im not as hot as you two but

Jimin : jungkookie what would you do on our comeback?
Jungkook : working out baby i need to work out
Jimin : …. will you take off your shirt?
Jungkook : no .. Unless you want me to?*smirk*
Jimin : well … It will be a waste … Not to take off your shirt *looking at his feet*
Jungkook : hmm and what will i get in return ?
Jimin : *cheeks burning* Me
Jungkook : then taking off my pants would-
Jimin : *hitting him on the chest*
Jin : no one takes off anything you two dirty ppl ! Im watching YOU!

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hello! Im living for this midnight muschief thing. I love your head-canons. Idk if you've done this before but make up sex with sirius????? (include the VERY heated argument too please) THANKS LOVE.

  • arguments between you and Sirius were usually intense, but infrequent
  • the hot tempered Gryffindor often got upset, but never enough to fully warrant a full fledged fight between him and you 
  • so it would have had to been something pretty serious when the two of you did fight
  • and it would probably end up being about your safety, or involve the prospect of his family
  • because those were the two major things that would strike a nerve with him
  • and he’d get pissy and defensive, immediately jumping at you
  • which you’ve dealt with but when he takes it a bit too far, you get defensive right back
  • because some of the things he would say hurt, and you were going to fight fire with fire (really sometimes just being around a Gryffindor makes you hot headed)
  • so the two of you would go back and forth, exchanging borderline hateful words to each other
  • hurting both of each other, taking low blows because you both know each other too well and know what exactly to say to make it hurt
  • you would be broken up by James, or possibly Remus or Lily, coming into the room, wondering what all the screaming is about
  • they’d look at you and him, Sirius’ face a recognized mask of indifference that he has seen a few times in his life
  • it usually comes up when dealing with his mother
  • James knew it as a way that Sirius copes, hiding how he is feeling
  • he then looks to you, tears pooling in your eyes as you stare intensely at the ground 
  • he’d ask what the hell happened and you’d jump, eyes shifting from his to Sirius’, something in them you’ve really never seen
  • you looked hurt but also incredibly angry which kind of terrified him
  • “Nothing, I was just leaving anyways.” 
  • you’d pack up your stuff and James would tell you to stay, because it isn’t good to leave with things unresolved
  • you would just laugh bitterly, and sniffle, trying your hardest not to let tears fall because you knew that it would be probably the one thing that would guilt Sirius the most
  • and even if you two are upset, you wouldn’t want to make him feel like that
  • “Don’t worry, James, things are resolved. We’re done.”
  • James looks to Sirius to see his eyes glaze over and nod, not even bothering to fight for you
  • “Y/N-” he’d try, but you were already walking out the door
  • and then it goes to avoidance
  • which lasts for days upon days
  • suddenly you are nowhere to be found, after quickly realizing that you both went too far and you hated not having Sirius around
  • you tried apologizing once, but he just ignored you, confirming more of the painful words that were already shared between you
  • it hurt more now knowing that there wasn’t the rush of anger of the moment, and Sirius did feel like that
  • so you made yourself sparse and after a week or so, James finally seemed to snap Sirius out of his state of indifference
  • he made him realize that he does care, and he did fuck up, big time
  • Sirius would go to you, apologizing, tears in his eyes at the thought of truly losing you
  • and seeing Sirius so scared and vulnerable, made you realize how much of a dick you were too
  • and that night, when he pulled you close, leaning in for a kiss to make sure that you still wanted him, that you were still his, you responded with an intensity that he had never felt from you before
  • the two of you fought each other, trying to tell the other that you both were so sorry and that you needed to make up for it in the amount you gave to the other
  • he took you slow and steady, you gave yourself willing and compliant
  • he tried taking his time with you, but the way you rocked yourself against him made him stutter and falter in his rhythm 
  • neither of you lasted long, but tried your hardest to keep each other on the edge for as long as possible
  • you both took the most out of each other, mumbling sweet nothings into one another and the air, filling it with such love that you were nearly crying once you finished
  • and the two of you laid there, wrapped in each others arms, mumbling apologies for words already forgiven, knowing that you never wanted to hurt the other the way you did again

