im not even being biased

bts personality analysis: jimin

park jimin is a man with two sides: an on stage persona, and his own personality that he shows to society. i think jimin is one of the few idols that doesn’t change when the camera is on him. im not even being biased because he is my bias, but i do believe that jimin is just genuinely good. and im not one to think that of people because i believe everyone has an innate side of them they arent too fond of - and im sure jimin does too (im going to talk about his temper later on). jimin believes in the good in people which can be both a strength and a flaw. i don’t necessarily think that jimin is naive, but he sees the good in people and could be manipulated due to the fact that he is so kind and compassionate. his niceties allow him to be vulnerable to people taking advantage of him and using him. and because jimin is so kind, he would let them - but only to an extent. i think jimin can hold his own because he is quite temperamental but you have to do something that challenges his own morals and valeus to see that side of him. he is genuine. he is authentic and you can tell that he was raised in a loving environment. 

jimin is temperamental. when he feels emotions, he feels it intensely. and because he has such strong values - ive noticed he values kindness and integrity most, he is understanding but he does not sympathise with people who have done the wrong thing -, when he is angry, he is angry. he is annoyed, frustrated, agitated. he is all the anger synonyms. this could be scary to witness firsthand because jimin is so sweet that you wouldn’t expect the intensity that comes with his anger. i dont think this anger is a flaw, though. because jimin is normally so tender, if he didnt have this frustration, he would be manipulated. its his psyche making a barrier to protect his feelings. his anger is also very telling as to what he believes in which is good when your making an analysis. he normally gets mad when people dont follow the rules, or when they are unkind. he doesn’t like conflict and wants harmony. jimin is a pacifist.

because he feels his emotions so intensely, he is prone to falling into his own thoughts of insecurity. i dont think jimin is as aware of his emotions like namjoon is which is why his reactions are always big and his entire body reacts - when he laughs, he laughs with his whole body. he would often fall into the trap of not feeling good enough and because he is so passionate and he expects so much of himself, nothing will ever reach the expectations he sets for himself. i see that jimin often reflects on his performance and monitors himself closely whether it be his diet or his shows, which is a really damaging mindset to have when he often thinks he isnt good enough because he is a perfectionist. he wants to be perfect when he knows that nobody can be. but because he feels this way, it allows him to understand people more, be more empathetic. that is what makes jimin so kind. its a shame that he doesnt see himself the same way when i believe he is an incredible person.

jimin and jin are a good pair because jimin has a habit of making people feel good and validated which is exactly what jin needs most, and i think jinmin’s relationship is healthy and beneficial for both of them!! jimin and yoongi are one of my favourite relationships in bangtan because jimin just wants to please yoongi and yoongi likes to be pleased. thats really all i have to say about yoonmin. jimin and hoseok are really lovely because jimin understand hoseok and his love for dance and i think hoseok really appreciate that. jimin knows when hoseok is tired and grumpy and knows when to stop and i think thats a really good quality in a friendship. jimin and namjoon r adorable because namjoon has a soft spot for cuteness and thats what jimin is - cute. jimin always knows how to make namjoon happy and jimin know how to makes him say aw - “YELLOW CARD”. jimin and taehyung are also one of my favourite relationships in bangtan because they seem to understand each other. they have this deep brotherly bond that they have formed over the years and i think its a really important relationship for jimins psyche because taehyung understands jimins personality better than i think anyone else does. its really beautiful to watch them interact and hear their inside jokes. jimin and jungkook are odd because as much as i love jikook, i think jungkook is a handful that jimin doesnt have the strength for. but jimin is a really crucial part to jungkook and i think that jungkook needs jimin as a shoulder, someone that he can rely on. jungkook is like jimins younger brother and i think they really do adore each other.

park jimin - enfj/libra. kind, temperamental, sensitive, charming.

kim seokjin ; min yoongi ; jung hoseok ; kim namjoon

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Asdfghjkl okie I'll try asking again;; Fun random question: Describe Hyungwon in three or more sentences. I hope it send through

(im sorry this took me so long i didn’t have much time earlier!)

