im not a pond


“ You could be so much better …”

You could be so much better ,you could be a better person ,being at peace by yourself ,being an whole ,revealing how deep ,emotional ,delicate and lyrical as the man you are,but no ,you keep smashing into pieces your beautiful mind ,the ropes and strings of your heart pouring sliliness into words and actions like a clown ,a lost soul with nothing more to lose ….

You could be so much better ,you could be the Poet with kindness in your heart ,be wise and greatful  about your state as a human ,but no ,you keep enjoying  displaying the most awful roots and egocentric manners of someone who still wants to get back his youth  by wandering and rambling across garbage mingled words of others ,stealing the other’s lives ,calling attention to youself…

You could be so much better ,you could be the reason of other’s delight by showing your side of light instead of a rotten old prey bird searching to a place by pouring your ego trying to catch all that is gone ,trying to overcome opinions ,invading spaces those arent yours nor will never be ….

You could be so much better ,you could be ,a simply and powerful reason by using your inteligence in the benefit of others with small deeds , full of significance ,but no ,instead you prefer to waste your precious life by selling ,by trading ,my hurting yourself among a crowd which is fading away and you are the only one who can not see …

You  could be so much beter,you could reach out the control of your vessel ,being an anchor ,resting in peace with your conscience but you prefer calling yourself unspeakable and dirty names spoiling the true meaning of you ….

You could be so much better, if you looked  youself in the mirror and accept that you cant achieve what is gone ,what you had made wrong ,what led you to your insanity …now, you are like a swan in the pond staring the mist of your future ,shallow ,empty, getting lost ,alone ,screaming as  a dying creature but look at yourself ,you are merely a shadow of what you once were…

You could be so much better ,not because i have a meaning or i ever saved you ,no, i was all along watching you drowing and i could not be held by you to the bottom  of the pond and yet,  im sad and my sorrow ,is only for seeing you’r drowing more and more and my hand is not the hand you want to held  you back  nevertheless in that misery with your ridiculous behavior, i know there  is still goodness in you …

You could be so much better ,not because im  better than you or nor because  im the owner of the truth or  owner of the reason but because you have lost yourself to another side of the pond’s bank, you merged deeper and one day you will not see the difference between the reality and your foolish ideals of being grandeur….

Im so sorry for you because you could be so much better and leave a mark in this insane world as a reminder of beauty   but the more you merge  i realize you will be sooner or later only an ugly mere bird who got lost because could not fix the map of his existence…

You could be so much better ,i think now it is too late …you are broken and from that journey that you insisted on doing you will never return…

and i weep for you …

02 불타오르네

member: suga

word count 1.5k

“What’s you relationship with another?”

Suga rolled around on top of you as you kissed things were burning up after the long wait of today.Being on tour with Bangtan wasn’t easy. being a young manager for Bangtan was even harder, staying away from Min Yoongi during day time hours was the hardest. Because things kept heating up matter of fact. it would be nice if you started taking cloths off now.

He bit your lip and smiled.

Suga looked at you as you found you self looking down. images of last night popping in your head.

(suga grouping you at the dinner table last night, you wore no underwear)

Jungkook was prying again. He was so noisy and now all the boys were just as curious as he.

Suga cleared his throat.

“Were just friends,” he said picking around at the food he ordered.

Suga was in between your legs but then sat upright to look at you, him standing on his knees in between your legs You tugged at the hem of his jeans wanting him to hurry up.
He smiled at you and waved a finger at you , “nuh uh”

he then took his jacket off. But you were left in disappointment as that’s all he took off.

You whined accordingly. And huffed back. Your hair spread across the pillow of sugas bed in the hotel in New York you guys were staying at. Suga took the time to unbuckle his belt  still staring at you never breaking contact. He didn’t take himself out. He wanted you to.

“ interesting,” jungkook smiled as if he knew something the other didn’t. The guys looked at you staring at you. You felt like they all knew and you two just were liars.

“Come on Jungkook! leave them alone in pretty sure they are just friends like they said,” Jimin said hitting Jungkook in the arm.

Jungkook just smiled like an asshole he was

As soon as Suga got his jacket off he continued making out with you pushing him self into your core. You whimpered at the contact. He rolled you around to put you on top never breaking the kiss. He was so hungry for you ever since he found out you weren’t wearing underwear under that short skirt you wore yesterday at the venue.

“Yeah leave them alone.” Jhope called after Jimin. “ we don’t even have time for a girlfriend, we all know that the group comes first, so why would Suga hyung do that?Plus she is our manager” jhope shoved his hamburger in his mouth

“Exactly,” you said making it more believable.

You found it exhilarating to be apart of his world even though he was busy a lot and you were busy taking care of him and six other boys, when you got to spend time with him it wasn’t to be wasted. Time was precious and time never got wasted.

Suga was roaming all over your body.kissing your neck back to your lips. suga pulled your tits out and sucke dthe shit out of the mounds he seen bouncing all day. And you found your self grinding on his hard clothed manhood, you was so needy wanting him inside you. You left a pool of your juices on his lap coating his pants and boxers.

