im not going to give in


Youngjae being all romantic to Jaebum in front of a whole school is giving me too many feelings to handle at this hour someone save me 

Jaebum’s smile when Youngjae says “I think Jaebum hyung doesn’t have to feel sorry because I want to change bodies with him” is just alsdknalfkdns

AND “I’m going to embrace his apologetic feelings too” YOUNGJAE YOU LOVE HIM THAT MUCH I KNOW BUT IT STILL HURTS ME IN A GOOD WAY

Thank you ciarast for the subs bless you I love you so much ♥

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can you do 12 with Anthony and from his pov?

12. Snuggling with my jacket, peacefully asleep

Anthony knew if you woke up right now, you would probably call him a freak but he couldn’t help himself. Anthony had looked everywhere for his black jacket this morning and came up short so he left to avoid being late for rehearsal. He had planned to come back home, give his girl a kiss and go shower. Instead, he walked in to you laying on the living room couch, snuggled into the very jacket he was looking for today, sound asleep.

Anthony carefully set down his bag and sat in the loveseat across from you, a smile on his face as he started to snap a few pictures. It was moments like this when he stopped and thanked God for everything he was given in his life. Even as you woke up, he kept his eyes on you, watching you yawn and rub your eyes.

“Hmm? Ant?”

“Right here, babe.” Anthony responded, chuckling as you gave him a sleepy smile.

“Come on, let’s nap together.” Anthony cooed softly, picking you up slowly and walking towards the bedroom. 

You nuzzled your head into his neck, eyes slowly slipping shut again.

“How was rehearsal?” You asked, voice still drowsy.

“It was good. I could go for a short nap right about now.” Anthony softly set you down on the bed, taking a moment to look over your face. On impulse, he leaned down and kissed both of your cheeks.

“Mmm, me too.” You yawned again, reaching out for Anthony.

He chuckled, stepping back to remove his shirt before joining you in bed.

“I’m here. I’m here.” Anthony pulled you to his chest, letting you adjust until you were comfortable.

“Good.” You sighed into his neck, quickly slipping into sleep again. 

Anthony laid there for a moment, softly rubbing up and down your back before he let his eyes shut. You were his last thought before he fell asleep.

Send me a prompt and a person (only doing x readers)

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someone is making jeonghan uncomfortable at a bar and seungcheol seoops in and saves him ;)

“Seungcheol, are you even listening to me?” Jihoon clicks his fingers in front of his best friend’s face, and Seungcheol brushes the hand away.

“Isn’t that Jeonghan?” Seungcheol nods at a table not too far away from where they’re seated. 

“Um,” Jihoon leans forward to look. “I guess.” 

Seungcheol can literally hear the eye roll Jihoon gives him.

“I think that guy is bothering him,” Seungcheol frowns. 

“It’s not like you’re going to get the courage to talk to him anyways,” Jihoon mutters under his breath. 

“It’s more like I haven’t had the chance, okay? This is my chance,” Seungcheol says indignantly, and gets off the stool he’s sitting on.

Walking over to Jeonghan’s table, he seriously hopes his guess about Jeonghan being uncomfortable from his body language is right. Otherwise, he’s only going to embarrass himself in front of his long-time crush. 

“Hey, Jeonghan?” Seungcheol says as he reaches the table. 

The look of uneasinesses on Jeonghan’s face seems to vanish, and there’s a hint of relief in his voice when he calls Seungcheol’s name. 

HE KNOWS MY NAME, Seungcheol tries his best to send a telepathic message to his best friend. 

“I thought that was you, what are you doing here alone?” 

“Dinner, just wanted something to drink,” Jeonghan shrugs.

“And he is…?” Seungcheol looks at the stranger with gelled up hair that looks as greasy as his personality probably was.

“Leaving,” Jeonghan says abruptly, “I’m going to join you.” He stands up and places a hand over Seungcheol’s shoulder, as if they were good friends. 

“This is okay, right?” Jeonghan murmurs just low enough for Seungcheol to hear, as he leads them away from his previous table. 

“Yeah, course. I went over because I thought he was disturbing you,” Seungcheol answers. 

“My saviour,” Jeonghan jokes as they reach the table where Jihoon is. 

“So did I miss the part where he told you he’s had the longest crush on you or did I just spoil it for him?” Jihoon asks Jeonghan. 

Seungcheol wants to die. Right now

He really needs to talk to Jihoon about filtering his thoughts before they’re translated into actual audible words. 

Jeonghan lets out a laugh. 

“Has he now?” 

Seungcheol is still hyperaware of Jeonghan’s arm around his shoulder. 

“You should tell him to ask me out sometime,” Jeonghan says to Jihoon. 

“I’ll let him know,” Jihoon’s actually smirking. Seungcheol wants to kick him. Or hide in a ditch far away from here. He needs better friends. 

Jeonghan removes his arm around Seungcheol. “Thanks for rescuing me tonight, that guy was creepy as hell. But I think I’ll leave now, so I guess I’ll be waiting for your call?” 

