im not even upset about it

im really paranoid about my blog being deleted, like its really got me upset, so I made a backup? Am I even allowed to do that? Its @daintydee idk why staff is coming for us rn when there’s literally NAZIS and PEDOPHILES but 😭😭

literally every time got7 has drama you ALL bandwagon jump on youngjae and stan him for 20 minutes because your bias is problematic.. im so tired of seeing posts about him being so unproblematic and “pure” because none of you actually care about him and you only want the notes. he does not deserve just to be recognized when another member fucks up

For the love of god, please fucking respect that Mark IS DATING Amy and the Sean IS DATING Signe.

It’s not some goddamn conspiracy. These are real people. Respect them and their relationships. They are happy. Let them exist.


“I feel like I’ve got a message in my music and how I carry myself. I feel like the least celebrity person in a very ‘celebrity’ environment, so with that comes a unique mindset…” he trails off. “You know, we all have the same problems, that’s the bottom line – they just look a lot different. Those fundamental things that make you feel upset, they’re the same. I think you tend to think that you’re going to be famous, you’re going to be in a band, and then life’s complete. But no, I think it’s about having perspective over the whole thing… even when you’re on top of the world, you have to keep thinking about the next step.”

i was looking at the mspa wiki and

this fucking bit. this piece of knowledge gets me every goddamn time i remember it. we dont know how long dave and karkats snapchat streak is but its probably somewhere in the hundreds. for years these boys have been snapchatting each other every single day, without pause. FOR YEARS.

they fucking live with each other

they, presumably, as they both have the same job and spend their free time going on digs with jade and hanging out with mutual friends, spend just about all of their time together

what the fuck are they sending each other. do they snapchat each other while theyre in the same room? while the others in the bathroom? what are they even sending each other? what the fuck kind of content is being shared between these two ridiculous boys?

andrew didnt give me a fuckin davekat kiss but he did give me a canon davekat snapchat streak and im so fucking bothered by it, im so upset, what is going on, why are they like this. they fucking LIVE WITH EACH OTHER. what are they DOING. @ andrew i need answers fucking Please

  • <p> <b></b> Do you ever just realize all your friends don't honestly care about you and all of a sudden you feel like an idiot for believing they did and you regret every personal thing you've ever shared with them and all you wanna do is build your wall up even higher so this won't happen again cuz it really sucks<p/></p>

What I say: I’m fine

What I mean:

I’m really upset because when pennywise asked Georgie about his friends Georgie just said bill. This means that Georgie was probably really lonely and had no one else besides his brother. This also means that Georgie relied on Bill and Bill got used to that and gave him all of his love. This makes me even more upset because even though you know Bill is hurting bad, it makes you think a lot more about how the lack of Georgie really impacted him and his life. Also on top of this, Bill had to turn away AND shoot Pennywise’s version of Georgie who was so lost and kept saying how much he just wanted to go home. And Bill really wanted that because he hated the lack of his brothers presence in his own home. But, Bill had to be brave and take him down which just made things worse for him.

off limits | 04 (m)

pairing: kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings: smut, dom! Jin, dare I say fluff…? followed by an ‘oh shit’ moment
words: 12,051
summary: you’ve been lusting after your brother’s best friend for a while now, ever since you met him at a house party, flirting it up a storm as you failed to realise who the other was. That was months ago now and things are still awkward, but you can’t ignore the sexual tension that’s simmers between the two of you…and it keeps getting worse…

» 01 :: 02 :: 03 :: 04 :: 05 ::

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I can’t even be upset that you don’t care about me too because you were never mine to care about to begin with…
—  Confessions of a party girl

oh and lets not forget that yixing is probably the most upset about this. he literally loves exo so much and never fails to bring them up even when hes doing china schedules. he CRIED bc of how bad he felt about missing exo schedules. he no doubt would love to be a part of exo’s 5 year grand comeback….so anyway i hope lee soo man chokes really hard for putting us, exo and yixing through all this crap

its been said before but this is a daily reminder that mental illness does not excuse toxic behavior

it can offer an explanation, but you cannot treat someone with cruelty and then just like “well sorry it’s my mental illness i can’t help it”

i don’t have a solution, because i know that mental illness by nature can be difficult or impossible to control, but do not let a friend or partner or parent or anyone be a dick to you and say that you have to put up with it because that’s just how they are

or even worse, guilt trip you about being upset with them

i am saying this as someone with a diagnosed mental illness that im on medication for:

mental illness does NOT give anyone the right to treat you badly

and if someone tries to excuse their toxic behavior by claiming it’s mental illness and they cannot help it, that’s a red fucking flag

im Tired,

before yelling at the hiveswap team, please consider the following points:

