im not going to give credit



(Edit: I didn’t animate this, the person goes by “Me” in their credits on their animations, but they do have a yt channel, so go there and give em love)

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Except Peter Parker has a mom, his aunt may. Who is the one raising him by herself. But sure, let's give the credit to the rich white guy. You stupid idiot.

Oh!! Wow! My first hate mail!!! Hey!! Hey dude!!! Shut the fuck up!!! and stop whining!! Or I’m going to get my DAD Tony stark, who has l i t e r a l l y given birth to Peter Parker ALL ON HIS OWN,, on ur ass!!! Watch it!!! You don’t want to upset MY ACTUAL DAD TONY STARK!!

ok but is no one going to talk about phichit’s dream of having his own ice show






please commission me if you need some cool art!!

i just quit my job because of personal reasons, im starting online school to finish up high school the last few credits i have. im currently going to be putting my last paycheck in savings as well as anything else i can muster up while i dont have rent to help me afford things i need for my future carrier as an artist, to support myself and follow through with my transition. the more art i do the more i improve. ill take 5+$ for a any doable commission i really dont mind. anything can help. i dont want donations without giving anything in return. this will in turn help me prepare myself as an artist and prepare/grow for the future. 

if anything please help share this 

my goal is to start testosterone by march. which was my goal for last year, i dont want this to be a goal again, i want to reach it. in turn i will also be setting up top surgery appts depending on how healthy i am and how fast it can happen with everything going on/savings. most likely by july. 
here are some examples of what i can do:

thank you for taking the time to read this, please instant message me if you would like a commission!

Sleepy Founding Fathers ft. squishy!alex and protective!thomas

i wrote a Jamilton fic based on a headcanon I saw I think on @exadorlion or @midnigtartist‘s blog (im not sure if it isn’t there plz tell me i want to give credit) 

Headcanon: Hamilton never sleeps. He only sleeps (two, three hours tops) when he’s about to pass out or he’s done with whatever document he was working on. Jefferson tries to squeeze in as much sleep as possible (to keep his gorgeous skin lovely), but he wakes up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6 am sharp, no matter what. One weekend, Jefferson forces Alex to go to sleep six hours early so he doesn’t die of lack of sleep, and Jefferson lets him sleep in when he notices that Alex has completely clocked out so he can look at his beautiful face.

Alexander hurried into the apartment, yanking his messenger bag off of his tiny shoulder. He slammed it down on his desk and whipped out his laptop to begin working again, despite just coming home from his workplace at the courthouse. 

Thomas sighed and sipped his tea. “You’re gonna kill yourself living like this.” he mumbled. 

The lawyer ignored him, grunting as he began a rather angry email. Alexander was a very fast typist, typing like the world was about to burn. Within seconds, he finished an entire paragraph and stopped to crack his knuckles. 

“How long did you sleep last night?” Thomas asked, knowing full well that Alexander was the king of all insomniacs. Only a handful of times did Thomas catch him asleep, and on average, only for a few hours. The bags under his eyes could withstand the weight of all his projects, documents, bills and proposals piled together, with a few bricks thrown in as well. 

“I didn’t.” Alexander muttered. “I have six cases, thirty-seven proposals, and some stupid bill I have to sign even though Washington listened to my presentation.” 

Thomas rolled his eyes. He slipped over to Alexander’s desk and slammed his laptop shut. 

Alexander’s eyes shot open in surprise, and quickly narrowed in anger. “Thomas!” he yelped. 

The politician snatched his laptop and set it down on the floor next to Alexander’s desk. He planted both hands on the swivel chair Alexander sat in and spun him around, sweeping him into his arms in just one move. 

“What are you doing?” he shouted, squirming in Thomas’s hold. “Let go of me! I have to retype that draft you just deleted! Let me go!” 

“Absolutely not, Alexander Hamilton,” Thomas smirked. He leaned in and smothered the smaller politician in kisses covering his hair and forehead. “You haven’t slept in, what, six days? Whether you like it or not, you’re sleeping in tomorrow morning.” 

Hamilton gave in and folded his arms over his chest, grumpily allowing Thomas to kiss him on both cheeks before tossing him into his bed. 

“What more do you want? A mansion? A bigger ego?” he chuckled. 

Thomas folded in the sides of his purple comforter over Alexander’s tiny body. He leaned in and kissed his forehead again, cupping his cheek as he turned out the lamp. 

“Good night.” he whispered. 

“What if I get up in the middle of the night?” 

“You won’t. I’m confiscating your laptop.” Thomas smiled, sliding towards the door. He blew him a kiss, over-exaggerating the pout in his lips. “Good night, my love.” 