He’s smiling at Seungcheol, and Seungcheol blinks a few times, his brain not fully comprehending what just happened. 

It’s when Jihoon nudges him with his foot that Seungcheol snaps out of his daze.

“Thank you. Wait no. I mean you’re welcome,” Seungcheol can see Jihoon laughing silently from the corner of his eye. He really needs better friends.

“And yeah,” he continues breathlessly, “I’ll call you soon.” 

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"for the first time in my life im fond of a white boy" 😂😂 bitch me too 😂😂

TIS TRUE :/ matt had the audacity to go and make me give a shit about him

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i hope im not the only one who thinks it would be... very awkward if you sent a copy to the vas i know you mean well and i really dont want this to be taken in a mean way (id die before im mean abt something) but i just.. it makes me uncomfortable to think abt it i guess? it just doesnt seem right idk

Yeah, I saw some mean tweets on Twitter by mistake (they were in response to my mutual’s tweet about the zine) so I might just not send it to them to avoid people talking crap behind our backs. 

Only reason why I considered, though, was because Mercer seems pretty cool with it. But if people start giving us trouble over it, we’re not going to do it.

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one last thing even tho i'm crying so hard i can't see what im typing is andrew and neil getting to a place where neil can reach out and bury a hand in andrew's hair first thing in the morning without a word exchanged between them and andrew not only accepting it but reveling in it. it feels wonderful and he knows its Neil and that neil isn't going to suddenly demand things from him that he doesnt want to give. that this casual touch is just that. casual. affectionate. neil appreciating him


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as a new simblr, how should I go about getting people to notice me?

well im also a new simblr,  i did a “reblog if you’re a maxis match simblr” like 4 months ago and asked one of my first followers to give it a boost those would be @thecactus and @kleptosims lol thank you guys btw!!! i already deleted that post but its still going around tho. u can message me off anon and ill reblog it if you decide to do that

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Honestly don't know how much of this i can take he like gives us nothing for so long but when shawn gives it like "okay here's a new sing plus unreleased photoshoots" im going to get a heart attack one day i swear

I KNOW and they just come out of no where. Like release the whole damn thing buddy don’t do this to us. Don’t kill us over and over slowly.

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Wow, don't think I've ever seen less creative a name than yours. And no wonder your mentality- you're named after a place that sprung off the ruins of a failed project of an elite gated community. The whole town's about pushing away the past, but you got your namesake staring you in the face just about anywhere you GO.... What's all that pressure like? I don't have the imagination to give it a fitting image, I'm sure.

I was created by Sammy to be the villain. There’s no pressure with knowin’ that im a star.

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Momma im so stressed, ive applied for new school and if they reject me i will be in a school with people who bully me and no one gives shit about it i wont know if they rejected me until 1st of june and im just waiting sjnsmsmsmsfauaksbaiaomansnskamsmvyyqtqrqtwkbzvzbalal -Akaken anon

lots of good luck!!!!! i hope they let you go to the new school!!

bumped into a secondary school friend in the pub yesterday, we talked about what we were both up to and i was like “right now im doing shit all but maybe going to university soon” and she burst out laughing. I created this persona for myself in secondary school that was basically “i dont give a shit about anything or anyone, education is stupid i dont care if i never achieve anything” and i built it because i have always been Extremely pressured into succeeding academically at home. But I don’t really have that persona anymore, im much more relaxed, but idk, that whole attitude towards me saying “I want to do something with my life” being met with laugher kind of hurt for the first time. In college i would’ve laughed too and said “I know, right! Can you even imagine” but all i could respond with this time was “Yeah.. best be off then”

ok but fr i gotta say that im actually really impressed with carats? when the boys were going to the states i was scared that they were going to be bombarded and mobbed and everything but y’all have been so chill? giving them space and respecting their privacy is so important and im so relieved that we’ve been respecting this for the most part and are allowing them to thoroughly enjoy themselves on their trip. i applaud you carats, my faith in this fandom has been fully restored

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hi hi (for the music thingy ☺)

hi sam!! <3
i’ve been up for days
you’ll never make me stay so take your weight off of me
blood still stains when the sheets are washed
i wanted you to know that I am ready to go
sweet serial killer 

(oh,,,my god,,,,, this is literally a poem about 2 serial killers that committed a murder and one wants to leave THIS WASN’T INTENTIONAL I’M,,,,)

Send me ‘hi’ and I’ll  put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs & give it to you as a poem :-)

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scoliosis anon here! sorry for spamming you with daily updates about my life, but im still so happy and it's the opposite of what im used to. so, not a lot happened today but i printed out some blank d&d sheets for my crush (b/c she asked me to and i could never say no to her, she's too cute) and i put a sticky note on it that says "If you need help with the sheet, just ask" w/ other advice for beginners and my phone number. i cant wait to give it to her tomorrow!!! aaa good vibes for everyone!!

aaa i’m glad to hear things’re going well for you!!