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Hey guys, super late renders I know but school has been keeping me busy. I know I missed quite a few renders for past sets but Im not sure if people are even interested in older renders. Of course i wouldn’t mind doing them if there still desired! Let me know what you guys think!

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sorry for the spam! tysm for your work btw! headcanon when jikook introduced each other to their families (separately or tgt doesnt matter). Ofc they know all the members but theyre announcing theyre in love and in a relationship and how you think it would go honestly! *angst that turns to fluffy smut* maybe it doesnt go as good as expected and person A is doubting everything so person B has to show him how much he loves him no matter what anyone-even their families-have to say!

(thank you!!! and im sorry but im not good with smut, so this is pretty pg) (also nothing against jungkooks parents, sure theyre lovely ppl).

•jimin and jungkook had been together for almost a year
•theyd already come out to not only the members, but the company as well
•they all approved their relationship
•jimin and jungkook decided it was time to meet the parents, but not as bandmates.
•They made a trip down to busan during one of their short 2day breaks.
•they went to jimins house first.
•jimins little brother had been super excited when jikook came out to him, mainly because jungkook was his age, meaning they could both team up against jimin.
•jimins mom and dad were also supportive
•they said theyd always thought jimin had a thing for jungkook
•jungkook had laughed and commented how jimin had had a thing for him since trainee days
•he then later said “not like i didnt like him bsck all that time”
•jimins parents were shookt.
•after jimins family, they went across town to jungkooks the next day.
•jikook told jungkooks older brother first
•he went on for 10 minutes about how he already knew and had shipped them for years.
•then came jungkooks mom and dad.
•it was nerve wracking, especially since jungkooks dad had expressed dislike towards same-sex couples before.
•jungkooks mom was hesitant, but still extremely happy for her son
•junglooks dad was rather upset.
•his dad complained that if jungkook was going to be a f*g, he could at least pick a better guy.
•he also said that their relationship would bring bts down.
•jungkookd apologized roughly before he grabbed jimjn by the hand and left the house
•they could hear arguing as they walked away.
•jimin and jungkook went back to jimins house, clearly upset.
•jimins mom comforted them and told them to sleep or “work it off”
•they ended up making out on jungkoks bed
•when jimin took off his shirt, jungkook kissed him till his lips numbed, repeatedly telling him how beautiful he was
•jimin replied by telling jungkook how much he loved him as he took off jungkook’s shirt.
•jimin and jungkook ended up having sex, whispers of “i love yous” passed between them as they made love.
•jungkooks dad called the next afternoon.
•hell apologized and promised he would try to change his views, said he loved jungkook no matter his sexuality.
•jikook lived happily ever after basically

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Are all lpers bad?

im sure not all of them are, but lping as a whole has become such an infection that even non-lper youtubers now all have lp channels and quality overall has been getting worse by the year.

ive heard someone compare the current lp community to eastern pop idol worship and honestly? thats what it is now

get to know me better

idk if anyone will actually read this bc i aint nothing special but

i was tagged by @odetonct @1aeil and @markleetrashh

rules: complete the survey and say who tagged you in the beginning. when you are finished you have to tag people to do this survey. have fun and enjoy!!

1: ARE YOU NAMED AFTER SOMEONE : no lol but there was this one novela that might have been taken into account but im not sure lol 

2. WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED : i almost shed tears today, i started to tear up while reading a book but the last time i actually cried was thursday watching the last episode of weightlifting fairy omg 

3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING : yes, even when its ugly it looks pretty even thought i cant read it 

4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH TO EAT : probably like a good sandwhich lol 


6. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON, WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU : dfkskfajl f maybe probably, im funny tbh but like im also annoying so???


8. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS : omg yes what type of question i- 

9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP : nah, im a pussy, im afraid of heights


11: DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF : nah i just kick em off 

12: DO YOU THINK YOU’RE A STRONG PERSON : physically, no, emotionally, for the most part, yes i don’t break easily at least i don’t let it show easily


14: WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE : either their shoes or their smiles 

15: RED OR PINK : red

16: WHAT IS THE LEAST FAVORITE PHYSICAL THING YOU LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF : um either my hands or my stomach, theyre both fat 

17: WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING NOW : im grey sweats and no shoes on omg 

18: WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE : a tamale omg



21: FAVORITE SMELL : i love the way laundry detergent smells omg any kind i love it sm its like such a homey smell


23: FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH : soccer since its the only i understand omg 

24: HAIR COLOR : black omg 

25: EYE COLOR : dark brown omg 


27: FAVORITE FOOD TO EAT : i dont have a favorite food???

