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Please don't listen to dudultv. He's being over-agressive about the situation and trying to guilt people.

Ok I’m normally nice but ,listen. 

He was fucking attacked and harrassed by Eddsworld fans because of a FICTIONAL SHIP. Not only him but Paul and Tom too. 

Paul (who is fucking married) and Patryk have to deal with people begging them to kiss/date/fuck/WHATEVER their friend day after day.  

I’m going to give you an example.

My best friend Emilia (@agentbookah), we sometimes joke about being in a romance and shit, when actually we are just friends, we are not even lesbians or whatever, hell I fucking have a boyfriend. Still, it’s fun for us and we usually act like wifes or some shit. 

But imagine this what if me and her, or you and your best friend were just walking together, having a good time.

When suddently someone comes up to you both.

And asks and begs for you two to make out. For their own pleasure. 
Now imagine getting that EVERYDAY, EVERYWHERE YOU GO.

Imagine wanting to get a job or just you or someone going on google and put in your name and all that comes up is nsfw art of you and your friend.

I would feel fucking terrible.  

Patryk and Paul are scared to talk to each other in public now because of this. 

This could damage their actuall relationships/marriges/ect.   

Want other example?  

Septiplier. Huge ship right? 
I’m sure a lot of you know about it. I was a fan of it personally. 
Remember what happened? Jacksepticeye and Markiplier got spammed with messages of fans saying to date each other. Not only that, but their girlfriends got attacked, who are total sweethearts. This brought them to a point where they didn’t talk to each other at all for a long time.

This is what might happen to Paul and Patryk. It’s pretty fucking close to happen.

Patryk had the right to write and post that text. 

Paul and Tom have the right to not want anything to do with Eddsworld.

Look at this fandom everyone, we made everyone leave, first Tord, them Tom and now Paul and Patryk, even if all Pat did was donate to the show. 

Please just calm the fuck down and leave the people behind the show and the characters alone.

And keep this in mind….

We only have Matt left…So I beg you. Leave him alone, don’t bring him into this. I beg you.    


Zayn Malik/Harry Styles///Chapter 1 of 2///7.4k words

“When he turned his body, and saw Zayn, he thought it was a fever dream. He was standing just a few meters away from him, looking so very beautiful and he was watching him as well. Suddenly, all the noise in the room faded away and the only sound Harry could hear was his own heartbeat. Finding Zayn’s eyes with his own wasn’t a good idea. When he looked into them, he just felt everything. He was happy he was seeing him again, but at the same time, he knew it was meaningless. The sensation of it all felt like turning on the light in deep darkness, only for the light bulb to be spent immediately. It was just too much. He couldn’t bear looking into Zayn’s eyes when all he wanted to do, was come up to him, embrace him and never ever let him go. So, he ran." 

read on ao3


40 planes, 15 fans from around the world, 13 planes to disney channel, 11 planes to netflix, 10 planes to hulu, and 6 planes to amazon later…

Im so thankful for the @planes4gmw campaign. It helped pull me out of a dark time by giving me something to focus on. I’m so very proud that this fandom was able to come together, despite our differences, in support of this little show that we love so much. Even if someone doesn’t pick it up, I am happy and proud of what we’ve done. Thank you guys for giving me hope. I love you all.

     “But maybe if you don’t hope for too much, but let
        yourself hope for one thing, it might actually happen.”
                  - Maya Hart  (Girl Meets Hurricane)

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Omg omg omg omg hcs for flirty star bowling player jungkook and sexy mochi bowling shoes attendant person jimin im dying omg ily ❤

+ Jungkook has been bowling since he was 7 years old and knew he would do it forever.

+ Now Jungkook is the top tier bowling champion that is dominating the bowling scene.

+ Jungkook has fans thanks to his looks and even more so his skill. But no woman or man who tried to seduce him came close to taking his eyes off his love for bowling.

+ “Size 10, here you go sir.”

+ Expect the cutie that’s holding Jungkook’s bowling shows out to him. Jimin, Jungkook reads on the name tag.

+ Jimin must be new cause Jungkook comes here religiously and hasn’t seen this beautiful sexy creature before. Jungkook never forgets a pretty face.

+ “you must be new?” “Kinda, I was working kitchen but then they moved my up here.” “Well I better thank the manger for his good deed cause now I get to stare at your lovely face.”

+ Jimin giggle is as amazing as his looks and Jungkook feels like he got 10 strikes in a row.

+ “why thank you.” “No need to thank me, I just speak the truth. Ah I feel like I can win the whole competition if your beautiful eyes are on me.” “You don’t need me, you’re Jeon Jungkook. The master bowler.” Jimin leans forward a bit on his elbows and smiles.

+ “you know how to hit right where you need to, right?” Jimin whispers the last part and drags a finger over the back of Jungkook’s hand.

+ Jungkook is in love.

