’re up for some good ol’ plotting with my boy jun over here. liking this post will give me the green light to jump into your ims (maybe also skype? line?) to discuss and create some sick ass plots. 

jun has multiple verses, the ones i have up for him now being: main verse, past verse, human verse, demigod verse, sensate verse, and hogwarts verse. i can always create more so don’t hesitate to approach with au plots! 

just to reiterate, by plots i really mean any plots! i want jun to have a variety of interactions/connections with other muses so anything goes — close friends, enemies, frenemies, complicated relationships, mentors, proteges, pure angst, pre-established, horror, etc. the only thing i ask is to please only like if you’re going to be invested in the plotting and subsequent interaction. i don’t mean you have to reply to me quickly or anything, i just don’t want to get excited over plotting and never get a response. 

but if you’re up for it, please click that like ♡ 

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Fun fact: the developers or whoever is responsible for prince sidon completely based him off u. The proof? Ur both too kind. Too good for everyone. Ur both cuties. They told me themselves

hey?? hey what the fuck??? hey ??? who let you come in here and be this nice to me??? that’s very sweet of you im blessed that someone would go out of their way to send me such a kind message….. thank you…. 

Rogue One Beach Headcanon

Beach headcanon


- But for real Jyn gets burnt so easily
- Jyn red as hell: IM FINE ow ow ow IM REALLY OK ow

- Baze can’t swim and Cassian has to teach him how

- Chirrut - “I enjoy the force, long walks on the beach, and ice cream”

- Seriously, Chirrut has huge sunglasses and over 3 ice cream cones

- Bodhi spends his time making a huge sandcastle

- It’s so extravagant and he’s so happy and “Perfect!” *giant wave crashes* *sighs* *restarts*
- Baze with sunglasses tan lines

- K-2SO couldn’t come because if he went in the ocean he’d shut down

- He does send really salty com messages Cassian: (over com) I’m going for a swim, bye K2. K-2SO: there’s a 33% chance you’ll drown

- Jyn wears snorkel gear and it’s way to big for her face

- When Cassian laughs Jyn dunks his head underwater

- Bodhi hates boats he gets so seasick

- Cassian tries to fish and catches nothing

- Chirrut fishes and catches everything

- At sunset the whole team collects seashells together and trade them

- They decide to give them all to K2 when they get home

I need them requests ps I’m having rogue one withdrawals I need to see it again can anyone request me some bodhi x reader to quench it

1. make sure to laugh at mark’s jokes

2. youngjae may be the sunshine here but he’s the maknae slayer

3. never look for other members on a member’s solo v-app broadcast

4. make sure to put emoji if you’re going to leave a message to jackson’s sns

5. be always prepared to fight im jaebum

6. if you’re going to give one member food, make sure to give park jinyoung too

7. if you think kim yugyeom is too gorg, you can always blame his growth hormones

8. park jinyoung & kim yugyeom aka tom & jerry

9. just let mark tuan eat his damn food

10. coco is some kind of heavenly gift to markjae

11. organic only

12. don’t ever mention nora to jb or he might just cry

13. they are too much to handle but they are worth it

14. markbam aka chopstick unit aka tom & jerry 2.0

15. they have real bromance with day6

16. you will see im jaebum in day6′s v-app from time to time

17. bambam is might be big

18. dabbing might be some kind of lucky charm to them so expect inappropriate dabbings

19. mark tuan is either 0 or 100..

20. they unbelievably look good in orange

21. youngjae is already beautiful as he is and don’t you dare forget that

22. you will never really stop thinking about them

23. even when you’re sad

24. and especially when you’re hungry

ended the year and started the new year doing the usual…ahah.

I also wanted to say THANK YOU always!!♡ for the kind words, funny tags and sweet messages that definitely made my days last year. You guys are awesome!!!!♡

what she says: im fine
what she means: i want to see what happened before the scene where betty and jughead are in betty’s room before the funeral. they see each other for the first time in that moment did hal let betty know that jughead has arrived and told him he can go up to her room. did juggie get ready at betty’s bc he has no where else to get ready. i want to see the moment before that scene where one of them suggests they meet up before heading to the blossom house was it a txt message was it an interaction at school did juggie get into his suit before arriving at the cooper house can you imagine him being all nervous knocking on their front door and it must have been hal that answered the door bc betty must have still been in her bedroom juggie was probably more nervous knocking on betty’s bedroom door
im dying

Valentine’s tomorrow for me so some quick tythan valentines HCs

-Tyler’s the kind of guy who buys those giant bear plushes for Ethan 

-Most of the gifts they give each other don’t concern food or chocolate because of Ethan’s allergies but sometime’s its nicer that way because the things last longer?