honestly i don’t even know where to start?? uhh i guess with his looks first since,, this is describing or smthing,, anyways yeah hyungwon is just… fucking beautiful. he has the most handsome and visually attractive face ive ever seen in my whole life??? and i’ve stanned a lot of groups in my past before but hyungwon is honestly one of the best looking man i know :( im not even being biased,,, anyways yeah there’s that. and he’s like naturally a model, i mean he can legit wear anything and do anything and he’ll look like he’s posing for a high end magazine, not surprised if he’s been modeling since he was like, born. also he has the most beautiful and endearing smile and laugh…. when he smiles he really goes from :o -> :D like!! please!! you are too fucking cute,,, :((( he really lights up the entire room solely w his smile im jusT?? wow?? like when his smile lines by the sides of his nose down to the corner of his mouth come out i just,,,, really… need 2 calm my heart. he has like the closed mouth wide smile, and the straight up whole face smile!! and i.. love both.. so much,,, and yeah anyways his lips are like the first thing people notice about him and big mood?? they’re so plump and … kissable.. and soft.. but my favorite feature on him are his eyes tbh…. idk he has really beautiful eyes? idk how to describe it but like, they’re so…. kind? and bright.. it’s just i want to look into them all day long and im just… so in love with his eyes. like,, they really hold all the stars in my universe wtf!!!  :( OH AND I DONT TALK ABOUT THIS ENOUGH BUT…. HIS EARS ARE SO FUCKING ADORABLE WTF I WANT A MOLD OF HIS EARS ON MY DESK,,, idk about others but i personally find his right ear cute as fuck?? like the extra folds in his ears.. i would d*e for them………. godksj why is everything about him so cute i just?? want to kno …

ok now im going to talk about him!!! so his personality, is what i really fell in love with,, (god this all sounds so.. cliche. but it’s.. true, also unrelated but every time someone talked about,, love cliches and shit i was always like ‘sounds fake’ but???? after hyungwon i really?? believe in all of that..) if i had to use one word to describe him it would just be ‘kind’… like he!!! is!!! the king of being considerate and compassionate and wonderful and he’s just a really good person.. :( he’s the one you can always count on and lean on. he’d always be on your side and makes you feel safe and comforted,, like he’s really full of love??? even the members said he’s a really good listener and they chose as him as someone they go to when they’re feeling down because he makes them feel better about the situation (god, i wish they were me,,) and he has the most beautiful heart… like, he’s been wearing the Sewol bracelet since as long as we’ve known and he has never missed a day. you can always see it during fansigns, vlives, whenever he’s out, and he even wore it when he was modeling under his clothes… :(( he went from the charm, to the rope bracelet thing, to the clip on and now he’s wearing the wristband!! :(((((( he says he will always wear it to remember the incident, and he has been for over two years… he’s doing it out of the kindness of his heart and not to show anyone… he said he felt so helpless during the time, and watching every thing unfold before him, and has worn the yellow bracelet which symbolizes ‘hope’ :((((((((( god,, real emo hours,,, i love my angel so much wtf !!! ok next,, (sjdhaj at this point im going to write a whole novel wtf but im gonna,, stop soon i swear .) hyungwon is really fucking hardworking and ?? he’s so dedicated to his career and making sure that we, his fans, are always satisfied and proud to stan him.. like he’s constantly saying he will work hard to show us something better next time, that he’s not going to stop trying to improve himself. every single stage he puts his all into it, but he pushes himself even more to show us a even better one. he’s always worried and thinking about his career as an actor and a singer. he wants to promote the group in any way that he can, whether it’s through modeling or acting :(( what a King… he’s… really always striving to do the Best and he won’t ever settle or be content with it because he’s just naturally an ambitious and super hard working person… like. he’s so dedicated to what he does, no matter what it is. uhh one more thing he’s actually a really sentimental guy!! not like in a bad way, but in the best possible way. he’s really sweet, and gentle.. (he would be the Best Boyfriend,,, im just saying..) he’s the type to give handwritten letters… and surprise gifts.. (he said so!!) he said he cant cook but he want to cook for his gf he will try his best and it will be full of love… god.. i wish that were me. he’s the type to keep quiet… but take silently notes on what someone likes/dislikes, and will reveal it unexpectedly with a gift or when he says something and it will! make the other person! so happy! :((( he doesn’t put his emotions Out There, he’s not rlly good at it,, but he honestly has so much love in him,,, he tries his best to show it ok!! it’s,, good effort it’s so cute when he does… ah.. pls.,,, he’s always like ah, i don’t know if i can properly show my appreciation and sincerity for you guys, but i hope you guys know how thankful i am for you. LASDHFJAK GOFD,S,,,, IM FUCKIGN EMO THINKGIN ABOTU IT AGAIN… HE HAS A HEART OF GOLD AND HE’S SUCH A SWEETHEART I JUST WISH MORE PEOPLE WOULD SEE IT.. :(( HE DESERVES ALL THE LOVE IN THIS ENTIRE UNIVERSE AND I REALLY HOPE ALL MY LOVE FOR HIM CAN COUNT AS SOMETHING FOR IT ALL.. UGHFJASHJSAALSJF yeah ok let me,,, stop… sorry to everyone who has to scroll past this LMAo,, :(

