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I recently hit my first big goal so this is just a thank you to everyone who makes this website amazing to me but really I love everyone I follow and all my followers as well

And this graphic was done by the perfect oswwinoswald

A very special thanks to: Jess, ShannonAnnaand Eden


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I know I must have forgotten some of you and there are some amazing people I follow that I just haven’t followed long enough to add on here, but everyone I follow is fab so…


Since I just hit my 300 follower mark I decided to do a follow forever post! Yayyy!

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haha i’ve been trying to draw for hours and this was all I could come up with. i wanna know if a namesake’s speech is translated like, regardless of what language they’re speaking? and if so is there an indication they’re speaking another language (like an accent or something) to the people who are listening? also, is it only world-world translation (ie they can only translate other worlds, not other languages on earth because then they’d understand everyone). also if that’s true then would every language from the other world get translated? because wouldn’t that mean a french namesake for instance, who doesn’t know english, could get the english person to talk to an ozite and have the ozite tell them what’s happening? these are the questions I append to this terrible thing. ps the context for this is that emma usually stays up late w warrick so that he can read earth books, because they usually fall into weird gibberish when it’s not in her translation range. also he wants to know about other languages.