im not ghetto

Why I need Chicana feminism

Because I was taught to stay away from certain styles because they were too “mexican”. With phrases like “the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hole” when I loved wearing big earrings. Being told that red hair against my brown skin looked “ghetto” instead of fierce and bold. Wearing stylish flannels like the pretty pastel haired girls on tumblr and being told I look like a “chola”. Working hard to get rid of my slang because society taught me that it was “unflattering”. That bright red lips were too much. That my natural intense brows are now a makeup “fad”. When in reality all this shit was made up by people that want to put us down for claiming our own identity. 

black.. girls.. have… beautiful names
like idk im tired of seeing “"ghetto”“ names be made fun of. like. get over urself. its such a weak joke. its lame as hell to mock a group’s namin’ ways just cuz youre one of 5 Jacobs in ur class…