im new to the fandom so this has probably been done before sorry

Do you ever think about how wild the public perception of victuuri must be??

Like ok. Characters first.

Victor Nikiforov, who is considered to be this flirty playboy. He’s the perfect skater; elegant, refined, amazing jumps, spins, step sequences. He has it all, and he’s won it all. I bet you everybody thought Victor and Chris were fuckin or something b/c they’re obviously friends and you know what the media is like. 

Victor is such a private person; he’s really skilled in telling you everything while saying nothing. He’s got incredible press skills. I bet the media must be starving for another side of Victor–his love life most specifically. The playboy thing is most likely an exaggeration tabloids put together, and it sorta just caught on. All these reports of Victor being seen with so and so must mean he’s seeing them, right?

Victor has been called selfish before. It’s probably a very common belief that he’s quiet and serious and really only cares about himself and the ice. This cannot be further from the truth, but it’s how people see him. An immaculate god.

Then, Yuuri Katsuki. He’s sort of reclusive and doesn’t interact much. There’s not much on any of his social media accounts; the opposite of Victor. While Victor delivers constant content, Yuuri hides away. He avoids people, doesn’t really interact with fans, and seemingly snubs other competitors. 

People think he’s arrogant. Yuuri looks away from others like they’re not worth his time, which is totally uncalled for considering he can’t land his jumps, right? Yuuri’s spins and footwork are amazing, but he always falters technically. He gets a lot of flack from the press and the public for this; they say he’s mentally weak, he’s a mediocre skater at best, he should just stop trying. At times, Yuuri even believes them.

The beloved, sexy ice god versus the shy, weak underdog. 

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Star ASKS!

Hey, I got an unusually high volume of asks related to Star vs. the Forces of Evil this week. I’m replying to some of them in a couple of text posts. Here’s the first one!:

Anonymous said: FanTASTIC job on the song day episode!

Thank you!!

Anonymous said: Ilysm and ty for everything you’ve done for me and my fellow trans friends!!! 💜💜 im sorry you get aggressive folks coming at because of it. Just know that you’re so so so appreciated and im so glad to know that we have a voice for the lgbt community in children media !! No matter what happen with marco know that just the fact that you appreciate the theory is a lot more than we could ever dream of!!💜💜💜💜 and your webcomic is good too you’re just a genius tytyty!!

Hey anon! Thank you for your support (and for your kind words about my comic)! U_U I am not trans myself (I am only your friendly neighborhood cisbi) but I hope I can be a supportive trans ally! I of course cannot speak on Marco’s canon development as a character, but as for the fan theory itself, I am glad it is bringing you happiness!

Anonymous said: I love that anon is so entitled that they’re telling a storyboard artist which theories they aren’t allowed to like on the show they fucking work on

Yep! It would be one thing if I were openly supporting a popular “neo-Nazi Marco” theory or something but … that’s not what’s going on. Let people like the fan theories they like! As long as they’re not hurting anyone! 

Anonymous said: Did Ruberiot get killed after song day because he posible started a riot/revolution or is he okay?

No, no, he’s okay! He’s probably just super upset.

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anonymous asked:

Have you seen the head cannon where Kiri is the dragon Blasty has in the new bnha ending? (Love your work btw)

That’s kinda hard to miss, is it? Everyone and their grandmothers are making fanworks for it haha which I’ll be forever grateful for, actually, dragons are my #1 weakness and the more dragon!Kiri I have the happier I am (best version of it I’ve seen yet is syb’s but lbr she’s my fav artist and I’m weak) (also requirings has an ongoing comic series with those premises!!!! I’m living for it)

Anon said: Hey I loveeeeeeee your bnha fusion au and I was wondering if bakugou and midoriya’s fusion is so unstable why do they even fuse in the first place? Sorry for bothering and thank you for being so great!!!

I mentioned this in the tags under that specific post already, but I guess repeating it won’t hurt, so! It happened during the End of Term Exam! (this is gonna be spoiler if you’re only watching the anime) All Might put them in the position where they ended up being forced to try, but it lasted less than 30 seconds before they broke apart - to set in somewhere in the canon exam… after Deku pulled Bakugou away but before their combined attack. Like, when they were coming up with a strategy to take All Might out they first tried fusing, but it just didn’t work and their time was too limited to try and force it.

Anyway if they were to try again now they’d probably last way longer, but at this point neither of them has felt the need to give it a try just yet haha 

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anonymous asked:

as someone who has never watched teen wolf, but has read a fair share of sterek fanfiction, the new trailer has me pumped and seriously contemplating watching all of tw in preparation

Ah! Sorry this is a late response– I finally had to shut down tumblr and do some actual work for a bit there (gross, i know)

This message leaves me very conflicted because on the one hand DO IT NEW BLOOD THE SHOW IS RIDICULOUS ENJOY THE WILD RIDE, but on the other hand… don’t do it. save yourself. it’s not worth it.

Really, it’s up to you! I did enjoy watching parts of the show, but as I’ve said before, it’s a very specific kind of show that not everyone likes. It’s a bit crazy. Campy. It doesn’t make much sense and doesn’t particularly try to.

ALSO, if you go in expecting sterek– be aware that there is really just not that much sterek. like just being on tumblr and in the fandom, you probably have seen every sterek scene gif-ed and there are probably a few that are so well done you think they are canon, but they never actually happened. Just letting you know– their interactions on the show are actually quite limited, even in season 1-2 when they had them! And, to be honest, I’m sure Stiles and Derek will not /even be there for much of 6B. I think MAYbe we’ll get them back during the last 2 episodes and the two scenes in the trailer will be really the only time they super interact. Not to be a downer but… i’ve been trapped in this rodeo for a long time now and I know what it’s about. There is no reason to trust Jeff Davis, MTV, or Teen Wolf when it comes to this issue. This is not a Freeform/Shadowhunters situation. Sterek won’t become canon. (Though I hope I’m wrong!)

