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Did you see Lollie's FB post over at SPNGossip? She said a whole lot without confirming anything, very weird wording to avoid confirming pregnancy or anything Jared related.

hey! thanks for the heads up! i never go to spn gossip so i wouldn’t know but i think you’re talking about that facebook post   

of course she was not gonna confirm anything like “yeah im jared padalecki’s surrogate, what’s up?” xD and if she had vehemently denied it would have been “he doth protest too much”…

I think she was pissed and wanted people to leave her alone, she did a good job and i almost cried a little lmaoo 

And saying that no one should ask her or her friends intrusive questions is just the truth because it’s really none of anyone’s business what kind of deal she has with Jared or if she has a boyfriend or i don’t know what else she could have been asked

Honnestly it was the best response she could have made, jared’s team should learn from her lol

and she said “heading into a time when it’s so important to be strong” well of fucking course when you’re gonna have to give away the being that grew inside of you and that you took care of, it’s gonna be tough but she’ll console herself with all the money she’ll get, i don’t worry for her

“i value my sanity and privacy” more like: i value not getting sued by accidentaly outing a closeted gay guy

ok so im gonna tell u really important stuff
we all love dogs, i love dogs, and i want to pet all of them BUT if owner says DO NOT TOUCH IT then you do not fucking pet it or anything and if you do please do me a favor and never leave the house again.
Some dogs could be in training, some dogs might have anxiety or other fears, some are really aggressive (and bite without warning)
before you interact with dog in any way ASK THE OWNER FIRST. i know people who train their dogs to be obedient for months, and then a fucker like u goes “lol im gonna touch the dog anyway”
this has been a dog petting psa, please reblog this so other ppl know this