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hi ok so i just started using photoshop and i have the basics down (im able to make a gif, add effects, all that jazz) but i made a gif for a gifset and i cant upload it to tumblr because it's 25 MB. how do i lower this without messing up the quality?

25MB OMG how did that even happen LOL

OKAY LETS SEE, well make sure your gif isnt really long first off.  You want to keep them only a few seconds long, maybe 3 - 4 seconds?  Depends on how much action there is.  If your gif is like 10 seconds long then you should split it. Also delete any extra duplicate frames if you need to (make a shortcut key for deleting so it goes by faster).

Make sure your gif is 540 pixels in width if you’re doing a full width size gif since the width of a Tumblr post is 540.  Gifs from anime are usually 540 x 304 so make sure you didnt forget to resize it from it’s original dimensions.  

Try going between Diffusion and Pattern in the gif output.  Diffusion tends to have a larger file size than Pattern.

 You can also try lowering the colors, but only push it down as much as you can without ruining the quality of the gif.   Hopefully one of these helped D:  25mb is a very big size to bring down to under 3mb im sorry fjdkfjgl;

i know a lot of you need to hear this right now

your fp loves you so much. they care about you, even though they may not be talking to you right this moment. they may be busy with class, or they may be feeding their pet, or maybe they fell asleep talking to you. their relationships with other people do not effect their relationship with you. they love having you around. they love talking to you. i bet they think about you more than a couple times a day.

they know you’re trying. they know you love them more than anyone else in this world. they know you will always be there for them, and they appreciate you.

they love you.

they are so proud of you.

im making a mistake rewatching this at 3am but wtv

ok but i’d like to talk about the amazing characterization and how Marinette deserves so much to be Ladybug

because when everyone was talking to Ivan about his transformation and Chloe started bothering him, sure, Alya tried to shut her up, and fighting what she called before, “the enemy”.

But no one cared about Ivan.

Except Marinette

Even when everyone, even Chloe, knew that the reason Ivan got transformed was because he was angry and sad, no one tried to go after him and check him out, except her.

Marinette who was lacking confidence at that moment and given up being a superhero still showed kindness and went to talk to him and made him stay positive. And with that she stopped Hawkmoth, at least for a moment.

But that moment was enough.

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Hey friend, i know you said a while ago that you werent the person to come to asking for headcanons, but i was wondering if you have some? even if its just like "kara likes to wear socks to bed on summer", please, i got 2 of my wisdom teeth extracted at once and im a little miserable. whatever is fine. or lets talk about krypto an supercorp because gosh was that the cutest shit ever

i didn’t realize that krypto stuff was headcannons? i’m not really sure what i thought headcannons were, but it wasn’t that. but sure, i can do that again!

  • do you know how much exercise a superdog needs??
    • it’s a lot. a ton. 
    • throwing the frisbee only does so much
      • someone called it space catch. i love it and i’m stealing that, thank you
  • lena tries throwing the ball for him
    • it doesn’t go well
    • like at all
    • she throws it and- he’s just already sitting there, tail wagging with the ball in his mouth. she throws as hard as she can and for as many times as she can
      • nothing changes?? krypto gets it immediately, looking fine while lena is sweating and her arm hurts and kara, there has to be a better way
  • kara, with all her amazing ideas- no, trust me lena. it’s great- decides to test krypto
    • she flies across the city in the hugest game of hide and seek
    • lena gets dragged around the city while krypto tries to track down kara
        • she’s not sure why she agreed to this
        • yes she is. kara had smiled and said please and lena, oh she’s running out the door that very second
    • and krypto? he’s so happy when he finds kara. there’s a lot of jumping and hugging and you’re such a good boy, krypto 
  • next kara tries to hide one of krypto’s toys to find
    • when he finds it, he doesn’t appreciate kara snaching his toys
    • as a fuck you he sneaks off with kara’s shoes and lets her search through the city for it, see how she likes it
  • bath time is a mess. which is the complete opposite of what it should be??
    • but have you ever tried bathing a dog bigger than you? when both of you have superstrength??
      • minus the superstrength, i did it a lot at an animal shelter. it was awful. i was no match for the doggos
    • krypto, bless his heart, can’t sit still
      • there’s bubbles and soap to eat. kara throws in squeaky toys despite lena commenting i don’t think that’s a good idea darling
      • it’s not a good idea
  • kara and lena get thoroughly soaked
    • krypto not so much
  • not to mention, he doesn’t really like it when they have to scrub in the shampoo
    • if you stop jumping in every mud puddle you find we wouldn’t have to do this
    • so he maybe bites at kara’s shirt and pulls her in
      • it’s so ridiculous
      • kara flails and falls face first into the tub
        • lena laughs until a splash of water smacks her
    • it becomes a free for all after that
  • lena brings a lot of work home, because she still has so much to do, but it’s so much nicer working and being able to hear kara humming in the kitchen and krypto pressed against her leg
    • when kara decides lena’s done enough, she turns on the radio and holds out her hand to lena
    • lena just shakes her head, because she’s still got some more to get through so kara goes to the next best thing
    • lena can’t hold back her laughter as kara sways around the room with krypto’s paws at her hip. krypto barks along with the song, he’s got better rhythm than kara
    • eventually lena, because oh, she’s a lovesick fool and she knows it, joins in. krypto plops down in her place on the couch and lena and kara spin around the room
      • give me kara crooning sappy love songs to lena while they dance
        • i’m not sure if i’d survive that but what a way to go, am i right??
    • lena just smiling softly and setting her head on kara’s shoulder
  • they go to midvale when lena can take time off and kara’s got a few things she can work on at home
    • they just let krypto run free and he takes off across the beach, kara and lena walking hand in hand over his pawsteps in the sand
    • eliza Loves him. he’s so sweet. he’ll get up early with her and follow her around. when she sits down to drink her coffee, he’ll curl up in her lap, and it’s a little tough, but she manages just fine
    • alex and maggie come. they take krypto swimming and surfing?? krypto loves it. he sits right on the board in front of alex and it’s great
    • they make sure to get a ton of pictures
    • lena’s favorite is one eliza hands her right before they leave
      • it was one afternoon when they were sitting on the porchswing
      • kara’s feet are in the air, smile oh so tender as it’s directed down at her
      • her face is pressed against kara’s neck, but still the smile on her face is clear. hand scratching krypto’s head from his place on her lap
      • lena doesn’t have many pictures, but it doesn’t matter because that one? it’s the best