Ah, sorry to not be just running around and flailing anymore (I should have stayed on the excitement train instead of pausing to do work!)– Either way you decide, the fandom is an awesome place to be and you are always welcome!

i’m still alright. things are kind of rocky for me right now, for some reason. probably seasonal stuff!
i have some new friends now, also, if you remember!!! i did tell them in the end. they know about what i did on this account, but don’t hate me for it which is nice but makes me feel…. undeserving i guess.
i haven’t told all of my friends yet… but im working my way through it. telling them one at a time. 
ummm.. i feel like i owe you guys some sort of explanation! so… under the cut, i guess. sorry for typos and random caps and stuff. 

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anonymous asked:

Im so happy you did my roommate request and Im so glad you decided to break it up in parts. I love it already please do more.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hey JK Roommate AU fandom!!! Here’s the long awaited part 3 since so many of you requested and shared with me their distress over a sequel of this story lmao !!!Don’t die guys, drink some water and calm down , I won’t kill you with that much feels….yet.  I hope it will make justice to part 1 and 2 that you guys liked so much,because I did my best to write it <3 Also, I thought of maybe making a part 4 and turning this into a series…What do you guys think?? Please share your opinion in the comments/requests <3 

Also I’d like to thank the original anon that requested this <3 I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are what made this story come alive.You are the beholder of this amazing idea and I’m so thankful that together we were able to make so many people happy  with this story. 



Genre: romance/fluff/love
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 2708 words
Summary: Jungkook is your campus roommate who has a huge crush on you. He’s been hiding it for so long and you’re still clueless about it.


You stared at Jungkook who was lying beside you in a very stiff posture as his eyes were only gazing at the ceiling. He was sitting there like a statue and you couldn’t help but think about him. What kind of guy was he?

You stared at him with a curious gaze before poking his tensed shoulder

“Why are you so tense, Jungkook? ”, you tilt your head as you stare at your roommate

“I’m n-n-not t-tense! W-What are you talking about?!” his eyes panicked as he sat up

You followed his movements as you sat up just like him. You were now sitting on his bed while facing each other and Jeon Jungkook was doing his best to avoid looking in your direction. He didn’t want to look at you. The fact that that both of you were on his bed was already driving him crazy enough

“You totally are”, you point at him as you chuckled and ruffled his black silky hair

Jungkook’s eyes rounded in surprise at the sudden contact of your fingers againsthis black silky strands of hair. You liked his hair so much for some reason and Jungkook felt like he was dying every time your fingers touched his scalp. He hung his head low as his bangs were hiding mysteriously his shaded gorgeous eyes. He had to stop you before anything went too far. This was just the start and he couldn’t even imagine what this night was supposed to look like.

Jungkook grabbed your wrist  as he removed your fingers away from his cute fluffy hair.

He stared at you as you stared back at him. The second your eyes met, he felt his cheeks heating up and his heart jumping through his ribcage He immediately removed his fingers away from your wrist. You had this much effect on him. One stare was enough to make him blush. One touch was enough to make him all hot and bothered.

“Is it because you’re scared I’ll do something to you? I’m not like that, I’m not that kind of girl!! You don’t need to worry!! I won’t touch you!! ”, you furrow your brows cutely as you attempted clearing up anymisunderstanding

Jungkook felt his palms getting sweaty and  his body was warming up as he heard what just came out of your innocent lips.

T-T-TOUCH m-me??!! D-Do w-what to me??!?!!! D-Do something to me *gulps* ??!T-T-That kind of g-g-girl—??!! WHATTTTT K-KIND OF G-GIRL I-IS SHE R-REFFERING T-T-T-TO??!!!Does she even know WHAT SHE’S SAYING?! * face palm* , Jungkook internally screams

He was astonished by what you just said ,since he was actually the dangerous one in this situation. He was the kind of boy you should be scared of. You were probably the purest thing that could be find on campus, while he was a hiding  wolf behind a bunny smile.  

“Relax, I won’t do anything to you! I promise! I mean…am I that intimidating?” you pout

Jungkook tensed up a tad bit more as your fingers went back to touching his hair.

No Y/N….you’re not intimidating, I’m the one at fault for freezing every time you try being nice with me., he thought

“No…” Jungkook gathered his courage to stop stammering like an idiot “No, You’re not…I’m totally fine, just…don’t pay attention to me”,


“Oh…is that so…”, your eyes stare at him in disappointment as you suddenly retracted your fingers away from his fluffy hair

You thought you could finally get closer to him. You thought that Jungkook was ready to let you break the wall separating you from him, but it seemed like the guy didn’t felt like doing so. He wasn’t in the mood to let you invade his personal space or life. You sighed as you realized that it would be for the better, to stop bothering him so much.

“Sorry…I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable!! I’m already thankful that you allowed me to stay here with you…”, you avoid his eyes “Thank you Jungkook…and I’m sorry, I won’t try invading your space again”, you got up ready to leave the room and go sleep on your own

WOW, Jeon, what an asshole you are?! YOU MADE HER FEEL BAD NOW!!! WHAT HAS SHE EVER DONE TO YOU??!!!,

Jungkook’s eyes panicked as he saw that sad look you harbored on your face. There was no way in hell that he’d allow himself to hurt you through his stupid words. You were a precious jewel and his biggest fear was to see tears on your face. You were like a beautiful butterfly to him. He didn’t want to let you fly away yet he was afraid to hold onto you and break your wings without meaning it.

