im not enough for him


“i don’t have the tears to cry anymore. but…i at least have to keep yu safe” // “i promise you, mika. even if i have to sell out the whole world to do it, i’ll make sure you’re turned back into a human.”

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who are your favorite minor pro heros in bnha?

I feel like this was incredibly predictable haha if you mean even more minor then Kamui Woods and Edgeshot are definitely faves of mine, I wish I could see more of them !!!


I finally get it now. I’m the spawn of satan, and I can’t escape my powers. I’ve always been afraid of facing, or even acknowledging them. But that was wrong.. This is me. This is also who I am 

the saddest part of all these bill ships tho??

bill is such an amazing character, i love him to BITS oh god the gf crew really made him such a wonderful character and villain. i love hating him, its so good. i love that he doesn’t have some sad tragic backstory to justify his means, that he’s just wanted nothing but power and chaos, i love that hes such a skilled manipulator and con artist, i love that his first instinct was to throw a fucking party, i love that bill has only ever been bill, and that being bill and never changing and expecting the same in others was his downfall.

but what does most of the fandom do with him?? ship him. make him human so that they can ship him (and/or just make him eye candy). change his personality so that they can ship him. its sad to see his character be devalued so much within a fandom that claims to love him so dearly

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I saw someone headcanoning that Sero and Bakugou had this friends with benefits thing in the past in which they would make out sometimes just for fun. I really liked that idea. How would you think Kaminari and Kirishima would react to that? Do you think they'd get jealous or?


ask and you shall receive

#bnhainktober day 3: kurogiri as my favorite villain! (please Let Him Rest™)

the list of prompts that i’m using: (x)


Oct 14 — Happy Birthday, Seidou’s Toujou Hideaki °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° 

“It’s a challenge Youhei, let’s see which of us get to stand on the mound as Seidou’s first string pitcher first. I still haven’t given up on being a pitcher yet, you see.”

could yall please do me a favor?

So my girl Tiffany @earthtogot7 told me that there was this instagram account (yutaslines) that posted my content without my permission and she kindly sent me a screenshot since I don’t have an insta:

Now I find it highly unlikely that he didn’t see the url of my blog when he decided to be this rude and not even credit me when reposting it, and I got the instagram app just to check out this account and……..I found that he was reposting other people’s videos and tumblr content as well:

I find it incredibly rude for these instagram accounts (or any account on any website ffs) to be reposting people’s original content without their permission or without crediting them. This has happened to me several times on several occasions when I get messages of someone letting me know that an instagram account or a wattpad account has reposted my writings or my memes, but tbh I chose to do nothing about it bc I didn’t have an instagram.

But now I’m honestly sick of it and really need your guys’ help.

If you could please just leave a comment on their posts, or message them, or even have them reported…..I’d really appreciate that. I don’t want myself or any of these content creators to have their content stolen and reposted like this, it’s the highest form of disrespect to us.

I’m only asking yall bc YOU guys are literally the reason why I have this blog and why I post this content, so it’s not only disrespectful to me and all those other blogs, but YOU as well!!! My followers!!!! Nothing makes me more angry.

I strongly encourage all of you to report any accounts that are similar to this if you happen to stumble upon them, esp if they’re not crediting anyone or claiming the posts were their own. I’m sure all of us tumblr creators would appreciate nothing more bc it happens to us more than anyone else <3333

It’s completely fine if you don’t have an instagram account, I just wanted to post this so you could maybe help me out by reblogging instead and spreading the word if you possibly can!!

Thank you so much my loves, I really didn’t know where else to turn and who else to ask 💛💓💝❤💘💙💖💕💖💚💞💝💜💛❣💖💕💗💚