  1. WhatPumpkin is an indie startup company when it comes to programming, and you cannot expect to rush a story-heavy game, even if it is a click adventure
  2. theyve had their budget stolen and time wasted by the same people who made King’s Quest, and likely if those developers had stuck with it, we would be happily with a game now but they did Jack Shit
  3. Games just take time in general! you dont want to rush what could be a good game with plenty of beautiful artwork, storytelling, and characters, then dont be upset at this team who has had to work through a lot to get where we are now

im really sick of seeing people be upset about hiveswap’s current status, and id like yall to at least consider this before deciding to yell at the team

anonymous asked:

Hello again! Once again, what do you think the weakness are for Mark, and Sean's egos?

Darkiplier: His ego. As he says in ADWM, Dark hates being mocked. He has a sense of pride that he would do anything to protect. Even reveal a secret in order to one up you? Maybe so. Remember, Dark is self centered and jealous. Use those emotions. They very well could be the only ones Dark has.

Warfstache: His guilt. As revealed in Markiplier TV, Warfstache does have regrets. During the bubbles sketch, he is shown narrating about these very doubts and regrets. Make him think. Make him use his emotions.

Googleplier: His function. As shown in Google IRL, Googleplier will stop the task at hand to answer of fulfill a request. Eventually, this could cause him to temporarily shut down. At the very least, is buys time and really annoys him.

The Host: His reliance on powers. Because the Host can’t really “See”, the only thing allowing him to control situations is his narration. So cover his mouth. Now, he will be truly blind, unable to see whats coming and unable to do anything about it.

Doctor Iplier: His professionalism. As he states in Markiplier TV, Doctor Iplier is happy to be shown as handsome and professional. And do you know what isn’t professional? Murder. If other people are around, Dr. Iplier will hold himself back because he doesn’t want to lose his credibility.

Bim Trimmer: His pride. Bim wants the spotlight. He wants to be the center of attention and he wants to steal the show. But he wants to be appreciated. He wants to be known and famous, not ridiculed and a joke. Give him a crowd, but give him the wrong kind.

Antisepticeye: His emotion. Unlike Dark, Anti is much more… human. He gets angry. And when people are angry they become less cautious. Less attentive. If you can get Anti mad, all you need is a second person to sneak up from behind. Bam. He didn’t even see it coming.

Dr. Schneeplestein: His lack of knowledge. Dr. Schneeplestein has shown time and time again that he doesn’t really know much about biology and medical procedures. He botches operations left and right. What if he were to use his obscene techniques on himself? What if you could get him to make his mistakes but not against you?

Chase Brody: His imperfections. Chase wants to do well. He hates failing. He even shoots himself in the Bro Average video. It’s clear that failure is one of the things he fears most. Make him ashamed. Point out his flaws. It will make him upset and sad, and most of all, weak.

JackieBoy Man: His heroism. He wants to save the day. He would do anything to help. Use it against him. It’s easy to trap somebody who would wander into a black room without a weapon because he thought he heard a baby cry. Thats the kind of person JackieBoy is. 

(Im sorry about how few Jack egos I did. I just don’t know them as well.)

i’ll tell you what major aesthetic problem i DO have with frozen though


not in a concerned mom way of it being ‘too revealing’ or whatever, but it just sticks out like a sore thumb in contrast to the other costume design?? i get the point that elsa wants to be free and ‘different’ but still, having more incorporation of the entire hostoric norway aesthetic would go a long way imo. i really love the design of elsa’s coronation dress. its got the folk motifs and everything going

but then i remember being so upset having to see her wearing….that thing for the majority of the film. even concepts like this still feel like they ‘belong’ in the universe and is more harmonious with the rest of the set

and this is only a mild critique, im not even talking about all the visual creativity that was lost in the early concept art….

hyuks-pink-turtleneck  asked:

Hello!!! I saw that you're doing friends to lovers au's and I was wondering if you could do a Jun please? Thank you so much for all the lovely writing you're constantly doing!!! 💕

find woozi (here), wonwoo (here), s.coups (here), dk (here), joshua (here) & the8 (here) ~!

