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Egoplier Headcanons: Candy

wow my second ever headcanons (for @markiplier‘s egos obviously) yee yee here we go. this is basically just what the egos’ favorite candy would be.

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Wilford: He loves literally all types of candy. The only exception is black licorice. According to him, that stuff is worse than eating tar.

Dark: Denies liking any type of candy, but is a hard core chocoholic. Rumor has it that he’s even snuck Kinder Surprise Eggs across the US border just to try the chocolate. He loved it so much that he orders about a hundred every few months and has them illegally shipped across the border. (He gives all the toys to Wilford and Bim, don’t worry).

Doc: He only really likes black licorice, much to Wilford’s dismay. However, they have a system where every time either of them gets massive amounts of candy (Usually just on Halloween. Usually. Wilford can be sporadic sometimes.), Doc gets all the black licorice while Wilford gets the rest. It works out in the end.

The Googles: They don’t eat often, but they all enjoy marshmallows, despite the fact that they’re not technically candy. Sometimes they throw campfire parties (which Wilford is always oddly absent from) just to roast marshmallows. 

The Host: Likes candy corn (a very underrated candy) and sour gummy worms. He says they’re good snacks for when he’s writing.

Bim: He’s absolutely in love with tootsie rolls. One time, Wilford surprised him with a 5 foot long tootsie roll and Bim didn’t stop thanking him for days. 

King: Will only eat Paydays and refuses everything else. He says it’s for his squirrel’s sake, since they won’t go near him if he doesn’t smell like peanuts. Wilford tries to tell him he definitely does not have to worry about not smelling like peanuts, but he still only sticks with Paydays.