He grabbed onto your arm in a fast as he made you sit back onto the bed.The strength used to pull you made you fall in his arms instead. Here you were, head against his chest, feeling extra flustered with no tomorrow. Well at least he didn’t fell backwards to make you top him, because that would’ve been both awkward and embarrassing for you and VERY unfortunate for Jungkook’s self-control over his little friends called “hormones”.

Still in a sitting position, you quickly composed yourself as you stepped away from his arms to stare at him with a worried look. You could see that shook face he made. You had to admit, it was adorable.

“Y/N, n-no!! I didn’t mean it that way!!! It’s not like that!!” he shook his hands in denial

You blink at him curelessly

“There’s no way in the world where I…where I… ever thought you invaded my space…I’m just stupid, please never listen to what I say! I don’t know what I’m saying either…ugh Why am I living my life like this”, Jungkook buried his cute confused face in his manly hands

“Jungkook, don’t hate yourself!” you patted his shoulder “I understand that you can feel uncomfortable about sharing your room with me! I can figure it out on myself, I wasn’t that scared!! It was just a movie anyways–”, you smiled at him as you were about to get up again

He firmly clasps his manly fingers around your small wrist as he made you sit back down on the bed. You can noticed his black bangs shadowing his eyes, giving you this extra sultry and mysterious vibe. What was he up to this time? Which side of him would you be able to see this time?

“No, Just stay with me. ”,He pulled you in his embrace as each word left his perfect lips while slowly piercing through your heart

Jungkook was the kind of boy who could go from confused cutie pie to confident alpha male in 3 seconds. Sexy,manly and competitive as well. The only thought that invaded your mind, was the fact that you had to say yes even if you didn’t necessarily want to..His sultry gaze and his masculine-like scent were slowly imbibing themselves onto your system like a drug that you couldn’t get enough of.You were bound to want more even if it was against your will. What was he?! What kind of kid was he?! He intrigued you to death!!

He was a mystery that you couldn’t seem to figure outé

“I’ll protect you”, his husky sensual voice whispered in your ears

He ran his fingers through your hair in a very delicate manner as you felt goosebumps forming on the surface of your skin.

You liked the feeling of his manly chest against your head and his arms surrounded around your thin waist. Jungkook just touched the prohibited area a guy shouldn’t touch unless the girl in question is his girlfriend. The waist was that one spot that could make any girl speechless and feel taken over by their man. The feeling of his manly hands laying on your waist was enough to make you feel all these tingly feelings and excitement.

His hands made you flustered as they were grasping on the fabric of your shirt. His hold on your waist was giving off all of his manly pheromones that were making you weak as well. He seemed in control and you loved this side of him. He wasn’t restraining himself and putting a wall between both of you, for once. His hands were like gold and they felt perfect along your waistline .You felt like you belonged to him , you felt like you were his girl, but unfortunately you weren’t …

His touch on you was addicting and you were fighting against yourself to remain composed. These body reactions  were so unusual coming from both you and him. Jungkook wasn’t a daring boy and you could thoroughly feel through each of his touches that he cared about you. He was acting the way he was to comfort you and you could tell that he had no ill intentions whatsoever.

It was the second time in history that your roommate initiated a hug with you. What was with him and his tendency to hug you twice in a row, in such a short time span? He was probably flustered about the situation as well.

It was your turn to blush. His cute side might have made him look adorable but his manly side made you weak to your knees. You couldn’t refuse the manly command that came out of these perfectly sculpted lips. You had to surrender and say yes. You couldn’t bear with the idea of refusing anything to him. It was his first time holding onto you and keeping you from leaving somewhere else.

“Yes, I’ll stay”, you replied in a feminine tone as the sound resonated through his ears. It only took a few seconds before the boy snapped out of it.

He realized that his hands were hugging onto your waist tightly.

WHAT THE ACTUAL F IS GOING ON??!!!!What the F*ck am I DOING NOW?!HOW DARE I LAY A HAND ON HER??! A beast like me should stay far away from a swan like her! His eyes rounded as he could smell your peach aroma invading his senses once again.

What had he done? Why was he holding onto youlike this ?! The only thoughts that were going through his mind were the ones that told him about how irresponsible he was for letting his desires taking over him , in the heat of such a moment..You were still a girl and both of you were on his bed, what the was he doing to an innocent girl like you when it was past 11pm?!

“O-Oh Oh My …Oh my God …No..No…No …SORRY…SORRY SORRY”, he stuttered as he immediately let  go of you  and bowed

There he was again, clueless jungkook in all of his glory .You chuckled at how embarrassed he looked.

“ Hey~, no need to apologize”, you nudged his shoulder in a friendly manner “ It feels nice to get a hug from my roommate you know”, you winked while chuckling

D-Did she just wink at m-m-me, right now??!Can I finally COLLAPSE NOW? Jung kook’s heart felt like bursting

“Whoah…are you okay? Jungkookie?” you wave your hand in front of his face

“O-Oh….yeah …I-Ièm fine… It’s just really hot in here”, jungkook tried to loosening the collar of his shirt by pulling on it with his fingers in a very sexy manner

These collarbones were what made your heart throb. His arms and his manly hands not to forget, how he used to stick out that tongue while he pondering about something.

Jungkook was a sex bomb and you had to admit it. He was also popular around campus. All girls wanted him and his friends, but rumors had it that he never had a girlfriend before

You blinked your innocent eyes as you stared at his figure .

“…You’re really red…Well, I don’t blame you, it’s true that it’s kind of hot in here”, you fanned yourself before tying up your hair in a ponytail with thehair band you had on your wrist

Jungkook eyes turned into baseballs as his eyes were following you and your every movement. He was watching you with his mouth agape from the second you grabbed that hair tie to the second you exposed your neck. Those long strands of wavy hair falling to the sides of your neck, made him gulp on his saliva .Here he was back at it again with the fantasizing. Biting up his lips as he felt his throat getting dry. His eyes harboring the ultimate lusty stare.