  • you become friends because,,,,,,of fake dating LOL 
  • see you used to have this annoying dude who kept trying to come onto you during class and so one day you’d sat yourself down beside jun
  • and when the dude came over and started pestering you about why you’d switched your seat,,,,,you put your hand over juns and were like “because i want to be near my boyfriend? is that a crime?”
  • and you’d said it so smoothly and squeezed jun’s hand that,,,,,,the creep just kind of choked on his words and jun,,,,,,,,
  • well jun played along,,,,,,,,,
  • even throwing his hand over your shoulder and grinning at the guy like YEP! they want to be next to me and how can you blame them i mean have you seen my face????
  • and long story short you’d thanked jun after class and he’d just laughed and went !! no one’s ever came onto me so straightforward ;) im into it ;)
  • and you’d rolled your eyes and been like CMON you know why i did it and he was like sure sure
  • but somehow ,,,,,you two clicked???? maybe because your humor matched and maybe because since you moved your seat you did spend a whole semester talking with jun and well,,,,,,he’d turned out to be super cool
  • and somehow you looked past his constant flirting because you’d always just been like “he’s like that with everyone else”
  • but one day as you’re talking with jun about the homework outside of class this person comes up and starts asking jun if he’d gotten their texts
  • and you can see the shift in jun’s face,,,,,and the person ,,,, you’ve seen them before but you don’t think you’ve ever seen jun hang out with them
  • and jun is telling them that he’d rather they not text him at all and the person is getting defensive so suddenly
  • jun throws his arm over you and pulls you into his chest and
    he’s like “i can’t date you, im already taken! so seriously, just move on because im already ,,,,head over heels in love,,,,,,,,”
  • and the person makes a visibly upset face but stomps away
    and when jun lets you go you’re like ???/ what was that and he’s like ,,,,,,,you’re not the only one who has creepy people after them,,,,it sucks because they got my number from someone or something,,,,,and it’s just weird
  • and you’re like,,,,oh well i guess this makes us even for that time i said i was fake dating you LOL and jun grins,,,,,but you see the corner of his mouth kind of twitch
  • and you’re like ???? is everything ok
  • and jun is like,,,,,, “usually im not shy about these things but,,,,,,seriously god it’s so hard when it comes to you”
  • and you’re like ?!??? what are you talking about
  • jun kind rubs his neck with his hand and is like “listen wouldn’t it be,,,,,,kinda,,,,,like have you ever thought of us,,,,not fake dating,,,,,or something you know like going on a real date,,,,,”
  • and your eyes widen because hold up wait what ?? and you’re like jun wait do you LIKE me???? and he’s like yeah, is that not obvious?
  • and you’re like NO it’s really not because you’re really flirty with everyone??? and he’s like “yeah but i don’t,,,,,,hang out with everyone or,,,,,,say im head over heels in love with everyone-”
  • “but you just said that to get that person to leave!”
  • “nope,,,,,i said it because i really mean it”
  • and your jaw is on the floor because,,,,,,w,,,,,what?? jun?? head over heels??? in love??? with you
  • and he’s like how could i not fall for the person who holds my hand on our first meeting you MAKE IT HARD NOT TO LIKE YOU
  • you’re like DFVKDFSL STOP but also,,,,,,you feel your cheeks heat up
  • because,,,,ok,,,,jun is really cool and you really like being around him,,,,,and when he’d pulled you into his chest,,,,,,,it was,,,,,,,
  • nice,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and jun can see you get a little embarrassed and he’s like “hey,,,,,don’t get all shy i mean according to everyone we’ve been dating for a long time sooooo how about i take you to dinner tonight?”
  • and you’re like ok,,,,,,,sounds good,,,,,but junhui i swear if you’re just joking aro- but jun is like nEVER,,,,,like i said i might flirt with everyone else but i don’t think everyone else could compare to you~
  • you: oh the grease,,,,,
  • but also you: he’s so damn,,,,,attractive,,,,,,,,,,

reminder that

- if you ever feel ugly, kyouka would softly remind you that you’re the prettiest/attractive person that she’s ever met, both inside out.
- if you ever feel uncomfortable with your gender and sexuality, chuuya would still ask you out on a date and pop open an expensive bottle of wine.
- if you ever feel anxious about shopping or buying things because the cashier is scary, yosano would order for you and scare the cashier just for the hell of it.
- if you ever feel left out or lonely, ranpo would sit down next to you and start judging everyone on what they’re missing out on in their lives (surprise!! it’s you!!) and how much of a good person you are to be with.
- if you got a bad grade, dazai wouldnt see you as stupid and still consider you bright and clever (and the light of his life)
- if someone upsetted you, both the akutagawa siblings would offer their services of beating them up.
- if you feel bad about yourself and self conscious, kunikida would rant on about how you meet most (if not all) of his ideals and admit you’re an adorable person. you’re valid, and there’s always going to be something that’ll lighten your day even just by a few words.