-Ethan loves making his own Valentines Day cards and he’ll have glitter all over him, he also always adds in those comic sans card things (you know what im talking about) but at the end he always writes a really sweet paragraph about how thankful he is for Tyler and how much he means to him

-Tyler buys his blueberry flowers because traditions right and he does all this research on what the flowers actually mean so that it can send the sweetest message

-Tyler does one of his twitter things to talk about how much he loves Ethan and there’s inspirational stuff everywhere and it’s so cute

-They actually go to a formal restaurant for dinner (candles and all that fancy shit) and they get all dressed up for each other and technically Ethan’s not allowed to drink alcohol yet but shh it’s okay he has that adult supervision

-Ethan forces Tyler to watch sappy romance movies with him

-tythan and amyplier having sort of a day-long contest to see who can be the cutest couple

Forever Yours - Callum Airey Imagine

heller guys! bringing you another imagine. im considering doing another “dating ___” as that was a pretty big hit. but i hope you enjoy this imagine, feel free to recommend or suggest things in a message. 

bel x

word count; 670 words

pairing; calfreezy and reader

“Right guys! What is going on and welcome to the Big Ball Crossbar Challenge!”  Cal announced as all the boys, (which consisted of Behz, JJ and Simon), cheered behind him.

I, however, stood off to the side of the boys with raised eyebrows and a slight smirk. Calum had asked me if I wanted to be involved in his latest football video, and of course I agreed. Purely just to show my boyfriend that I can kick his arse anyday. 

“So, the aim of the challenge is to take this big ball,” he explained as Behz flopped onto a giant blown up ball, “and kick it against the crossbar. We’ll have three different positions to shoot from. The goal line, the top of the penalty arch and the half way line. Let’s get to it guys!” 

Just as he finished his explanation, Callux took a poor attempt at hitting the crossbar. The ball ended up flying over the pitches fence. He pulled an awkward face at the camera before the challenge begun.

The challenge started off with each of us standing behind the camera. All except JJ who decided to be a cocky bastard, talk himself up and take the first time from the goal line. He gave the camera a quick wink before winding up and taking his first shot. Needless to say it was horrid. 

Next up was Freezy. The dramatics kicked in, looking at the ball, the camera and then back at the ball. His foot dug under the large ball, flicking it up in attempt to hit the bar. The ball just so happened to skim over the bar, which Freezy celebrated. But only Freezy.

“We dont take skimmers babe.” I shrugged, a smirk evidently spread across my face.

He glared in my direction, frowning. “Shut up (Y/N).”

I let a small giggle slip past my lips, raising my eyebrows at him.

Simon was next to give it a go, using the same technique as Freezy had. 

“Oi, oi, oi Simon. Cant be copying me mate!” Freezy complained. 

I shut him up by placing a small kiss to his lips.

Simon flicked it up, hitting the crossbar. 

Everyone went absolutely nuts. JJ tackled Simon, Behz dog piling on. Meanwhile I had jumped onto Cal’s back, him running around as I held onto him tightly in hopes that I wouldnt fall off. 

Behz had accidentally rolled his ankle retrieving the large ball so he sat his hurt out, meaning it was my go.

I lined it up according to how I wanted my shot to go. Just as I kicked the ball, my studs skimmed the surface causing it to it pop, which made me shriek. The boys laughed, all except Freezy who waltzed over to me. 

I noticed a small velvet box laying on the grass of the field. I looked at the group of boys, then at Cal, then once again at the small box. 

Cal’s lanky frame lent down to pick it up, kneeling infront of me.

“(Y/N), you’ve been by my side for a while now and I really appreciate you coming into my life. You’ve always supported my decisions and my career and youve just always supported me in general. I know we’ve had our fair share of arguments and sleeping on the couch for a few nights, but we’ve always pushed through it havent we?,” By this stage I was bawling my eyes out and all the boys had their phones out to record the moment.

“There isnt anyone else I’d rather be with than you. So (Y/N), will you do me the honour of making me your dorky, lanky, loveable and totally hot husband?”  He finished, opening the small box to reveal a small, yet beautiful, white silver diamond ring.