After cleaning up the apartment at around 2 in the morning, Thomas tiptoed back into the bedroom to check on Alexander. Surprisingly, he was fast asleep, a quiet snore passing through his lips. He lay on his side, arms covering his face, his long, black hair spread in a messy fan-shape on the sheets. 

“Aw…” Thomas blushed. “So peaceful.” 

As silently as possible, Thomas crept into the bed, positioning himself behind Alexander so he could hold him to his chest. Thomas was an entire foot taller than Alex, making it easy for his arms to wrap fully around Alexander’s body. Whenever they cuddled, Alexander always demanded to be the big spoon, so from above, it looked like he was Thomas’s backpack. 

Thomas kissed Alexander’s hair and nuzzled his nose into the smaller man’s neck. He fell asleep faster than usual, most likely due to the stillness of Alexander’s rock-like sleeping. 

Before his alarm on his phone even went off, Thomas snapped his eyes open and shut down the phone entirely, chucking it across the room. He didn’t care if his screen broke. Alexander needed rest, and he couldn’t risk waking him up, even with his ringer turned off. 

Somehow they had re-positioned so that Thomas was lying in front of Alexander, his hand resting on Hamilton’s waist. He traced the curve of Alexander’s body, smiling at the sight of stretch marks on his squishy thighs and the roundness of his stomach. Hamilton was never fond of his extra weight, but Jefferson admired his figure. There was nothing wrong with body fat, but he understood why Alexander disliked his appearance. 

Thomas studied Alexander’s features. His thick eyebrows, his smooth, golden skin, his black facial hair that he refused to trim without Thomas’s help. The dark circles under his eyes were beginning to fade, but they still carried heavy definition in his cheekbones. While severely overwhelmed with anxiety and lack of time to himself, Alexander Hamilton was beautiful. It hadn’t taken Thomas Jefferson long to realize that, but he hadn’t told him yet. He was still trying to get used to the feeling of knowing a person as beautiful as Alexander. 

All of a sudden, Alexander stirred. He shifted his arms and sighed, his eyes slowly starting to open. 

“Thomas…what time is it?” he asked, his words muffled behind his forearms. 

Jefferson scooted closer, running his hands through Alexander’s hair. “Shh…” he whispered. “Go back to sleep. You don’t have to worry about anything.” 

Alexander yawned. “How long was I out?” 

“Probably nine or ten hours, actually,” Thomas grinned, kissing the top of the lawyer’s head. “But please, go back to sleep.” 

And with that, Alexander closed his eyes again, leaning into Thomas’s touch, a smile ghosting across his lips as they rested together. 


he had been asking you questions all day, dumb questions like “what do you see when you look at this ink blot” or “what is your most cherished childhood memory.” so when he asked “what do you look for in a significant other?” you were a bit taken back.

“why do you need this information again?” you grinned.

“psych paper.” he stated, “so? what do you look for in a significant other?”

gif credit (x) original gifset (x) gosh i adore the runner of this blog, you guys should all go check it out, such perfect teen wolf gifs im in love <3 <3 <3 and thank you so much to the creator for giving me permission to use these amazing gifs <3

  • English:

i have a virtual life, sorry mom 

i’m too fab for ur bullshits 

allergic to stupid people

i’m too busy being fabulous 

bad vibes

zombies eat brains, relax, you are safe

hahaha it’s obvious that i don’t have a social life

idiots here, idiots there, idiots everywhere 

my mom says im cool

but who cares???

do not care about your opinion

to glam to give a damn

welcome to nobody cares

love, idols, sadness and others drugs 

♡ pizza aka life saver ♡

  • Português:

não gostou manda virus

seje menas

não costumo pisar em que já esta no chão

Ƭᖇ〇ᑕᗩ 〇 ᗩᖇǤᑌᗰᕮᘉƬ〇 ₣〇₣ᗩ

se eu soubesse que iria virar (seu fandom) teria saido na primeira punheta do meu pai