me: just fall asleep already 

my brain: always out there, cArryINg thE bAnNer-the sun’ll come out tomorrow, one day more. another day, another-  look out my window, theres a view of other windows- WAVING through a windowwwww IM FLYING HIIIIGH defyyyyyying gravvity-GoTtA GeT GoTtA GeT gEt YoUr HEaD iN tHe GaMe TWO PLAYER GAAAAAAAMMEE theres nothing like summer in the city- IM SINging in the raaaaaiinn ORLANDO orlando I LOVE YOU orlando, SEASons of loooooovvveee-GoTtA FinD mY coooooorneeer of ThE SKyyyyyy-VeRoNicA, open the OPEN THE DOOR PLEASE- anatole is HOT he spe-

me: why

shit i learned working for mcdonalds

-everyone over the age of fifty is definitely out for meticulously-ordered-do-not-get-this-even-slightly-wrong-or-i-will-sue-blood

-the security cameras are not aimed at the fry holder so as long as the assistant manager isn’t a complete ass, go wild

-you can sneak any drink you want as long as you put it in a coffee cup

-sweet tea is probably just as bad for you as a coca cola. for real. we put a literal entire bag of sugar in that shit. 

-a mcflurry is literally just ice cream plus some toppings mixed up with a spoon. just order a sundae and ask for oreo crumbs on it

-unless its dinner rush and we are shit out of fries and there are seven orders waiting, no fries have been basting in the fry holder for longer than ten minutes. they’re all fresh, i swear.

-you’re not slick if you order fries with no salt just to ensure ‘freshness’. just straight up say you want fresh fries. its okay.

-you can add big mac sauce to anything if you ask for it.

-if youre getting a drink and you don’t want to have 25% drink and 75% ice, make sure you ask for no/light ice.

-if youre gonna order off the mcpick two menu, tell your cashier you want a mcpick two. if you don’t there’s a 50% chance they will not do it and you’ll pay an extra few dollars.

-also mcpick two is probably the best deal you’re going to get tbh. you can get the same shit as a meal for less. (ex: if you get a mcpick 2 big mac and large fry + a drink, it’ll ring you up for less than if you got a large big mac meal which includes the same stuff)

-also while we’re on the topic of saving cash: always order to-go. always. there’s an eat-in tax if you say your food’s “for here” that can range from a few cents to a few dollars depending on what you’re ordering. 

-all day breakfast is fresher than if you order breakfast at the right time because it’s not a ‘default’ menu option so we have to refry eggs and sausage.

-if you order hash browns after breakfast you’re going to have to wait up to three minutes.

-employees who have been at mcdonalds for a long time have black hats. anyone with a brightly colored blue hat is a newer employee who probably doesn’t have their shit together quite yet. please refrain from yelling at them.

-if it’s not busy and you realllllyyyy want to, you can order whatever specific toy you want and make someone go into the back for it. doesn’t guarantee that it’s there, but it might be. 

-if you order hot coffee, it’s been brewed within the last two hours. don’t worry. it’s not going to go cold. 

Some non-Love Square ML aus

Because as much as I adore the love square, there are lots of other miraculous ships that deserve more au goodness <3


  • Greaser and Pink Lady au
  • friends with benefits except the benefits are weekly cuddling sessions au
  • college roommates au 
    • requires LOTS of mutual pining


  • handcuffed together after a prank gone wrong au
  • “I’m going to hunt down and slaughter whoever keeps leaving their sweaty towel draped across my favorite treadmi- oh no they’re hot” au
  • forced to take ballet lessons to increase their athletic prowess au


  • “I dont understand half of the words you said but I think you just asked me out???” au
  • kissing practice/ making out for the sake of science au
  • “I just watched you ingest a borderline lethal amount of caffeine so im going to babysit you to make sure you dont die” au

Bonus ot3 (Kim/Alix/Max):