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thank you for all the helpful info! how much per day do you let your ringneck out to explore during the day? i do have a dog and a cat and i know my dog wouldnt do anything and im pretty sure my cat wouldnt either and if he just needed to be out while im home and could chill out on my shoulder or in the same room i think itd be fine but if it needed to be out all day i think that might be too risky?

Okay so, I highly do not reccomend any predator (dogs & cats) interaction with birds.
Even if you know your dog won’t do anything you can’t be sure. The risk is too great of a price to pay.
Birds are too delicate to have loose around larger animals. Not to mention mammal saliva has loads of gram positive bacteria which basically means bird can get really sick from all of the germs in saliva. So no playing with toys. The risk of scratches or bites poses more of a threat and the large numbers of bacteria creates a difficult healing process for your bird - even if it is accidental.
In terms of having your bird out all day with free roaming cats a dogs - a big no no.
I’d reccomend placing your cat and dog in a another room when your bird is out or vice versa.
Even if it is with you on your shoulder, accidents happen and like I said the price is still a risky one to pay.
It’s probably not what you want to hear because the internet shows lots of people interact their predator and prey pets and it is something we all want to do.
It’s honestly not worth loosing your bird over.
You can ask around more about this topic but any avian vets or the like will not reccomend it.

Also, around 1 - 2 hours I let each bird out everyday for adequate exploration and flight exercise.

Okay but straight fans need to understand that fetishizing mlm/wlw couples has a much more significant and harmful impact than they think. It goes way beyond a straight girl/guy thinking a same-sex/gay couple if hot (which is already disgusting tbh what the fuck)

The moment you make an LGB couple purely sexual (not that there is anything wrong with being sexual just hear me out till I’m done rambling) and see LGB relationships as something purely based on sex (which is lets be honest what happens when you fetishize something sorry to be the one to break it to you) you are being homophobic 

((I’m sure there are many more reasons but I'm just going to focus on this one))

The idea of LGB people being only sexual or having only sexual relationships is not new. It is what religious people have been using as their main argument for years. The myth that LGB don’t have any kind of emotional feelings, that LGB relationships aren’t based on everything a straight relationship is (mutual feelings,trust,etc,etc) is used to demonize us. There is a reason sodomy is a sin and yet being gay isn’t.(also I am in no way stating that sodomy a sin but that is a discussion or another time) Literally, all religious preaching seems to think that gay people aren't’ people just some weird sexual beings that dont deserve to live.

So while you have fun getting riled up thinking about malec and keep referring to gay people as ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ and shit I’m having fun not being able to exist in my home country for myths you are supporting and honestly i am fucking tired when will straight people listen and s t o p

my mmj (medical marijuana) card expired and i need to renew it so uh pls.. if anyone can spare money pls hit that donation button. im not on anti-depressants or any sort of mood stabilizer and even if i did have my meds they dont help my anxiety, chronic nausea, dizziness, and migraines. ive found card renewals for $50 but i also need to see their practitioner as i havent been to the doctor in nearly 2 yrs so id need $100 total plus the gov. fees (not exactly sure how much this is tho?)

ive been going through someone to get my weed and its much more expensive and the quality isnt as good. so if u can help i rly appreciate it.. thank u ;_;

also pls pls dont mention weed or anything in the donation comments or that will get my account frozen even tho im trying to legally medicate myself and im not directly buying any w this money the mention of drugs or anything illegal in paypal payment notes could get me banned/frozen

Thats all forever folks

A few months ago I made a post talking about how I was trying to slowly but surely get off of tumblr… Well slowly but surely doesnt seem to be working for me so im just gonna dive into this head first and just stop using tumblr. 