I quickly nodded, allowing the tears to spill from my eyes and flow down and off my cheeks. He slipped the ring onto my finger before picking me up and twirling me around. 

“I can’t wait to be forever yours.”

u ever think about how people say Tony isn’t a villain in civil war and yet Tony in the end behaved in exactly the same way that Zemo, actual villain of the movie did? Zemo wanted to hurt Steve and in doing so tear apart the Avengers and so he went after Bucky. Tony wanted to hurt Steve and so when he found out about his parents, he went after Bucky with the intention of killing him and taking him away from Steve forever

  • Magnus: "here's the thing we're always going to face challenges, so when things get crazy don't push me away."
  • Alec: *nods in determination*
  • Alec: * literally doesn't tell him that he's risking his life, yet again, and is risking slipping his self into a coma because he couldn't send a fire message explaining that he needed the help of the high warlock of Brooklyn to track his Parabatai*
  • Me, in the background: * incoherent screeching*

alright so i, and probably fourteen other people of somethiNG, decided to save some of @midnigtartist best quotes from the stream. i had to leave near the end, and never got back iN, but her beautiful messages to us are as follows:

i dont hate mexicans i just hate you its personal

his name is jose and im going to kill him

here comes the literal devil tjeffs

hes just gonna stab us with a sharpened straw and that will be the end

ill take pictures of him all shirtless and sweaty itll be cool


were literally gonna spend two hours on this eyebrow this is the creative process guys

and it was a bad- *abruptly stops talking for no clear reason*

i cant rap over another person. first of all thats R U D E also ill be distracted

its ass o’ clock at night i say as i smash down garbage with a disgusting stick

“how much custards in the machine” “enough” “enough for what” “i'UNnO”

what- why do we- who is burning in the kitchen whats going on i leave you alone for two seconds

did somebody just say alexandtampon i will find you

i rate how much i like people based on how many bears i would fight for them its The Bear Scale

if youre not in a state of constant screaming when youre drawing youre probably doing something wrong

hey no swear words in the fucking chat

i love all of the in the heights characters, vanessa, benny, nina, and -looks at smudged writing on hand- US navy


look at this puffy faced child no im going to destroy him

aimees broken and doesnt know what the hell shes doing

also this part

“Brother… hold my son for me.”

“Oh dear….” Papi takes Fennel from Sylphy.

“Alright THAT ANON THAT threatened my baby and my family….. I have a message for you anon. Hey there buddy chum pal friend buddy pal chum bud friend fella bruther amigo pal buddy friend chummy chum chum pal i don’t mean to be rude my friend pal home slice bread slice dawg but i gotta warn ya if u make one more diddly darn threat towards my family im going to have to diddly darn snap ur neck….understand? You hurt my baby or my family… I will end you.”

“Have a SWELL night sir!”

please help

one of my very very dear friends got kicked out of his house and was already in an extremely toxic environment and now has no where to go and is living on the streets if there is anyone in the houston area, closer to crossby who is able to take him in please message me im begging you (reblog this please)

The "L" words

Viktor said that he has been neglecting the “L” words for over 20 years. He is 27. This means that since he was 7(or younger) he didn’t really live his life or love. It makes me wonder of his childhood and what made him (im going to use the term:) reject these things for the past years. A traumatic experience? Or never loving something enough to actally feel? And the fact that Yuuri changed all that shows how powerful and beautiful their relationship really is…

I don’t know but this really intrigued me and is what I’m mostly interested in from this episode despite everything that happened….

doubt: is an angel boy to polarize, trying to be the nicest man ever


So junior year, i was friends with this guy at my high school and we talked and sexted a little bit but neither of us wanted to date each other.

Senior year, i got a (super controlling) boyfriend so that guy and i stopped talking. When i broke up with that boyfriend before my first semester of college, i decided to go on tinder. The guy pops up and i swipe right because why not?

We match and i message him something like “i feel like i know you from somewhere lol” and we hit it off just like we used to. We finally make plans for me to come over so we can hook up, but he still lives with his parents so i have to go to his house when he’s home alone.

I go to his house and we’re just paying video games and he’s NOT making a move and im getting impatient because i was expecting some dick. We had sexted the year before, so there was all this build up and anticipation to actually have sex that i was annoyed he wasn’t making a move.

I end up kissing him. We have sex. He has THE smallest penis ive ever seen.

I know it’s really mean, but i didn’t text him at all after that..