  • paired up to do a semester-long project together au 
  • evil mastermind and his two (bickering) superhero nemesises au
  • “oh would you look at that, the bottle landed in between you two. guess I’ll just have to spend seven minutes in heaven with you both” au


  • we both sit at the same desk in chemistry class and leave each other anonymous notes tucked inside au
  • musician and muse (not-so) au
  • tattooist and flower shop owner au


  • Princess and the Frog au 
    • bonus points if Chloe is the frog
  • met while on vacation au

Chloe/Marinette (most could work for Chloe/Alya too):

  • personal shopper (Marinette) or publicist (Alya) and the client from hell au
  • “every year we get sent to the same summer camp and we’re always camp rivals except wow puberty really hit you hard since last year wtf??!?!?” au
  • Wicked au


  • rival radio hosts whom everyone in Paris ships au
  • Ladynino and Alya Noir au
  • “the optometrist accidentally switched our prescriptions so now I have to hunt you down while basically blind” au


  • underpaid fabric store clerk only keeps her job because of the cute seamstress who comes in every day and overworked seamstress only visits the fabric store every day to see the gorgeous store clerk au
  • fan fic writer and fan artist who everyone in the fandom ships au
  • “hey so I hear our college grants more financial aid to married people… wanna elope?” au


  • deaf!Adrien and musician!Nino au 
    • basically blind spots au but gayer
  • (NSFW) “Accidentally sent a dick pic to the wrong number but got an even better one back” au


  • rich kids playing pranks at society functions au (Alya’s mom is a world-renowned chef dont tell me this isn’t plausible)
  • “we’ve been yelling at each via reddit thread for weeks now and at this point I’ve kinnda forgotten what we were even fighting about wanna go grab coffee?” au
  • pen pals from childhood au


  • “Our families own rival businesses and technically we cant be friends but we still secretly trade macaroons for couscous on the DL” au 
  • street musician and street artist au
  • “I seriously didn’t mean to wander in to the women’s locker room but I heard you singing in the shower and I NEED to record music with you” au

Bonus OT4 (Alya/Adrien/Marinette/Nino):

  • “we’re in a famous band and our fans fight relentlessly over who to ship but jokes on them because we are all dating” au
  • stranded au
    • you could make this “overnight at the mall” or full-blown “shipwrecked on an island” I just wanna see these four snuggle STRUGGLE TOGETHER
  • “this dnd campaign started seriously but now it’s just devolved into us all flirting with one another behind the thin guises of our characters” au
Say it!
  • For malfoyheritage <3
  • Draco: Do that thing!
  • Harry: Draco, really?
  • Draco: Come on! Do it!
  • Harry: I really don't understand why you-
  • Draco: DO IT!
  • Harry: *sighs* Alright.
  • Harry: *lifts Draco up over his head Dirty Dancing-style*
  • Draco: Now say the line like we discussed.
  • Harry: It's kinda obvious, you know?
  • Draco: Harry!
  • Harry: Everyone knows it.
  • Draco: Say it!
  • Harry: *mumbling* Your hair looks better than mine.
  • Draco: *breathing hard* I’ve never needed you as much as I do now!
Taken By Force (Taeyong!)

anon(s) said:Hey guys! I was wondering about a Dom!Taeyong smut where he’s really rough and forces you to blow him? Of course including consent but still, can it be really hot and stuff? :D sincerely, whose life is now complete 😌 thanks for your hard work guys❤

Can i request Taeyong smut when he finds out his gf search history was “Taeyong SMUT fanfic” “Taeyong 18+ fanfic” etc Lolololol Thank-you and have a great day

could you do a rough!taeyong super steamy smut? please make it as hot as you can sorry im just too thirsty for this guy lmao

author: admin hyo

word count:1863

a/n: What have I done~ this took me forever, but it’s here. The only real warning is that there is some consensual non-con. So if you’re not into that don’t read. But please enjoy.

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~*~Bath Time!~*~

Here is my list of tips and tricks for of bathy goodness. This is just what I like to do and have done in the past. Keep in mind it can all be taken with a grain of salt [literally!!]