28: SCARY MOVIES OR COMEDY : comedy omg im a pussy

29: LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED : i think the grand budapest hotel??

30: WHAT COLOR OF SHIRT ARE YOU WEARING : grey (im wearing grey on grey lol)

31: SUMMER OR WINTER : winter for sure

32: HUGS OR KISSES : neither, im not very touchy feely 

33: WHAT BOOK ARE YOU CURRENTLY READING : well i finished it today but persepolis by marjane satrapi

34: WHO DO YOU MISS RIGHT NOW : ten and jaemin ahhhh

35: WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD : i have a laptop lol

36: WHAT IS THE LAST TV PROGRAM YOU WATCHED : i dont watch tv lol 

37: WHAT IS THE BEST SOUND : probably silence?? or like donghyucks vocals either one 

38: ROLLING STONES OR THE BEATLES : i dont listen to either but the rolling stones sounds edgier so lets go w that



41: WHERE WERE YOU BORN : the usa

42: PEOPLE YOU EXPECT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS: okay i tag @jenothanks @jaeminnana @nctkilledme @tenislove @itshaechan @jung-jeff and @letmarktakeanap2k17

Rebirth of Chen An: Chapter 21

What an unreasonable man; they only met once on a plane. Even if his habits remained the same as in his previous life, these trivial quirks shouldn’t have aroused Ivanov’s interest enough to investigate him.

Chen An’s death should have been good news to Ivanov. It is the removal of a powerful competitor after all.

‘I thought Chinese people are all very friendly and warm. Hey - hey, don’t go, long live the friendship between Russia and China!’ Following close behind Chen An, Ivanov started spouted strings of utter nonsense.

What an idiot.

Chen An couldn’t help but frown. How could a madman like Ivanov be his competitor?

‘How do you say in it Mandarin? We have a shared destiny! Hey, An, how about a drink?’ Ivanov didn’t seem ready to part with Chen An yet.

With Ivanov’s looks and wealth, he really didn’t need to follow behind a man whose looks are nothing exceptional.

Chen An felt a sudden bewilderment; Why is Ivanov following him? Is it just because he share a few similarities to ‘Chen Zhang An’?

But even more perplexing, why is he in the cruise bar drinking with Ivanov?

‘I haven’t introduced myself; I’m Ivanov.’

For a man with such striking looks, he would attract attention no matter where he goes. Ivanov reserved the entire bar the moment he stepped inside, his burly guards standing guard at the door entrance like stone guardians, scaring away all the other tourists who tried to enter the bar.

Without a word, Chen An picked up a glass and took a sip.

His indifferent demeanor gave Ivanov an odd feeling that he was trying to kick an iron plate. Jeering disdain flashed through his eyes as he lightly circled the rim of his wine glass with a slender finger. ‘As is the usual custom of making friends, aren’t you going to tell me your name?’

‘But you know that already, don’t you?’ Chen An replied languidly. He isn’t dumb enough to jump into hole Ivanov dug for him.

He couldn’t quite accustom himself to the strong alcohol. It seems like his sensitivity to alcohol has increased immensely since his rebirth, because in the past, not even a thousand shots could bring him down. In fact, he had once depended on this alcoholic capacity that is as vast as the sea, to seal a deal with Ivanov’s father on the bar table.

Whether you are a man or woman, whether you are a child or a senior citizen, all Russians like to drink. In particularly vodka, an integral part of the lives.

The glass of martini in his hands felt like a glass of poison; Chen An had a restless urge to finish it in a mouthful.

Could it be that after switching a physical body, his alcoholic tolerance had turned to shit?

‘Don’t be a girl, An. Drink it all.’ Ivanov smiled as he raised the emptied glass in his hand, his words successfully provoking Chen An.

Though Chen An appear to be in his thirties, but his soul is that of a man over forty years old. He didn’t enjoy being looked down by someone so much younger than him one single bit.

Especially when he was a champion drinker in the past.

Chen An then did an action that he regretted to the bottom of his soul. He raised the glass of martini and downed it completely.

Translator’s notes:
*Although An is Chen An’s given name (with Chen being his family name), but typically with Chinese names that has only 2 characters, people will address them with their full name as oppose to only their given name. To do otherwise, would be informal, almost like a pet name. So, for a stranger who you technically only met once to call you ‘An’, it is a little creepy.

  • Me: No, I do really like women and definitely have a preference for them, but I still like men.
  • Also me: -has a ton of sketchbooks full of only women in somewhat suggestive poses and I haven't had any kind of attraction to a man in years-
  • Me: 80% sure I'm not gay.

