im not done with this photoshoot yet

lmao i think everyone has been pretty careful to not ‘joke’ about how they’d ass*ssin*ate trump because of fucking intelligence agents and fear of arrest, but then you have fucking mediocre c-list comedienne Kathy Griffin holding a fucking bloody decapitated head that looks like trump in a photoshoot or whatever im screaming

the signs as all time low things
  • aries: the poppin champagne dance
  • taurus: when alex was late to band call so they put him in a box
  • gemini: the underwear photoshoot they recreated but never posted the pictures for
  • cancer: "im making a fuckin speech"
  • leo: zacks afro
  • virgo: when alex fell off the stage and got a concussion
  • libra: dwayne mcgurten
  • scorpio: when rian met a girl wearing an all time low top at the cinema and she didnt know who he was
  • sagittarius: "you look like like a fucking anime character"
  • capricon: when jack couldnt find his mom at disneyland
  • aquarius: #YouCantHaveSwag unless youre me. assuming that SWAG is Sex With Alex Gaskarth
  • pieces: brian dawson

oKAY iM DONE; this is how my current Rey cosplay looks like! The weapon is not fully finished yet and the hair has of course three buns but actually mostly wanted to show how it looks now with the whole tunic and everything. ///v//// It’s super comfortable but needs some adjustments of course! Not the ideal background but next week I have already planned a real photoshooting of the costume in a more - desert like surrounding. Proper pictures will follow then. Taking these alone was hard enough 3: