im not a cake decorator ok

Hi, I’m the moody, bohemian member of the group. blonde frontman. the sensetive artist type.
I like: pasta, turtles, girls with weird eyes, writing, reading, keeping my mouth shut, cake decorating, horse back riding, gun cleaning, Sally Struthers impersonations, pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, buttfucking, accupuncture, painting, friends, cats, goats, mo-hair sweaters, cultivating a fine army of facial blemishes, scarification, playing music with my band, my wife, my family and all of the people with whom our band works with.
—  Kurt Cobain, in his journal.

Ok I think im gonna make td’s, distorts’ and old toothys room off to the left of the living room and nah’s and possums room to the right. Then I’ll furnish/decorate the communications wing and then in think we’ll be done with the house.

I’ve also got to make cake kids, myself, old toothy and possum in cas.

Once I get all that done we will FINALLY GET TO PLAY HHHHHNNGGG IM EXCITED


Baked and decorated this cake and drew this for taka..

お誕生日おめでとうございます!!!!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Happy birthday our dear taka.. You’re like the awsomest vocalist i’ve ever met.. Since im a vocalist myself.. I’ve determind to be like u.. U’re my idol and i’ve look up to u.. For my own band.. Most of my dicissions for the band are influenced by you and all the other one ok rock members.. So yeah they are awsome.. You had inspired alot of people.. And i wish to god that he will give u all the love and support and repay you for all the things u’ve done for the people you saved and all.. I was one of the people who was saved by ur music and your words taka.. I would love to see you and the bandmates be happy.. And god will give u guys all the opportunities and everything good inlife to you.. I have so much to say but.. I think i’ll just end it here..happy 26th birthday taka!!! Love ya man!


Have an awsome birthday!!