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Lol i feel homophobic when I can't see SNS. I only saw it, but only a little, in Opening 19, and the fan art is cute, but I never really shipped it. I liked SS and NH over SNS. The only gay ship I really like is SakuIno and SakuHina, tbh. Maybe even GaaNaru or GaaLee. But I'm completely blind with SNS. Im the previous anon, and I sent that in when I was really tired so I didn't write it properly, or with enough detail :/

Are you sure you’re not still a little tired? Because I’m still having trouble understanding what you mean. If you were homophobic, you probably wouldn’t like SakuIno, SakuHina, GaaNaru or GaaLee. I’m also struggling to understand what you mean by saying that you feel homophobic when you can’t see SNS, as opposed to when you can see it, because I would have thought that it’d be the other way around.

From what I can gather, you’re simply not a fan of romantic SasuNaru, and that’s fine, but it certainly doesn’t make you homophobic.





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had another derma episode !! either last night or the night b4 (what’s new!) and i’m just living in the now, rocking my acne scars out on the town :-)

So yes yes we all know Tony would probably fuck w/ Steve about future-things in order to flirt (yes Steve it IS customary now for people to eat breakfast shirtless yep i know this stuff im A Futurist™) but what I’m interested in is Steve doing it right back.

-“Tony how does this remote control thingy work pls move my hands for me I’m just so Incapable”

-“Ties?? Do u not remember how poor I was Tony I don’t know what one of those even are ur gonna have to tie it for me and make sure u get real close just in case of…falling over.. because of stress,”

-“Oh goodness I appear to have dropped something and you know how old I am Tony my bones hurt please bend down and pick it up.”
“Steve you’re a supersol-”
“SO old,”

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I love reading what you have to say about anything in general (dan and phil, politics, your work day [even in passing]) and idk I just wanted to say hi + ask what you have to say about their new gaming video? I loved it, they were so (insert a multitude of different positive adjectives) and Phil is such a broad thinker it's amazing. I think (im pretty sure) you loved it as well and I just wanna read your thoughts, hahaha thanks!

can you hear that? it’s the sound of me screaming because i have to rewrite the entirety of this ramble after tumblr DELETED IT THE FIRST TIME ifjaoiwejraoiejroaeir. but YES oh my god. i did love this video. a lot. there’s so, so much to talk about. grab a fkn snack mate, bc this is super long. 

1. there’s been a lot of discourse about dan and phil’s interaction in this video. i received a handful of messages regarding dan’s apparently aggressive treatment of phil and one regarding the way people were apparently abusing phil in the comments under the video and calling him “stupid and untalented.” um. okay so i’ll work backwards. i have watched the video three times now. all three times i scrolled really deep into the comments. NONE of those times did i see a single comment that was insulting or demeaning to phil. where are people seeing this? i feel like this is a classic case of one or two people saying something happened and then everyone repeating it without actually checking the source. if anything, the yt comments are full of people saying firstly that phil is “too creative” for this game and has a fascinating mind, and, secondly, that he’s a full-grown man who doesn’t need the protection of his fans from dan of all people, the so-called aggressive bully in this scenario, who just so happens to also be his best friend and life partner. i definitely agree with that latter point.

something else that’s been lost in this discussion and that seems extremely relevant is that a lot of this video’s central dynamic, with dan being shocked and appalled at phil’s seemingly abysmal drawing skills and phil doing the absolute most in every drawing, felt really, really put on or exaggerated for dramatic/comedic effect. i think the very first instance of it, when phil draws his fucked up umbrella, and dan just sort of jokes about it looking like a palm tree for a while and then at the end just says like a few words about how extreme phil’s interpretation was—i think this was a super authentic interaction. but i also think they quickly gathered with the drawings that followed that it would be really funny to ham it up for the sake of comedy and that’s why phil’s drawings seemed to get intentionally more and more “creative,” so to speak, while dan’s responses got correspondingly more and more extreme and high-pitched and shriek-y until basically everyone’s eardrums were bleeding. i get why the video was grating to some people bc like,,, this shit can get tiring to watch when it seems so extra. but personally i found it very funny… especially bc of my next point.

