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I saw you drew Duke as chubby and I love that because I feel as though when people hear "eating disorder" they automatically think anorexia, with cachexia or not eating. So I feel as though people with different types of eating disorders when they see this they feel as though that they don't have a eating disorder because it doesn't "fit" what most people say is an eating disorder. I just wanted to say I admire how you draw her because I think I remember I saw a post where you looked it up.

yeah i looked it up! had to make sure bfore possibly doing anything wrong ofc but even so someone got mad tht i drew her chubby just bc she has bulimia
and im glad u like that !!!

And we hit 7000+ followers! Holy geez!

AAAA! That was even faster! ; O ; / I didn’t even get a chance to rest! So now I’m REALLY not sure what to do! You guys are free to throw ideas in for now, but as for the video, I might have to just save it till 8000, because the numbers are still climbing and I don’t think I can catch up this time! Sorry about that! ; O ; / I’ll try to do something else but suggestions would be great! Thank you everyone for your continued support! <3

SO, the first picture is what the FINAL product for the Ad at the subway station is. The second picture is what they’re doing as well, it’s like “stickers” type of things they’ll use & an example of what it’d look like is the third picture. Basically they’re sticker decals that would be stuck on the doors ~ 
And finally the last picture is the Ad they’ll be putting on a bus stop in Kim sanggyuns hometown (Gwangju) From the bottom of my heart thank you SO much to everyone that helped with either donating or even just sharing the project around. It really means so much to me & im sure sanggyun will really appreciate the ads we managed to get for him ♡♡♡ Korean fans are still trying to do so many more things for him & they're organizing lots of projects & stuff for a-tom. Im so grateful for them, hes gotten so much support lately it's amazing. Please remember to keep voting for him as much as possible!! Thank you again ~ x

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Hello. I am genderfluid and my family does not accept it. I'm not allowed to saftley bind when I would like. I am not allowed to make myself look male. I'm also not allowed to go by he/him and they/them when I would like, it's always she/her. Any idea on what should I do about this?

Hey, im also genderfluid and my family isnt so accepting either i would like to say that even if what i offer to do cannot help in the slightest ur still genderfluid and one day u will be able to wear what you want and go by the pronouns that u want too.

The little things u could try doing is, wear a masculine t shirt with a skirt or something or dress how u would like to once a week or in awhile so u dont seem so masculine at first but its baby steps, baby steps are key. im not sure if u have tried binding with wearing a dress it may make you feel a bit more masculine 

When you a referred as she or her try to correct them with they or he, it may also help to tell your family how it makes you feel when u are called something that makes u upset or uncomfortable. It may be annoying and distressing to keep telling them but they may start using them it will take time unfortunately it all does not start so quick 

Be safe anonymoose and good luck 

- Jundy 

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Okie, first, sorry if I'm sending you too many messages. Second- OMG I JUST HAD THE CUTEST IDEA FOR A SAEYOUNG X MC WEDDING SCENARIO ONE SHOT THING AND I REALLY WANT TO WRITE IT BUT I DOUBT I CAN AND THEN I WANTED TO DRAW IT BUT PFFFTTHDHDHSHSHSH NO IM NOT THAT TALENTED AND DONT HAVE THE PATIENCE BUT OMG ITS ADORABLE AND IM NOT SURE WHAT TO DO RN- whoops didn't mean to freak out. Everyone probably thinks I'm even more of a weirdo now haha. Ah well. I just got really excited lol. Have a nice day!

Hahahah I’m sure everyone is on edge like me- WHAT WAS THE IDEA???!!! Why don’t you share it so we can all throw our hands in to try to make it a reality for you? 
Apart from that… how do you know you can’t do it if you haven’t tried? Even if its not perfect, its practise! Both your writing and your art- I’m sure its much better than you think it is. 
I’m super pumped to hear what this idea is though.. and I hope you had a lovely day too my darling 

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I've loved your art for a very long time, and seeing you get a lot of attention/asks recently makes me very happy!!! keep up the good work!

aw thanks for staying with me this whole time!! sometimes i can’t even believe that there are people who’ve been liking my art since the beginning. i’ll look at my old drawings and be like what ! are you… sure? LOL

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I was thinking about doing another art raffle but um… No XD

Thank you so much for this <3 Im not even sure you followed the right person??? Did your finger slip like what?

For 300+ followers I can do the following

-Show funny names I gave my drawings XD (again)
-10 more facts about me
-Play the Piano
-another art raffle

Any of those are fine, if you an idea feel free to tell me ^^. THank you again for 300+ followers C:

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im lowkey glad chris didn't go to hvff because even tho i would have loved to see him there, I'm 100% sure something similar to what happened at the early screening of the finale happened and tbh that would just be a shit thing to put him through

i kinda get it, i can’t say i’m glad because i knew of so many people that were excited and counted down and were really disappointed, so like i can’t be happy about their disappointment but like also a few of them have said they’re kinda lowkey glad too because a lot of shit and rumours have been spread about katie cassidy and they feel it would have happened to chris too, so it’s literally like ?????????? and i can’t say i’m glad but i can’t say i’m not glad if that makes sense??