Why does she look so damn sexy…., Jungkook wanted to slap himself for thinking such thoughts

“Should I open the window?” you suddenly asked him

“Uhm…The window? Yeah…I think it could be a good idea”, He rubs the back of his neck

You sit up  asyou made your way to the window and open it , as widely as you could. Jungkook took this opportunity to take off his sweatshirt that has been choking him with heat for the past 3 hours. The time span in which you jumped on his lap to the time you both hugged and to all the other times where you dared touching him and his hair.

It was summer and he knew that sleeping with his sweatshirt beside you only called for more heat and disaster. It all sounded like plans to make him die of heat.

You turned around as you took a look at him. You noticed his struggle to take off his sweatshirt as it would get stuck with the white t-shirt he had underneath . The sweatshirt and the white shirt were stuck and as jungkook was slowly taking of his sweatshirt, you could notice his white shirt lifting up and revealing these abs , his abs

You felt your cheeks redden as you gasped in shock  

Jungkook indeed had worked out quite a bit and these abs were death of you. God sculpted his abs, they were like art and you couldn’t help but bite your lips in appreciation. He looked extremely masculine and sexy and this itself made you flustered. You were going to sleep beside such a  sexy guy?!

Jungkook finally managed to take off his sweatshirt entirely, which made you notice his toned arms. He looked strong and seeing his manly arms made you want to go back and bury your face in his warm chest like you did a few hours ago during the horror movie.

Jungkook ran his hand through his hair as he revealed his sexy forehead. nThat lusty gaze from earlier was still on his face.

DEAD, that was your current life status

There was Jeon Jungkookie the cutie pie who liked combing through his bangs and then there was JungKook, the guywho parted his hair and made you faint with a single smirk. Wide shoulders, Eyebrows ,sex gaze ,toned body and all these things that should be illegal.

Jungkook’s lusty gaze was something all girls would’ve wanted to see, yet you could’ve been able to see it every day if you made an effort to see how much he struggled keeping himself composed when you were around him

He was there sitting on his bed, wearing his signature White T-Shirt while he staring at the ceiling

You chuckled as you stared at him

“You must really love white Shirts”, you hide your smile

“uh?Oh..Yeah I do”, he bite onto his bottom lip as he avoided your eyes

“I hope this night won’t be as hot as it’s expected”, you sigh and pout your lips


“P-Pardon?!” his eyes almost went out of their sockets

“I heard that this night’s temperature would raise to 33 degrees”, you reply before yawning “Oh, this heat is making me tired”, you comment as you make your way to sit on his bed

Jungkook nods as he gulps from the comment you just made

“Let’s go to sleep?” you smiled at him before tapping the nape of his neck in a friendly way

Your fingers touched the NAPE of Jeon Jungkook?


You just tapped the most sensitive area of this kid’s entire body. Biting on his lip as hard as he could Jungkook gave you that very awkward smile

“Y-Yeah”, Jungkook followed your movements with his eyes “S-Sure…let’s go sleep”

Jungkook was going to have a hard time with all of the wrong moves you’ll be making on him later that night….

World war III with his hormones was bound to happen sooner than what he expected…



bts ships

Anonymous said: hi! i’m fairly new to the bts fandom and i was just wondering what are the ships in bts and the most popular ones? thanks for answering if you do!! love you and your blog!!!

ANON UR SO CUTE PLS OMG THANK U ILY TOO but anyways this post isnt about me…. its about the beauty of ships…. now this is gonna be long…. i dont know the most popular ships really but ill just tell u my personal favorites (with an *)! gifs are not mine!!

*NAMJIN (namjoon x jin):

Originally posted by namjinkiss

also known as my parents. namjoon taking on the manly father role whilst jinnie is the loving mother to bts and me. they are married and no one can tell me different just look at how he’s looking at him in the gif im screaming and they even have the same last name. you know who shares last names? married couples and family but theyre not family bc theyre married and meant to be together forever

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Miss Aria You're A Killer Not Ezra's Wife...

So I was re-watching last nights episode and I came to the scene with Aria and Mrs. Hastings and I heard the conversation differently than I did before.


We all assumed Aria was asking indirect questions about Mike and how he knew about The Mona Thing. However, after i watched the scene a few more times, I realized the vagueness of the questions and the use of “he” specifically could have covered our eyes to what Aria was really asking about. There was one line in particular. “Okay, what if it were serious and SOMEONE ended up getting killed.” Now if we were looking at this scene the way they probably figured we would, why would it be phrased, “someone ENDED UP getting killed.” Especially since we know that Aria and the other liars KNOW Mona faked her death. So after I thought about for a minute I realized that Aria could’ve been asking those questions for herself. 

Miss Aria You’re A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife….. Those words have always stuck out to me, even more so because MONA said them. After listening to Mike’s story about The Mona Thing (which, I believe some parts and not others) and how Mona and A had a plan, or deal? I think it sets in more questions about PREVIOUS things Mona said and how it worked with the A that “stole the game” from her, BUT WHAT IF IT WAS NEVER HER GAME, she just got a lead role? 

I know this feels like a rabbit trail to nowhere, but hear it out. 

After Mona is put in Radley, we see someone in a Red Coat come to visit her and Mona told them that she did everything they asked her to. That leads me to believe that Mona as A was the first plan that the had together. Think about it. Its quite brilliant. Mona being the decoy A this whole time, was the first plan BIG A had. 

 rosewood spy​ has a AWESOME crazy crack theory about Aria that leads me to believe this trail I’m on isn’t so crazy. I encourage you to go look at that theory because in it, she has this thought that Aria was alone when she found Byron in his car, and that she saw ALI and not Meredith. There is so much more to it in her theory to read about and it all makes awesome sense. So looking at that, IF Aria was alone when she turned that corner, and really did she Ali and Byron, when she ran away, she would’ve ran into Mona. Which is where I think this relationship between Aria and Mona really kickstarted. Go read her theory and let me know if you agree, anyway back to business.