this narrative around phil being some sort of unappreciated creative genius who was constantly being berated in this video by his callous friend and just sadly tolerated all of this abuse is not only annoying bc it infantilizes phil but also because it’s just … wrong? and overlooks two of my fav things about the video which were how supportive and ENCOURAGING dan was, even while he was trying to exaggerate his “holy shit phil how are you so bad” thing, and simultaneously, how assertive and opinionated and sassy (i hate that word but literally don’t know a better one to describe him in this vid) phil was the whole time. to the first point, i don’t think there was a single one of phil’s turns in which dan wasn’t passionately yelling saying something like ‘come on phil. you can do this’ and also giving him recommendations on how best he should draw the object to get the point. even when he was in the middle of screaming about how bad phil was, he seemed to occasionally rein it in with a compliment to balance it out. for instance, during phil’s lobster drawing, he did the whole ‘what the fuck even is that’ for a while and then immediately had to dilute it by saying something like, “okay but by the end i could totally tell they were claws.” or when phil very reasonably points out that he’s using his wrong hand which is why he’s struggling, dan immediately agrees and repeats it as if for emphasis: “they’re not using their wrong hand to be fair.” and he even calls himself out about this, with the usual “WHY AM I HELPING YOU???” i honestly read dan as wanting to go to his default mode of supporting phil and celebrating his lateral/creative thinking (reminiscent of when he did this in the impossible quiz) the whole time, but then also needing to keep the comedy going by acting so confounded by phil’s inability to draw simple objects. as mentioned however, phil does not respond in the typical amazingphil™ way to all of the taunting. whereas in 2014-15 era dapg bants, he tended to just remain docile while dan would make his ‘what the fuck are you on about’ comments regarding phil’s weird sexual innuendoes or whatever else, in this video phil was anything but docile. he was in fact quite consistent in giving his own opinionated statements/retorts. just an abbreviated list:

  • the bit where he names the robot bianca and dan immediately objects and phil basically goes, yes. i named it. deal with it. hoe.
  • when they’re looking at other people’s umbrella drawings and he goes “oh shut up. look at you with your perfect umbrellas” in the sneeriest voice known to humankind
  • when dan is making fun of him pretty intensely and phil actually adamantly defends himself and says, “put me under pressure, and i can’t do things.” doesn’t seem like someone who’s just submissively accepting dan’s mockery. he’s explaining why it was hard for him.
  • “look at arty jim down here” damn. arty jim got fuckin rekt  
  • “how is ‘lobster’ easy ???? ?  i mean what the hell,” again in the sneeriest voice i’ve heard
  • his absolute disgust that dan got elbow so easily, and the way he proceeds to shove dan and threatens to “elbow [him] in the face.” like damn. he fightin back
  • when he’s like ‘i don’t  even do anything with this hand’ and flops his left hand around i s2g he is trying to sneak in a cheeky sexual innuendo and slyly allude to wanking in the way that he does best and DAN DOESNT HEAR HIM THE FIRST TIME bc he’s talking and phil just stares at him while he flops his hand around and repeats “i don’t even use this hand it’s a dead weight” and dan absolutely doesn’t take the bait. oh my god. phil intentionally trying to annoy dan with innuendoes, and checking to see if he gets it,,,, that is the shit i live for
  • ‘all or nothing on the zebra’ cheeky laugh. damn.
  • the way he’s like ‘just shut up then’ to dan as he begins drawing the zebra. because he’s not taking dan’s shit
  • etc etc etc

and i firmly believe phil was HOLDING BACK in this!!!! !! ! and was still at least partially constrained by/aware of the camera and his usual role as the quieter, gentler foil to dan’s hysteria and melodramatics. so like. just imagine how much more assertive he is when the camera isn’t on. i don’t think any of y’all need to be worried in any way about phil’s ability to handle everything dan dishes out bc i think he’s happily returning it in full measure.

2. on a similar but somewhat unrelated note, phil spent a lot of time in this video sitting patiently while dan went on some truly remarkable monologues and i thought it was noteworthy, mostly in that phil just couldn’t stop looking at dan in apparent adoration even while he was being a dramatic child. i felt like the staring was much less guarded than phil tends to be—he’s usually so aware of the camera and consciously tries to maintain eye contact with the audience as much as possible, but there were just a few moments in this where i was surprised by how long he let himself just watch dan. 

during dan’s first ‘artsy vs. creative’ monologue:

during dan’s random ass screaming about a raccoon idek:

during dan’s second ‘artsy vs. creative’ monologue:

phil was p captivated. and these def are moments where he’s looking at dan for longer than usual, not just one-off instances of the most fleeting glances that i screenshotted for effect. i promise. 