Suga took the time to slide his hand down your back past your ass to get to your core. Slipping his findings right in as he continued to kiss you. You moaned out as he started to finger fuck you into bliss. He pulled out to rub your juices all around. Sliding up and down your slit it making you moan when he brush across your bud.

Also why don’t we all just mind our own business instead of preying into another’s private life?” Suga stared at jungkook.

Jungkook rolled his eyes.

Hey hey hey it was just a question, I’ve bet we’ve been all wondering the same, we just wanted to know just to be sure we wasn’t making things up.”


Suga blankly stared at all of them.

“You too huh Jhope?” who had just defended suga and you earlier along with jimin.“

jhope just sat there not saying anything and jungkook laughed.

Jhope threw a pack of sugar across the table at jungkook for opening his big ass mouth. He could never let anyone live, and would drag everyone down with him to prove a point.

” yah, hyung you know I just wanted to know. You know how curious I get.“ jhope finally spoke

Suga rolled his eyes.

"Yah hyung.” jhope whinned.

Suga continued to ignore him while jhope glared at jungkook.

“just out of everyone’s curiosity."suga looked at jhope. "we aren’t dating.”

You reached underneath you to pull sugas member out. suga gasped at the contact. He had pulled that skirt up over your hips and made it known what he wanted you to do. You took him and rubbed it against your wet womanhood. It wanting to slid in because of wetness while you tease him.

you pushed the tip in and suga hissed of how good it felt.and so you slowly slid down him opening you up filling the desire you wanted. Suga laid there while he clasped your hands behind your back and while you slowly moved your bottom up and down on him.

your lips were always connected and and he moaned into your mouth as you picked up the pace.

jhope gave suga this look suga ignored it. still Jhope tried to get his hyungs attention. “pass me the salt Jin.” he said ignoring Jhope reaching his hand over jhope to wait for jin to give it to him.

Jungkook cracked up. Suga keeping his serious face on. Jin finally passed the salt.

Suga was waiting all day for this so he would most likely come fast. and you had to hurry just incase the boys would come back from window shopping.

suga let go of your hands taking each but cheek in his hands and forcing you up and down quickly. you moaned and groaned out the sensation going through your body. it was heating up and you could feel it in your face. your ears felt red and you were probably blushing sex.

suga digged his nails into the skin of your ass and kissed your neck and moaned. your eye brows knitted together concentrating on the frustration to cum on his cock. you wanted it. you wanted to cum you wanted to scream out in ecstasy.  

and then suga did this.

“ive been wanting you all day,’ he groaned into your ear. "you make me so horny all the time i cant control myself any longer.” he moaned into your ear. that was enough to send you over the edge and cum.

you started crying out his name and suga pushed your ass up and down faster on his fat pale cock and rode you out you getting every one last bit of the sensation.

now you were sensitive and with every touch it made you cry out.

suga was now pounding into you with force and you knew he wanted to cum. so you kissed his neck and tried the same. “ baby it feels so good, you moaned into him. "it makes me wet when i think about us fucking like this. i think about it all day until you give me what  need.”

suga groaned. “more malhaeba”

“ im falling in love with you,” suga hungerily kissed you and ponded you. you cried into his mouth and finallly he came.“ he rolled his hips into you some more before he got every last drop out.

"you love me,” he kissed your neck.“

"now lets just talk about the fact that your a liar.” suga sprinkled salt onto his food and then passed the salt to you because he knew you so well by now. and then you both looked up at jungkook.

“what?” suga didn’t seem phased.

jungkkook started to laugh.

“more malhaeba,”

suga choked on his food and hid his face behind his fore arm.

sugas face drained of color and so did yours. it was like a cloud hung over you both.

jungkook started laughing.

“you love me,” jungkook did it in a out of breath moan like tone.

suga got up in the restaurant, and jungkook started to get up.

“hyung hyung.”

“fucking maknae”

jungkook started dying of laughter. 

“i lied too. i lied when i said i went window shopping with the boys. i was in the bathroom. i should have told you but what i found out was amazing,” Jhope had his hands around Jungkook’s neck pretending to choke him.

by this point sugas face was heated up in embarrassment. the others seemed lost.

suga went back to his seat earning glances from the americans looking at him like a crazy foreigner tryna choke the boy.

“okay,w-” suga tried to speak he laughed and he looked at you.“ you laughed and you looked at everyone all of them waiting. jungkook looking amused.

"since the maknae wants to be a little shit. he’ll tell you.”

“sugaandmangernoonaisfucking.” leaving no time to breath in between words

bangtans reaction

jimin smirked and looked at the blushing suga and you. “caught in a lieeeeeeeeeeeee”

In the episode Amy’s choice the doctor mentioned that Rory got what he wanted and its “too good to be true”. He became a doctor, had a house somewhere quiet and even grew a ponytail so he could be more interesting. But what we forgot is that it was Amy’s dream too, so there is something that Amy wanted in this dream that she doesn’t have in real life. Then it hit me: what she wanted was the fact that she was PREGNANT. SHE CAN’T HAVE A CHILD, SHE CAN’T BE PREGNANT, and she wants this so badly she dreams about it unconsciously. But she threw all of this away (which at that time could or could not be reality) because Rory isnt there, and she doesn’t want that.

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