Preparing the Bath

🛀🏻 HOT water. I find it super cleansing and sweating is really good for you. I like to sit in the bath and my face sweats and im like YEAH lets cleanse this bod inside and out. pls dont burn yourself though peeps.

🛀🏼 Oils! My go-tos are lavender + coconut oil. I do 7-10 drops of lavender and one or two spoonfuls of coconut oil. Lavender for smell and relaxation and heavenly goodness, coconut for super smoothness of skin. If you are going to use other essential oils please do your research and make sure they are skin-safe! I also generally tie up my hair to keep it out of the oiliness.

🛀🏽 Epsom salts if you got em!

🛀🏾 Candles + crystals can line the tub as desired. I usually have all the bathroom lights out + 4 candles going at the foot of the tub. dont light your towel on fire.

🛀🏿 Cup of tea on the side! I like this for the added internal + external cleanse of the bath. Hot + nourishing on the outisde and hot + nourishing on the inside.

This is what I do and think about in the bath!

💧 oh my gosh water how healing you are, how cleansing, how warming.

💧 the water and oils im sitting in are literally soaking into my skin right now. the essence of this tub is entering my body

💧 touch your body. you’re naked right? perfect. time for some self body love. tell yourself you love your legs, while touching them. “i love my little toes.” “look at how nice my hands are.” “i love my pretty/handsome face.” “my brain is so smart and quick and calm.” “i love every little hair on my body.” “i have the coolest belly button” tell yourself things that you dont instinctually believe. go after the parts that you’re self conscious about “i love my tummy” “my bum is amazing” “my arms are the perfect size” “this is my favourite flabby bit” etc.

💧 drinking the tea if you have it- the heat and intent of that tea is permeating through all your internal organs. feel the heat through your mouth, esophagus, stomach, feel it blend in with the heat from the water entering your skin. full body heaty hot heatness

💧 the other day when i was in the bath i put my forehead/third eye on the faucet and pictured the vast network of pipes around the city supplying water to everyone. I thanked the water source and sent my energy throughout the pipes to hope that everyone was using it for good and healing and nourishing ways

💧 deep deep breathing. this is cool if your chest is below the water because when you exhale it sinks down and when you inhale it rises up. you can sync this motion with a prayer, mantra, chant, intention, whatever you wish!

💧 meditation. feel the heat, listen to your heartbeat, imagine all the little water molecules full of heat energy, vibrating, sending you their little blobs of heat energy into your skin, fueling your own little internal fire

💧 my FAVOURITE thing is the end of the bath. I sit in it, sometimes cross legged or curled up in a ball with my head on my knees and unplug the drain and stay like that while the whole tub drains. I picture the water whisking away all the negative in me and draining away. It’s like a re-birth! you can slowly feel your body get heavier and heavier as the water gets lower. Keep picturing the water taking away the bad and keep thanking it for cleaning you and nourishing you and healing you. seriously, how generous of the water to not only GIVE YOU it’s nutrients and warmth and thirst quenchy goodness, but to also take away all your badness, all your negativity, all your dirt and grime and leave you revitalized. water is so selfless. water is the best. thank you water.

💧 now that you are reborn as a new human (or otherwise) you can breathe and feel the differences in your body and just marvel in the smoothness of your skin and warmth of your body and heavenly bathy feelings that just soaked into you.

💧 another thing that might be cool is to weigh yourself before and after the bath. Your weight will go up like 2 or 3 pounds after you get out of the bath, which i find super cool. PROOF that the water is literally entering your body through your skin and staying there to heal you up real nice.

The most important thing IMO:

Do what comes to you naturally. all of this stuff just came into my head at different points in bath time and felt right for me to do. meditation might help you connect with that intuitive part of you that tells you what you need. if you get an urge, follow it. if your brain/body/soul tells you to stand up and sit down a bunch of times, or to dunk your head in or to blow bubbles or to splash with your feet, DO IT! just be safe and don’t hurt yourself or light anything on fire.

🐳The End🐳

OK sorry this post got out of hand but as you can tell i really like baths and water and bath meditation. This is something i’ve been doing for a while and it all came to me kind of naturally so forgive me if it is not specifically inclined toward a perspectives or approaches that you normally adhere to. I’m open to questions n things <3


les mis characters as things jules (@enjolra-s) has said
  • enjolras: *apply to shampooed, towel dry hair. After 5 mins rinse thoroughly* me: *mixes shampoo with the hair mask* time is money
  • grantaire: that's how bi people work. we are straight today, and gay tomorrow, and we cry on wednesday
  • combeferre: we need to start a gay mafia because we have some good opinions and ideas
  • courfeyrac: the only good reason to be homophobic is because the gays are attacking you with their beautiful faces
  • eponine: our motto: Mother Nature is single too
  • cosette: *talking about vaginas with teeth* vagina dentata
  • bahorel: me, explaining why you should always sleep in your socks: baba yagas babe. they eat feet.
  • feuilly: *sent a voice message reciting the entire first scene of bee movie in polish*
  • musichetta: me drinking three cups of tea with six tablespoons of sugar: BE HEALTHY
  • bossuet: make memes not discourses
  • joly: do you sometimes just go to tidy your room and twenty minutes later you're wearing a bralette and revolutionary waistcoat with badges and sunglasses
  • gavroche: lol ur like 12, go to school
  • jehan: *talking about their house ghost* i hope they're hot
  • marius: i'm not a bonapartist but i'd fuck napoleon II
  • montparnasse: self care is taking pictures of your face and sending them to your friends
  • claquesous: sell him your kidney, he likes kidneys
  • javert: i've just had a history exam and our teacher only said "remember that cheating is sinning"
  • jean valjean: do you sometimes just. talk to that one person and they do something rly normal, like idk bake bread and you realise how gay you are-
  • Inojin: Sarada?
  • Sarada: Yeah?
  • Inojin: Do you think the Uchihas have fire as their speciality... because they're so hot?
  • Sarada: (blushing) Shut up!
  • Inojin: Heh. (proud he made her lose her cool)
  • Sarada: (recovers) Wait... (smirks) you think my dad is hot?
  • Inojin: ...I've walked right into that one.
really wanna come and get that

pairing: daveed diggs x reader

request: A Daveed x Reader, smut it up babe, reader really likes DAVEED but is afraid to tell him even though they flirt all the time she feels she isn’t hot enough for DAVEED? Like he hangs with so many hot girls, why would he like her? Then surprise take it from there. Make that reader feel good as FUCK.

summary: reader is crushing hardcore on daveed, but is quiet about it because she’s sure she has no chance, especially when compared to the other girls in the show/he hangs out with

warnings: NSFW!! alcohol, smut, self-doubt, dirty talk, bondage, D/S (whos surprised no one is), mentions of breath-play and face fucking, just so much dirty talk i don’t know what else u want from me

word count: 5,859 (wow im extra)

a/n: I AM BAAAAAACK. renee fic is next, just needed some daveed to get back into the swing of things. hope i’m not too rusty ;) lemme know what you think and all that shiiiiiit. title from clipping’s ‘hot fuck no love’ (HAPPY HOLIDAY)

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hear me out: jack zimmermann. with glasses 

