im no beautiful


Sofia Falcone in “Let Them Eat Pie”


The most beautiful girl ive ever met gave me flowers on our date today and i swooned

I can’t believe I have almost 10,000 followers lol..

That’s crazy as hell… 10,000 people I mean I’ve conversed with people in countries I knew nothing about. I really wish i could meet a lot more of y'all 💕🎀

I’ve met (I’m careful about who I meet….ya know…) a handful of lovely people. I’ve became pretty close with some other girls that are like me and damn it’s amazing to hear everyone’s story and it’s just so many people in this world the whole thing kinda blows my mind. Whether you’re a normal person or rich ass CEO of a company, some of the people I’ve held conversations with have genuinely sweet souls.(all you perverts can go away though y'all don’t count lmfao. Go take a fucking nap AND No more dick pics!!!!😡😂😂😂)

But really before I made this acct I had nobody to relate to.. or even talk to for that matter. I could’ve had a shit ton of friends but i cut them ALL off because all they did was judge. Im the type of female that would rather just be alone than friends with someone who is a weird judgemental bitch on the low. But yea I was so deep in my mind & then I discovered that I’m not alone.. omg y'all helped me more than you know!!! It’s All Love💘❄️ xoxoxo remember to take care of yourselves & fuck what someone has to say about you if they aint never been in your shoes .


breathtaking 🌅