ok i was gonna stop but i forgot to mention how he’s so fucking talented!! i mean this boy does it ALL. the whole package or w/e. god,, i love my whole ass talented man wtf! he sings, dances, choreographs, models, acts, DJs, is multilingual, and a world class poet,, cmon. ANYWAYS he excels in all those areas nd,, no argument there.. his voice is angelic as fuck ,, just like his personality.. and his dancing.. god,,, like . his dancing his so on point, his every move,, and it’s so.. fluid.. and natural. and it’s harder for tall people to dance esp ones w like long ass limbs (hyungwon.,,) but he still looks fucking amazing and pulls everything off so perfectly????? gofdj,,, can he like . Stop being so…. perfect.. and lovable… :((( he just puts so much passion into everything he does!!! and his heart is pure Gold ,, i just.. love him,,,,,,, everything about him …. ok lmao let me stop !!! if u actually read all this wtf,, im sorry nd i’d die for u

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i just desperately need to talk to someone about tag and jangjun's dancing on weekly idol? that ep with them and weki meki was seriously one of the most enjoyable things i've watched in a long time

YASSS, that episode was really hilarious and  entertaining , i swear im not even being biased at all.  Like so many stuff happened , and I found all of it so fuuuunny that  I literally teared up from laughing so hard lool .  I mean I  was expecting Golcha to do okay on the show but be a little awkward since it is the first show they went too. Im glad that I was  worried for nothing, since the members did extremely well  (exceeding my expectations tbh ).

OKAY , enough of that, JANGJUN , I  expected  him to stand out cause its no secret that he’s hella extra af , but just gotta say  im amazed at how well he danced to weme’s song (cause it looks like he just learned it then ) and his expression was soooooooo priceless, like its so natural and confident (?) lmaaao  his 1:1 battle with yoojung too  was also pretty hilarious .  Id love to see more interaction of these two groups in the future  tbh. TAG on the other hand  omfg boy be doing splits and showing his flexibility too, plus waacking is actually  hard and painful so idk how he can do it so well and fast too. I also love how he was so competitive against lua . 

I really love it and im glad you found it very enjoyable too. please drop by again if you ever just want to talk about golcha  (or yenno dm me ) , cause id love too. 

suddenly i came back to live to make a small rant about baekhyun’s acting !! 
seriously, he did so goddamn well. even in the begin of the show, he did so wel portraying a young youthful and playful prince i was honestly surprised. first time acting and he does it like that?? wow. im not even being biased or anything. the last scene he did, the death scene. i knew that it was coming i was prepared and thought i wouldnt cry, but god i sobbed for atleast an hour and had to pause the episode to get some air. his facial expressions, his voice, i couldnt help but let the tears flow. the way he couldnt believe his wife was gone literally, he portrayed so well that a young man who just fell inlove loses his most precious possesion. and that hurt! because i didnt think he’d be able to pull it off. his voice when the arrow hit him was so on point i was shook™. barely able to talk but still struggling trough it. ofcourse i wanted a happy ending for wang eun and soon deok, but i cant help but love his death scene, how beautiful he did it. im so proud of him you don’t even understand, he did so well. ive fallen even more inlove with byun baekhyun and i didnt think it was possible. i hope the best for him, that he gets cast in many movies and shows because his acting skills are wonderful and he so much talent. good job baekhyun im so fucking proud of you.

new romantics is honestly one of the best pop songs i’ve heard in my LIFE im not even being biased just because i love taylor and it’s my fave like no….it’s just such a good song if she doesnt make it a single there will be serious consequences