  • okay so he wears contacts all the time because he’s self-conscious like his eyes are already pretty big and he doesn’t like how they sit with his eyebrows
  • (this guy has a model for a mother ok he’s p self-aware) 
  • also his glasses slip down his nose and annoy him when he wants to wear sunglasses or something so
  • and contacts make hockey easier obviously because he doesn’t have to worry about them breaking or how they fit behind his gear etc
  • BUT
  • sometimes he’s really tired and maybe he’s just finished an essay so he’s been squinting at the same laptop screen for hours so he takes his contacts out and wears these glasses
  • they’re so dorky like im talking thin wiry frames totally rectangular and tbh they don’t suit him but he’s had them since age 13 so he doesn’t care
  • no one sees him wearing them anyway because he’s always going to sleep early and waking up early
  • okay then one time they’re in the haus and watching a film idk say superman right and this is the point when
  • jack laurent zimmermann has a huge crush on one eric richard bittle
  • and this lil blond boy has a thing for men in glasses which he happens to be very vocal about when he’s sitting next to nursey on the couch and the two of them are going on about how hot Henry cavill is with glasses like 
  • jack NOTICES
  • two weeks later he picks up these new frames from the nearby opticians and they’re literally the clark kent ones that he wears in the movie im not kidding  
  • jack goes back to the haus all casual with them on and he looks in the hallway mirror and for once thinks, hey i look pretty good in these 
  • bitty’s at class but comes home talking about how he’s dreading this homework and all he wants to do is bake and then
  • “Jack. Did you get… Glasses???”
  • jack is all like heh yeah I have them I just don’t wear them because hockey 
  • bitty is blushing like ur typical southern belle and stammering and Jack is fucking milking it, pushing his glasses up his nose and batting his eyes 
  • everyone else eventually sees and reactions vary from “lookin good bro” (lardo) to “Jack I didn’t know u wore glasses! Triplets!!” (r&h) to “FUCKING HELL ZIMMERMANN YOUR CHEEKBONES COULD CUT GLASS” (shitty) 
  • anyway Jack is a little more lazy with his contacts from then on and makes a special effort to wear his glasses for morning checking practice under the pretence of “my eyes are tired” 
  • all I’m saying is that when Jack and bitty get together bitty is very very happy about those late night Skype calls when jack’s sleepy and wearing his glasses okay
  • also bitty totally makes jack keep his glasses on when they’re having sex im not joking. it’s a thing™
  • the entire smh team and even the falcs eventually find out about bitty’s obsession and chirp jack endlessly for deliberately wearing his glasses more when bitty’s around but neither of them care because they’re too in love and jack is used to chirping when it comes to bitty anyway

au where isak is moving out and even’s the guy who helps with that/taking his stuff to his new place and while theyre outside packing into the car, isak hears a familiar voice greet him and he freezes and turns around and its julian, his ex, holding another boy’s hand and isak screams inside but puts on a smile “hey julian. what are you doing here?” and julian looks at his boyfriend, “we’re on a house hunt. moving in together” and isak clenches his jaw bc fuck that, THEY were supposed to do that months ago before they broke up. then he looks back at isak “and you? moving out?” and isak panics and doesnt think twice about what he’s saying, “yeah actually im moving out to move in with my boyfriend” and he wishes he could take it back or just run but he stands still and julians like “boyfriend?” and isak wants to wipe that smirk off his face, “where is he then?” and then isak hears the car door close and then even is walking towards them with a smile, work finished, and isak just. “here.” and even stands next to isak and is looking between him and julian, “hm?” and isaks like “this is even, my boyfriend. im moving in with him” 

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my top 10 BL otps/ships (♥.♥)

i have a damn long list ! believe me imma hardcore fujoshi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

p.s those only are MY top 10 otps/ships in real life and they’re not arranged in order, all of them have the same amount of love in my wild heart ♥

  • ChanBaek/BaekYeol “because chanbaek is love … chanbaek is life
  • SeBaek/HunBaek “because i’m a fuckin’ kinky hoe, why wouldn’t i love that TOUCH MY BODY ship… pffff xDsorry chanyeol
  • EunHae “who fuckin’ doesn’t ship this?!
  • MyungJong “maybe it’s love, maybe it’s a sexual tension, but there’s something and i can see it damn well!!
  • JRen “because fuckin’ confess already Kim Jong Hyun, if you didn’t yet -.-!!!
  • 2Min “once you’re into this, there’s no escape.. and they’re fuckin’ hot!!!
  • SeJin “discovered them today and they became in my top list…why? look at this gif!!!!!! that’s what i’m talkin’ about!