i definitely feel if there were SC shippers there they would have said or done something, i really don’t think they would have reacted any different at the screening had chris been there so like idk, these people seem to have no limit, one of them actually said something along the lines of “lets make chris feel unwanted and uncomfortable and unwelcome at cons, let him know we don’t want him on the show” so like i get where you’re coming from

whenever i’m not sure what to think about something my brain just fucking freaks the hell out, starts repeating a sentence or two about it on repeat like an intrusive thought kind of thing and it’s hell and either causes a panic attack or makes me suicidal/self destructive

bts actually did That. they are literally paving the way for other kpop groups as i type this. they went from starved broke trainees to $$rich$$ men and spilling coke on expensive suits. they went from ‘do you know annyeonghasaeyo?’ to ‘y'all and y'all’s parents and y'all’s ancestors all know about us’. they went from rookie award to daesang to billboard music awards. they worked so hard and they didn’t give up and here they are now. stanning bts will truly never be the same after this, but i sure am proud to call myself an ARMY.

things you should know about kaz brekker
  • his real name is kaz rietveld but he changed it to brekker when he saw this on a piece of machinery because he thought it sounds badass
  • he broke his leg but instead of letting it heal properly he was like “ah whatever” and then he got himself a cane with which he could probably smash skulls of his enemies
  • at 14 he had a crush on a girl named imogen but he would punch anyone who would dare to say that kaz brekker ever had Feelings™
  • he also had a brother, jordie, but he died
  • so kaz spent god knows how long plotting the Perfect Revenge and it was so good that the man who conned his brother didn’t even know what hit him, pekka was done did dead (not actually but y’know)
  • encourages rumors that he may be an actual demon (i mean im sure matthias wanted to exorcise the demjin at one point tbh)
  • probably started the rumor by disguising himself as someone else and telling people scary (and obviously made up) stories about THE kaz brekker because he’s Extra
  • he dresses in suits because he’s totally Not a thief, he’s a Businessman
  • he hates skin to skin contact which is why he always wears gloves
  • but he doesn’t mind taking them off around inej (or taking his shirt off and cleaning himself in front of her if we’re at this point)
  • he’s really good at maths (he probably threatened some poor soul into tutoring him but in a way that no one would know he actually needed tutoring because he’s THE kaz brekker and he was born smart)
  • practices magic so he can cheat even more
  • the boy would single-handedly break into fort knox
  • he would do literally anything for 30 million kruge (selling his soul included [he probably already did that tho])
  • i’m pretty sure kaz thinks he doesn’t need oxygen as long as he has the money
  • owns like 89 fancy hats
  • treats jesper like his brother and calls him “jes” because jesper’s father did that
  • says he only keeps wylan as a bait but at one point he adopts him even if he doesn’t know this
  • probably writes poems about inej’s laugh
  • goes batshit crazy after inej is injured, tortures and throws a guy who hurt her to the sea but then doesn’t speak to inej for 2 days
  • and when he finally does it’s to discuss money, Romantic™
  • man he loves inej so much but he suppresses the hell out of this
  • he’s obsessed with crows; he has a crow tattoo, he feeds crows, he knows everything about them, he probably talks to them like they’re his kids
  • he’s Not Bothered™ but then he says shit like “i’d crawl to you” or “she was lovely and brave and better than anything he deserved”
  • he’s a big softie for inej
  • honestly he acts like he doesn’t care but he would probably die for inej, nina and jesper
  • but also he’s an asshole and a control freak and he doesn’t even deny that
  • jesper probably shouts “you put cute in execute” whenever kaz kills someone
  • he never smiles
  • and he certainly Did Not Smile when he saw inej, wylan and jesper coming to his rescue in a freaking tank
  • (he did)

things we found out about evak in todays clip:

  • they wear matching outfits,,,,,,,,who even-
  • even drew a drawing of his and isaks face “morphed together” and put it up on their wall,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,gross(which is originally drawn by pernille eleonora dieckmann!!!)
  • some other things that one can find on their wall: the “alt er love” quote, memes, drawings that were probably drawn while even was high and/or drunk, nas quotes, one of the pieces of papers that even gave to isak before they got together for real, a picture of a hamburger with a piercing(?????), the iconic pictures of a woman wearing a chador etcetc
  • there are clothes(and hats) everywhere meaning they’re both really messy(or they just felt like throwing their clothes off the second isak got home, whatever works)
  • they still have the duvets that isak would not change in season three, and i’m guessing he didn’t get better at changing them so
  • their wifi name is “yellow curtains”???? who even are they????
  • even does everything for isak bc isak is his baby, which has resulted in isak not knowing how to make tea(so when his friend asks for tea, he solves this with putting a tea bag in warm tap water,,,like,,,,)
  • they have a balcony, where they sit at night and have deep conversations and passionate make out sessions don’t even argue with me on this one
  • they have a big tv right by their bed, so even probably stays up a bit too late at night watching “friday” or some documentary about penguins or something weird while he holds isak close and slowly strokes his head
  • their curtains, drawers and chairs all match i-
  • they opened the door together like an old married couple and i dont even know what to say about that
  • they have fifa and there is not a single trace of doubt in my body that they’ve spent long hours playing that game, but since even somehow is a lot better than isak, isak always ends up getting mad and telling even how he wants to go to bed early(although this all changes when even cuddles him and tells him what a great fifa player he is)
  • even finally got himself a watch which he actually uses!!!!!
  • they’ve been together for a good few months but isak still gets all blushy as soon as even calls him 
  • they have “the chair” and i have never related to skam more in my life
  • they sure have a lot of shoes for only being two people 
  • even is so tall and i cannot cope like did you see his neck when he kissed isak wow im-
  • isak loves and trust even enough to be okay with the fact that there are some major things about even that he does not know and i think that’s is beautiful