im not cryi ng


just watch this 

This was supposed to be another sketchy WIP thing to finish when I fix my tablet, but my friend just took one look at it and started playing that “Kiss the girl” song from the Little Mermaid over my shoulder and now I can’t even look at it without laughing ohmygod. 

famousinthatanonymousway  asked:

do you remember that one fic where it was a college au and miles was really into stevie nicks? because edge of seventeen came on today and i cant stop picturing narumitsu laying in a car with the seats back and the song BLA RIN G IT and SCREA MING the lyrics as a date he lp me im laughign and cryi ng

LANDSLIDE YYYESSSSSSS LUV THAT FIC, sounds like the ideal date GOD

im laughing tho I knew I had bad old sketches of that fic somewhere that I had to dig up gjkdGD

anonymous asked:

You have a really unique style of writing that's entirely your own and that I absolutely love😍



you are so sweet you have no idea how much this beautiful comment means to me i am ACTUALLY CRYING i love writing sosososo much with every bone in my body and i just kahdbfjhsbadfjabfd

thank you so much, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart I LOVE YOU SO MUCH