I’ve had a great run on this website but right now I need to use my time in a way that is going to help me. Tumblr is amazing and Ive met so many wonderful people on this website and wow I cant even believe it. I love you all so much and that why this is so hard. 

In the future I hope that I can become a casual tumblr user but I dont see that happening for a long time. 

If you wanna stay in touch or even just talk to me for the first time then add me on snapchat or Instagram. My snapchat is @idooryou and my Insta is @m.w.4018_ 

Good luck to anyone still on here 

motivation & discipline

these two things are sOO important in our school life and crucial when it comes to productivity. i think that what makes a lot of us students procrastinate is that we sometimes only study when we want to.

now, there is nothing wrong with motivation, and i wish that all of us would feel motivated to study 24/7 but let’s face it: that’s pretty much impossible. unless youre like supernatural, no one feels motivated to get work done all the time, even us studyblrs. so why is discipline so important?

because we cannot simply rely on motivation. i mean, would it be awesome that everytime we needed to get work done we would be like ‘’aw im so pumped up and i really wanna study and be productive’’? sure. but that’s not how things work a lot of the times. and this is why discipline is so important; because we shouldn’t procrastinate whenever motivation isn’t around, we should use discipline when that happens.

now, discipline and motivation are very different. feeling motivated is great, but if you think about it, we don’t really work towards motivation. it kinda comes to us, in a way. discipline doesn’t work like that. it is something that needs to be trained and practised. and the best way to train discipline is to study when you don’t feel like it, is to just get up and start getting things done. discipline’s worst enemy is procrastination.

so instead of counting 100% on motivation, we should use discipline as well! having motivation is amazing and important too, and we should always think about what motivates us, but discipline is even more important because it will help us study when motivation isn’t there. 

i know that we can all fight procrastination together and i wish you all the best luck for this school year, and a lot of motivation and discipline too!! 

* so i decided to look through to see how much i still need to queue up from my old blog

* and uh, ive got about up to page 18 logged and ready to go

* as far as music goes anyways

* the point of this is that i have 60 pages of goddamn music on that blog and i am just a little intimidated by that


Yet another Undertale AU?

Had the idea for a crossover between Final Fantasy and Undertale.
This has been haunting me for almost 2 months now :I

Dont know what to call it. Ive used “Final Tale” to describe it for a while, but now 
Im thinking about CrystalTale….Im not even sure how much ima do of this… especially since my art style fluctuates so much (not to mention, I know nothing about composition, paneling, storyboarding, perspective or anything needed to make a comic of this…..but I’d like to learn to?)

Currently present:
Frisk- Freelancer (has a sword and shield, but rarely uses his sword
Comic Sans- Bard….seems fitting, considering his jester persona.
Papyrus- Gladiator? Paladin? Still unsure which I prefer.
Toriel- White mage, obviously. The role fits her so well.
Flowey- Essentially a moogle?
Annoying dog is now an annoying chocobo (kinda like choco from Final Fantasy Unlimited……if anyone remembers that)

Still need all the rest. I have ideas for Undyne, alphys, Chara, and even gerson (cid highwind? Cid ingeneral?) and gaster, but I have no clue what to do with Mettaton, asgore and asriel. I have ideas on how to implement FF related items to this (crystals, summons, monsters, ect), but nothing concrete.

Opinions? Ive never attempted something like this before :I

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☀️ I want to rp with you, but I’m not sure how      @efridcct

ok like i said i am the au king omg.    im always down for any au!  if you’re wanting an sw au, then hell yes, lets do a sw au! :D  i love modern ones just the same.  or even sw modern ones : )))  ( btw i think a warfram.e blog is honestly too much work for me lol.  i’m garbage at photoshop and the amount of editing i would need for that blog would kill me tbh  ( but thank you for your words of encouragement!! ♥ )) 


“Even the brightest stars burn out”
Please don’t hold everything in for the sake of being strong for the other members, because I’m sure they don’t demand that from you. You shouldn’t need to force yourself to always appear happy, especially when you aren’t. I’m worried that she might keep everything bottled up inside and pretend like everything’s okay…since Wendy is the type to hide her feelings

I just don’t understand how anyone could hate this unbelievably talented, kind-hearted, and humble angel. She gives so much that I hope that she receives just as much in return.

