im not emo im scene

I love how in S4E1 when Shiro takes his hand off Keith’s shoulder they just look at each other and know they’re gonna hug.

There’s not a moment of hesitation there, they just keep looking at each other and their arms instinctively rise up to do the handclasp thing that comes before the hug.

This kind of displays of physical affection- of intimacy is so normal, so natural for them it’s amazing and beautiful to see tbh.

im just thinkin’ outloud but ya know that scene where lena tells kara, “no, never had friends like you before.”? its almost like she’s stating the way kara acts around lena seem like kara was in love with her. and in a way, lena is openly wondering if kara feels something more than just friendship. 

but then, lena pauses and quickly adds in (very awkwardly), “come to think of it, i’ve never had family like you.” because what if lena was wrong about thinking if kara has feelings for her? so she just kind of gives this look:

and it’s almost as if she’s realizing that she’s the only one with feelings.


This, all of this, it started with my mistake, with Flashpoint.
This is my penance. This is my redemption.


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