If we look back, Aria and Mona’s interactions always seemed odd/off. One interaction in particular was when Hanna and Aria went to visit Mona and she said MAYA KNEW. We have all been trying to figure out WHAT MAYA KNEW but Mona told us what she knew, WHILE telling us THAT. SHE. KNEW. 

Miss Aria You’re | A | 

Miss Aria You’re | A | Killer 

Miss Aria You’re | A | Killer NOT Ezra’s Wife 

Also, take note that when Mona said this Maya had already been killed. Making sense yet? It will. 

It is no coincidence that the night Mona was reveAled was the same night Maya was killed, because there are NO coincidences in Rosewood. 

MY THEORY: Maya was never supposed to be killed, and Mona wasn’t supposed to be reveAled yet. Aria |BIG A| only did it(with the help of a minion because she couldn’t get her dress dirty) because MAYA KNEW about Mona and Aria and Aria being BIG A and the first plan. I know it is a crazy stretch, but I think its believable. 

I wrote a theory last night about how i think there is a TEAM AGAINST A, the AATEAM. I believe Maya was apart of that team. We have seen Maya be skeptical of Emily’s friends and also we have seen her at Noel Khan’s cabin, and I believe Noel is on the AGAINST A team as well. We have seen him be skeptical of ARIA and EZRA in particular. The two could very easily be working with the group of people I believe are AGAINST A. 

In “The First Secret” we see Mona in the cat women costume and she looks ANYTHING but nerdy. However, we see in a few episodes later that she remained LOSER Mona. Why would she do that if SHE had all the power? Why would she continue to be a loser unless those were her direct orders. It is hard to get info from flashbacks because sometimes they change and sometimes we can’t trust that they are real, however in “The First Secret” that is the ONLY flashback where Mona isn’t Nerdy prior to Ali being gone. I think that is significant. 

Fast forward a few seasons past little things here and there that tie MonAria together and you have another amazingly OFF moment with Aria and Mona at the theater. This scene for me AMPLIFIED their weird connection and Aria’s possible BIG A involvement. If the intro into the scene wasn’t weird enough with Mona being SUPER friendly to someone who is evil eyeing her the whole time, then we see PAIGE come in and if you have read my AGAINST A Team theory then this would be even more off-putting for MonAriA(7 letters.) They both look rather intrigued as to why she is there. Anyway, as the movie goes on we see little snip its of whats happening on screen and then Aria whispers something in Mona’s ear and then she gets upset and runs to the bathroom. IN MY OPINION,  Aria whispered in Mona’s ear reminding her of Maya’s Death seeing as though Mona tried to tell Hanna in code that MAYA KNEW and we were still never told how Maya died. Which if you look at the screen, the woman is being  strangled by a MAN. Seeing as though, Mona was busy being sent to Radley and Aria had to be a fake friend to Emily, a guy killing her makes since and being strangled seems like such a manly way to kill someone. Now, when Mona gets up to go to the powder room because she is upset, PAIGE looks back and SO DOES MIKE. Again Mike is apart of my AGAINST A Team theory that you should go and read, but i found it interesting that they both looked at Aria like “What the hell did you say that could scare MONA?” Also, the dialogue that we hear on screen before Aria goes to check on Mona in the bathroom is subject to Mona being under Aria’s command. We hear the man say, “Now when I nod my head, you just try to cry out, not that you can’t do it(chuckles). All right now, just WAIT for the nod of my head.” Then Mike says to Aria that Mona has been gone for a while, Aria says she’ll go check on her and then we hear the person who is on screen start whimpering. Which in case you didn’t notice, Mona just got done crying. 

Now moving on to another scene in itself, that happened just seconds later, “THE POWDER ROOM SHOW DOWN” as I like to call it. Mona is crying and Aria says in a “OMGOSH ARE YOU OKAY” tone, “Mona?”  And Mona rolls her eyes and says, “You are very good. You know right where to put the knife and you’re not afraid to twist it. Alison underestimated you.” Aria does her usual and says, “Look, I’m sorry.” Mona knows thats crap of course and rolls her eyes again in kinda disbelief that she could possibly be sorry and says, “Don’t insult me. But you know you’re right. Your dad should hate me, he should throw me out of the house. After all the things I’ve done to you, the way I treated Mike. He deserves someone much nicer than me. He deserves someone who is nice, which I am not. Maybe I should’ve just died when I fell of that stupid cliff!” Aria chimes in with what sounds very much like an order, “DON’T SAY THAT. Mona don’t EVER say that.” Then Mona still crying says, “Im just trying to protect myself. It’s all Ive ever been doing. Protect myself from HER.” Aria looking confused and upset at the same time says, “Is that why you built and army?” Mona replies, “Its hard to keep the troops in line when Ali offers them candy and smile and that lilting little laugh.” Mona then snaps out of it, fixes her hair and says, “You know, maybe you won’t believe this, but I’ll say it anyway, when she finishes with me, she’ll come after YOU. And then the others. She can’t trust you anymore. Not after Cyrus and not after New York.” Now as Mona is saying these things Aria looks like she is calculating something in her head. And then hearing ‘New York’ she snaps out of it and says very firmly while stepping towards Mona, “What about New York?” and Mona replies, “I know some things. And I can guess at some others.” While Aria is calculating what she just said, Mona adds, “ I have to ask you something.” “What?” said Aria very nervous about her question. “Do you think Mike really likes me?” Aria relieved at the innocency of the question lets out a sigh of relief and doesn’t say anything. *END SCENE* 


1. There are the obvious tells that Aria is shady, “you know right where to put the knife and you’re not afraid to twist. Alison underestimated you." 

