im not dead not

Can we acknowledge Jeremys lil “Wait, you came to see me in the play?”, completely ignoring the fact they are dealing with a crazy supercomputer and squiped zombie students

like Jeremy was just so happy to see Michael and the fact he still came to see Jeremy in the play despite all that happened im emo yall

I loved this Chibi bit so much

I’m just

so emotional

about Akko finding out about Diana’s dream

about Akko learning of Diana’s family 

about how they all lived up to their motto of “Affection” by healing soldiers and civilians of both sides of war

about how Diana is trying to preserve that part of the Cavendish name over her aunt’s

about how Diana has as much passion about her dream as Akko does about hers

about how Akko used Chariot’s words and helped Diana believe in herself

about everything