im not even in new england

anyway i’m pretty happy with being born and raised in alabama and i sorta wish i didn’t grow up repressing my accent so that i wouldn’t sound Stupid. i wish i didn’t consider the north to be some sort of utopia where everyone would just get along because hooboy was that way off the mark. im not embarrassed by it anymore even though people in new england seem to think i should be. the south is actually pretty great and diverse and radical, you just have to know where to look and be willing to give a damn.

Now Im really really angry. Poldark nominated in West of England television awards which is great but Eleanor nominated for drama performance and not Aidan! FFS what is the matter with these judges. Aidan is the stand out performance in Poldark. Eleanor is OK but her performance has been overappreciated because she plays the wronged woman. To even suggest that her performance is more worthy of an award than his is quite frankly ridiculous and extremely insulting to him. I’m seriously beginning to hope series 3 is it and Aidan moves on to new and better projects. Poldark got him better known but it’s been a two edged sword. The attention given to his looks in series 1 detracted from his talent and the feminist slant given to the writing in series 2 has done him no favours as people have sympathised with Demelza to the extent that his brilliant performance has been overlooked in favour of a costar who is certainly not a stronger or better performer. 

Just feeling really sorry for Aidan. How hurtful and insulting to be overlooked in this way when he is the star of the show

Blizzard of 17’
A small town devoured by the crystal like powder
Perks of New England
Streets beyond lonely
Nothing but the sound of church bells in the distance
I turn my keys to shut my car off
I step outside to pay for gas at a station that was there years before I even entered the world
Year round 24 hours 7 days a week
My small feet are greeted by cold slush
My slippers now apart of the snow
Im left to figure out how to get to the station blocked by the mountain of snow
I just want to pay
Crunch after crunch after crunch
I’m in
I pay the old man and trudge back to the pump
Ghostly breaths escape my cracked lips
Nothing better than the simplest things

So I was watching the new I Am Bread Lets Play and Gavin said he wanted Michael to come to England sometime… And now my head is just full of images of Gavin and Michael traveling around England and Gavin showing Michael all the sights, and where he grew up and even though they are in England, Michael would still do Shitty imitations of Gavin’s accent aND THEY WOULD JUST BE SO GROSS I CANT HANDLE IT