2. Aria basically gives her a demand when she says, "DONT EVER SAY THAT” and Mona just listens to the girl SHE has been “torturing”? No. 

3. BIG CLUE! Mona said she built her army to protect herself from “HER”. SHE NEVER SPECIFIED WHO SHE WAS PROTECTING HERSELF FROM. Now if Ali is on the AGAINST A Team like I believe she is, or maybe even the leader of it, it would make since that Ali tried to steal Mona’s army away. Let me connect the dots for you. 

DOT #1- Mona doesn’t feel safe around Ali, WHY if she had been sending her threats? | DOT#2- Ali has been HOT on the A trail since she got the first threat. | DOT #3- Mona is DECOY A for BIG A which is Aria, meaning if anyone is going to get heat about A stuff it would be MONA. SO… | DOT #4- She makes an army and says the reasoning is that she is afraid of Ali the same way she was when she was loser Mona. That is where I think the whole FRAME ALI AS A plan took off. HOWEVER…| DOT #5- Some of the people she asked to be in this army ARE PROBABLY ON THE AGAINST A TEAM. Therefore…| DOT #6- Ali tells them all about MonAriA and their plan, MAKING THE (AATEAM) bigger and stronger. Marlene said we would feel bad for A by the end of it. Which makes me think that the three others liars are going to realize that there is a team out there ON THEIR SIDE(even though the liars incriminate themselves every episode) and join with them to bring down BIG A and everyone who works for her. So essentially the entire show would be flipped and the majority of our supposed suspects of A are the huge group of people bringing BIG A and her team DOWN. It would be like the predator becomes the prey. ITS GENIUS> and would also make us feel bad for A. 

Some people say that they would never feel bad for A because of everything they have done, but if I am RIGHT about to AATEAM then not every black hoodie doing suspicious stuff, would be from BIG A’s Team. 

SO there you have PLL fans. My crazy MONARIA- MAYA KNEW theory. Thanks for getting to the end of it you did. I know it was absolutely crazy but hopefully you thought it was as fun as I thought it was. Let me know if you have anything to add or if i have missed something in my findings that needs to be fixed. 


tangled ribbons, ch12: grand allegro

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first off, thank you so so so SO much for the response to the last chapter! it was….incredible. honestly. i was just blown away. thank you for being patient and being understanding, and thank you for putting up with all my teasing 

 i have more (so much more) i’ll say next time, but i don’t know when that’ll be. i’m working on a lot of college stuff and original things for my portfolio, as well as a big bang for another fandom and a collab fic. but i promise i’m always slowly working on this stuff. 

 also??? brick walls is on page 3 of the ml tag when sorted by kudos???? thank you so much omg 

this chapter isn’t necessarily the most interesting and it’s less than half the length of ch11, but i still hope you enjoy!

Marinette has her arms around Adrien’s waist when he wakes up. She’s already awake, her head resting on his chest and vacant eyes staring at the wall.

“Morning,” he murmurs, brushing her bangs away from her eyes.

She gives him a small smile, but it doesn’t reach her eyes. “Hi.”

“What time is it?” He regrets asking when she pulls away to check her phone.

She frowns at her phone.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing,” she says quickly. “It’s only five, but we fell asleep early.” She swings her feet over the bed, motioning to the bathroom. “I’m going to—” She lifts her phone.

Adrien nods and reaches for his glasses. “I’ll be here.”

It takes him a few minutes to get up once she leaves. He can hear her muffled voice through the walls. He doesn’t know who or what she’s talking about, but he hopes it’s Alya.

He slides on his glasses and scrolls through the notifications on his phone. He shoots a quick update to Nathalie, usually he would’ve done it last night but he was asleep and she’s probably been lowkey panicking since then, before tackling the texts.

Nino only sent a few, but Alya didn’t hold back. At all.

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anonymous asked:

It's kinda ironic that the comics are showing that Aang was wrong when it came to Ozai. Sparing him caused nothing but trouble for everyone involved. He's a master manipulation and is well known for being one. The comics also would have made me second guess Aang and Zuko's friendship if I took them as canon (Hard to with the massive OOCness, Katara not giving a fuck about Zuko? Even as just friends they'd care immensely about each other). (Part 1/5)

(Part 2/5) I mean all of the Gaang is so willing to put the blame on Zuko’s shoulders for what was going on but none of them did a damn thing to help support him and be there for him. I also have a hard time believing that Iroh wouldn’t leave his tea shop for a while to go and help Zuko. The man can read Zuko like a book and he also knows his brother would use any chance he got to start manipulating his children again. Suki is the only one who seemed to notice the stress.

(part 3/5) Hell, when Zuko asked Aang to kill him if he became like his father, warning bells should have at least gone off in Katara’s head! ‘Why was Zuko thinking this way’ should have been the first thing she thought before she talked to him like the supportive person she is. But god forgive Katara show anyone but Aang support in the comics, BESIIIIDES if she needs support from Aang it just means she’s being ‘selfish’ for ‘no reason’ -dramatic rolling of eyes-

(part 4/5) It’s sad, The comics show that the relationship between the Aang and Katara is unhealthy at best and dangerous at worse. Katara flew off the handle at that fire solder and Aang wasn’t shown to be much better. Killing a solder or threatening Zuko is find but god forbid we kill Ozai, really comics? And then there is the fact that Katara’s feelings are shown to be not important. What Aang wants is more important then anything Katara needs.

