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  • Summary

Tera A. Eileen Young (다현영) is a Korean American woman in her late 20′s- early 30′s, a mother to a daughter in her origin story and local sprout mom to her garden. Young works as a part-time florist and a first chair violinist, working at her flower shop to compensate for the lack of shows in a span of a few weeks.

  • Real life inspiration

When I first created Tera, I was 14-15 ( so I had her for some time ) I was originally inspired from one my garden partners during class, she dropped a potted plant and looked like she had a mental breakdown- I don’t know why her origin plays out that I just witnessed a clumsy action but it inspired me to do something.
Another inspiration is my anxiety to be a mother, thought I can’t get pregnant due to complications that was stated when I was 18, I still worry that one day, I would need to put on my big business boy pants and settle down, but I didn’t want to due to a horrible mother I was raised with (Now we are okay, she is compensating for her mistreatment with gifts and leaving me alone) . Tera’s whole story is about her growing up after being in a horrible situation as a child.

  • Act of growing up

Tera is very much of a slow burn character, each relationship that I see fits for her with another muse represents her growing up in some oddity (i.e- dates a bad person, gets a bad habit. She has grown up with weeds mentally and emotionally) but thankful for the origin story,
Tera grows up with a man from weeds to only be a pretty flower, bares his child- who later grows up to be a cop and repeats the cycle and has two sons to a loving up-and-waiting Italian mafia don’s son. So, get you a freak like that.

So yeah, that’s about Tera’s origin and how much of an idiot she is. If you ever like wanna plot or talk about something with me, please deck me out in my DM’s, I would love to talk to people.

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this is probably a dumb question but I'm not out yet and I'm not ready to tell anyone im trans but I want to start wearing more boyish clothes but discreetly do you have tips on like what to wear to seem more masculine but not anything TOO CRAzy do you feel me

When I was in the same position I usually wore masculine shirts with women’s skinny jeans. Oversized men’s shirts look p masc and skinny jeans balance it out a bit!

can we all agree that one of the best moments of b99 is when jake says ‘i can’t go around telling guys not to ask amy out because i like her and im too dumb to do anything about it.’

like this is such a sweet and important statement esp when jake follows it with 'i cant make a woman’s decision for her.’

basically what im saying is… i loVE THIS DUMB SHOW

“gay straight alliance” is the stupidest thing ever.

  1. its not an alliance. the us allied with uk during wwII, straight people do not need to ally with lgbt+ people because its not a fucking war. we are all people. we aren’t on different sides. we aren’t united against anyone. we are just people
  2. why do straight people need to get 50% of the spotlight in this issue??? its not their issue. their job is to be supportive and not try and pat themselves on the back for being decent human beings. im sorry, but lgbt+ youth need a safe space, straight people do not