Astrology Meme Time

Oops it’s half past grill your sign


  • Why are you dressed like a grandma “It’s my ass kicking outfit, bitch”
  • Surprisingly nimble and dainty
  • I sure am going to make this big mistake oh ooch ow it hurts so bad oh no  this is awful Im not stopping tho owie wowee
  • Best friends with like 8 famous people, and humble about it
  • Never really not pissed at someone


  • How many layers of mistakes that you’ve made and not talked about are you on right now “I don’t know my dude like 5 or 6” you are like a little baby
  • Germaphobe- gets really upset if you joke about it
  • Gives everyone a shot even if they are literally going to shoot Taurus in the face kind of shot like with a gun
  • Smells lightly floral at all times even in humid gross weather
  • 3 a.m. texting full conversations 


  • Essentially a very drowsy social butterfly
  • No chill but on mute
  • Would you like to go out sometime? no? okay do you know where I can get some drugs
  • Dressed to RepressTM
  • Majors in  a e s t h e t i c 


  • Not actually a mom friend like everyone thinks- more of a frantic aunty figure that stuffs strange bracelets and candies in your pockets
  • Cries when puppies appear, or really any baby animal (even just saying ‘baby animals’ can get it goin)
  • Collects things that are junk but if you call them junk you’re basically not allowed in their house anymore
  • Fiscally responsible
  • If you forget your manners they will forget you


  • I am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?
  • Cat lover and walking cat mom stereotype
  • Cries if the food is too good
  • Secretly very responsible
  • Minor inconvenience- “Guess I’ll die”


  • Cries during a fist fight
  • “I hate that I work all the time” they said, picking up several extra shifts and taking over other people’s tasks
  • Paid and laid and not ur maid
  • Not as neat or tidy as expected and a lil scatterbrained 
  • Hair fetish


  • Thesaurus but also a potty mouth
  • They’re proof ppl can still be romantic even without a heart
  • *Taps head* “can’t be proven wrong in an argument if you don’t actually argue”
  • Will still show up at crucial events even if they got stabbed on the way (and on time)


  • “There will be a very slight delay-” *blinking guy gif meme*
  • Usually armed with a weapon even at the grocery store
  • “Ghosts don’t exist” they said, summoning Satan
  • With the band
  • Problematic sex life


  • “I got this” they said, and then didn’t and also died
  • Either amazing or fucking awful gift givers no in between
  • Depression is in Session
  • Wasted away again in Margaritaville
  • Tried something for the first time and totally killed it while it took everyone else years- “whaaat it’s so easy”


  • Accountant Dad
  • Knitted stuff even in summer
  • Great at most any things except handling critique
  • wtf are words do
  • Secretly loves to do risky chance taking


  • Overly forgiving of shitty exes
  • Picks up other languages like it’s no goddamn thing
  • Puts up with lots of bullshit
  • “Y'know when *describes intrinsic and esoteric construct no one can relate to* ? Haha right??”
  • Likely the gayest of the signs


  • *Internal screaming*
  • Late for stuff bc petting ppls dogs
  • Points out uncomfortable truths on the reg
  • “If you can’t summon the emotions directly from inside, store bought is fine”
  • Dirty jokes
Big girl appreciation day February 19th- 20th 2016

Big girl appreciation day February 19th- 20th 2016 Soooo you guys Bgad was extremely successful. I been lowkey busy recently but ive known for awhile know that the 19th and 20th were the perfect days for the next one. What way to celebrate your body than a few days after valentines day! Im so excited to see all the cute photos and themes you guys think of! This is gonna be real cute.

Bgad will be seasonal. So well have some time between to prepare to get out best photos ready for these amazing days! Last time a lot of people couldn’t participate and that upsets me cuz yall are all so beautiful. So I cant stress enough how important it is to boost this and mark it on your calendars. A LOT of people didn’t even know about it until the day of. We can get this circulating better so more women can participate.

So Boost this you guys let everyone know whats up!!! .