(part 5/5) I can’t blame you at all for throwing out the comics. I can’t bring myself from doing anything with them, the OOCness hurts and it makes me sad to see Zuko being treated so horribly. Then there is how Katara’s treated as #1 trophy wife whose made out to be in the wrong if she moves an inch away from her supportive girlfriend role. Sorry for this being so long, just kept spilling out after I started.

So, considering you basically explained, in entirety, what I think everyone feels about the comics, I’m just going to leave this here.

Everything you’ve said is 100% true. The OOCness of all of the characters is appaling and I couldn’t even make it through one page of The Promise. I only read The Search for myself, wanting to know why and what happened to Zuko’s mother (even though that, at best, was mediocre). I wanted more, I wanted something that felt…something that felt like a real answer instead of her wiping away the memories of her children and getting a new face. I don’t know, it all felt like lazy writing to me and although I appreciate the effort of the creators to give us a substantial story behind his mothers’ disappearance, I’ve read fanficiton, fanficiton that has gone into a lot better detail and explanation, better than The Search.

Katara was extremely OOC. She’s her own person and I strongly believe that she wouldn’t have blindly followed Aang like that. She never did in the show and I don’t think she would have acted like that after the show. It was just all bad writing. And yes, Katara would have, and should have been like “Well, what is happening in Zuko’s life that is causing him to feel this way? it’s clear he’s feeling a lot of stress and anxiety, let’s try and help him.” She should have been supporting him, telling him that if he needed someone to talk to, she was here, and he could let it all go and tell her everything. But instead they writers made her follow Aang’s stupid threat of killing Zuko, and that, to me, doesn’t make any sense nor does it at all sound like Katara.

In The Promise (which I haven’t read, so any information I give about it I’ve gotten it from you guys) felt like a slap in the face. It was horrible, terribly horrifying because why is it okay to emotionally destroy, and threaten Zuko’s life like that but, like you said, they just couldn’t kill Ozai? I still, to this day, don’t understand why he wasn’t killed. Taking away his bending literally took away none of his powers and as a result, Zuko spent most of the years following his coronation in fear for his own damn life because his father, even behind bars, was able to go after him through his followers.

With that being said, and after everything Zuko and Katara went through together, I don’t believe she would have threatened his life like that just because Aang did so. I think she would have defended him, at best. Maybe said “you know what, Aang? We should probably think about that before you make any brash decisions.” But you know what he would have done in that situation? He would have thrown a damn tantrum and probably would have blindly gone into the Avatar state because I guess it was just too much effort for the writers to have Aang learn how to control it like a real fucking Avatar should. He isn’t a special fucking snowflake, he should have had to learn to control the Avatar state (I know he’s shown controlling it in Korra, but how many decades was that after the comics?) and learned to get his anger in control. Isn’t he a monk? Aren’t monks supposed to be super gentle most of the time? Aang had a horrible temper and the issue of that should have been brought up and he should have been reprimanded for his harsh actions/words.

People come to me saying how unhealthy Zuko and Katara’s relationship was/ could have been and I just have to sit back and breathe because, did you even read the comics? Did you watch The Legend of Korra? Did you see how healthy Aang and Katara’s relationship was? The writers did an incredible job fucking up two of the shows beloved characters and giving them the worst possible ending ever in the history of terrible endings and I can’t thank the heavens enough for Zutara not being canon because I fear that they would have been written off the same way. At least this way we get to write out own stories and decide how their lives panned out. I’m grateful that Zuko and Katara’s relationship, thanks to fanfiction, is out of Bryke’s slimy, fetishized clutches.

And no, thank you for the long ask. I appreciate getting messages like this. It makes me feel as if I’m not alone with my feelings. You literally summed up the entire fandoms’ feelings, so thank you.

See my post HERE on why this isn’t Kataang hate. I sympathize with you Kataangers. Your fav ship was ruined by terrible writing.

Preference #2 Another boy protects/saves you

Another boy is protective of you

Ashton: You were visiting Calum and the boys while they were on tour. Since it was your last day here with Calum before you had to go back home for school, you and Calum had decided to go out and just spend the day sightseeing with the boys. That was all going well until a couple of fans had spotted the boys. Now you are all crowded in a shop with fans and paparazzi outside the shop with security blocking the door to stop them from coming inside. You were waiting for security to bring the van closer so you could all get back to the hotel safely. “I’m sorry babe, I don’t think this was your idea of spending the day out” Calum said looking disappointed. “Honestly Cal it’s fine, the fans hardly ever get to see you and the boys so it’s only natural for them to get really excited” “Guys! The van’s here!” Michael jumped up. “Ok (Y/N) just stay close to me and don’t let go of my hand”. You were really scared of big crowds and Calum knew that so he always made sure to keep you close. As soon as the doors opened the fans went crazy. You held Calum’s hand tighter as security pushed a path clear for you and the boys. “Nearly there babe we’re nearly there I can see th-“ Suddenly you were ripped from Calum’s side “(Y/N)!!” you heard Calum yell. People were yelling and screaming in your face, grabbing at your t-shirt and hair. You had lost sight of Calum’s dark hair and now you were freaking out. The screaming, the pushing and the flashing were becoming a bit too much. Suddenly you feel someone wrap their arms around you waist. “It’s alright (Y/N), we’re almost there”.  You look up to see Ashton’s blond hair, a stern and determined look on his face.  “EVERYONE CLEAR OUT OF THE WAY CAN’T YOU SEE SHE’S NOT ALRIGHT!” Ashton suddenly shouted. The shock of the anger in his voice took the fans by surprise making them take a step back. The usually happy smile was replaced by a worried and frustrated look. You finally jumped in the van next to Calum, who instantly wrapped you in his arms “I’m so sorry babe, I got so worried we were nearly at the car but then-“ “Babe its alright, it wasn’t your fault. I’m just glad Ashton was there to help”. You looked over at Ashton to offer him a smile. “Thanks mate” Calum said gratefully. “No worries mate, (Y/N)’s part of our family. We look out for one another.”

