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jjp in got7: old married couple. have separate beds. bicker about everything. don’t need to communicate verbally anymore, just through expertly timed eye contact. rarely show affection. kids always getting in the way of everything.

jjp in jjp: honeymoon phase. are either staring at each other lovingly or eye fucking, no inbetween. SO MUCH FLIRTING. can’t stand to b apart for more than five seconds. won’t stop touching each other, doesn’t matter where they are or who’s in the room. kids? what kids?

baby eyebrow &summer haircut


Tada!! Whisper is no longer gloomy!! She is finally back to her old self (jeez its about time)!!

All thanks to @arts-and-fanarts‘s oc Sunset Canvas! 

Feel free to send in random asks to any of my characters now that the drama is over!

Huh? What’s that?

It looks like Sal..


“You don’t need to hole yourself up here by yourself, y’know. You’ve got a ton of people who care about you and are looking for you.”

“I know… but sometimes it’s so hard with her gone…”

“… … … Let’s head back.”

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{Plot Updated} 

OOC;; FINALLY DONE! asktyphlosion is now reopened for regular asks :3c

despite how unreliably i respond and update this blog, its existence the constant presence of its followers, most notably when you all interact with me, bring me a lot of peace

honestly…the development of eri karan from “only knows how to fight theoretically, really just wants to bring smiles to everyone’s face and isn’t sure how to stand up for anything without help” to “will absolute throwdown with robot god over haru” is so good and i love her so much

((Oh my gosh so I hit like 7/11 a two days ago and i missed like ALL THE OTHER MEME NUMBERS so i was gonna post that but THEN I just hit 800 followers!!!! *O*!!! I wanted to draw a lil doodle but whenever i try I always have other shit and I really want to thank ya’ll because I’ve never run an ask blog, let alone a regular blog, that’s gotten this popular and IM!!! REALLY HAPPY!!! And I love you all and I’m so glad that you all love this blog. I will do like…a lil special thing?? I’m saving a giveaway for 1,000 followers buuuuuut


Love you all and I’ll get back to the angst soon but I wanted to give ya’ll my love so <3 stay cool


It’s been awhile since anything Mocha-related made it’s way to this blog, but I just felt like doodling her in general. Made the glasses thicker than usual. I might keep them that way in some future doodles because hnng

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nudes please?

yall think im gonna just slap nudes on my regular ol blog where anyone can see them for someone who isnt brave enough to get off anon?


here have some noodes instead. fresh egg noodles even.

fun concept : me not bringing my dead blogs to life again

March 10: M*A*S*H fanart day! #mashfanart

Since a fair amount of people were on board, I decided to just put a date out there.

On March 10 (in your time zone, don’t care about other people’s time zones), upload fanart, fanfic, a homemade t-shirt, a painting, a clay jar, even a cosplay, anything artsy, to show your creativity as a part of the M*A*S*H fandom. Doesn’t matter if you’re “good” or not. Really. Just do it if you’re feeling it! :)

Tag it with #mashfanart and I’ll be checking the tag to reblog stuff on and around March 10!

Hopefully this tag will keep going strong and active even after this day, so do keep using it for like, forever.

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Hi jd. I didn't like the word skippycalled me for when I told you I couldn't get a word from her nor from Felix. I'm just looking for the truth and all 3 of you have the truth! I actually believe what you say because I see that you all have facts. I am NOT a troll or a trouble maker or a liar. I have been to all your blogs reading your answers and I also have been asking but none of my questions have been answered. Im basically a regular to your blogs.

oh and I didn’t give you a nickname? How rude of me. I don’t know why you're ask has not got through, did you purchase a new cell phone? If you were blocked from ask it blocks the IP forever.  What is your question?

thanks anon