With that being said, Happy Birthday to our Seungwan! I love your awkwardness, amazing personality, cheerfulness, and beautiful voice! May 2016 be a wonderful year for you, filled with joyous memories!


hello!!!!!!!i decided to make a new post about this!!

a couple days ago, my step mom and half sister who were living with my dad and i moved out, which is already a huge problem for us!!!!they were the majority of our financial support which i didnt quite realize until they left. we currently have no cable or wifi and im not sure how my dad plans to get those back or to even pay the rent or our phone bil!!!my dad does work but he cant work much due to disabilities from a car crash, and it doesnt help that he is an alcoholic. he is rarely home and when he is, its very late at night, but putting the family issue aside, we really need some help!!im trying to work, i really am, ive applied nearly everywhere in my town more than once, and it does not help that i dont have transportation, and my anxiety and depression make it a lot harder. to cut to the chase, i need a little help until i can start working. i need support so i can get food and other necessities along with hopefully help my dad pay rent and other bills so we can stay in our home.

i really dont have anything to offer in return, which makes me feel really bad about this whole thing, but i woud really really appreciate any help you can give, any amount wil help!!seriously!!if all my followers would donate $1 i would be more than okay. 

if you cant help out, if you could please please reblog this i would be so thankful!! my paypal is, please feel free to ask me anything you want to know about me or my situation!! thank you for reading this!!

19 days / Ch. 143

This chapter made me realize something: even Jian Yi isn’t 100% sure what his feelings for ZhengXi are, yet. Look at his face. Look at the confusion and the overwhelming feelings he’s trying to suppress and figure out. He doesn’t know why he’s crying that much - was that because his friend punched him? Was it his reaction after he kissed him? Or because he finally realized he’s in love with his best friend and how everything would change after that?

Jian Yi asked ZhengXi to forget everything after this night. EVERYTHING. Jian Yi valued their friendship more than anything - even if it meant forgeting feelings for him. He wants them to be back to normal just so they could stay together and remain friends because Zhang is the only person left in his life now. It was either lose him because of his feelings, or have him stay but only as a friend.

And if it’s not one of the most painful thing to happen between two friends, I don’t know what is.

Why am I not good enough for you? Why do you love these girls who couldn’t love you even half as much as I love you? Sure, maybe they’re prettier, maybe they’re funnier. But what about how loving they are? They don’t know if they should love you because they have other options too. You don’t deserve that. You deserve someone who without a second thought, would choose you. Any second of any day, they’d choose you. And that’s me. I would choose you over anyone at any given second. I have loved you since we met, and I fall a little more everyday. I shouldn’t fall for you anymore because I know there’s no one to catch me, but you’ve shattered me enough to where it would make no difference when I hit rock bottom. My thoughts of you are so loud and so crowded. My mind is all over the place and I want to make it stop but I don’t know how. You don’t love me. I can’t handle it anymore.
—  m.a \\ 12:05

Im working on my Laslow wig, and this is the first time I’ve dyed a wig! :^)

as much as i was happy with the color, it wasn’t as dark or dimensional as i wanted, and i bought fabric spray paint, but i was less than impressed with the spray it produced (too blotted) and i had this technique i used before on a trickster wig to add extra hues, so i decided to bust that knowledge out again! 

To make the shadows and parts more defined (and to give a slight blue hue) On a fresh coat of hairspray, using DAMP eyeshadow pigments, i brushed the color into the crevices to change the overall color tone and make the swooshes more defined! (also then spray paint it in place again too ha ha) 

also if you’re going to do this, be sure to go slowly, and add layers on layers, not all at once or it will look blotchy and lumpy, and do it AFTER all styling is done, because it will brush out easily. 

time to find a new one

clintasha fic, about 6500 words, set directly after cap2

natasha tries to make sense of doing hydra’s work all along, and she needs a safe place to do that. so she goes to him.

When she lays down on the other pillow, his hand shifts a little, but remains on her back. He does not try to hold her. She isn’t sure if she wants him to.

“Hill called,” he says, watching her, half his face buried in the pillow. She almost wants to laugh, the way he looks. “Asked if I knew where you were.”

She closes her eyes. 

“I said I didn’t know,” he adds.

She smiles, faintly. “Liar.”

read it on ao3

It’s that time. How I even reached this amount of followers in less than a year I still fail to understand! I do appreciate it (immensely), so thank all 2,000+ of you for your support and all that jazz. 

Anywhoo, here’s a short follow forever in my part, most who are people I actually follow on my personal, really. All Death Note blogs, as well. (excluding the Roleplaying ones) Really, I don’t need to explain myself much, I’m sure you all know how these “follow forever”things work. 


Roleplaying Blogs. A mix between people I have roleplayed with before and people I have simply seen regularly on my dash, that whose presence I enjoy seeing on my dash, really. 

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+ More, of course. You’re all great & simply amazing, keep doing what you’re doing. :’)