Calum: You were at home having a relaxing day at home. Lately you have been stressed out to the limit. Your boss has been on your case at work. You and your best friend had a stupid little fight which turned into a major drama of her storming out screaming your friendship was over. Your mum has been giving you a hard time for not coming home to visit anymore. You just felt like everything you did wasn’t good enough. You felt like you tried so hard to please everyone around you only for them to be left disappointed. You were scrolling on twitter just to pass the time ‘@5sosforever OMG WHY IS @(Y/T/N) SO UGLY. YOU DON’T DESERVE LUKE.’ ‘@Ashtonswifey GO AND DIE YOU UGLY WHORE’ ‘@5sosfan (Y/N) NOBODY LIKES YOU LUKE AND THE REST OF THIS FANDOM WOULD BE BETTER WITHOUT YOU.’ Those were some of the hurtful things you were greeted with each time you went on twitter. But for some reason the hate was getting worse. You couldn’t understand why people would send those nasty words. At the end of the day you were getting nasty for doing the same thing they did, Love and support Luke. You didn’t you were crying until you heard a familiar voice call from down stairs. You quickly got up wiping your wet cheeks as you made your way down to the kitchen where you saw Calum grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. “Hey Cal, what are you doing here?” “Luke sent me here to tell you that hes going to be home late tonight so I thought I would come and keep you company” Calum said as he turned away from the fridge. A worried look crossing over his face. “Hey (Y/N) are you ok?” “Yea Cal im fine don’t worry about it” “No you’re not, you look like you’re going to burst into tears at any moment” The hateful words replaying in your head. You couldn’t help it, a couple of tears slipped down your cheeks. “Hey, don’t cry, why don’t you tell me what’s wrong.” Calum said as he pulled you into his chest. You told him all about the stress at work, Your fight with you best friend, your mum and all the hate you’re getting on twitter. “It’s just all getting to much Calum” “(Y/N) don’t listen to what they have to say. They’re wrong, they don’t know the real you or your relationship with Luke. They can only judge from what they see on pictures In magazines or on their computer screen . You are a strong, beautiful girl and Luke is very lucky to have you.” “Thanks Cal. You’re an amazing friend.” “Anytime” he said stroking your hair causing you to fall asleep on his chest.

Luke: You had gone out on a Starbucks run while your boyfriend Michael and the boys finished recording their vocals for their new album. You were standing in line about to order when you heard a familiar voice call from behind you. “(Y/N)?”. You turned around to see your ex Nathan. Things didn’t end well with him. You had broken up when you caught him cheating with your best friend, well ex best friend now. “(Y/N), look im really sorry about what happened it was a mistake” “Look Nathan, What’s done is done. You can’t take back the past.” “I know and for that I’m sorry, Do you think you can give me another chance?” “Nathan I’ve moved on, I don’t think that would be a good idea” “(Y/N) just a coffee we could go to-“ “I think she said she’s not interested mate why don’t you take a hint” “And who are you? The new boyfriend?” “no I’m not but you sure as hell don’t want to meet him now back off.” The venom in Luke’s voice caused Nathan to take a step back glancing once in your direction as he walked out grumbling under his breath. “Thanks Luke” “Don’t worry, You’re like a little sister to me and the boys”. You giggled as you got the boys lunch. You were walking back at the studio when you asked “why did you come down to Starbucks?” “Well you were taking forever and me and the boys were getting worried, Thought that some fans might have spotted you or something” “Well lucky you did, I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t come.” “You’re tough, you could’ve taken him” “I don’t know about that, but could you not tell Michael about this, he would probably freak out” “Your right, don’t worry we’ll keep this between us” you carried on walking in silence until he said “So what did you even see in that douchebag”

Michael: The boys had just released their new album and decided to go out to the club and celebrate. The club was packed full of sweaty drunk bodies grinding on one another. You were sitting at the bar while you were waiting for Ashton to get back from the bathroom when a guy, clearly drunk, stumbles his way next to you. “Hey baby, Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass!”. The liquor on his breath made you want to vomit as he leaned in closer to you. You tried to push him away but even in his intoxicated state he was still too strong. “Leave me alone” you said fear crippling your voice as you struggled to get out of his grip. ‘HEY DICKHEAD GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!” Michael said coming out of nowhere  “whatever punk go get your own girl” “She is my girl, she’s with me and I said to get your hands off her” The tone in his voice must of sober the man up cause he suddenly raised his hands in surrender and backed away. You ran into Michael’s arms “that guy wouldn’t let go mikey I thought he was gon-“ “Don’t mention it, best that it was me that saved you and not Ashton he would’ve flipped his shit and would’ve got us kicked out before I could get a drink”. You walked back to the bar to see Ashton at the stool looking around worried “Hey where were you I couldn’t find you I thought something happened to you” “Nothing happened mate I just took her to have a dance with me because guys were eyeing your girl up like a piece of meat, I had to show them she wasn’t alone” “Thanks for looking out bro” “Don’t worry mate we’ll always keep an eye out for her”

A/N Sorry for all the mistakes I just free wrote this cause I did say I was going to put up a status anyway its 2 in the morning and I’m tired and I kind of rushed Michael’s. I tried to change it up with every boy but I kinda realised I was repeating myself. But I can only learn. This is my second preference, but it’s my first real long actual preference but im still learning! So bear with me. Anyway Request something if you want me to write something.  Thank you to my new followers! I love you all honestly!