im no natural beauty

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i jus wnna say rlly quick tht kim taehyung’s natural skin is v beautiful

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About post/129375870804/x Jfc what a killer smile he has! I feel weak in the knees. Is he even real?

I have seen him, I’ve stood right in front of him, I got footage of him smiling at our rose and dagger signs but I’m STILL not sure he’s real… I mean damn

And the best thing is his smile is just so naturally beautiful!!

@95s- “we all need to take a page out of carlys book none of us are even close to her league” 

FHJASKDSFHJ PLS…. :’((( listen ur the most cutest angel ive ever seen like?? ur smile radiates my screen whenever u post a selfie like?? who Allowed u to do this to me??