im not even sry

to all the "fans" who started "stanning" jeno JUST BC HE DYED HIS HAIR BLOND:

yall are fucking snakes where the hell were u when he had his cute black w green highlight hair or his brown hair stop sleeping on this boy he is absolutely talented and he deserves to be admired for his fucking talent not because sm bleached his hair-

he is MORE than just a visual. he can fucking dance, sing, rap and do more stuff hES THE WHOLE PACKAGE

whenever ppl get all “Jfc can’t LGBT+ ppl go 1 day without mentioning the fact that they’re LGBT+? Can’t they just have a Normal Conversation???”

It’s like?
Yes, actually, we can.
We are very, very capable of not bringing it up. Many of us have to in order to be safe around family, etc.
When around friends we usually let our guards down a bit bc it’s fucking exhausting.

So, sorry* that every once in a while you have to hear your LGBT+ friends talk about something that impacts their lives greatly.
Sorry* that when a large portion of talks probably have something to do with love life, we may bring up our own to add to the conversation.
Sorry* that when a large portion of talks involve hardships that come with life, we may bring up our own to keep the topic alive.
Sorry* that you have to Put Up with your “friends”. Must be so difficult.

*word used in a sarcastic manner because we shouldn’t have to apologise for jack shit

a bunny hopping in to show off his murse… (〃ノωノ) 

At this same ancient game of Gryffindor’s
Plays the fair chaser whom thou so lovest,
With all the admired players of Hogwarts:
Go thither; and, with unattainted eye,
Compare his moves with some that I shall show,
And so prove that thy beau is not a pro.

- the real reason™ i didn’t take english lit



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*crashes through the door* ALLRIGHT ALLRIGHT ALLRIGHT. Somebody that loves villainizuku. I am here for this shit. May I request a scenario of villain Izuku being captured and hero s/o being stuck in what to do, should they help? Should they stay quiet? You can decide :3

If you didnt ask for angst, I’m sorry. I hope you guys like this? Man.

They have made an agreement, that’s what they have settled on.
Both of them knew that this day will be coming but it felt so sudden and too soon and so many thoughts were running through their mind at this very instant. It made his partner’s heart shatter into pieces. The mental preparation was not even close to enough as they watched how Midoriya was being taken down by their fellow heroes. This was not how they have planned it, this was not the outcome they have predicted, this was not what they wanted.

What should they do? Their hands were resting by their sides, expression completely at loss. No, they didnt want to allow them to part this way!
Not like this, everything, anything but this. Without being in control, their body moved forward, just about to go into doing something really stupid but it halted -
His green eyes locked with theirs and even if it was less than a second, his message got across: ‘It’s okay.’
A reassuring smile tucked on his lips: ‘You dont have to do anything.‘ 
It was a silent promise they had made a long time ago after the male confessed what his ‘occupation’ - or whatever people might call it - was.

„Izuku…“ His head perked up at his love calling out his name so softly.
Both were lying lazily on their bed as he had buried his face into their chest just a minute ago. Green eyes were focussing solely on them, patiently waiting because they were trying to find the right words, considering that they looked really thoughtful. Part of him knew what they were about to say.

„What should we do when…“, their voice trailed off, as their eyes wandered out of their apartment’s veranda into the empty looking sky that had spread across the loud city. Midoriya shifted slightly with a groan coming off his throat, one arm pushing his body up to now hovering above theirs.
Their eyes met and it broke him how much grief was reflecting in the pair of theirs. „It’ll be okay.“, he whispered and placed a sweet kiss onto their forehead while he let his hand gently run through their hair.

Being well aware of the risk that the villains might capture his partner and that they might end up dead, he was afraid but sure to keep their relationship secret for prevention. This was also the reason why he was ever so distant, trying to keep away from them in public but as soon as they’d get home he would cherish their time, their moments together with all his heart.
The embarrassment of affection be doomed.  

After peppering them with kisses and words of encouragement, he inhaled their scent that he loved so much, snuggling into their neck with a pleased sigh. Moments like these sucked in his opinion where all kind of what if’s popped up out of the blue but he knew they were necessary and also meant to be. But it was more likely something he hated because he didnt want to think about these things and especially he didnt want to see them so depressed. He really could not imagine a life without them

The young man would never let anything happen to his lover, not over his death would he let villains take them in all honesty. But that’s what he left unsaid while asking for them to forget about him if anything will go wrong.
His ears caught the trembling in their voice as he let himself being pulled closer, as close as possible as if he could slip out of their grasp any second. „I dont want to lose you.“
His eyes closed, his hands running soothing circles into their back with the tip of his fingers.  „I love you, (Name).“

Partially they knew it was a mistake that they let feelings take over to overlook such a thing but what could they actually do? They just loved him so, so much and didnt want to lose them to such a petty thing as ideals or anything alike. As a couple they worked out so well, they were fine and the love between them was real. There were tears pricking at the corner of their eyes, trying to look anywhere but at him, gulping every last piece of sorrow down their throat. 

'It’s not fair…’ How were they supposed to forget about him?

Goodbye, my heart.

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