cuidado, tem pedófilos no site

não tenho paciência pra quem ta começando agora

alô, controle de animais? tem uma vaca olhando minha bio

vacilao morre cedo tio

usando google maps pra descobrir onde ta essa moral que voce acha que tem

ou vc cala a boca ou fica com ela fechada

vai dormi flor amanha vc tem que acorda cedo pra lambe o chao onde eu vo pisa

deus te ama eu nao

eu mim garanto 

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  1. what a beautiful day to not be in high school 
  2. i dont want to go back to school i want to travel the world and watch more shows on netflix 
  3. my life is a constant balance between seeking attention and shying away from it once i get it 
  4. 2030 is as far away as 2000 
  5. im tired of things costing money 
  6. wearing a black bra and black underwear cause im a fierce bitch
  7. my hobbies include putting my pajama pants on as soon as i get home 
  8. is ur name wifi because i’m feeling the connection 
  9. im fake and rude but I’m also really honest and kind 
  10. im literally tired 30 hours a day 
  11. can I skip to the part of my life where I’m financially stable and have someone to sleep next to every night
  12. i am not the same person at 8am and 8pm 
  13. days that I eat pizza are always good days 
  14. i wanna be nice but you’re a bitch 
  15. proud member of the “I don’t draw in my eyebrows” club 
  16. talents: eating 
  17. should I wear all black or all black today
  18. netflix is my social life 
  19. legalize marrying pizza 
  20. i have too many shows to watch maybe i should drop out of my life
  21. i don’t get drunk, i get awesome. 
  22. im always hungry or tired 
  23. i need $$$$ not feelings 
  24. when nothing goes right, go to bed 
  25. me 99% of the time: what the fuck is going on 
  26. occupation: queen
  27. people suck 
  28. im just an asshole with feelings 
  29. i don’t mind being alone, i just hate feeling alone 
  30. the difference between my opinion and yours is that you’re wrong

But like… Just think about all the shit Zayn had to through in a matter of a year. Just think of all the shit and try not to cry honestly. He is so tough. Ppl dont give him enough credit for that. He went through all that shit, his ED, Anxiety, break up, his ‘best mates’ cut him off, the media + fans ripping him to pieces every chance they could get, another friend going behind his back and so much more crap and he just pushed through… and never been anything but kind and open and honest and grateful and he is just so lovely and strong and he went through it all practically alone???? Bc people were too proud to understand why someone would want to put their mental and physical health before work? They haven’t known a 'zayn’ for almost 2 years now. So they dont get to act as the supportive friends they never were lmao fuck them all straight to hell. God this is a mess and my heart hurts bye

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Im so bad w credit and i mean its pretty much a store wide thing atm bc its dead asf 5 to 6 days a week but our DM is giving everyone daily goals and im nervous bc i am like one of the worst on our floor im afraid they may let me go😓😓😓

I swear that shit is more based on luck than skill. Who is to say you even have that one customer that doesn’t already have it AND is interested? They could have gone to another register. -Abby


  • includes reindeer troye and santa troye
  • all icons are 200px x 200px 
  • give me credit on your blog if using & do not steal/repost/claim as your own
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  • merry christmas!!

“i like the way you handled yourself in this negotiation.” Raphael stated.

you tired not to scoff. it hadent really been a negotiation, it mainly consisted of you explaining rules to Raphael while he watched you with a smirk.

“stick around.” he stated, “i could show you the sights.”

you were kind of shocked. “it sounds like you’re asking me out.” 

“maybe i am.” he said, “are you going to take me up on my offer or what?”


gif credit (x) original gifset (x) thank you to this gif maker for giving me permission to use their gifs! im Malec trash so this blog is fav <3 <3 <3 and the gifs are gorgeous <3

contrary to what people might think, i dont hate starco. like, whatever, its a ship im not into, who cares. nothin wrong with it, just a ship. what bothers me is the way everyone insists its going to be canon/its destiny/them ending up together is inevitable etc and i barely see anything else from the fandom other than people trying to prove it. like, this show has more depth than people give it credit for, we could be talking about theories, doing character analysis that doesnt involve romance, having fun with the side characters, making up headcanons….. also it would be so, so nice to have a cartoon with a boy/girl friendship that doesnt end in romance between the two, that whole trope just stinks of heteronormativity. THAT’S what bugs me.

Vote for my next fic!

I’ll use one of these dialog prompts to write my next fic so get voting. You can send me private messages, or reblog.

1. “So are you going to explain why you’re covered in glitter?”

2. “In what world is this a medical emergency?”

3. “Gee George, how’d you guess? You know people don’t give you enough credit, you really are a genius!”

4. “You’re not kidnapping Hermione! I can ask her out myself!”

5. “I swear, we’re just friends.” x10

6. “You’re dating my sister, I think I have a right to give you just as much hell as you’re giving me.”

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HI THERE!!! So im an animator/ voice actor and i was wondering if i could voice act ur latest Brigette/LB and CN/Felix comic. I will give all credit to you for the amazing comic and i will put on the description box who u are so people can go follow u and also appreciate the amazing work of art you have done!

Hi there! Thanks so much for taking an interest in my comics!

I’m very happy for you to use my work provided you credit me properly. I’d love to see what you do with my work! :D