im not angry anymore

Matt Hastings said “maybe one of my favorite romantic scenes i’ve ever had the privilege of shooting”. This is so disgusting. I can’t believe the show i used to like so much is turning into shit. Im so disappointed, sad and angry. How can this be romantic? There’s no love here, Isabelle made Raphael addicted to her. She forced him to bite her even if he said “i cant do it” SHE !!!! ABUSED AND MANIPULATED !!!! HIM !!!!! to be honest, it’s like to see Simon & Camille again. And i can’t believe there are people out there who thinks that they’re cute together??? I’m just glad that Magnus called out their toxic relationship

Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore
Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore

I’m not angry anymore,
Well, sometimes I am.
I don’t think badly of you,
Well, sometimes I do.

It depends on the day,
The extent of all my worthless rage,
I’m not angry anymore.

I’m not bitter anymore,
I’m syrupy sweet.
I rot your teeth down to their core,
If I’m really happy.

Depends on the day,
If I wake up in a giddy haze,
Well, I’m not angry,
I’m not totally angry,
I’m not all that angry anymore.

Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore ~ Paramore

when exclusionists refer to themselves as “disgusting filthy allogays” or whatever strawman they use, dont they realise that thats like… harmful? like theyve created a slur for gay people and are throwing it around calling other gay people filthy and disgusting??? they created that word/phrase themselves and now they refer to themselves as that and refer to other gay people as that, many of whom are really unlikely to be be ok with being called “disgusting” and “filthy” for being gay ???? tbh the whole concept of the word confuses me like …. they couldnt find legit instances of ace ppl “oppressing” them so they came up with a fictional slur and now start using it against themselves ?? wyd

even if they weren’t friends anymore he doesn’t get to say this! he doesn’t get to dismiss Zayn’s feelings! none of them have any right to tell a brown muslim man who had racist comments thrown at him daily even from their own fans, who struggled to the point he starved himself how he should feel!

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Being treated unfairly is not the same as oppression. Oppression is systematic, widespread, and typically ingrained in law. In the US, we have recourse for discrimination. The country is becoming ever more secular and inclusive. If what LGBT people and women here, on a grand scale, go through is oppression, they need a new word for what they go through in the Middle East.

“In the US, we have recourse for discrimination.”

Just a week ago a West Virginia court ruled that attacks committed on the basis of sexual orientation are not considered hate crimes and therefore the attackers can be tried on lesser charges. Now, I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty fucked up ruling in a country that is supposedly free of oppression.

Not to mention oppression does not need to be institutionalized in order to be oppression. Social oppression exists and it is a very real and dangerous thing. Do you think my friend is the only person whose family has disowned him for being gay? Do you think LGBT+ people stay in the closet just for fun? Just because you see a gay couple on a TV show doesn’t mean everyone in this country now accepts gay people. 

Not to mention the millions of people who are disabled, mentally ill, living in poverty, struggling with addiction, or have been imprisoned who can’t find work because employers think they’re unreliable and then have to deal with asshole conservatives who think they’re parasites for needing help from the government.

You do not get to pick out the worst countries in the world and then tell me that because we’re not like them everything is perfectly fine in the good ole USA. Many people who are oppressed recognize that they are lucky not to be living in those places. Hell, look at illegal immigrants who risked everything to get here, knowing that awful people would take advantage of them and pay them outrageously unlivable wages, because they knew that would be better than whatever regime they were living under in their home country.

And considering that many people who reblogged that post were part of the Tumblr Catholic community and you’re here on my Catholic blog, if you are Catholic or even Christian I’d ask you to take a long hard look at whether you are being compassionate to God’s children. I’ve seen Tumblr Catholics say some pretty awful things about people who do not share the same beliefs as them or who are different from them and I’m fed up with it. These people are suffering and I am not going to sit here and watch fellow Catholics delegitimize that suffering because they don’t understand it. I think everyone on this website could pray for some more charity.

If you send me another ask I’m going to tell you right now that I may not respond to it because I am not going to waste my time arguing with someone who’s unwilling to open their eyes to all the pain going on around them.