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Hey, so there was this Jikook moment during a concert where everyone got down on their knees and Jungkook was supposed to 'choose' one of them, but he immediately turned to Jimin. Do you know where I can find that? Thanksss :)))

Sorry this took so long to respond to. I made a post about this moment when it happened but my blog sucks and is disorganized so even I couldn’t find it. But here are two different views. It happened at their Epilogue in Nanjing concert during Attack on Bangtan. You see other members reach towards Jungkook and Jimin comes in late but Jungkook only reaches toward Jimin. Then quickly stops and turns to the fans…
Sorry Im on mobile right now. I’ll fix it later lol

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How the fuck can you defend Taylor Swift all the time. Taylor is a white feminist. She literally only comments on subjects when her fans pressure her to e.g. Orlando Shootings. Taylor should really speak up for all women's rights e.g abortion etc. Stop defending someone who doesn't speak out cause it'll hurt her celebrity image. It's pathetic. Honestly other celebrities like Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry attended the march so why couldn't Taylor? Taylor Swift is far from perfect

you know what’s pathetic? the fact that you send anon hate, esp when you’re uneducated on the subject. firstly if taylor posted about stuff “her fans pressured her to” then she damn well would have talked about the election. she didnt because she dislikes getting political… she only speaks when she personally has experienced something and hence feels that she has experience with the subject. im really fucking tired of her being expected to be a politician when she isn’t. and like frankly why would she speak up more when she’s crucified for anything she does say…

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Did you see that post where a Yoi says Koogi, the author of Killing Stalking must be a yoi fan since the bathroom stall scene in Chapter 16 is a "copy" of Yoi bathroom stall scene in episode 1. How can they be so dense?








the whole celeb call-out culture was made so that gross people like woody allen and sean penn could get the well deserved backlash that hollywood protects them from. it’s also so people understand that you can be a fan of someone but not defend them from mistakes

what it’s not for, and what it’s used for in this hellsite is for people to make themselves feel better because they stan the “good ones”. it’s not for people to make them feel like they’re above others because others stan a celeb who did “this and that” when EVERY SINGLE CELEB has messed up

this call-out culture also blurred the line between a celeb saying something sexist to being like woody allen. you have people comparing zayn to trump. i’m not here to tell anyone how to feel about a thing a celeb said and if a thing they said bothered you but not others, feel free to unstan/dislike them. but this whole guilting thing? yeah, not cute

if ur activism is sitting on this hellish blue site and making lists about why someone should feel bad for stanning taylor swift or lin manuel miranda, i hate to tell you friend, that’s not activism

there’s enough bullcrap in this terrible world, stop centering it on celebs and actually focus on the ACTUAL problems and find ways you can get involved/help

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A thinky thought:

I took a break from…

You see similar things happening in other fandoms, too; they all tend to develop fancanons. It’s fascinating to watch, and would be really interesting academically to start delving into the drivers and the process of it :)

Yes!!! Fan canons are a neat component of that too - ‘tall Keyleth’ is a really interesting one to me because it’s…er…regrettably contradicted by canon (they line up “in order of height” in the Feywild Crocodile episode, and Keyleth is last in line so she’s actually shorter than the twins). And so is short hair Keyleth, for the opposite reason, because the fan artists totally invented that and then Marisha made it come true. The flow of ideas here is interesting ~ the creations around the show shape how we picture it as much as the show itself, to the point where it’s influencing the actors. And of course that’s not unprecedented, but it’s cool how quick and fluid it is here in Critterland \o/

honestly never believed i would come this far…..i just thought “well if anyone can do it so can i” i kinda just started this for fun and to try and improve… with the encoragment from @azure-quill and @cutiemarklesspinkamena i have grown so much in the small amount of time since i started…. i cant thank those two enough for what they have done. i went from being a fan of cutiemarkless to…dare i say it….a friend and from some random person confussed with azure-quills rules to…once again i dare say……a friend. thank you guys so much to the two who got me started to the other ten that started following me because of these two. i will plan a competition or maybe a big group picture….im not sure which one yet. but thanks guys i love you all

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i'm so excited to see the fam kick ass again in 3 weeks! alsoooo..- i'm not a caryl shipper so nobody get triggered- but i was wondering if u like daryl & caryl's friendship like i think its so real and so far it hasn't been forced idk im just excited for that reunion

Same here! And yes, I’m a fan of the Carol/Daryl relationship, although like you I don’t ship it romantically. I agree, their friendship isn’t forced and I’m excited to see what they’ll discuss when they reunite. Should be an interesting development for both characters given what they’ve been through recently. We shall see soon!

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Yep this is stevie. Take ur meds stevie. You know how u r with out them. Go do your cam show no one watches. And make ur shitty etsy store shit. And flirt with guys even though you have a husband while you sit around getting fatter and fatter pretending you do yoga. Ya done her. You fake shit. Just know gregs bananas know ur name and do not like you. They even posted private info. Im not involved in any of that or his fan. I just do not like you. A Liar. U disgust me. Have a nice day :)

Why would Stevie run a second blog? Just in hopes that she would be brought up? Gimme like two seconds here and I’ll post a selfie to prove I’m not Stevie. And lucky you, Jay (my coadmin and wonderful fiance), posted one just the other day. 

Bananas know her name. How terrifying. A bunch of twelve year olds know her name. You guys aren’t an army, you’re a brainwashed cult.