someone horny for the maknae 24/7

  • VinSeop “gay and fabulous (♥.♥)
  • HanJoo “because you gotta respect the one-sided love effort
  • YuZhou “Chinese otp from drama Addicted Heroin♥ and there’s a HUGE thing going on between those two not just in the drama


  • update 7/11/2016: MEanie grinding & humping but still being super fluffy & cute kind of couple

i forget them.. i forget to add them!!! ‘cuz imma stupid bich (how dare me?)
im guilty af for forgetting about ‘em sorry

boyfriend!mark lee

• adorable laugh
• you never get tired of hearing it !! bc !! it’s !! so !! cute !!
• really precious
• sort of intense
• but only because he really likes you and wants to be open with you
• and it’s his first relationship he doesn’t really know what he’s doing
• always paranoid he’s gonna scare you off
• but it’s ok you feel the same as him

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alex summers head-canons

ummmm im really gay for alex also ill get to posting imagines again soon ive just been doing last minute ap work for school because im an idiot - Will

  • when he kisses you he always kisses you lightly, like he’s afraid to hurt you
    • after the war he kisses like he’s afraid you’re going to disappear, his hands cupping your face to know you’re real

  • he’s always got a hand on your thigh or your back. it makes him feel save, and sometimes when he feels cheeky he slides his hand down to your butt
    • or even up and down your thigh (alex has totally tried to get you hot and bothered around Charles) ((it works)) 
    • Charles has def grounded you two for ur thought ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • speaking of being cheeky, his favorite this is waking up to you in his shirt and just your panties 
    • but only when he’s the only one to see 
    • when Sean walks in and he sees you pouring coffee like that he’s all blushy and Alex walks in maybe 15 minutes later and he sees you and he’s angry and he pulls you down the hall and presses you against his door and kisses you roughly and he tells you that u can’t do that bc ur his baby girl hsjdjekskdk

  • when you’re just watching tv or something he sits next to you and lays his head in your lap and slowly nudges your hands to his hair

  • Alex really likes it when you play with his hair when it gets longer you’re able to braid it and massage it and his face turns a lovely shade of pink and he moans and if his head wasn’t in your lap your legs would so be crossed

  • during x-men:a he takes you to meet Scott and he’s so nervous that Scott won’t like you but when you meet him you and him immediately form a bond and right then Alex knows he wants to marry you
    • your eyes water and you shake your head and you say “as long as you’ll buy me more books in the future” and he knows that’s a yes and you hug him tightly and kiss
    • when he asks you, he has Scott come help him plan what he does and Scott is honestly so excited because you’re the “hot sister he never wanted but now that he has he’s so grateful” and Alex through a a pillow at him 
    • when he asks you you guys are in the mansion and talking about how you met and he opens a door and your closest friends are there and they’re in a line and at the end of the line is Scott with a smirk and he’s holding a book, your favorite book, and the inside is carved with a ring and Alex is shuffling behind you “um, i know I ruined your book- I bought you another, but I’m hoping you’ll forgive me and marry me?” his crooked grin is plastered on his face and his cheeks are burning and he’s usually so hot but right now he feels cold he needs you to say yes
    • your eyes water and you shake your head and you say “as long as you’ll buy me more books in the future” and he knows that’s a yes and you hug him tightly and kiss 

  • at your wedding he’s not nervous at all, in fact, he’s the happiest he’s ever been but you’re a mess because all you want is to see Alex and become Y/N Summers 

  • you guys don’t write your own vows because you think that’s cheesy and Alex couldn’t agree more

  • when you kiss to get married, he leans in and says “I’ve waited for this since the day we met” and you SOB out of happiness 

  • soon you start as a full time teacher at the mansion and you teach history and Alex teaches geology and your classes are right next to each other so you constantly prank each other
    • but one day you find out you’re pregnant so you decide to leave him a little baby toy in his office and he goes to get tests and since he’s an idiot who didn’t turn the lights on he sees a small creature in his chair and let’s out a blood curdling scream in a high pitched voice
    • (Charles is convinced it’s a student but you know and you fucking cackle)