im not a fan of it okay

Mystic Messenger V Route

*rolls in*
If the V route is just friendship im gonna quit life :)
*rolls away*

Let mcr die. Let mcr finally be at fucking peace. Stop stirring shit up. Stop getting people’s hopes up. mcr is gone, accept it, and celebrate it for what it was.

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the video was so cute and i'm so happy for them but also we got to see so much random shit we've never seen before in their house!!!!

okAY YES. like im obvi emotional theyre leaving but also so hype that our last glimpse into the london flat gave us so many unexpected details lmao 

lil statuette of an elephant on phil’s bedside table: 

dan’s setup to do his hair: 

random legal textbook out on dan’s desk?? tf? 

bonca for the tatinof film stored on top of their bookshelf: 

random video game controllers strewn about: 

they were probs watching planet earth recently, and the quilt from bryony is on the floor: 

this random cross-stitch of a dan tweet, which was a gift from a fan, displayed in their bathroom window: 

cute art on their kitchen wall: 

gahhhh there are just so many lil tidbits that make this flat such an encapsulation of them, so many details that make it cozy and lived in and wholly representative of the life they’ve built together and i just can’t wait to see all of this homey domestic loveliness translated into their new place it’s going to be so goooooooood and i’m crying again fuck

friend: hey you okay?

me, internally: no im fucking not, because william shatner and leonard nimoy knew they were playing lovers but weren’t allowed to kiss, and left lots of subliminal messages in star trek: the original series, subsquently creating the first slash pairing for which was written fan fiction in the early 70s. shatner also said while filming “spock it’s you, it’s always been you. please say you love me too,” tho it got cut. gene roddenberry also knew what he was doing with kirk and spock and coined the word t’hy’la in a fucking footnote in TMP novelisation in 1979. t’hy’la means friend, brother, lover and is the word spock uses to think of jim so yeah, they were lovers. moreover always in TMP novelisation gene confirms spock and kirk were bonded by writing that spock couldn’t go through kolinahr bc he hears jim thinking about needing him from fucking earth i am so done 

me, outwardly: yeah, fine :)

Flaws and All

a/n: Hi so this is supposed to be based off of Flaws and All by the ruler of this free nation and absolute love of my life, Queen Bey. This is what I could come up with based off what I listened to (the first verse and chorus) i hope its somewhat satisfactory. Lemme know!

Word Count: 1,010

I storm through the kitchen, pushing hair out of my face as I frantically open every drawer in the room. I’m five minutes late for work and I haven’t even left the house yet.

“Babe,” I start making my way to the opposite side of the kitchen as Shawn pours me a cup of coffee. “Have you seen the key’s I can’t find them anywhere.”

“Top drawer.” He says with a smirk as he pulls a mug out of the cupboard for himself.

“No I checked. They’re not there.”

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The Courts & High Lords of Prythian ~ The Spring Court // Tamlin

“And so the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud became more painful than the risk it took to blossom” 

okay i made this art for @aquacanis ‘s birthday ((IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY JUST YESTERDAY GUYS)) <3 but also i’m really really proud of it ahhh i think it’s my favorite work atm. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB your party was lit

(im not through with you yet MerMay)