3. there were some like,,, incredible exchanges during this vid that i specifically want to analyze.

first, the ‘dabble with a robot’ bit at the beginning when dan tries to get phil to admit that he’s making an innuendo and phil won’t do it. i loved this so much. i don’t even have anything much to say other than dan is trying to kill the innocent!phil trope so hard and it’s so funny to me. also. phil was def talking about robot sex. and right after he says dabble the first time, there’s this really obvious jump cut and the immediate frame following it is THIS:


second: ‘i think bianca has a crush on you and she’s mistreating me.’ let’s unpack this. because at first i was just like oh so some inanimate object with a vaguely female voice is showing a potential preference or softness for dan, and phil immediately thinks that she’s crushing on him. and that’s interesting in itself because it’s a surprising leap to make, tbh, and i would never expect phil to say it. but then the second bit, ‘and she’s mistreating me,’ stated as a completely natural follow-up thought. i initially didn’t even pay any mind to this bc like ok whatever he’s whining about not getting his point. but like. think about it for a second. in what context would someone who has a crush on dan mistreat phil other than jealousy or irritation due to the fact that phil is the reason dan is romantically unavailable? like honestly??? ? a platonic interpretation of that comment doesn’t even exist. ‘x has a crush on you and they’re mistreating me’ is literally only a thing someone would say to their significant other. tbh.

third, and my personal fav: the convo after phil ‘cheats’ or pushes dan’s arm while he’s drawing the spoon. just every bit of it. the way that dan leans in on his second repeat of ‘how would you do it then.’ the way that phil completely drops his on-camera voice when he says, ‘no we’re not doing best of three, we’re doing three rounds. it’s 4-2 right now.’ it’s the most natural voice ever, as though he immediately assumes this convo won’t be left in the video. and i imagine a lot of their behind the scenes negotiation as they film for dapg, regarding how things will be scored/structured, happens like this. as in, without some sort of CUT CUT PAUSE interjection to break the filming, but rather just a noticeable shift in tone to demonstrate to each other that they’re saying something that should be cut out in editing. to me, this is just completely reaffirmed by the amount of eye contact that immediately follows phil talking about the score. here’s an amazing gifset of it, which i need all of yall to click and look at, to really get what i’m saying here. and here’s my own screenshot bc y not:

it feels like phil definitely is trying to just have a conversation with dan to figure how they should proceed but dan is still performing a bit, and hamming up his exasperation for the camera when he says, ‘best of three, that would mean i win.’ phil then catches on, drops some of his softness and his natural voice, and immediately looks back to the camera. just. such a good, revealing little exchange. and as soon as the little natural moment is broken, phil immediately defaults back into the sassiness that he’s been demonstrating the whole video by saying, ‘i’m not! i’m just having so much fun,” in like. the world’s most sarcastic voice. then dan chiming in with the requisite fond “this guy” followed by “he’s so sneaky, can you imagine playing monopoly with him?” and that’s interesting too bc it’s dan ~breaking the fourth wall~ more explicitly and talking directly to us, and specifically to this section of his audience that has been voraciously demanding they play board games. he knows he’s being cute and domestic or whatever but at the same time it seems like he’s been genuinely a bit insecure about so overtly denying the audience something they’ve been asking for for so long, which is why he keeps bringing it up and trying to justify it in various ways–by explaining that it would be boring (as he said in his live show) or that it’d end badly (as he said on twitter and now in this video).

wow. just such a good and unexpectedly thought-provoking video. i loved it and genuinely laughed a lot even though the bants were so dramatic and overdone. they were having so much fun the whole time, in my opinion, and that, coupled with their continued lower boundaries regarding on-camera mannerisms, eye contact, touching, etc. seem to be the running themes of post-baking universe dapg. excited to see how these things develop over the course of the year! and also just so excited to see that they are actually carrying forward and sticking to their perceived re-commitment to the gaming channel that happened with gamingmas. they’re really making an effort to film in advance and post way more regularly than we’ve been used to, despite “life things” that are happening. they’re working hard to show us that they care deeply about this channel still and it’s just so uplifting to see that, and to be reminded with each video that they also have so much fun together, always :’)

(dan vs. phil: quick draw)

DAY 1: Favorite Canon Interaction 

ok but theyre holding hands i swear

also here’s the non flashy version

im not even excited for anything anymore. it takes so much to get me excited and then i get so excited i annoy the shit out of everyone who’s around me.

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phil is constantly afraid that dan is gonna start crying at any moment

phil has such a calm and understanding disposition and i just think that he balances dan out really well. dan is loud and dramatic and hes not afraid to basically go fucking wild in front of phil because phil always handles it well. he stayed calm throughout dans outrages in the video and i noticed that he used certain gestures to calm dan down and he talked in a steady voice and he was able to bring dan down from 100 to 0 real quick. phils always reassuring and patient. even though we only saw glimpses of this in a video im sure it reflects what happens to them in their everyday domestic lives together and its just really nice to see two people balance each other out so well and work together in symbiosis