im not even trying to be funny i legit

…kay but like this isn’t funny anymore and I’m starting to actually, actually, actually get mad.


the fact that they have legit been taking out every single potentially not 100% straight, hetero scenes, whether it be a joke or reality, is mind blowing. it’s so damn obvious what the studio is trying to do.

not just that, but the fact that they replace scenes with mitsuba/yoichi with shinoa is really, really annoying. it’s like they are trying to make it seem that shinoa/yuu actually has some damn development, which they have not had in the manga so far, and they’re doing it because of that huge mikayuu episode that is coming up.

man, i don’t know what else they’re going to do, but it’s really butchering shinoa’s character. i don’t hate her, i really don’t. i really like her character, i think she’s super amazing and strong and the her sass is always on level 100 and she will not stop at teasing people, it’s just awesome okay

but in the anime?? nonoononono there isn’t any of that in the anime’s second season. it’s just “yuu-sanyuu-sanyuu-sanyuu-sanyuu-sanyuu-sanyuu-sanyuu-sanyuu-sanyuu-sanyuu-sanyuu-sanyuu-sanyuu-sanyuu-sanyuu-san“ and it’s starting to piss me off

using great female characters as a male-protagonist fanatic is pissing me off. only keeping hetero scenes and then making extra ones is pissing me off. ripping characters from scenes to add said male-protagonist female fanatic is pissing me off. not doing your damn job, wit studio, is pissing me off.