im not even going to say anything ugh

A Fandom Rant

Can people just STFU in this fandom?! I’m getting really pissed off at how people are constantly being berated for getting excited for new Doctor Who or even having a ‘positive’ opinion. Like there shouldn’t be that much of a distinction in the first place. In fact, *news-flash*, if people really don’t like the show, they wouldn’t be watching it in the first place??! 

Dyou what, fine, hate it all you want, it seems like people would use anything to hate Moffat. As if he’s the sole instigator for having less woman writers blah de blah and its complete and utter bullshit when you say things like 'Oh i want to believe in Capaldi, but i dont want Moffat to ruin things’. Whatever it is, it seems the bigger picture is ignored. Little things are pointed out instead to justify an argument, it’s just contradictory.

Out of all the problematic things that people have pointed out, the only problematic thing that i see, is how shitty people are in treating others. Stop claiming that you’re trying to make a place a better world by pointing out the flaws of a TV show, stop making everyone feel insignificant, judged based upon their love of one show. It’s just pathetic, let people love what they love, and stop ruining it. Just cause you ruined it for yourself in the first place.