im not even sure how do i explain this to my followers

It’s that time. How I even reached this amount of followers in less than a year I still fail to understand! I do appreciate it (immensely), so thank all 2,000+ of you for your support and all that jazz. 

Anywhoo, here’s a short follow forever in my part, most who are people I actually follow on my personal, really. All Death Note blogs, as well. (excluding the Roleplaying ones) Really, I don’t need to explain myself much, I’m sure you all know how these “follow forever”things work. 


Roleplaying Blogs. A mix between people I have roleplayed with before and people I have simply seen regularly on my dash, that whose presence I enjoy seeing on my dash, really. 

miss-to-oh not-just-a-letter asinine-a dxsmemberment morbidlywhite eru-dition sanctiion (♥) jester-of-genocide mxslead jxxvas askdeneuve the-second-kira erulawli ofideals mihxel yagami-raito-kun yagamisin iamxkira jiivasu


Non-RoleplayBlogs. Some of who may or may not follow this blog, but follow my other blog instead (or don’t follow both!). Sorry if this is awkward, 

playing-his-game lawlietvevo llawlietofficial misoramassacres casuistor teruzuki complicatedmerary lsposture cutestkira reaperlight light-yagameme lightswagami liight-yagamii deathnotemusical deathnoteyuri justicecomplex wiltingboy yagamivevo youcannotrelight yagamism wxmmyshouse kronoschic kiraxbb gumitsu kirasvictims lawlights yotsubaing yotsu8a lightyagamemes misanote weneedtotalkmoreaboutdeathnote killmeby40 mellodear deathnoteryuzaki thebellsareloudtoday neuromancys fucklawliet misanote queenmisa tricksteryagami mssrlawliet @lux-mea-lux yyagami


+ More, of course. You’re all great & simply amazing, keep doing what you’re doing. :’)