im not going to even tag this my art tag

Patience yields focus.

i’m just drawing things out of boredom at this point?? still love these boys tho

i keep seeing people drawing parody super buff versions of the guys and i wanted to join in on the fun so i drew buff Tom but it’s literally the most cursed image on my laptop.

my tablet stopped working the moment i finished. it’s some sort of divine punishment for unleashing this. im almost certain he’s going to come out the computer screen and kill me in my sleep

I’ve been requesting a Fruit!AU reclist from @victuurificrec for centuries but it seems my pleas are falling on deaf years.  Hopefully this art (which took me no less than 17 hours) will make an impact.

Petition for Hailey to give the people what they want.

In regard of the last platonic post i reblogged tbh i want a Platonic Week for the ML fandom


I don’t know why, so don’t ask.

More fanart for the Pride film as promised! There are so many important people! I’m posting a rather large image so you can see everybody. (And so you can appreciate all the bloody effort I spent on those t-shirts.)

Teenage Angst Edgelord Baz Pitch

I’m very funny i know and the basil joke totally hasn’t been made a thousand times before ahaha

Also isn’t this the laziest shading you’ve ever seen?? The answer is yes but do i care?? also yes absolutely please don’t hate me